Giuliana Rancic: Son Duke ‘Is a Huge Flirt’

04/02/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

Giuliana Bill Rancic Son Edward Duke
Brian Bowen Smith/E!

As full-time working parents, Giuliana and Bill Rancic have their hands full juggling hosting gigs, speaking engagements and filming for their reality show, Giuliana & Bill.

But one little man in their lives gets first priority: son Edward Duke, 19 months.

“We are busier than ever,” Giuliana, 39, tells PEOPLE. “But it makes it easier to love what I do. I don’t see it as a job. If I had to leave him every day and go somewhere I wasn’t happy, I’d probably be a stay-at-home mom.”

She adds, “We’re just trying to figure out what the next couple of years looks like and make sure Duke has everything he could possibly need.”

And for now, that’s the freedom to be an active toddler. Says Bill, 42, who hosts Food Network’s new reality competition Kitchen Casino, “Duke is all boy! He’ll play in the backyard and get muddy. And he has an appetite like a horse. He eats kale and crazy stuff — just scarfs it down.”

He’s a charmer too. “He loves to sit and observe and smile at everyone,” says Giuliana. “He’s a huge flirt!”

And the couple, married since 2007, hope to expand their family soon. On the show’s Tuesday premiere, the Rancic’s surrogate Delphine revealed that she would be willing to carry a second child for the pair. “It’s a roller-coaster of a season,” Giuliana promises. “There are a lot of ups and downs.”

But as far as that so-called seven-year itch? No sign of it.

“We know each other pretty darn well, especially when [a kid] is added to the mix,” says Giuliana. “There’s a lot of stress and a tendency for it not to be like the first year or second year. But no seven-year itch.”

She jokes, “If there were one, Bill would itch it for me! We’re still so in love.”

Giuliana & Bill airs Tuesdays on E! Kitchen Casino premieres April 7 on The Food Network.

Giuliana Bill Rancic Son Edward Duke
Courtesy Giuliana Rancic

— Aili Nahas

VIDEO: Rancics’ Surrogate Agrees to Carry Another Child

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Olive.7 on

HIS FIRST NAME IS NOT DUKE. what a shame they don’t honor his first name. They should have named him Duke Edward if that was how he was going to be known. Awful.

Sherri on

I personally really like this couple and am quite happy to finally see pics of their son! After getting to know them and their struggles through their show, I am just so happy for them!

Ris on

I like this family but it breaks my heart how detached she is from this baby both when she refers to him to others and in person with him. I wish she would go to a therapist and work through whatever issues she has. I am not the only person who sees it. I was so disturbed after watching her with him on her show (and oven been watching her show since season 1) that I googled and MANY others also see it. 😦

rampantideas on

I would be very happy to see the sentence “She is all girl. She plays in the backyard and gets muddy.” But that too would be sexist. He’s a kid. Kids (ideally) like to play outside and don’t care about getting dirty. but that stupid photo in the fancy all-white attire? GOOD GOD! Oh, and the kid likes to eat too, and that’s part of being “all boy”? I thought “boy” referred to genitalia.

Treal on

The baby is super cute. Who cares what they call him

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

He is the perfect combination of both parents. Hope the rumors of Bill stepping out aren’t true.

jim on

What a bunch of idiots. These people think they’re so important but they need to just go away. Tell someone who cares!

Ris on

She has baby detachment issues – Emotionally 😦

Kimmie on

I think they should put the brakes on having more kids for now. Those two are so busy with their careers and Bill wants to move to Chicago but Giuliana doesn’t. Maybe Bill is not realistic about career options in Chicago. The best career opportunities for them would be in LA. Giuliana should be honest about the fact that she never wants to live in Chicago, but agreed to make Bill happy. I hope she comes clean this season, because a marriage based on a lie will never work.

I have been with my husband for 35 years and sometimes it can be challenging, but if he really loves you, no matter how much the truth hurts, he will get over the disappointment of not living in Chicago.

Callie on

I love these two and their baby is gorgeous! Although someone can’t itch and itch, you can scratch an itch though…just saying.

Mara on

I can’t stand her sorry skinny ass. She is so full of shit.

joan on

oh dear, olive.7, lots of people go by their middle names. get over it.

still-here on

I agree with Jim (go away already) and Ris (the mom has attachment issues). The attachment issues at the root are partly bc she didn’t physically carry/give birth to Duke. They essentially ‘adopted’ their baby, bc their baby was emotionally and biologically attaching to the surrogate. It’s just biology folks. I know, bc I am an adoptive mommy. So Giuliana will have to work harder to bond with her baby (first stop working so much maybe..?). It’s never too late Giuliana! (yea right,like they’d ever read this..) 🙂

Judy on

She does seem distant with the baby to me also.

Sharon on

Bill seems nice but I can’t stand Giuliana. She is a fake, anorexic, ugly, narcisstic woman. I hate Fashion Police and how she acts like she is stunning icon in the industry when all she does is talk to the real celebrities, I hope Bill leaves her and takes Duke and e! goes off the air.

Nise on

The baby looks just like her

Ridiculous on

Good Lord, Olive…calm down! There is NOTHING wrong with calling the child by his middle name! Nothing at all! What’s the difference if they use his middle name or a nickname? Many people refer to their sons as ‘Junior’ instead of using the child’s first name. On second thought, forget I said anything. There’s no reason for me to engagement someone who is having a meltdown over a child’s name. Carry on with your babbling, Oli. (look at that…I just addressed you using a nickname! See how that works??)

guest on

That baby has never been allowed to bond with the mother. The father is always holding him and never lets the mother have time with him. It’s painful to watch. Also Bill says passive aggressive things to Guiliana while holding the child. It’s weird and unhealthy.

Emry on

he looks just like his daddy!

Anonymous on

What a good looking family, Duke is ADORABLE !! And I love Bill & Guiliana’s show!! I’ve been watching them for quite awhile now and enjoy their family. Looking forward to another great season!!

Brenda on

What a great looking family and Duke is ADORABLE!! Love watching their show and am looking forward to their new season!!

krazy on

This is a weird couple. Gulliana is too damn skinny from what I see of her on Fashion Police.

Dee on

Go Guiliana And Bill! You guys have it all and then some. Thank your lucky stars I should say.

Your show rocks. You two rock. Looking forward to this season, and last night’s first episode was great.

Anonymous on

Sharon- You honestly want a baby to be ripped away from his mother?!

Lia on

Giuliana is too self-absorbed to ever slow down, work less and spend more time with her child. I’ve noticed the detachment as well. Bill seems too wrapped up in his own projects to notice or care. The child will have everything money can buy, except genuine love and devotion and undivided attention from his parents.

Kate on

Duke? My dad’s hunting dog was Duke. Thank God he looks like his dad!! She’ll never be interested in being a stay at home mom. She’s glad to get out of the house!

spanky on

giuliana looks like E.T.

Bettyann on

guiliana always has this rigid frozen face on as soon as she has to hold her baby. now they want another one. if she had to carry a baby for 9 mo. she would not be that quick to have another. she is not the MOM material. she asks such stupid ques. she doesn’t know how to cook, clean or really take care of HER baby. bill seems to spend more time holding , caring and loving him then BOBBLE HEAD. her career comes 1st. not her child.

she stinks both on TV and as a MOM from watching her. she is very annoying. don’t watch the show any longer. she is so FAKE. take a year or so off to enjoy your new family. if your as good as you think you are they will want you back and if it does not happen be the MOM your always talking you want to be. sorry but i see it that way. bill is the nurturing parent with this baby.

Banshee on

The all white photo really looks like they are a couple that had a photo done together and looks like they Photoshopped a baby in it. It’s a horrid “FAMILY” picture.. Honestly—it looks like the kardashian Christmas which looks like they all hate each other and maybe that’s why they did it. It seems like E! is running out of ideas for photoshoots so they just copy the same ideas to all their show runners.

There isn’t anything honest, sympathic or emotional about either one of them. I know she’s been thru a lot but it’s hard to really feel anything for her when she’s so completely removed from reality. She’s about Fashion, Lime Light and the kid is a bucket list check point so she pleases her family.

I don’t believe she’s family orientated at all and her family emotional parties are so forced. Everything that isn’t related to her family/friends is uncomfortably forced. Only time I’ve seen her really shine with a truth is when she’s loving/bashing a dress/celebrity.

valeskas on

They pimp every second of their lives just to make a buck. She is anorexic, I saw her in a shorter dress and her knee are so ugly. But the baby is cute.

Guest on

I will never understand why this woman remains popular. She is the worst role model for what a working mother has to aspire to. Her comment about if she didn’t love what she does and had to go somewhere everyday she hated, she’d probably be a stay at home mom, makes me sick!

How nice to be so rich that you would have that option, get a clue, in this new economy most working mothers are forced to go somewhere they hate everyday to provide for their babies! From what I’ve seen she can’t even be in the same room with that baby for more than 5 minutes at a time. Why on earth would she want another one?

cb on

i thought it was just me that thought she doesnt have much to do with the baby. bill is the main parent in this family. g needs to slow down on working and quit acting like an idiot when she talks about duke…….we are going to get the bebe…..cant stand it. she is 40 yr old woman…..act like it ! take some parenting classes, spend some quality and quantity time with your little boy !!!

Brooke on

Bill is the parent in all of this…..I can’t help but always feel Giuliana is detached from him.

Christine on

Typically hate reality tv, but I do like their show. Wish they would stop now though due to their expanding family. I do not feel having a camera in front of children is postive on any level..

KW on

She is just one odd looking female.

cynda on

They are a cute family, seem to really love each other and their adorable son. Why all of the hate?

Jo on

How do you figure that if she had to carry the baby, she would not want to have another? I had my first a few months after Duke was born, and I am currently pregnant with #2. Whether she carried him or not has nothing to do with it.

Anonymous on

who exactly watches this BIG HEADED ,TALENTLESS AIRHEAD ????

boohoobytch on

…why is she a mother? she can barely hold her kid

N H on

What this little boy needs. are 2 parents who act like parents
And who don’t have to appear on every talk show telling
Everyone about their problems. I sympathize with what they went thru but can’t understand how they agonized and suffered with cancer and fertility problems, were fortunate ro have a surrogate and then a beautiful child, and yet show NO attachment to him. Instead, their careers take priority, their lavish lifestyle, magnificent homes and furnishings, etc.
I am fairly certain that they have socked away some savings so that
She can stay at home and live on one salary. But, no, then she
Wouldn’t have her gigantic head on TV and have her ego fulfilled by make up and hair people , as well as her stylists,
celebs, and Joan Rivers.
Wake up, be grateful for ALL that you have, and if you want to
Make sure Duke has Everything he needs, realize that he needs Mommy and Daddy.


Jacquie on

Thank goodness he doesn’t look like her. She is so homely. No Chin, arms look like toothpicks and a forehead to land a plane on.

ari on

Bill looks so gay in this photo.

Paula on

Why is the baby on the floor?

John F C Taylor on

Host a show and/or appearing on a reality show does not make her a star. At best, she might be called a celebrity.

Jackie M Villio on

I wish she’d eat something. A carrot. A pickle. Maybe both at the same meal.

Trisha on

Maybe she is detached from the baby because she did not carry him. He was surrogate, right? I think that can make a difference for some. But very cute baby and they seem like nice people. Who knows what it is like in her shoes?

Anonymous on

N H- Uh, Bill shows PLENTY of attachment to Duke. It’s Giuliana that seems to have the issues.

Donna on

I wonder why Delphine wants to have another child for them when she can see on their show how Duke is just another of their beautiful possessions – at least for her, maybe not him.

She drives me crazy with her lack of maternal instincts. Somebody should tell her and Kim Kardashian that children are not dress up dolls.

Kami on

It is clear that Guilana does not have a bond with Duke. Everytime she tries to hold him, it looks so awkward and doesn’t appear for him to acknowledge her as the mother or even have a connection

. Infact Duke looks downright uncomfortable. If she thinks having another baby will keep Duke occupied she is sadly mistaken. It will be more work for Bill and the nannies. Children will not play for together for another several years. She has not bonded with Duke and having another one will not help. Guilana does not seem to have maternal instincts or really even interested except from a PR stance.

Concerned on

Giuliana has that look that anorexics get before they go for inpatient therapy- or before they die. Sad. Her husband or mom should stage an intervention.

Lightbulb moment on

It just occurred to me, maybe G is so skinny that she has no strength to actually hold her baby. She always looks like she can barely lift Duke, on the rare occasions that she does. I hope she realizes that if they have another baby she may actually have to spend some time holding her children. Time to eat some burgers.

Michelle on

So cute

Anonymous on

Seriously, bill is cute and duke seems to favor him…she is one of the trickiest ugly people I have ever seen, inside and out. I will never understand how she landed Bill. Yuk Yuk and more Yuk!!!!!!

patience abah on

All of you that insult and hate on others are the reason the world is would you feel if someone said nasty things about how you look and your life especially when you’ve been through so much that’s not of your making? Your nastiness projects how sick and nasty and loveless you are inside

Pam on

I have never seen their show; I have never liked Giuliana because of “Fashion Police.” I could never quite figure out how these homely or average women sit on a stage and criticize how others look and dress, it just seems wrong. Of course, I know nothing but, from my observations, it appears to me that the whole baby thing was a “career move” for her. Maybe Bill was excited about having a baby, but for her it was very much a career move; much like with the Kardashians. I’m sure she thought a child might bolster ratings for her show and she was sure she could afford a nanny to take care of all of the actual childcare and “icky” stuff like holding “it.” Bettyann called her a BOBBLEHEAD, which I thought was great because that is what I call her and so many of the other actresses on television, they have gotten so thin you can see their bones and their heads look way too big for their bodies; BOBBLEHEADS! It is sick. Shame for them that they have been so deluded by Holllyweird that what they think is beautiful or normal is actually abnormal and very, very odd looking. SO GLAD I am not rich and famous. I’d take the rich any day, but you can keep the famous! Who needs that crap!