Hilaria Baldwin’s New Yoga Partners? Carmen and Giada De Laurentiis

03/29/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Hilaria Baldwin has no problem showing off her yoga poses everywhere from the park to the pedicure chair.

But for her, it isn’t only about playing up to the paparazzi. It’s a practice that she takes seriously and really believes can help new moms.

Recently, Baldwin took time to share some postpartum-friendly poses and tips with Giada De Laurentiis for Giada Weekly, the chef’s online magazine. And she brought along a special guest for the demo: 7-month old daughter Carmen Gabriela!

Hilaria Baldwin Yoga Daughter Carmen Giada Weekly Giada De LaurentiisCourtesy Giada

Baldwin, 29, says her little girl is already a mini-yogi, and she was just born with it.

“Yoga makes sense because it’s the natural way of movement,” she says. “So I see things that Carmen does and I encourage it. It’s reinforcing what she does naturally.”

The new mom is referring to the “happy baby” pose (shown in the cute photo below!), which Carmen, like most babies, quickly take a shine to.

She also admits she started doing yoga “right away” after she gave birth to Carmen, but “took it easy,” starting with stretches in the hospital.

Three weeks later, she was able to do a 15-minute run. But of course, there have been some changes to her regular routine.

“I do yoga every day,” says the instructor at N.Y.C. studio Yoga Vida, “but now I only teach two classes a week. At one point I was teaching 36 classes a week!”

It’s a good thing she took things down a notch — Baldwin started to develop stress fractures in her hips. She explains, “Yoga is good, but like anything, in excess it can be bad for you.”

Hilaria Baldwin Yoga Daughter Carmen Giada Weekly Giada De LaurentiisCourtesy Giada

So what are the best exercises for post-baby bodies? “Plank is really great,” she says.

“I also like a variation on plank called Dolphin Plank. You balance on your forearms with your feet and heels together, then bend your knees one at a time or drip your hips from side to side. Try to keep your heels together and stay stationary.”

And though her husband Alec Baldwin does yoga “more than he used to,” he’s not the biggest fan of the stretchy workout. “He really just wants to sit in a corner and read a book.”

Catherine Kast

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Anonymous on

Looks like little Miss BALDwin is a BALDIE (or just about, anyway!)! 😉

bobbymama on

That baby looks just like Alec Baldwin, for real. If he were a bald infant, I mean.

Ashlynn on

No shit she looks like Alec. That’s her father!

That baby is gorgeous!

Lala on

I love Giada’s top. The baby looks just like Ireland Baldwin in the eyes… Now can we stop hearing about Hilaria, and her yoga?

Ris on

Lost respect for his wife when she lied about linda schmidt

Smithy on

I followed Hilaria on Twitter for a bit until I couldn’t take it anymore. What a fascinating look into the ego Twitter is. Let’s just say I think she married the right guy.

Janet on

Wow! For once Giada is not wearing a low cut top!

Heidi on

Looks like Mrs. Baldwin is trying to bring The Rachel back. It was bad enough the first time.

joan on

that is one ugly baby

Jamey on

I would rather look at her cute yoga with baby photos any time rather than having the Kardashians on every page.

Jsilly on

I hope it’s ok with Alec Baldwin that supposedly hates paparazzi and publicity that his wife works for gossip shows and gossip magazines and tweets pics of her and their baby and him. Hypocrite much?

Sam on

Could we please not see any more silly pictures of this narcissistic woman, please!

traycee on

She is so annoying.

postathread on

Hmmm..first of all, if she is supposed to be so “dedicated” to yoga, you don’t “do” yoga, you “practice” it. I have NEVER heard any experienced instructor refer to it as “doing” yoga. EVER. Secondly, a 7 month old is a “natural”?Talk about spoon fed BS. This woman is more concerned with her celebrity status (on her husband’s coat tails), than anything else. Not that any of this has any bearing whatsoever on my life, it’s just inaccurate.

Sally on

OK enough with the pics of her legs spread in ‘yoga’ positions..She thinks shes a celebrity & she’s not. Ridiculous.

stacey on

That baby is NOT cute. Looks nothing like her pretty mother.

guest on

nothing wrong with exercising, stretching, having fun with babies, of course.. ! but please do not call it Yoga. sigh. which is a serious, spiritual, disciplined path of which ‘Hatha’ (the physical practice of Asanas) is only one of eight ‘limbs’.. posing in pedicure chairs, or with evening clothes, or with thigh high boots, for ‘pretty’ People or ET photo ops has nothin’ to do with Yoga ! call it what it is.. a Western appropriation of an Eastern tradition.. for cosmetic/”workout” purposes. ok. sorry for the soapbox ! ! it’s just Ms Baldwin’s ‘daily’ postings finally got under my skin and after 3 months.. I decided to post my piece ! even if no one cares but me (-:

Liss on

You people that are making rude comments about the baby need to grow up and keep your thoughts to yourself!!

B on

Who on earth writes that a baby is ugly? That’s just so mean.. Think what you like but keep it to yourself.. Seriously.

I write a blog about postpartum depression (click my name above) and I think yoga is great for anyone who is into it!

frances on

where did this woman come from. She is getting her 15 minutes because she is married to Alex. Will not last long.
Baby is cute though, hope she is not like him.

jessie on

Carmen is a beautiful baby….She resembles her older sister Ireland, another beauty!!!

Ridiculous on

Amen, JSilly! They claim they want the paps to leave them alone but then Hilarious tweets pictures of herself all day , stands in the aisle of an airplane and breaks into yoga moves, as well as on a train and on her bed…(lets spread wide open saying she is waiting for Alec to arrive home. Gross) The LAST thing these twits want is to be ‘left alone’. Those two were truly made for one another. Weeks ago Alec babbled that they were leaving NY to move to CA..the idiot lied yet again..they just bought a new home in the Hamptons. Best of luck, little Carmen. You have 2 insane parents.

Sharon on

I thought Alec and Hilaria were done with being in the media and the public life. That didn’t last long. I was hoping that they would both go away. They are both rude, egomaniacs that really are not that talented. He is not funny and she can stretch her legs. The baby is cute though. I just fear when it gets older with having those 2 as parents.

lilly on

No more picture of this lunatic woman spreading her legs.

NotAFan on

This woman and her “yoga” positions are vulgar and disgusting! Please stop giving her the attention she’s crying for.

stew on

That was confusingly written! It was written as though Carmen is Giada’s daughter. She’s not, though, right?

Nicole on

This chick is an unbelievable fame horah … She is so in love with herself it’s unreal. If I have to see another pic of her doing a stupid yoga pose on some bench I’m going to puke. Too bad she doesn’t realize there is only one diva allowed in that family and it’s Alec….. Q divorce in less then five …. Guaranteed.

linda on

That baby is all daddy. Not a trace of mommy

DaisyMoon on

Why is this chick always contorted into a pretzel in public?

She looks so silly and desperate for attention.

Sit your a$$ down…truly no one cares that you’re flexible.

julir on

I can’t believe people are saying such nasty things. Horrible. That is a beautiful healthy baby who seems to have a very loving mother.

kdm on

Here’s a thought. If you and your husband want to retire from public life and just want to be private people now, don’t do an article in People Magazine pimping out your baby.

Katy on

The second photo of yoga position is so hilarious!

Anonymous on

It’s pretty funny–Alec Baldwin is always bitching about photographers and his wife is such a media whore.

Tay on

Didn’t know Hilaria is a Yoga teacher, now she got a new Yoga poser her daughter!

Sarah on

What an adorable little baby! I think that’s just so cute, her doing yoga with mom Hilaria. I think Carmen looks a little like Ireland and Alec.

Anonymous on

This woman became a celebrity only because she married Alex Baldwin, but there is nothing special about her!

Pam on

Can’t believe how mean some comments are – she’s a beautiful and smart and talented and lovely woman married to a great actor and they have a gorgeous baby – everyone should be happy for them. I love seeing her poses – she’s inspiring and great to look at – a photographer’s dream, a hairdresser’s dream, and a clothes designer’s dream. I wish them so much happiness and more!

Anonymous on

Just looking at old pictures since they had another baby and I am not familiar with this woman Hilaria – but damn she wastes so much time doing social media and other stupid. Who the hell raises these kids? No way is she around that much, I am a mother of 2 and I don’t have time to waste doing the things she does. I can help but think her kids would be better looking, they are not ugly but just a little odd looking. Surprising, mostly bc they don’t even look like the parents.