Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky Name Twin Sons Tristan and Sasha

03/25/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky Welcome Twin Sons Kevin Mazur/Getty

Update: The new mom has revealed her sons’ names — and their sweet little feet — on her Instagram account.

“You are home! Tristan and Sasha came to this world on [Tuesday,] March 18 just after [the] full moon. Complete happiness,” she writes. The actress shared a glimpse into her boys’ world on her official blog for the Spanish version of Glamour.

Originally posted March 21: Congratulations — times two!

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky have welcomed twin sons, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The baby boys were born in Los Angeles. No further information is being released at this time.

The actors are already parents to daughter India Rose, 22 months.

The Thor star, 30, and his Spanish wife, 37, have both spoken about how parenthood has changed them.

“It makes it harder and harder to leave and go to work,” Hemsworth told PEOPLE last year. “Being a father is certainly a task. But the best one that I could ever ask for.”

“You have to make an effort and try to stay together as much as you can,” the Fast and Furious 6 actress told PEOPLE of family life. “If we start splitting and doing other things it’s not going to last.”

— Tim Nudd with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Melissa on

Congrats! Can’t wait to see him hold his twins!

Anna on

Congratulations! What a blessed family!

Amy on

The world definitely needs more Hemsworth men.

Names on

Gorgeous couple, can imagine their children will be stunning. Looking forward to the names.

Vanessa on

This baby…I like it! ANOTHER!

Congrats! So exciting.

rlb237 on

Oh my, two more Hemsworth males. Not a bad thing at all! Congrats to the family!

Elisa on

Congratulations!! My daughter was 22 months when my twin sons arrived…..nothing has been boring since! Can’t wait to see pictures 🙂

Boo on

rlb237 said it best – The world now has TWO MORE MALE HEMSWORTHS!

Melissa on

Beautiful family! Thanks for giving the world two more gorgeous Hemsworths 🙂

GammieJo on

Congratulations to them, and to big sister India!

guest on

I hope the babies are okay. I think they were born a bit early.

stephanie on

Thor and Loki

Paige on

Congrats! Beautiful couple.

annie on

wow that seems super early! didn’t they just announce that she was pregnant at the end of November? Hope all is ok.

Samantha B. on

Oh wow, congratulations! That’s amazing news! Many blessings to the happy family! 🙂

Sandra on

@stephanie….Lets hope not. Thor and Loki love each other but their destructive way of showing that love puts us all in jeopardy… 🙂

Marcia on

They are such a gorgeous couple, I’m sure their boys will be too.

Tina on

Congrats on the double joy of twin boys!

Kimberly on

Awww, congrats….. such a nice family! 🙂

wow on

Awwww how sweet! He is so hot I can imagine how precious his kiddos will be. He ought to name them Thor and Loki. Ha!

wow on

Oh! @stephanie – great minds think alike! 😉

Anonymous on

All of their children are going to grow up to be models – look at their parents! Great genes!

Jennifer on

Congratulations to them! I hope mom and babies are all doing well. It does seem a wee bit early, but with twins that’s usually the case.

Brooke on

Please Name one Thor. Please name one Thor.

Jenn on

Congrats to them! I have 18 month old identical boys and trust me, my house is NEVER boring or quiet! I love them to pieces! There is something really special about the relationship twins have- definitely not like one kid, but very different from three or more as well!

Gina on

My bet is that they are gorgeous. Felicidades!

Becky on

Congratulations to them. Can’t wait to see them & what they name them.

Tay on

Congrats! Are their name going to be Thor and Thor?

Denise on


Theresa on

Congratulations! We had our twin boys when our oldest son was also 22 months. You will love every exhausting second of this adventure. Best Wishes!!!!

Amanda_M87 on

That’s awesome. I bet their daughter will love having two little brothers.

j on

I’m just going to put this out there now. DIBS on one of the boys when they turn 18! They will be gorgous of course.

SarahJane on

Congrats to them! But agreed it seems they came early. I’m not sure they ever announced a due date, but it doesn’t seem like she was pregnant long enough.

jessica on

I love this couple! !!!! Gorgeous and Iove seeing him hold his daughter., now Twin sons? Wonderful

Angie on

Ohh double joy!

Barbara on

Yippie! I’m so happy for this family! I pray everyone is happy, healthy and doing well. I’m excited to hear what they have named the new babies.

Congratulations Chris, Elsa & India!!

Brandi on

Love them…so happy for their new editions to the family!! Congrats and best wishes!!!😍

Anonymous on

I’m thinking they came early too. This announcement seems really similar to when Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer announced the births of their twins (no birth details other than that the babies were born. In Anna and Stephen’s case, they didn’t even announce the genders!), who also came early.

I hope everything is all right…and I wonder why they even announced the birth at all (since clearly they aren’t ready to share anything about it)?? Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Also, I wonder if the boys are identical?

Anonymous on

By the way, I am in NO way criticizing Elsa and Chris for announcing the birth sans details. It just seems (going by the lack of details) that they weren’t ready to announce, so I’m wondering why they felt they had to (and feel a bit sad that they did).

Huh? on

I hate when people make birth announcements with no names. !?!?!

Juli on

Oh yay!!!!! Congrats to Chris and Elsa!

Guest on

Congratulations on their double blessings! I have read comments she may have delivered early (she probably did-usually the case with twins) based on when they announced-no one ever said she announced right at the beginning, or even at the traditional 12-week mark! She could have announced at 20 weeks for all we know!

Also, Ive never understood how people can be upset or suggest something may be wrong if famous couples weren’t ready to announce all the birth stats and names. It’s nobody’s business! If your best friend has a baby-great! Get the length, weight, time of birth, etc., but who cares when it is someone you don’t know!

I don’t understand why celebrities even have publicists or feel the need to make a formal announcement. I wouldn’t! I would bask in the glow of having my new baby and enjoy the quiet time with my spouse! And I know I’m not famous and thank goodness for that!

fiona on

twin sons – wow – I’m sure these boys are going to be gorgeous! I do wonder what they will name them. their daughter is named india which is odd if you ask me. with that being said – these little boys will not be named christopher or Michael (normal names). they will probably be weird Hollywood names. standing by………

Anonymous on

Guest- I for one wasn’t upset that they didn’t announce birth details, nor did I automatically assume that because of that something is wrong. Rather, I was simply wondering why they felt that they had to make an announcement when they don’t seem to have been ready to (and also feeling sad that they DID feel pressured to do so).

Perhaps they just wanted to get it out there themselves before people (that’s people in general, not the magazine!) saw Elsa obviously no longer pregnant and started speculating?

Tay on

Now India gets little twin brothers Thor and Loki!

Ariel on

Anonymous – TMZ posted the news via their “unconfirmed sources” and other sites started to as well. My guess is the publicists were getting calls/emails asking to confirm, so they did. To be honest, I’m convinced someone working at Cedars Sinai is on the TMZ payroll. Which is gonna suck for them the day their fired, though not really, because anyone selling patient info deserves what’s coming for them.

Lola on

3 babies under 30 just when his career is taking off and that Marvel money is rolling in?? Sounds like a trap and keep your man deal if I’ve ever heard one. Gotta give her props though, he’s not going anywhere now. I wonder if their identical twins or if she had some of that lovely “scientific help”.

Nicole on

FYI, twins are normally born early. I had my twins at 34w 5 days, and at that time was measuring at 50 weeks! They still had to stay in the NICU for 3 weeks.

Tay on

Nice if their twins are identical, so no one can distinguish them!

Anonymous on

Lola- Even if the twins are fraternal that doesn’t mean she had help! I know it’s shocking, but fraternal twins can be concieved naturally as well!

Jen on

Thor and Loki, I love it! Not really, but it’s too funny. I had twins when I was 37, turned 38 the next month. Never in a NICU, no 02, no feeding tube, went home in two days. It’s absolutely possible. Enjoy those sweet boys.

Julia on

The names they gave to them are Tristan and Sasha, I have just read it in a Spanish magazine.

Huh? on

I think it’s so annoying when people announce their baby’s birth but don’t give the name. Duh, that’s what everyone wants to know

Lonnie on

Love the names.

Nancy on

LOVE the name Tristan. Great names!

Jamie on

Wow…way to give them girl names.

4mom on

Those don’t look like preemie feet! How fun! I don’t understand the speculation that she had “help” if her twins are fraternal. Fraternal twins run in families and as women age they often release two eggs when they ovulate. My 19 year old niece had fraternal twins and she didn’t have “help”. People need to educate themselves before they speculate about other people and their personal business.

Anonymous on

love the names! congrats to the happy parents!

Dawn on

Congrats to the family and I love the names!

Gina on

The twins are undoubtedly gorgeous…

emilie on

I love their names. Congrats to the whole family 🙂

Hea on

Jamie – Wow…way to give them girl names.

Since when is Tristan a girls name? Sasha is a unisex name that is especially common in Europe where it is used primarily by males as a diminutive of Alexander.

Lala on

Jamie – since when is Tristen a girls name? It was Brad Pitt’s name, in Legend of the Fall. It became semi popular after that. Sasha is also a boys name in Russia. It’s the short name for Alexander. Naomi Watt’s son Alexander, goes by Sasha.

Hea on


You do know that Tristan/Tristram goes back to the twelfth century..?

Ginger on

Love their names!

sandy on

two beautiful people, Im sure the babies are darling, not my fav names, but their choice, good for them. Did anyone else not like the dress she was wearing at the oscars though? the Fashion Police didnt care for it either, and she is so so beautiful and in fantastic shape for being so preg with twins!!! didnt like the dress, but congrats to them, cuteness

sandy on

just to also comment on the names, I know they are boy names, but they are very feminine sounding,(thats what I think the others are talking about) which is why I dont care for them, but to each their own…

Becky on

Love the names. Especially Tristan. have always loved it Congrats again to them.

jenn on

I love it! My son’s name is Sacha!! good choice guys!

Lynn on

What lovely normal names!

Brooke on

BRILLIANT NAMES!!! Well done……

Allison on

I hope Sasha is a diminutive of Alexander because that kid’s going to be getting second looks his whole life.

t on

are these not girls names

Marky on

Congratulations to the happy couple! Love the names, and hope they choose to release a picture of the boys, and their sister, in the near future. They are a lovely couple and look so happy. They will have their hands full for awhile!

Has Celeb Babies become the place to go to just release your “inner jerk”? There are always so many rude, hateful comments; “she couldn’t have had those babies without help, she’s old!” 37??? “Way to trap a guy!” Did it occur to any of you that Chris Hemsworth has said on many occasions how much he loves having a family, and that this pregnancy may have been his idea as much as hers?

“Stupid names, sounds like girl names…etc”. Both names are boy names. These two are not Americans, and have lived in other countries, so maybe they prefer more European names, rather than common American names you might choose. Their babies, their choice. Most Europeans realize the child will only be a child a short time, so they name their child a name for adulthood.

Seriously? Do you just get up angry, or have to work up to it??

Kris on


Such a breath of fresh air!

HL on

congratulations! oh those teeny, tiny feet… they make my ovaries shiver! LOL. makes me want to have baby #2!

GammieJo on

Wow, people will really find a reason to be whiny, immature jerks about any name, won’t they? They’re two perfectly traditional and valid names. Anyone who doesn’t realize that takes ignorance to a whole new level.


What Amy said, can never be too many Hemsworth men, hotness!

Dulce Mae on

Congrats! But I don’t like those names, first they don’t go good with their sister’s name India, and second the names are way to feminine. Just my opinion.

Anonymous on

Love the names!

Can’t wait to see Chris cuddling them!

Val on

Oh double mint joy Tristan and Sasha! Though the names are little feminine for boys.

Elvira Happel on

Congratulations and best wishes!

Guest on

Wonderful names! Finally, something reasonable, easy peasy. I say they’re going to be gorgeous babies!!

Gigi on

They probably didn’t announce as soon as they knew, most likely months after they found out, and that’s why it seems “so early.” Who announces to the world I’m pregnant weeks into it (except for family and friends).

Heidi on

I love the names of all their children and I think the boys are going to mess up alot of girls’ hearts in about 18 years! Good thing Chris and his brothers seem like stand up guys who will set the right example. And, a strong mom helps too. Congrats!

katie on

Um isn’t Sasha a girls name?…

rugbycircus on

Awwww I have a Tristan! I love those names. Congrats to the family.

ann on

Sasah? that’ s girl’s name. Oh well, the mother is a bottle-blond.

Ashlynn on

Actually, Sasha is a common boys name in Europe for those of you saying it’s a girls name.

Anonymous on

I love the names!

don444 on

Tristan and Sasha? A bit too effeminate for my taste, but I imagine that’s more her fault than his and that he just preferred to let her have her way. Good for them, if you’re going to have twins two boys is the best combination.

Hea on

Explore the world some, people. You might just learn something.

Jennifer on

Ugh, it’s embarassing how so many Americans come off like uncultured, ignorant fools who know of nothing outside of the 50 states. Please stop making comments about names you don’t like because you’ve never personally heard it used in your neighborhood. There’s a whole wide world out there with many other languages outside of your own. Stop jugding people based on your own narrow view of life.

Tara Wilson on

Tristan, and Sasha? They might have some problems with the boys at school. Tristan isn’t so bad, but Sasha! Come on! They are going to hate you Chris and wife-lady. Bad move! Save your children some agony!!!! Kids are cruel! Congratulations all the same though xo

4mom on

My daughter has a classmate Tristen that is a boy and there is a Tristan that is a girl a few classes ahead of her. She also has a Skyler in her class that is a boy and there is a Skylar that is older that is a girl. I live in a very rural area and no one thinks this is strange. Perhaps you people that criticize need to be a little more open minded. Isn’t Sacha Baron Cohen a male?

Anonymous on

Tara- Their dad’s Chris Hemsworth. Somehow I doubt they’re going to be teased at school! Also, considering they’ll likely be going to school with other celebrity children, they’ll probably have some of the more “normal” names in their class! 🙂

Anonymous on

4mom- Maybe people in rural areas are more accepting? I went to school in rural areas as well…and nobody there thought kids with “gender-bender” names (among them boys named Mallory and Kelsey and girls named Shawn and Mikael) were odd either!

fatalreview on

yes more Hemsworth men–they are lovely

Anonymous on

The name Sasha sounds too girly for a boy

mrsedwards0729 on

So sweet! My little boy’s name is Tristan & I love it. 🙂

Amy on

Congratulations to Chris, Elsa & India on the birth of babies Sasha & Tristan x

Michael on

OMG. A boy with the name Sasha… Did they want a girl? Too feminine and girly even if it’s unisex originally . Too much. Really. Poor boy.