Jennifer Love Hewitt Feels Lucky with Her Dancing Baby and ‘Awesome’ Husband

04/01/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Jennifer Love Hewitt has a baby — and a husband — with all the right moves.

At just 4 months old, baby daughter Autumn James already has quite the appreciation for music, and is learning to groove along with it.

“She loves Pharrell and Drake. She’s big into hip-hop and Latin music for some reason,” the actress says in an interview airing Tuesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show — a program that Autumn also seems drawn to.

“The second the show comes on and you start dancing, she does this weird kick thing with her leg, and she gets her little chair,” Hewitt, 35, tells DeGeneres. “I think she’s gonna be a dancer. I really do. She loves it.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt Ellen DeGeneres Show
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Hewitt and DeGeneres also joke about her last appearance on the show. The actress, who was early in her pregnancy at the time, showed up in a dress that didn’t leave much to the imagination, especially up top. “They grew first in the pregnancy,” she says with a laugh.

Hewitt married Brian Hallisay, her former Client List costar, right before Autumn arrived — “five days before she was born, basically,” Hewitt reveals. It was a small wedding — “just the two of us, and then we went to Bed Bath & Beyond, because that’s what married people do,” the actress jokes.

Now, she couldn’t be happier. “He’s an awesome, incredible father and a great husband, and I just feel really lucky,” she says.

— Tim Nudd

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Mary on

I would love to see a pic of her baby, bet she is a cutie.

Annabelle on

I can’t explain why, but I’ve been a huge fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s since her Party of Five days. (I know she’s not the best actress in the world, but I like the person she is offscreen.) It makes me so happy to see she’s found this kind of happiness, especially because she hadn’t always been lucky in love. I think it’s sweet she wants to instill the same values and love to her child as her mom did with her. What a great tribute.

Calidr on

I thought she was sweet until I met her at a book signing. She was rude and didn’t even look up at you. Hate when that happens when you think their nice and then they act like that.

Juli on

JLH looks weird with the lighter hair (or maybe I’m just shocked to see her blonde). She’s much prettier as a brunette! Also, I’m curious to see her baby, I’m sure she’s a beauty.

sarah on

I love that she picked an unusual but not weird name. I really like JLH..she’s a very classy

Ris on

Yikes she looks awful! But I’m glad she finally had her happy ending with a husband and baby

Elaina on

I hope she’s finally found some happiness. Been a rocky road for her.

Jess on

How long will this marriage lasts?!? Congrats on her new baby.

K. on

When she does not smile, this woman’s lips seem soooooo kissable. 🙂 Good luck to her and her family.

k on

eww blonde is a terrible color for her

boohoobytch on

sweet girl, I wish her nothing but love and happiness in life

Aria on

Washed out hair color on her.

Anyway, she looks very happy, which is nice.

Chicky dee on

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Good luck to her with her new family.

laura on

he baby’s kicking to ask her to please turn Ellen’s show off. I mean, the kid doesn’t have words, how else can she signal her distaste?

blonde hair, very bad idea Jennifer.

gymtruthteller on

Why would let your infant listen to Drake?

Lili on

She looks better as a brunette

Edie on

Good for her!

sam on

she is very two-faced. there is a hilarious interview between howard stern and a late member of of a boyband where he described how she gives all the guys she dates the same they compared notes once.

ImALadyToo on

I don’t like the blonde hair on her. She looks much better as a brunette.

chris on

Jennifer really is a bright ray of sunshine. I’m so happy she’s enjoying her life.

Lyndsai on

Not the best look for Love. Her hair looks really washed out and her makeup looked awful. Poor girl. We know she’s more beautiful than this.

woww on

I’m just annoyed that The Client List was cancelled with next to no explanation. So happy she’s happy but dang it!!! I loved that show!

fatalreview on

someone is horribly insecure-Blonde??? looks very bad and she certainly has porked up again-her boobs are like resting on her legs ewwwwwww-and her legs well lets just say black isn’t camouflaging the size of those-with no job or endorsements I guess she had to get back on the talk show circuit as soon as possible-she won’t be getting any lingerie modeling series again no matter how much they talk it her up-and we all know she peaked at 17 -it’s just been a lot of her shoving her boobs in the camera since her teen scream days

Me on

She looked her best in the movie “Heartbreakers”

Anonymous on

Awww! She sounds like she’s loving motherhood! How is a four month old baby capable of “getting” her “special chair”, though?

Rae on

@Calidr, I know what you mean. I remember when Vanessa Williams won Miss America, 1984, and she was at our mall signing pictures (or something). I was 14 and I thought she was so pretty, but she was such a snob. Wouldn’t smile or look at any of us adoring teenage girls. It totally jaded my opinion of her.

Rae on

why are there hardly any pictures of her and her husband TOGETHER???

Gill on

She doesn’t look good in this picture. She looks much better when she is brunette.