Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi Expecting Second Child

04/04/2014 at 09:30 AM ET

Snooki Pregnant Nicole Polizzi Expecting Second Child
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It looks like Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi will be taking her own pregnancy advice!

The reality star, 26, and her fiancé Jionni LaValle are expecting their second child this fall, her rep tells PEOPLE.

“Jionni and I are so excited to confirm that we are expecting our second child! Now knowing that our test results are good and our baby is healthy, we can finally talk about it,” Polizzi wrote in an extended blog posted to her site Friday.

The couple — who were engaged in March 2012 — are already parents to 19-month-old son, Lorenzo Dominic. Their nuptials later this year will proceed as planned.

“The wedding is still on as scheduled and it will take the apocalypse to change that,” she writes.

“We planned to have a second child before our wedding, and will indeed still be getting married in the fall of 2014. We are a committed family that will raise our children to be the best they can be and give them the best life we can give them.”

“My whole perception of life has changed ever since I had my son,” Polizzi told PEOPLE in September. “I finally grew up into the woman my parents always knew I would be and I love it.”

But Polizzi won’t be alone in her pregnancy journey. Best friend, and Snooki & JWoww costar, Jenni “JWoww” Farley is expecting her first child, a daughter, in July.

“YAY finally I can go shopping with [JWoww] for BABY GIRL THINGS! Lorenzo’s so excited!” Polizzi Tweeted after Farley’s announcement.

The shopping sprees just hit a whole new level of excitement.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Emily Strohm

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Laura on


kjc on

So happy to see she has matured. Nicole seems to be in a great place with her life. All the best to her and her family.

bitsy on

Well said Laura. That is just what i was thinking.

Jen on

Because marriage is what keeps the family together… just be happy and raise your children in a loving home. And if you’re married, all the better.

Sandra on

@Laura & Bitsy…Did either of you read the story first??????

Desert Rose on

Snooki & Jionni sitting in a tree
1st comes love
then comes ~* Marriage*~
THEN comes babies in the baby carriage


maryruthcan on


Sherae on

Gosh PEOPLE is so slow with their news. She DEFINITELY announced this like…three months ago. I’m lost as to why you’re just now reporting this.

Ashley on

Congrats Snooki! Wish you the best with your pregnancy and upcoming wedding!

Catherine in Tulsa on

Good for her! She’s probably the only reality star to actually grow up and be in the press for good things.

Lolo on

You PLANNED on a second child before you married? Just get married!

Nicole on

I’m so happy for them. I’m sure their little bundle of joy will be just as adorable as Lorenzo.

heather on

I know I read about this some time ago. Snookie is probably mad she could make a buck from the announcement since someone spilled the beans already.

lester on

People who keep saying “get married!” need to get over it. A piece of paper isn’t what makes a family. It’s 2014.

Em13 on

Congratulations! It’s wonderful to see how motherhood really changed her for the best.

Jean on

I am SO sick of the marriage complaints. As if getting married suddenly makes a relationship any stronger? How easy is it to get divorced these days? Marriage means absolutely nothing, it’s just a label. I have been with my love for over 11 years now, no children yet, and we have a stronger “marriage” than any of the legally wed couples I know.

Denise on


Shawnalee on

WHY does everyone insist people be married to have children? A piece of paper with the words Marriage Certificate does NOT ensure a solid, lasting family! Get your heads out of the Dark Ages!

Monica on

Since you are planning to get married why didn’t you plan to get married BEFORE you got pregnant again?

Angel on

you proved us all wrong that, congratulations to your family.

Jeannie on

Nicole has really turned her life around! I’m very happy for her. Congrats!

lilbee66 on

Why are we even still talking about these people?? They are famous for partying and screwing around! All these reality stars do is influence kids that you do not need a diploma to be successful you just need to try and land a spot in a reality show!

Akita on


Tina on

She certainly has turned her life around. Good for her ’cause she was a mess. Congrats!

bkable on

@Tammy… No plans to get married? lol Read the article: “The wedding is still on as scheduled and it will take the apocalypse to change that,” she writes.” – Fall 2014.

Tess on

From the delivery table to the wedding chapel…

KellyGreen on

Congrats! Your life, your choices.

Anonymous on

Uh, we already knew this.

Chicky dee on

Thanx Jen – took the words right out of my mouth. Marriage is not the glue to hold a family together, tho a good respectable institution, nonetheless it’s not the be all of a relationship. Congrats to them and good for Lorenzo who will have a sibling to grow up with.

Amanda on

If she is 3 months now, that would make her due in October? I didn’t imagine she’d want to get married so soon after having a baby after losing all the baby weight from Enzo. If she is getting married in the fall after the baby that would pretty much leave November for a wedding.
And BTW- I know the ‘in’ thing is to say how marriage is just a piece of paper. Marriage is a commitment to each other. There’s a reason some people don’t want to marry…and that’s because they don’t want the commitment or their significant other doesn’t want the commitment. Not talking about this case in particular because I do believe they will get married but I see a lot of women bitter about this simply because they can’t get a man to marry them.

Rachael on

Poor Kid. Hoe needs to use a rubber.

isa on

I can’t believe this would be “breaking news”. Really?

Jamey on

I can’t believe this is under ‘Breaking News’. She is a poster girl for everything wrong in this world. She is not a role model.

Elena on

It’s so funny cuz tmz reported this months ago

bowers1220 on

Yeah get married where the divorce rate is highly rising every year, it’s probably going to be to 80 percent by 2020, so WHY get married, unless we were in the perfect 1950’s when all you judgmental b****es got married there really is no point to get married before starting a family or just for getting married period, if they are happy it shouldn’t really matter.

Rhonda on

This site is a day late and a dollar short. Radaronline already announced this days ago.

Aileen on

So happy for them, congratulations. Marriage doesn’t guarantee happiness, just sayin……..

Tara on

her teeth do NOT match her mouth…. please get them sized!!!

Nannyto1 on

Congratulations!! And let it go people with the “Get Married” comments. IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!!

Stephanie on

Stupid “Get married” comments. This isn’t 1914, it’s 2014. Get over it, you nosy, snotty, ——-!

Maria on

Good have come along way. You seem like great parents, and would make great new parents. Good Luck!!

Lisa on

What’s with all the comments: GET MARRIED?!?!

I’ve been with my hubby for 13 years, we have 3 kids and we are NOT married….there’s nothing wrong with that!!!!

betty on

People don’t get married because they are afraid they cant run off when they change their minds. Plain and simple. You love someone enough to keep having babies,but DAMN, I just cant sign that paper…Just in case!!!!

Guest on

She seems like she realy got her stuff together. Good for her and good luck on a healthy pregnancy.

Sassy on

Just as I do not agree with the “GET MARRIED” orders, I also do not agree with the comments that try to belittle the sanctity of marriage. It is based on one’s religious beliefs and the fact is there is nothing wrong with wanting God’s blessings in a union. Snooki already said she plans to get married, her choice. I am happily married, two kids and the greatest blessing for me was having my Dad walk me down the aisle. To each their own, but to call marriage a piece of paper is insulting to those who believe in it. Just because the divorce rate is high, does not mean it will happen to you or I. You can give your opinion with offending others.

Lis on

I am sooo darn sick of the “marriage is just a piece of paper” statement/arguement. It is so, so, very much more than that, and if more people valued it as such the divorce rate wouldn’t nearly be as high as it is.

That said, I’m glad to hear she is still planning on getting married, but I’m really confused about this planned pregnancy…?? What is the rush? Why would you not wait until after the wedding?

Unknown on

Once again WHO CARES about that slut! She’ll do anything to get back in the lime light!

Mandy Traugh on

I have always been a fan of Snooki. I like the fact that family comes first. She has matured so much since her days on the Jersey Shore. I’m proud of her. They need to get married, I can’t wait to see wedding photos!

jones on

She seems like she has really grown up and matured. I thought she said after she had Lorenzo, though, that she wanted to be married before she had another baby.

libba on

Why don’t u just go away!

Anonymous on

Whatever happened to people getting married BEFORE they got pregnant or had children?

Really? on

I’m all for being married and having kids.. for me personally.. but why is everyone so worried about her getting married before more kids.
Times have changed for most people..
marriage is serious TO ME and i’ll fight for mine, but a lot of people out there don’t take that commitment seriously anymore. One fight and they end it.
They get married, have kids and divorce cause they just gave up. Just because 2 people are married and then have kids in that order doesn’t set in stone their lives together.. they could still divorce. So people need to stop worrying about how others live their lives and just worry about their own lives.
If its your belief to take marriage seriously and marry and only have kids after, all the power to you.. that’s my plan. But Snooki having another baby before marriage affects me in no way.. and it shouldn’t affect others either.
Look at Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.. they aren’t married and are still together, happy.
Marriage in no way means it’ll work out, or that your children will have better, happier lives, or even that you will be happy.
But who cares really.. worry about your own lives.. not theirs.

Really? on

Just to add.. I am happy for them. And wish them all the best.

Anonymous on

A baby monkey.

Anonymous on

even pigs mature

Anonymous on

Good we need more stupid people on this planet

Snaky on

No Maryruthcan, get over yourself! Laura and everyone else mentioning marriage are right! Personally, to each his own is my motto. But to get in the headlines as Snooki does bragging about everything is sickening. I wish Snooki news would just go away~ She has no talent, just being on Jersey Shore is enough to say bye bye!

Kiwii on

Wow. Just wow. Doesn’t this hooker/deadbeat believe in condoms? She should not be allowed to reproduce. She is disgusting.

GG on

Snooki seems matured and grown up. Congrats!


Do any of you judgmental people ever get tired of telling people that if they don’t do things the way YOU think they should be done that they’re wrong? Seriously… marriage does NOT guarantee anything. A loving couple, dedicated to each other IS what makes great parents. You people are ridiculous. If YOU want to be married… go for it, but just because others don’t want too, or feel the need to, be married doesn’t mean they’re wrong. For those basing their choice on religion, I say… welcome to reality. Not everyone follows the made up crap that you do. Get over it! I don’t even like Snookie, but she’s still with the same guy who fathered her first kid, she seems to be doing just fine and they seem like descent parents. A piece of paper saying their married isn’t going to make a difference.

Sophie Pinkoski on

I’m really happy for her. She seems to have really sorted her life out and it’s genuinely lovely to see her so happy and settled. I don’t even think it matters whether or not she gets married any time soon because she’s made such an improvement in her life already.


BTW MARRIAGE IS NOT A RELIGIOUS INSTITUTION. A wedding is. I don’t know when the religious people decided that marriage is only something that they can do. People get married all the time regardless of religious. Atheist get married all the time and they DO NOT NEED permission from any church or pastor or minister. I’m so sick of people telling others they NEED to get married to have kid BECAUSE GOD SAYS SO. Look around people… there is NO sanctity of marriage anymore. The divorce rate is nearly 75% and growing!! Even people who argue FOR the whole ‘sanctity of marriage’ thing have been caught cheating on their spouses. This is 2014 and you people living in the dark ages need to STOP passing YOUR beliefs on other people. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DO WHAT YOU SEE FIT, but that does not give you the right to tell other people how they can live their lives. Christians don’t OWN marriage…. the church didn’t INVENT marriage. Marriage predates religion by thousands of years. Educate yourselves before you try passing judgement.

sar on

Congrats to you Nicole. Love ya.

JulieB on

Amanda, I hope you see my response. Every word makes sense!!!!! I totally agree!!! If marriage is no big deal, how come many men avoid it like the plague???? Do you marriage haters know how freakin easy it is for a man to leave a person he’s not married to? Just turn the doorknob and go. Feel sorry for the girls who try to get child support.

Tina G. on

When in the world did marriage equal a happy family?? Oh wait, IT NEVER HAS. Someone being married or not being married, is none of your business, nor is it your decision to make for another person. Hop on out of your bibles and open your eye you ignorant fools. You do not need to be married to be happy.

Ru on

She needs to lay off the plastic surgery.

Kimmie on

I’m so happy for Nicole Jionni and Lorenzo.

L on

You annoying people and your marriage comments are so irritating, is there a filter to you out? *sigh* Congrats Nicole, Jionni & Lorenzo!!!

While I understand everyone has their own opinions, who cares. So many marriages I know are horrible while so many relationships with children are wonderful. I really don’t understand why it matters if they are happy, healthy and just that….HAPPY.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Hope she’ll stay off the Adderall after this pregnancy…not a healthy way to lose weight.

Guest on

Awww, new addition, happy for them!

melissa on

Most of the people getting married are the ones who gets divorced. Don’t marry!

Kimberly on

Jean please stop telling people that marriage is just a label or a piece of paper, it is so much more than that. I am not here to judge anyone married or not but I don’t like when someone says oh it’s just a piece of paper, don’t criticize others for thinking someone needs to be married before they have children, some still hold marriage as very sacred, and how do you know that your relationship is stronger than your married friends, anyway congrats to Snooki and she seems to be in a good place in her life, little Lorenzo is adorable and she seems to have matured and is a good mom.


You say DON’T criticize others for thinking you should married to have kids… well it works both ways. Don’t criticize those who think you DON’T need to be married. It’s a two way street. I find it hilarious that there are so many here saying “You NEED to be married to have kids”… but when others say you don’t.. THEY are the ones being critical. Like I said, if you want to get married, by all means do it. But marriage IS a piece of paper. A marriage license is nothing more than a piece of paper filed by the state saying that you and another person now have mutual benefits as a couple. Taxes, health insurance…etc. Marriage doesn’t automatically equal love. Even those living in their bible who want to preach about God and marriage. Back in that era, men traded their daughters for cattle and property… they married their kids off to gain territory… children were betrothed to older men and none of those arrangements had anything to do with love. This type of arrangement still happens today in some parts of the world and even in the US. Seriously, if you want to be married before you have kids, DO IT. No one is stopping you and no one is going to tell you that you’re wrong to do it… but just because you think it’s “the way to go” doesn’t give you the right to tell anyone else how they should live their lives… it doesn’t effect you… and it’s really none of your business.

Caitie on

There’s no point in getting married until EVERYONE can get married. Equality over EVERYTHING else. This is 2013 not 1930. Get your homophobic, judgmental, back woods, backdate heads out of your asses!

Caitie on


I made a rage typo

nikki on

We planned to have a 2nd kid before the wedding….Huh, isn’t that azzzzz backwards! Engaged for 2 yrs , and a kid, why did they wait to get married. Instead of having another kid ya think marriage would be a priority! Girl is really messed up, too much booze /drugs

Tiig on

She looks slimed down a lot, healthier than before.

Paige on

I don’t think celebs marry because they don’t have to worry about the financial security that comes with marriage. They have millions of dollars so they don’t have to worry about that like the average Joe. People marry for a lot of things, most will say love but that’s not always the case. It’s their business, if they want to get married

No one has the right to judge anyone else. They need to worry about their on relationships, instead of worrying about others.

Hea on

Grow up people and look at statistics. Marriage is not a ticket to stability and happiness for everyone but these two clearly state they ARE getting married. Shouldn’t you be happy about that for them instead?

Crystal on

@maryruthcan, Why did you tell Laura to get over herself but not another word to ALL of the other people that said get married…little bias wouldn’t you say?

M on


Linda on

She is no star and I cannot beleive this makes news. Lots of people have babies and get married. I can say congrats on the baby as all babies are wonderful to be blessed with, but beyond that……just ugh. Two kids and not married and the whole world needs to know about this bimbo? Sorry, but…really?

rachaelmalle on

Hey, holier-than-thou types: Why would you bother getting angry at someone who views marriage as nothing more than a piece of paper? What gives you the right to insult people like Nicole simply because they do not live your way?

Getting angry at someone who thinks marriage is a nothing more than a piece of paper is equal to you getting pissed off at someone for eating a donut because you’re on a diet. What is the point in getting all huffy because someone has a different view of life than you? What the hell is wrong with you people??!!

rachaelmalle on


Since when has marriage ever stopped a man from leaving? And when has being single ever stopped women from grabbing that child support? Did you actually get married on the idea that it’s harder for your man to leave you or that you you’ll get regular financial support? No wonder divorce rates are so high!

rachaelmalle on


What the hell is the matter with your brain that you’re calling people who do not care as much about marriage as you do “marriage haters”? I don’t care for strawberries, I am a strawberry hater?? lol

johana on

CONGRATS snooki with your second child I hope everything comes out all right.Get married 🙂

Anonymous on