Alyssa Milano Snaps a Selfie of Her Baby Belly

04/05/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Alyssa Milano Baby Bump
Courtesy Alyssa Milano

Just two weeks after announcing that she’s pregnant, Alyssa Milano has shared a picture of her growing bump on Instagram.

“The bump,” she wrote, explaining the size of her belly with the hashtags “#shortpeoplecarrybig #noitsnottwins.”

The 41-year-old announced in March that she was expecting a sibling for her son Milo, 2½. “We are so happy to share with you that Milo is going to be a big brother,” she said.

Milano, who’s married to Hollywood agent David Bugliari, told PEOPLE last year that she was eager to have another child.

“I want Milo to have a sibling and have someone to grow with,” she said. “My brother and I are so close, and I can’t imagine not giving my son that kind of relationship.”

She admits that it took her a while to find the balance between motherhood and work, but now that she’s “on the right track,” her life is better than ever.

“It’s hard not to be happy when I feel fulfilled,” she has said.

— K.C. Blumm

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Dee on

Good for you, Alyssa. Sending good wishes for your family!

Sara on

Too cute!!!

A on

She looks beautiful, as per usual! As another short, pregnant gal, yeah, I agree – we do carry big. 🙂

Jenny on

She looks beautiful…very natural. I wonder when she’s due? Her belly definitely popped! When I was pregnant with #2, I popped early and people asked if I was having twins!

Maureen on

She looks fabulous. Pregnancy agrees with her!

linda on

Haha! I love, “short people carry big”. Lol. So cute!

Anonymous on

She’s tiny in real life.

aJ on

I’ve always loved Alyssa Milano. She is very sophisticated and mature. I wish her nothing but good luck with her and her growing family! (:

Goggles~a~Pisano on

She looks beautiful, like any expecting mother. Very precious.

Debbie on

Still as cute as ever! Best wishes to you and your family.

rightintheparenthood on

Unless she’s like 6 weeks pregnant, I find it hard to believe that anyone thinks she’s having twins. When you gain 100 pounds in a single pregnancy, come talk to me with your weight gain issues.

Rhonda on

She’s adorable and I don’t see why she feels the need to defend how large her belly is. She’s pregnant, so naturally she will gain weight. As long as she and the fetus are healthy that is all that matters.

Callie on

She’s so beautiful. She looks so happy and content. Good for her

shiloh13 on

She is gorgeous as always! I wish her & her family a happy & healthy baby. Blessings to all of them!

GammieJo on

Short women are no more likely to “carry big” than tall women. It’s all in how your uterus grows. She looks great, beautiful, but I don’t know why she feels the need to clarify it’s not twins.

Jake on

She looks great. One of the best smiles in the business. She has no need to defend herself or the way she looks. People must be jealous that she is so healthy and happy.

Brent on

Yes, but she also said, “It’s so disappointing.” So, that’s double the negativity. Don’t you question anything? Plus, her brother was caught looking at naked pictures of her online. He’s not exactly a role model or someone to cite. Oh, she loves having (had) children? That seems like a cheesy or corny line you’re taking out of context. She’s a celebrity, she’s being paid to talk.

Nicole on

She looks very beautiful when she’s pregnant. I’m so happy for her.

Melissa on

Really nice picture! The bump looks nice in purple!

lola on

Beautiful. Congrats!

klutzy_girl on

Alyssa looks great! Love her.

sandy on

she looks beautiful, I really like her.

Lori on

I say it will be a girl…. 🙂
She looks great! Congrats.

Lilly on

Pretty, pretty, pretty, girl, that Alyssa!

jonah on

I long for that world before everyone had a phone in her hand.

It’s not a bump. It’s a fundus. Why not simply call it that???? Fun with your fundus! Jeeeez. A bump is something you find on your arm and get checked out by a dermatologist. A bump is something you hit on your bike or with your car. A bump is a salary increase.

Z on

Simply gorgeous

Jana on

She’s always been so pretty and she has great hair!!

emilie on

I think this baby will be a girl but I guess time will tell! Congrats on the new addition.

Sacré on

She looks happy and healthy. I bet Jay Mohr really feels like an @$$ now… or he should anyway.

janette on


Anonymous on

Don’t like kids
I prefer my 2 Shih Tzu puppies anyday

Bunnie on

It’s sad when a woman who obviously isn’t that big feels the need to make excuses for pregnancy. And FYI, I was twice her size with a 9 lb kid.

emma on

She looks simply beautiful!

angela on

Please stop saying Baby Bump!!

just saying on

Guess im the only one who notices her hairy arms

Deborah on

she’s too cute! always liked her!

Daizy on

I love her and she is gorgeous…but just had to say…her arms are soooooo hairy!

Jamie on

Your so pretty Alyssa. Congrats!!! I remember when I was young I wanted to look just like Alyssa.

Lisa on

Beautiful! Congratulations to her!

dudley doright on

i didn’t realize she was 41, she’s having her babies late in life.

Anonymous on

GammieJo- Shorter women DO tend to carry bigger. When you’re petite, there’s pretty much nowhere for the uterus to expand but outward (whereas in taller woman, it can expand UPward first!)! 🙂

Anonymous on

Anyway, she looks great, and I don’t blame her for feeling like she had to say it’s not twins. After the disgusting comments Jay Mohr made about her, she’s probably feeling a bit self-concious about her weight!

K. on

She is beautiful. She is Italian, isn’t she? Italian women are the best looking in Europe.

Isakka on

She’s cute and all, but girl, wax your damn arms, it’s so not lady-like!!

Laura on

God she looks amazing. She always does. I dont know HOW she does it. She’s just not getting older. Vampire maybe? haha Hope its going to be a girl for her would be awesome

Laura on

@Isaka She is beautiful just the way she is and I respect her for not waxing her arms just because other people might think it looks bad.

anonymous on

Shes a great actress and a great mom. Idk if im the only one but i saw her on charmed and she was incredible. She is extremely talented.

wgarc on

Conrats on the pregnancy Alyssa. May this baby bring lots of joy&happiness to you&your family..Who’s the boss now 😉

Tay on

Alyssa looks great. Congrats!

Laura on

It’s definitely not height that determines how you carry, because I’m short but have a long torso (and very short legs). The baby had lots of room to grow because my torso is so long, and I wasn’t showing as much as other women at full term. I didn’t get those comments like “You look like you’re about to pop.” I guess everyone is different 🙂

TM on

Wax her arms? Is that supposed to be a joke? Where I come from, natural is beautiful.

Julie on

She so pretty….

my my my... on

She is so lovely. Jay Mohr’s wife looks like a drag queen, he had the gall to call Alyssa fat!! Plus, who names a boy, Meredith, so messed up, Jay & his wife, poor kid.

Grace on

Looks like she is having a girl!! Love her!!

Amanda_M87 on

She’s not that big. Why did she have to clarify that’s she’s not having twins?

Anonymous on

She doesn’t have to clarify she is not having twins, she looks good.

AJ417 on

You know what’s also not lady-like? Telling someone to change a natural part of their body.

Kathy Ross on

Beautiful pic!! But damn girl shave those arms!!

Sandra Hanley on

Congrats to Alyssa & family. Alyssa make a beautiful pregnant mom. I’ve been a fan of her career since Who’s the Boss.

Juli on

She looks beautiful. I loved her as Kyra in Castle!

Tay on


4mom on

Maybe it looks different on my screen but I am not sure that is hair on her arms. Why is it only in that spot? Just looks strange to me. How a person carries is a combination of things. Torso length and tightness of pelvic muscles factor in as does the position of the baby. I hardly showed at all with my first because she sat straight up inside me and never did turn over. With my fourth things were more stretched out in my muscles and he was born 14 months after my third so my body hadn’t tightened up as much between pregnancies.

I think she posted what she did because she just announced last month that she is pregnant and maybe she feels she is big for having just made the announcement. I think she looks lovely and she always looks healthy to me. Her skin and hair always look really good like she takes care of herself. I also just want to say I admire her for breastfeeding as I know it is difficult to do. That is not a negative comment against anyone who doesn’t breastfeed. Every person has to do what is right for them and their baby.

Anonymous on

Alyssa looks great. Congrats to her for the new addition.

Jessy on

It looks like it will be a boy again!

erica2 on

People ask me the same thing, are you carrying twins because?!? I am a FTM petitte with a very short torso so I started showing around 8 weeks when alot of FTM don’t start showing until 5-6 months. Alyssa and I are carrying exactly the same I bet she is due in September like me 🙂 People can’t believe I am only 4 months most people think I am at least 6 hence why they ask if more than one baby is in there LOL.

Anonymous on

Congrats! You are so lucky to be pregnant at age 41. I can only wish and hope the same happens for me.

GG on

She has a hairy arm? Didn’t know it!

Kity on

It looks like she is having a boy since she clarifies it’sn’t not a twin.

Carmen on

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

Anon123 on

Her hairy arms are so naturally sexy. They turn guys on, especially me. They’re so beautiful and they’re one of the reasons I love her so much. NEVER shave, Alyssa! Best wishes for you and your family in the near future.

Katharine on

I think it varies from person to person. I’m the same height as Alyssa, 7 months along, and much tinier than she is. People have just started noticing my prego belly. With that said, she doesn’t look super big to me. She makes an adorable pregnant woman.