J.P. Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert Expecting First Child

03/26/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert Pregnant Expecting First Child JP Rosenbaum Kevin Mazur/WireImage

There’s a Bachelorette baby on the way!

J.P. Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert are expecting their first child this fall, PEOPLE confirms.

“They are both so thrilled,” a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE. “J.P. is especially excited; they have wanted this for a while.”

While attending Bachelor Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici‘s wedding on Jan. 26, the pair hinted to PEOPLE that a family was in their near future.

“We definitely want to have kids when the timing is right  — I’m hoping sooner rather than later,” Hebert said.

Their priority is a healthy baby but, if given the chance to choose, Rosenbaum would love for their first child to be a boy. “I grew up me and my brother; it’s all I know,” he explained.

“I thought I wanted a girl for me, but seeing how much he wants a boy, I think he’d be really cute with a boy,” Hebert added. “The boy would be so cute, he’d look just like [J.P.]!”

Rosenbaum, 37, and Hebert, 29, met on the seventh season of The Bachelorette and were engaged in May 2011.

The couple were married in December 2012 in a televised ceremony officiated by show host Chris Harrison and attended by Ryan and Trista Sutter, the first couple from the reality series to tie the knot.

When Hebert and Rosenbaum spoke to PEOPLE last March, children were on the horizon — once she finishes her Philadelphia dental residency.

“Once Ashley’s done with her residency and we figure out where she’s going to work, then we’ll start thinking about family,” Rosenbaum, a construction manager in New York City, said at the time. “But it’s not far off.”

With Hebert’s schooling expected to be completed by June and their first child arriving this autumn, the timing works out well. As for any additional Rosenbaums, there’s likely to be one more in the future.

“I want one kid and J.P. wants two kids,” Hebert told PEOPLE. “We’ll probably have two.”

— Sarah Michaud and Wade Rouse with reporting by Aili Nahas

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Bridget on

ahhh– this one couple i really loved from the franchise, how exciting for them!

thandie on

good for them…one of my favorites!

Beth on

agreed- it’s nice when good things happen to nice people 🙂

Gianna on

Oh when she sees that baby and feels that love she will want another. I am so excited for them. They seem like such a great couple.

Sarah on

I think Ashley and JP are adorable…great news! Will be a gorgeous baby!

Courtney Vail on

Yay! I’m so excited for them. They are super cute.

Emily on

One of my favorite Bachelorette/Bachelor couples….congrats to them!

sarah on

How wonderful for them, they seem very happy and settled into a good life. It is so nice to get to read good news, especially on the Internet! This baby will definitely be surrounded in a lot of love 🙂

Mariel on

They seem like a nice, normal couple. Congrats to them!

June on

darling , normal couple….best wishes

Brittany on

I can relate to her – I wanted one child, my husband wanted four. We originally compromised on two, and then after the birth of my son, I said I was done. I couldn’t handle anymore children.

Once my son hit 18 months though, I began to rethink things and we welcomed our daughter 3 months ago. I don’t regret it – she was meant to be a part of our family and I love knowing my son won’t be alone in the world when he’s older, should something happen to his dad and I.

Amber on

Yea! This is one of my favorite couples! So happy for them! Wishing them good luck and a smooth pregnancy.

Beheard on

Great news! One of my favorite couples to come from the Bachelorette franchise.

Leila on

They’re my favorite couple from that show. They seem so down to earth, normal, and very loving and respectful of each other. Wishing them the best!

larry marshall on

congrats to them both

ASD on

Congratulations! I loved watching Ashley and JP fall in love – they seemed like the real deal. Wish them all the best!!

erica2 on

Congrats! They are my favorite Bachelorette couple. They will be wonderful parents they are so goofy and cute! Me and my hubby are expecting our first around the same time 🙂

Jenny! on

Awe that is awesome! And for those out there who enjoy the “old fashioned way” well they did it right 😉 I hope the happiness continues for this new family in the making!!

Pam on

Yay! 👶❤️😃

Anonymous on

I love how people say they’ll have a certain number of kids. What if you can’t get pregnant or have trouble having more than you already have. Stop saying how many you’ll have!!!!!!

bkable on

Ahhhh! I have loved them from Day One of the Bachelorette! JP is so down to earth ❤

Big Fan on

Congrats, they will be great parents. Happy News!

Valadega on

I am so happy for them!!!!

ava on

I adore you, Ashley and JP! I am so excited for you–congratulations! 😀 xoxo

Terri on

So happy for you both…congrats!!!!! U are my fav couple from the show and u will be excellent parents…..the baby will be a doll baby 🙂

Alissa on

Yeah so excited for them!

Allison on

“The boy would be so cute, he’d look just like [J.P.]!”

How does she know who the baby would look like???? He could look like a clone of her. He could look like neither of them. I have two kids and my son looks just like my SISTER and my daughter looks just like my husband’s mother. Her comment is irritating.

diane chamblee on

You two look like you were made for each other. ALL the good things I pray are yours.

Allison on

Why do people have two kids so they won’t “be alone” when they are older? I don’t get that. I have siblings and we all have our own lives. We are each either married or in serious relationships and we don’t depend on eachother or feel “alone” when we aren’t with them. Granted, we love each other but I don’t feel a sense of dependency towards them and we had a great upbringing. I know several only children who grew up to be completely successful and happy people who don’t feel alone or sad that they are without siblings.

Anonymous on

Allison- When people say that, they generally mean “not being alone” in the sense that should something happen to them while the kids are still young, at least they’ll still have each other (provided no one’s stupid enough to send them to different foster homes or whatever, that is!).

Also, a lot of people feel it’s important to have at least to kids so that neither of them has to deal with aging parents and such alone.

Anonymous (the one who commented about being irked by people saying how many kids they’re going to have)- Obviously when people say that, they mean they WANT to have X number of kids. I think most people are aware that their plan isn’t neccesarily going to be the same as God’s (or mother nature’s, if you prefer that term instead).

Also, there’s more than one way of building a family. Just because someone has fertility issues doesn’t mean they can’t have kids (or more kids)!

All of that being said, obviously you’ve had some issues yourself, and I’m sorry about that. No one should have to endure the heartbreak of infertilty!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Allison- I thought the same about her comment regarding the baby’s looks. I’m guessing it was just wishful thinking on her part, though. 🙂

Anonymous on

Okay, am I the only one who’s positive that, if the baby is a girl, she’s going to have J.P. wrapped around her little finger in about two seconds? 😉

Grady on

Mama’s baby, papa’s maybe.

DD on

Gahhhhhhh~~ YES! She said she wanted one soon, like now! YAH! Congrats Ashley & JP!!

Nila on

One of my favorite couples on the show. Congrats!

Niko on

Since when did she hook up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt? J/K, lol Congrats!

Marvin on

Nobody cares.

DD on

I always think he looks like that guy Joseph Gordon-Levitt!! 🙂

may on

Congratulations Ashley.Loved you in both Brad and your season; and Marvin 38 people care. it looks like you are the only who doesn’t and that is okay.

Anonymous on

jp is just a great guy, I could fall in love with him in a minute, and Ashley is such a cutie, what great couple.

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