Why Dierks Bentley Will ‘Absolutely Not’ Have More Kids

04/03/2014 at 11:00 PM ET

Dierks Bentley may be one of country music’s hottest stars (he just scored his 11th No. 1 song with “I Hold On”), but the new dad’s role is reversed when he’s at home.

According to Bentley, he’s the fan and it’s his kids — daughters Evie, 5, and Jordan, 3, and son Knox, 5 months — that are the real superstars.

“Me and [my wife] Cassidy will sit on the floor while the girls put on a performance, usually to the Frozen soundtrack, and it’s unbelievable,” he tells PEOPLE Country.

“Evie knows every word. Knox is there in my lap laughing like crazy — he thinks his sisters are the funniest people in the entire world.”

Giuliana Bill Rancic Son Edward Duke
Courtesy Dierks Bentley

Another favorite activity for the Bentley clan? Going as a family to watch their beloved Nashville Predators play hockey — although Bentley, 39, usually doesn’t get to see the end of the game.

“One time I looked down at my lap and it’s soaking wet. Jordan wet her pants! I looked at my buddies and just said, ‘Time to go!'” he recalls.

But Bentley says he wouldn’t have it any other way. “I’d rather go to half a game with them, than see a whole game by myself,” he says. “As long as we got to do something together, that’s awesome.”

So since he’s having so much fun with his three little ones, might he and Cassidy consider adding to their brood down the line?

“Absolutely not,” he says with a laugh. “I’m already going to be about 58 before Cass and I get any alone time!”

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— Danielle Anderson

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Tee Tee on

Ach, such a sweet picture of Dierks and Knox! They have a sweet family!

Allison on

That is SUCH a cute picture! Good for them for drawing a line on not having more kids. I think 3 is the perfect number of kids! 🙂

Anonymous on

Awww, Knox is a cutie! I don’t quite understand having to leaving a ball game (or any other activities, for that matter) just because a kid wet their pants. Bring a spare set of clothes for the kids and one for yourself, then simply go to the bathroom and change if an accident happens! 🙂

Hollywoodista on

@Anonymous – Most men (and women, for that matter) don’t bring spare clothes for themselves during simple public outings. Besides, the thought of having to change in a public restroom sounds awful. You’d also have pee on your legs from the kid’s accident! In that situation, just get me home.

Pam on

What a cutie Knox is!

Guest on

WHAT A CUTIE!!!!!! The baby is precious too 🙂

Rhonda on

What an unusual name. How do you pronounce Dierks? I wonder if his name is German.

hbear on

Rhonda, when we saw Dierks live in LittleRock he addressed his name by saying he was named after Dierks, Arkansas.

Denise on

Sweet picture. But never say never, anything can happen.

Lala on

Rhonda, you pronounce it by excluding the ‘i’

H L on

I feel the same way so I can relate! I wanted all my kids, (no matter the number) by 30… I wanted to enjoy some alone time with my husband after they left the nest… so I will be looking at 48 when they are all gone. I want to spend at least 10 years travelling with the hubs, visiting places we wanted to go for years. We opted for very few select vacations for ourselves, maybe every 5 years or so, and more trips with our children stateside. We want to make memories for them, and we can take the backburner for now ❤ We had #3 at 30, and we are officially FIN! We couldn't be happier ❤

amanda on

@hbear, He got his name from his mom’s family. I believe it was her madien name. and @rubblebubblecake why are reading this if you don’t know who Dierks is?!?!

amanda on

Sorry I was wrong, It was his maternal grandmothers madien name! I knew it was someone in his families last name!

K. on

I don’t know who this person is but the picture is so cute.

susie on

Very sensible decision.

Dawn on

We once ate beside Dierks and his family at a Mexican restaurant in the 12 South neighborhood of Nashville! He was very hands on with his girls (Knox wasn’t born yet)…even carrying his daughter’s doll in his back pocket! 🙂 They seem like a sweet family! 🙂

Tee Tee on

Rubblebubblecake, the very first line of the story tells you exactly who Dierks Bentley is.

Andrea on

Lol my husband and I have three kids as well and I absolutely understand what he’s talking about lol. I’ve been considering the idea of one more and the hubby says “no way!” lol. Wouldn’t trade these little ones for anything though. It’s hard, but he’s right… I’d rather make it through half of a game with my family than go by myself. 🙂

Anonymous on

My wife and I…not ME and my wife….I wish Americans could speak PROPER English !!!! Ughhhh !!!!

Beth on

I think the title is misleading. The article isn’t about why he won’t have more more children in the future, but rather a loving portrayal of him as a father. It worked, however. I clicked the story to read.

boohoobytch on

what a cute, unamused little baby lol

Cupcake on

To “anonymous:” Just because one person speaks improper English, doesn’t mean the other 300 million Americans do the same…..get over yourself.

Smiles on

Great and really cute picture!

JustSayin' on

Sorry CUPCAKE, I happen to agree with Anonymous! While it won’t “make or break” anything, I believe that proper English is important. Just like correct spelling which is MY pet peeve. With spell check, there’s no reason for misspelled words.

Nick on

Good grief! He made a simple mistake by not using proper grammar. If that’s the worst improper grammar the man ever speaks then goody for him. Some folks need to find something else to b***h about besides nonsense. Anyhow, cute picture, seems like a loving father and a sensible man. Good for them!

Anonymous on

Just Sayin’- Spell check doesn’t catch everything, though (for example, if you write “to” when you should have written “too”, spell check won’t catch it because both are correct spellings). Grammar check catches a few of those things, but even that isn’t fool proof. Just sayin. 😉

Tay on

A very sensible man. Dierks is an unusual name.

American Mom on

I cannot understand why anyone would say such a thing. What if he and his wife later changed their minds about another child, or had a “surprise” baby at some point in the future? Saying this kind of thing now just lets the world and that possible future child know that they were an “accident”. People are so unwelcoming to life these days. It’s just sad to me.

Anonymous on

Saw him played on ACM awards show last night. He is a great singer.

pacey on

Actually, his given name is frederick dierks bentley. Cut out the fred and you have a super cool made for country music kind of name! Obviously he dropped Frederick a long time ago but not until his first year of college because its how he registered 😉

Mill on

This is a very sweet picture.