Kendra Wilkinson Wants to ‘Empower’ Hank with Big Brother Role

04/02/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Kendra Wilkinsin A Pea in the Pod
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Goodbye, healthy habits. Hello, truffle popcorn!

All throughout her pregnancy, Kendra Wilkinson has made eating clean a priority for both her and her family, but the mom-to-be — who’s expecting a girl in mid May — is temporarily calling it quits.

“I’m 33 weeks right now. I’m at the point where I give up. I threw in the towel,” she told PEOPLE while snacking at the launch of Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s L collection for A Pea in the Pod on Tuesday in Beverly Hills.

But while there are some areas the Kendra on Top star is willing to ease up on during her pregnancy, prepping her son Hank IV for the arrival of his baby sister isn’t one of them.

“He is still my baby. That’s the one thing we keep telling him, ‘No matter what, you’re still our baby.’ We’re going to always treat him that way and empower him,” she explains.

“Just because we’re having another baby doesn’t mean he’s not our baby anymore.”

Wilkinson and her husband, Hank Baskett, have made it a point to include their 4-year-old since the start of the pregnancy, and the expectant reality star shares that their hard work is paying off.

“Every day is about his sister. Anything he learns — like not talking to strangers or crossing the street — he’s like, ‘I want to teach my baby sister, I want to make sure we protect her,'” the proud mom says.

“I want to make sure he knows to always watch her because she’s special. I want to make him feel empowered and strong. I want to make him feel like he has a role.”

Baby girl’s birth isn’t the only cause for celebration. On June 27, Wilkinson and Baskett will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, a milestone the mom-to-be is hoping to honor with more than just a date night.

“I’m waiting on Hank to propose to me again! We’re thinking about a vow renewal,” she explains. “We might do it on the show for my new season … [but] that might be cutting it too close to the birth.”

Wilkinson, 28, has always been open about her hesitation to have another baby, but the couple have found their rhythm — in both marriage and parenting — and things have never been better.

“We never thought we would even have kids, but here we are having our second child. Reality is smacking us in the face, but it’s such a beautiful thing,” she says. “If it didn’t work out with little Hank — with the parenting, how we’re doing it and how he’s turning out — we probably wouldn’t have done this again.”

Wilkinson adds, “We are so great. Our parenting skills, marriage, partnership, everything is just there so why not have one more? We’re welcoming her with open arms and love and blessings. It’s a celebration.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Aili Nahas

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Sara on

She looks really cute. She’s at that point where pregnancy starts to become physically uncomfortable – you can see it in her expression – probably moreso because she’s so petite.

I also remember from her show that she didn’t love pregnancy the first time around because of how dramatically it changed her usually so-fit figure. You’re almost there, Kendra!

I, for one, cannot WAIT to see this baby girl. She is going to be a STUNNER.

Rebecca on

LOL, you don’t empower someone by treating them like a baby.

Sara on

Rebecca, someone had to make the obvious comment and it appears to be you. Here’s your award.

valeskas on

She looks great for being so far a long and after that gorgeous boy, her little girl will be gorgeous too.

FredWen on

Hank and Kendra tickle me they’re so cute. Sure, her life choices might not have been to everyone else’s liking, but she’s a straight up kinda gal and their love for each other and their son is warms my heart.

Best wishes to the family! May their daughter be healthy and know how much she is loved!

AmandaC on

Little Hank is so adorable, I bet this little honey is gonna be so beautiful!

Katie on

An “empowered” baby. That should be interesting – is there such a thing? Imo the word “empowered” is overused.

Katie on

Too bad Hank couldn’t carry it for her – he does everything else.

Melanie on

OMG! What a load of pretentious crap. Anyone would think celebrities were the first people to ever have children.

overly on

I’m sure she has notified the nannys on how they will be raising her new daughter along with her son.
Hanks gonna end up with a love child with the nanny…just like Arnold!

kim on

Rebecca you sound like an idiot.

debic on

I don’t really follow the lives of this family, but after 4 years, that little boy really needs a haircut, so you will be able to tell him from his sister. It’s cute, but enough…..

ari on

Who writes this bs for her? Her parenting skills are seriously lacking so someone is feeding her head.

JustMyOpinon on

However they feel the need to empower her son, is their right. Maybe not the way you would choose too. You do what works for you ans your family, not anyone elses. Congrats!!!

Amanda on

I hope for that baby girls sake she is as gorgeous as her big brother 🙂

Hub on

I’m impressed that she used the word empower correctly in a sentence!

Guest on

All I have to say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! She’s a joke and a bimbo!!!

Romarie on

A friend of mine has done brilliantly by “gifting” each of her younger children to the next older child. When she got pregnant with her second child, she told her oldest (then 4), “Mommy and Daddy are having a baby. It’s important that you know that this is not just our baby, but a gift for you. A gift for our whole family. Can you help us? She’s gonna really need all of us and only you can be her big brother – can you do that?”

And they made him apart of their appointments, always let him feel her belly, always talked to him about what kinds of cool things older brothers got to do.

He was excited about her from Day One. And loving. And protective.

I don’t know if that works for everybody, but it’s worked for them twice. They have peace in that household like you can’t believe and kids that have a fierce bond like I’ve never seen.

I wish the best for Kendra and her gorgeous family.

Gina on

I don’t think that a few of u actually watched her show. It clearly showed that. She is a horrible mother. She has nothing to do with the raising of her son or how to be a wife. Why she would have another child is beyond me. She has hank and nannies taking care of her one child so she can go out and do whatever she wants without worrying about her responsibilities!!! She will “empower” lil hank by teaching him how to change diapers, rock his sister when she cries and how to warm up a bottle in a “microwave”!!! So don’t praise someone that doesnt know the first thing about being a “mother”

gracie on

As an educator, I have serious issues with a 4 year old being told he is still a baby. Welcomimg a new child into a family is a process.You can assure a child that he/she will always be important and loved but calling a child a baby when they are no longer a baby does nothing for his/her self esteem. It is both confusing and can cause more problems than expected. Kendra needs to doing a little reading about how to appropriately and sucessfully introduce a new child into the family unit.

Yerda Marie on

so happy for you and counting down the days for your Precious baby girl .I had 1 Girl and 3 boys ,love them so .you look Marvelous .we love you and family .

country gal on

Sorry little Hank,it all goes downhill when you get a younger sibling.

L on

Oh gosh people just have to nitpick at every little thing. So annoying. Kendra, you look great. Can’t wait to see your little girl….and hear what you name her!

Anonymous on

Dang. That looks painful. She has two months to go? I was 4 days overdue and not that big.

Tay on

Empower Hank? He is not an adult, too young to be empowered!

Leah on

Just saw the “celebrity wife swap” episode with her. she is a TERRIBLE, neglectful mother. She has absolutely nothing to do with her son, her nanny does everything! Plus, her husband has absolutely no backbone. Why she is having another kid, just so it can be raised by a nanny, is beyond me.

I also hated her on “dancing with the stars”- she was so rude and disrespectful to her dancing partner Louie.

Good luck to the new kid, she’ll need it with this bimbo as a mother!

Niko on

She’s overfeeding that baby, lol That’s a 9 months belly! I guess she cultivated Jessica Simpson’s I’m-fat-so-I-might-as-well-stuff-my-face-with-a-ton-of-food-daily attitude when she had her first kid.

Nally on

Is Kendra in La La land? hahaha!

Nita on

I am excited for all of you. Your doing a great thing making Little Hank a part of the baby.