Martha Stewart: My Grandkids Even Like Caviar

04/03/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

Martha Stewart New York Observer Redesign Party Jamie McCarthy/Getty

There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it: Martha Stewart loves her role as grandma!

The domestic diva once again hosted a joint birthday party for granddaughter Jude, 3, and grandson Truman, 2, whose birthdays are two days apart.

“We had a giant party! And it was a Chicka Chicka Boom Boom party. They had 170 people,” she told PEOPLE at the New York Observer redesign party in New York on Tuesday night.

Stewart adds that when it comes to good taste in food, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

“[They have] an extremely sophisticated palate,” she says of her grandchildren. “They love good food! They love cacio e pepe pasta. They like mushrooms. They like caviar.”

One thing missing from their diets, however, is sweets. “They’re not allowed to have sugar or butter so I have to temper my penchant for those things,” she explains.

Naturally, the tots already have a head start on the education front. Stewart reveals that Jude is well on her way to being trilingual.

“The little girl is a genius speaking Spanish and English [and] she’s going into Mandarin now. She’s a linguist,” she says. “And the little boy is very good in Spanish — very fluent!”

But Stewart adds they’re not just brainiacs in training. They also have other skills. “She’s an actor and a dancer and a musician,” she tells PEOPLE. “And he likes trucks. He can identify pretty much any car on the road.”

And as for whether she’s enjoying being a doting grandmother to daughter Alexis‘s children? “Totally, totally, totally!”

— Carlos Greer

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Sarah on

I believe her when she says they like caviar. When I was a kid I went to a wedding and went to gobble up what I thought was blackberry jam on crackers… I was wrong. After the initial salty shock I really liked it!

Moira on

And people will attack her because they like caviar. Nothing wrong with that, if I could..I’d eat it for breakfast!! Martha’s not your typical grandmother, I’d let her adopt me any day!

Leah on

She is obnoxious.

Easyup on

Has she lowered her guard enough now so that they can now call her “grandma”?

ann on

Alexis better get ready because when her children discover sugar (via some other kid’s lunch or school bday party etc) she will not be able to keep them out of it. They’ll be smuggling it home etc. You shouldn’t make a food taboo.

thenitenurse on

That’s interesting that Alexis Stewart’s kids eat caviar since she is a pretty strict vegan and has said she is raising them vegan as well.

Sloane on

always thought of her as pretentious! interesting that someone wants to feed a youngster a high cholesterol high sodium food like caviar, but then deny butter and sugar- a bit of a turn there isn’t it? then again butter and sugar are so “common”, but caviar… well it”s caviar after all 😉

Stephen Harman on

Why not. Taste is similar to boogers and snot.

kim on

The only odd thing I thought is that Martha referred to her grandkids as “the little girl” and “the little boy”. I have 3 grandkids and refer to them by their names or say my granddaughter or grandson.

menders on

The fact that she refers to her grandchildren as “the little girl” and “the boy” speaks volumes of how cold she is…..she can’t even remember their names?!?

jm on

I see prison really humbled her….NOT!

Catherine in Tulsa on

Very happy for her and her daughter. They seem very devoted to the children. And, it’s important to introduce new foods to children and expand their palate. Otherwise you end up with adults who “don’t like vegetables!” at 35.

Alexis on

I don’t think liking caviar and cacio e pepe pasta (basically mac & cheese) is based on the grandkids’ “extremely sophisticated palate” – kids just like what they like!! My 15 month old nephew is obsessed with expensive aged balsamic vinegar and anything he finds on the floor. I guess he has an extremely sophisticated palate with a scavenger lifestyle?? lol

Jacquie on

A granmother talking

jessica on


stew on

Ugh. She is so pretentious!

stew on

Fluent? Just how fluent can a child be in ANY language (native or second) at two. Give me a break.