Brooklyn Beckham Makes His Modeling Debut

04/01/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Brooklyn Beckham Modeling Debut Man About Town MagazineAlasdair McLellan/Man About Town

It looks like Romeo isn’t the only Beckham kid who has modeling in his genes!

Big brother Brooklyn graces the cover of the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Man About Town.

And Victoria and David‘s handsome eldest son has already perfected his Mom’s signature scowl.

The 15-year-old’s first-ever cover story features 20 pages celebrating teen style. And who better to be the face of it than the fresh-faced offspring of fashion royalty?

According to the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Ben Reardon, Brooklyn — who sports floppy hair similar to his soccer star Dad’s — was a dream to work with.

He described the teen as “relaxed” and “diligent” as he posed for photographer Alasdair McLellan in clothing from designers like Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent and Supreme.

“Brooklyn was a true professional and had a keen eye in the styling process,” Reardon said in a statement.

Brooklyn Beckham Modeling Debut Man About Town MagazineAlasdair McLellan/Man About Town

“It is clear that he is becoming a credit to the family name, not only possibly the most famous in the world but one with a wealth of heavyweight fashion influence behind it.”

In one shot, the edgy teen seems to contemplate studies with a pen hanging out of his mouth, while in another, oversize earphones hang around Brooklyn’s neck as he kicks back on posters of Eminem and Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan Kenobi.

Brooklyn Beckham Modeling Debut Man About Town MagazineAlasdair McLellan/Man About Town

The sporty teen looks most like his athletic father in a close-up where he gazes at the camera lens, donning a sleeveless striped tee.

The only thing missing is Dad’s signature tattoos — which is a good thing, if Dad has anything to say about it.

“[The boys] have already said they’re having tattoos done. And I said, ‘Well, be different, don’t have any tattoos,'” the soccer star shared during an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show last year.

Body art or not, Brooklyn is one fetching teen. We bet the phone will start ringing even more once the new issue of Man About Town hits newsstands on Friday.

Brooklyn Beckham Modeling Debut Man About Town MagazineAlasdair McLellan/Man About Town

— Amy Jamieson

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Ivan Libya on

Not impressed.

JohnF on

How ridiculous…this kid is only in the position he’s in because of his parents, just like Will Smith’s & Madonna’s kids.

Jennifer on

Gee, he can do the cliched uninterested teen with a chip on their shoulder look. How original.

susan on

Where is his armpit hair?

kate on

I so do not approve of this at all another way for his very materialistic lame parents to make money and off their kids at that .

kate on

This child should be in school you know that 15,000 quid a term school he goes to , his parents are truly the most self-absorbed a holes out there and apparently they want their children to be just like them

Caasi on

Brooklyn is a teenager and can find and read the cruel things people write and say about his family. Please be kind- you don’t know them AT ALL! Know matter what he and his siblings do, people will accuse them of cashing in on their name or their parents’ contacts… He’s grown up with money- maybe he’ll be one of the lucky ones that works and contributes. I would have loved to have the opportunities those kids do!

Sapphire on

Let’s not judge this young man. I would have given anything to be in the position this kid has in life. I grew up poor and lived in a condemned house wearing second hand clothes. It’s not his fault his parents are who they are. I don’t see anything wrong with parents giving their kids privileges and advantages in life. If only all parents could do the same, but most cannot. He’s a very lucky young man and I hope that he’s grateful and humble for everything he’s been given in this life.

laura on

I don’t see it

Katie on

He definitely isn’t a spitting image of his father! Kind of cute but not a handsome kid.

Kresta on

He looks like his mother.

Guest on

Wow…look at all these sad, bitter old loons jealous of a 15-year-old boy taking some photos. How sad and pathetic your lonely spinster lives must be, haters!!

Patty on

Definitely NOT model material. Looks like any normal boy. Do not find him cute.

nunya on


Ladybug on

No smiling. He gets that from his mother.

Danni on

So ugly

bev on

my son is waaay better looking, sorry that sounds terrible, but it’s true – he’s there because of his parents only!!

Catherine on

Sorry – don’t get it – looks like any average teen out there. Don’t want to be mean, but not seeing anything that got him this job besides his parent’s connections. No agent would give this boy a second look otherwise.

Maureen on

I am not sure why he is worthy of the front page of any magazine. There are certainly a lot more handsome young men than him.

KellyGreen on


Jenny on

yuck he is so ugly

Niko on

He knows how to smile….just like his mama

Anja on

Ridiculous what rich patents can do!

He is actually less than average teenager,

And by no means can he be called a model!!

Tessa on

I think he looks just like his mother. Handsome little guy.

Deborah on

Not model material but he’s handsome. I highly doubt Ford or Wilhelmina or ANY modeling agencies would have signed him up if he wasn’t famous.

Janice on

He is cute, but please NO tattoos!! I wished he had smiled. I hope he is doing well in school and wants to go to college. He is lucky that his parents can afford to send him to college.

Liza on

Just what the world needs: another pampered prick.

hs on

Guest, just because you’re blind doesn’t make the rest of us jealous. The boy is average looking, like most of the other people in the world. If his mother wasn’t a big name in the fashion world the kid would never have landed this job. We don’t have to be rude just because we’re speaking the truth.

guest on

He looks like a constipated bumble bee in the first picture

Guest on

Must be nice to have famous parents…..

Guest on

It makes me sad to see all the negative comments. He is 15 years old, he could read these comments! You wonder why we have so many teen suicides! It doesn’t matter who his parents are, someone liked his look and used it! Grow up people and have a heart, what if it was your 15 year old!

Rocket on

He and Kylie Jenner have something in common- neither are model material

exit82 on

Yikes- looks like a mug shot

Roxy on

Cute kid. I hope that he becomes who he wants.

Debbie on

Honestly, I thought this was a jail picture, until I read whom the article was about. Hehe It’s that shirt, and by way my son is way more handsome, but alas I’m not famous so he will just be a regular gorgeous son.

coco on

He’s average. Sadly not handsome

Anonymous on


Carolyn on

He looks like a million other teenagers.

Aud on

Ummm, he’s cute and I’m sure a really great person. He needs a trade.

hdk on

Give me a break, if you had connections to get your dream job, you would use them. At least this kid is working and not a lazy bum like a lot of these celeb kids.

jessica laine on

He looks nothing like his father, why would they even put that lol. is it so wrong for him to look like his mother? she is a beautiful woman and he is very similar to her

Traci on

Oh brother give me a break! He is in no way model material…only the son of rich celebrities. Puke.

disneymommy75 on

Well I see he gets his happy, flashy smile from his mom!!

James kenneth Terry on

congratulations Brooklyn. You appear to be a good, a humble kid. Stay that way and you will go far. Keep up the handsome good job.

Paris on

His name and his parents give him a claim for the spotlight on a magazine and Im sure he could master this “modelling” bit once he’s hit more of a physical maturity, atm he just looks like an average kid trying to look liker a serious model… honestly, he needs time to grow up before being splashed across magazine covers. That’s my constructive criticism.

James kenneth Terry on

Congratulations Brooklyn. You are a handsome young man, but your inner handsomeness appears to be just as prevalent. Good for you. Keep your head screwed on right and you will be okay. Remember, “Don’t sweat the small stuff, like the haters”.

Cynthia on

Nice looking boy, love his parents, he’s not model material. Sorry.

lola on

Good looking young man. LOVE the hair!

DB3 on

This child is adorable and should take advantage of all of the blessings that he may not otherwise have outside a public life. No judgement on children. Hope he enjoys every minute of this. I am sure his parents are proud as they should be. Being famous and wealthy does not mean you do not deserve love, admiration and encouragement. Especially when it comes to a child.

Ginger on

The Kardashians, the Beckhams, etc. Why is this modeling thing so imperative to these young people? How about we write a story about his good grades or charity work. Modeling! Another one. Let’s promote brains for a change!

suzy on

he is ugly.

Marky on

Brooklyn is very handsome, and won’t be able to maintain a career unless he has the talent and the looks, so what’s the problem with all the nasty comments? Easy to see where kids learn to bully; you people must be working overtime to teach them. The Beckham boys have never gotten in trouble, always seem to be well dressed, well-behaved, and the only thing you can say about him is that his parents may have helped him get this job??

If your child wanted to do something special, you would bust your butt to see that it happened…I see it all the time; parents who spend money to give their children lessons, start them in cheerleading when they are 3, start them in sports when they are 4, what’s the difference? These parents may, or may not, have pulled a string or 2 to get him this modeling job, but if he doesn’t carry his weight on the job, there won’t be more jobs.

Sheesh, some of you sound so small and petty.

Tiro on

He’s very handsome but that would be a given considering how hot his dad is.

JW on

Good looking kid. Not “model material” to me. But good looking nonetheless.

Mia on

I think he looks great. He’s growing into a real heartbreaker.

And if I was a parent who could afford for my children the opportunities & experiences his parents can afford for him, do you think I would not? God forbid his parents help him pursue what could possibly be a dream of his. Some of these people are acting like they wouldn’t do the same. Please.

Shawna on

I can’t decide if he looks more confused or more constipated — he might be a nice person but he is NOT model material!!

Cats on

Yikes – Take a deep hard look at yourselves. He’s a kid.. No matter who his parents are. I bet you wouldn’t like people saying things like that about your child. Kids aren’t going to learn to stop being bullies until the adults stop bullying. Sad.

sharon on

I’m also not impressed, if his mom and dad weren’t who they are he’d NEVER of gotten this gig…. so sad

Magilyn on

Both of his parents are asses!

Anonymous on

Money and famous parents allow you to be anything….even when you are not qualified. This kid is average. Certainly nothing to get excited about.

NickyAngel on

Shoo…some of these comments are harsh (he’s just a boy) – I can see why some kids have such low self esteem

AmyRene on

Since when is 15 a “baby”? I don’ t really think he’s all that cute. he sure has his mom’s surly face.

Abby on


ingenap on

wow seriously? Calling a 15 year old UGLY??? let’s see a picture of you guys at that age and see who is the ugly one. He looks like a handsome boy and will only get cuter.

Guest on

Seen better.

Wow on

I really like these shots. So his parents are famous, that’s not really a crime or something he asked for. Regardless of his connections I think the final results, the photos themselves, are quite nice. Had I seen his pictures in a magazine without knowing he was a Beckham I wouldn’t have stopped in my tracks and thought that he was out of place. On the contrary, he has the model look.

elle on

He doesn’t look like anything special. in fact, her looks pretty sour.

Laura on

Anyone who called him ugly is an ass! Is he handsome, maybe not. Is he cute, you bet! And if he looks surly or isn’t smiling, blame the photographer and the editor! Just because you may not like the parents you don’t take it out on the kid! Grow up…

Sakky on

Jealously, lack of self respect, unfulfilled dreams, envy……………….. all showing their marks in some of these harsh comments. Don’t we wish we were the parents, in any area of life, that would ensure that our children’s lives are better than ours, that we give them a great head start and they pick up from there………………..! Instead of being so crass, lets pick ourselves up and make it happen for our offspring. Way to go Beckham’s, Jolie’s, etc.

Betty on

My baby son he is better looking X10 he not modeling boy to me

Anonymous on

Overall, he’s a handsome boy. I’m not sure if this is accurate or not, but he looks like someone with allergies. It’s his eyes and the darkness underneath. He doesn’t look like the picture of health, but that’s me.

kingjv61 on

Looks like a mug shot.

nathalie on

The Beckhams exploiting their kids… Pimp parents… And he is not even pretty.

Melissa on

He’s FIFTEEN! Why don’t you a*holes pick on someone that ISN’T a child. Damn idiots.

Anonymous on

Eww, is it just me or is it creepy how they are trying to make this 15 yr old pose all sultry and sexy….like dad. I’m really not feeling it, yuck! Cute kid, but not model material for sure!

Leigh on

Cute kid.

Michelle on

My sons are better looking than this kid.

Amy on

He wouldn’t be anything special if he didn’t have a famous and rich mom and dad.

K. on

He is just a young boy. It is his parents that are really irritating. I hope he grows up to be a more down-to-earth person than his parents.

kara rockwell on

*eye roll* I love how every celebrity’s child is a “model.” He is cute, but come on…

cns2002 on

Wow these comments are just sad. This is a 15yr old…still a child. Whether or not YOU find him attractive is irrelevant but calling a child ugly and sour face is crazy. Lets see what your kids look like. Of course he got the cover as a push from his parents spotlight but who wouldnt accept it? Hes a cutie and has the look. He looks to be enjoying it and hes not YOUR kid to have an opinion about so all you Petty Bettys and Negative Nancys have a seat. Took more effort to call this child names than it did to ignore the post if you didnt agree.

jessica on

Good Genes!

jusmyopinion on

Um, at 15 yo, he should be hitting puberty and getting some armpit hair by now! wth, did he shave for the pics?! Looks way too young to model, yet. Good luck, Brooklyn, at least ur folks gave u a cool name! In time, he will ripen into a nice looking young man. Let’s not rush it!

Minkysmom on should disable the comments because there’s a bunch of angry, bitter, over worked, middle aged wives who are jealous of this child and his family.

frack on

Cool pics. They seem to be a great family.

boohoobytch on


rachel on

He’s a cute kid, but it’s not going to last forever. I hope they have bigger plans for him. Like an education and a real job, instead of just being good-looking.

Angela on

It is beyond pathetic that many of grown, adult women are talking so hatefully about a CHILD! What is wrong with YOU? How would all of you feel if your oh so perfect son was spoken about in this manner, by adults, no less!? This young man is not the problem here, all of you are! You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Anna on

He looks like an average cute kid – definitely not model material in the least.

Lili on

He’s only chosen to do it cos of who his parents are…. nice kid but he looks out of place, not really a model type

Nicole on

Wow, these comments on here make me sick. WTF is wrong with people? This is a pretty disgusting world we live in. The fact that many of you can log on to a computer and think that it’s OK to say such horrible things about a CHILD is mind boggling. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous on

Just a regular guy, no good bone features or whatever.

And insn’t able to smile/laugh…just as mum

happy on

What parent doesn’t stand behind their kids’ dreams and aspirations? Yes, he has an in but his parents can’t be blamed if this is what he wants to do. Lighten up!

anonymous on

His mother isn’t setting any good examples. It’s okay to smile!

stacylp75 on

You all are killing me with these hateful comments. There are plenty of kids/teens modeling but bc his parents are rich he shouldn’t be able to model. All saying “Average” looking, most are “Average” looking. My son is 14 and he loves modeling. I didn’t push it on him, but he ask could he model. Who doesn’t support their children’s aspiration. Different people parent differently but it doesn’t mean any one way is better than the next (unless child endangerment). Positive People = Positive Energy

Barbara on

If his parents were not who they are this kid would never have a modeling career….Cute, but nothing special about him… He will get lines in his forehead at a young age with all the frowning he is doing… What does he have to be so angry about?

Susan on

I guess if you like the “I’m a punk” look, he certainly has that. But he’s really not very good looking.

stacylp75 on

FYI….photographers tell the models which expressions to portray. My son had a 3 hr photo shoot and most were with serious faces or half smiles. Not many were with full faced smiles. So stop thinking his mom has him not smiling.

Dina on

One of the least attractive and lame male models ever.

Models now need to be part of a famous family if not, you are nothing in fashion industry. How sad is this?? And what about his waxed armpit? EW

Alli on

Brooklyn is absolutely adorable…sure to be a fine looking man! Congrats!

For all you sour lemons, any child model is in the position “because of his parents”…Because the parents choose to dedicate time to their child’s hobby (or passion) and do the leg work that makes modeling possible. Was that legwork easier for Brooklyn Bekham’s parents? Probably…but not because they are entitled but b/c they already worked their butts off for years developing those contacts! Get over yourself, people! Be happy for someone else’s good fortune!

stacylp75 on

Y’all are killing me. Are you that unhappy in your life that you go in on a kid? There are plenty of kid/teen models but bc his parents are famous he’s not suppose to model? GTFOH

Who doesn’t support their children’s aspirations? My son is 14 and ask to model so that’s what he does. For all saying he is “Average” looking, most models are. Just bc people parent differently doesn’t make one way better than the other (unless child endangerment).

I never realized there are so many negative/unhappy people until I get on blogs and read all the hateful stuff. Positive People = Positive Energy

lisa rothaus on

Average looking kid, nothing special here!!

happy on

You want to talk about an ugly model…Kate Moss is it!

mom of 3 on

He looks good, hope he does well modeling.

joanne1965 on

yet ANOTHER undeserving child getting fame where he/she shouldn’t…

Mo-Jo on

Seriously ? THIS is good-looking ?!?!?! Not so much. Nothing against him personally, but it’s obviously not based on his looks. It’s who his parents are; and he takes after his Mom because he looks pissed !

Elaina on

Looks like a regular kid to me. Hello nepotism.

Tina on

He’s a good-looking kid.

janet on

Yuk! Sorry Beckham’s, your kid is not cute and shouldn’t be modeling. Why the serious frown, can’t the freckle faced kid smile? Oh wait, thats right his Mother is “Vicky” Beckham and she doesn’t know how to smile either. Spoiled Brat.

He wont go far.. I would toss the magazine I see him “modeling” on.

Teri on

First off, I’m going to be honest, he looks nothing like Beckham and looks so much like mom.

Secondly, having a 15 year old trying to look sexy and mysterious looks ridiculous to me. How about a big wide smile to show a kid’s true beauty. What is with the pen hanging from his mouth…it seems like of subliminally sexual again. Hate the pics, not the kid. Don’t know the kid and hope the parents are bringing him up well.

I liked Beckham’s response on tattoos. I have them and I agree…everyone and their dog has them now…nothing unique about them and I think a nice clean body is just as beautiful if not more so these days. Glad Becks doesn’t want his kids to be mini clones of him. Cheers.



annoyedatthehate on

I have never seen so many hateful people!!! He is 15 years old!!! He is old enough to make his own choices…perhaps he decided to model on his own, without parental interference. I don’t understand why certain individuals have nothing positive to say, yet they take the time to read the entire article and then take the time to comment on the article, but with nothing but hateful comments. It’s fine to not like him, and it’s fine to express your opinion, but to be downright hateful and rude is not cool!!!

betty on

Eww, he’s got the parents’ original nose. Not impressed.

Ramona on

Definitely NOT model material. He is not bad looking, but not good looking enough to be a model. He is getting this job and any others in the future strictly based on WHO his parents are.

Anonymous on

He looks like he Zoolander

Reader on

I’m sorry, but there is nothing good looking about this kid. If mom and dad weren’t famous there’s no way he would ever be modeling.

kristina on

He does’nt look like a natural. He’s a cute kid.

San on

Maybe in a couple of years, but now, no.

stacey on

The Beckham kids that I think are beautiful are Romeo and Harper.

Chantal on

He’s lucky to have the chance to do this. If this is an opportunity he wanted to take, then good for him! So what if his parents are who they are and perhaps they did get him this opportunity. I’m sure a lot of parents out there wish they could give their children all sorts of opportunities but can’t due to all sorts of circumstances. Nobody’s fault.

I just find it refreshing to see a teenager who you don’t hear about doing all sorts of wild negative things. I don’t find it fair to say bad things about a young boy we know nothing about apart from who his parents are. Just so long as he stays grounded and doesn’t get in the media for the wrong reasons, let him do what he wants to do.

Laura on

All you parents out there that made derogatory comments about this kid, just wait. Someone will say something about your kid, and trust me, you won’t like it. But you’ll deserve it…

confused on

He reminds me of Corey Haim. It was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the first photo.

Kat on

Not even slightly attractive.

Tee on

Here we go again – making a celeb out of someone who has achieved nothing, created nothing nor established anything. Just the luck of being the child of other celebrities.

chris on

He’s very handsome..I have to admit and Victoria and David seem to be great parents. Their kids seem quite normal compared to other “celebrity” offspring. Would rather see their kids then the Smith Kids.

Cibele on

My niece looks like Sandra Bullock . Not just look like she is a true and real copy 🙂

Jamey on

Handsome? What a laugh! Is that supposed to be a joke?

Mee on

…Blue Steel…

BBQ on

Mama’s nose and head shape. Cute boy

veronica on

hopefully its his choice

AnnaB on

Doesn’t anyone in that family smile?

Paty on

He is only little above average, not a model material

Janice on

He’s average looking though

Erin on

He doesnt look anything like David. and he isnt good at soccer or he would already have been signed. Rome and Cruz are looking to be signed by Arsenal, hes tried out for quite a few teams, and none of them have picked him up, what does that say.

adorable on

Those Beckham kids are the cutest ever. I love that family.

Tay on

Rome and Cruz can follow his steps too.

Sheenna on

NOT modelling material at all. Doesn’t get his looks from his dad.

Char on

People are so mean. I think he is cute and everyone of us do for our kids the best we can.. So he has opportunities others might not. Nothing wrong about that!!!

Shane on

Really is it any wonder the world is such a horrible place, especially if the people commenting here are a cross section? What a bunch of nasty, spiteful and jealous people you are. Big deal if his parents are rich – get over it. Big deal if you think he is an ugly kid – your opinion matters little to him I’m sure. I can just imagine the outcry if one of your ‘treasures’ were bullied….yet here you are publicly slamming a 15 year old for his looks. Stupid, pathetic people. What I find so disturbing is how many of you are mothers – what disgusting examples you are setting to your own children on how to respect other people. Shame on you.

V on

He’s a very average-looking guy… sorry, but I just don’t see any model material on purely physical terms. Now, his younger brother Romeo on the other hand…

Dan on

Nice armpit shot! Wish there was more amrpit hair for me to lick and rub my face in though.