Third Child on the Way for Carson Daly

03/25/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Carson Daly Siri Pinter Pregnant Expecting Third Child Adriana M. Barraza/WENN

Carson Daly has added another job — and another baby — to his schedule.

The host of The Voice and Today‘s digital studio, the Orange Room, and fiancée Siri Pinter are expecting their third child in August, the couple has announced.

Daly, 40, and food blogger Pinter, 33, are already parents to daughter Etta Jones, 18 months, and son Jackson James, 5.

“We’re expecting a third,” the host announced Monday on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. “For years my mom was like, ‘When are you going to have a kid?’ And now she’s like, ‘Slow down!'”

Pinter shared more about the happy news — along with a recipe for double chocolate double peanut butter cookies –in her latest post.

“I’m pregnant! Carson and I are expecting our third child in mid-August and he, Jack, Etta and I are so happy. Well, as far as I can tell Etta is happy (she thinks the baby lives in my breasts),” the mom-to-be jokes.

“I’m about halfway there, feeling pretty great, and eating enough for five. Is that how it works? Are you supposed to eat for every member of your family, including the baby in your belly? Just say yes and make me feel better about life.”

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— Sarah Michaud

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Showing 37 comments

Emily on

Congrats Carson!!!!

Jenny on

Congrats. It would be nice if they got married soon.

Susan on

Gag me. I’m sure she will continue to blog (BRAG) about how much she eats, while truly eating the customary two peas and a carrot like the rest of Hollyweird. And it’s their business if they marry or not. I’m not worried about the “monied” people who do this, I’m concerned about the “wannabes” who THINK they can do this on OUR dime!

Jerz on

He has NO personality.

Reann on

Wow he is growing his family QUICK! Congratulations to them!!!

Marissa on

WTF are you ranting about Susan? You sound like a nutcase.

Congrats to Carson and Siri. I love her blog, make a lot of her dessert recipes.

Kathy on

Maybe they should hold off on the sex long enough to have time for a wedding.

Michelle on

It is so funny – in another interview he said they were “too busy to get married….

jj927 on

Congratulations to Carson and Siri! I’ve been a fan of his for years and I’m happy for him … I wish he had a larger “role” on the Today show, he’s been a great addition!

Taylor Girl on

Congrats on the new baby but it truly makes you wonder why no marriage. It seems like most grandparents like the old fashioned way of marriage before the children. The children of these couples seem to want their parents married too. Oh well…I guess times are changing….but I like the old fashioned way as well.

Poppy on

Time to show some respect for the mother of your (3!) children and marry her.

Ed on

Congrats Carson to you & your growing family. Be blessed!!!

Carolyn on

Ugh, this guy gives me the creeps. Time to have sex, no time to get married.

Anonymous on

He doesn’t want to get married and loose half his stuff if they split. He needs to get with the program……

Sarah on

Surely she has another occupation besides “food blogger”? Because all of the photos on that blog appear to be taken with an iPhone. Which is why I am NOT a food blogger.

Sandra on

Eat as much as you are willing to work off afterwards and if working out is not your thing get a good doc to tighten it up for you. Get married, Don’t get married- As long as it works for you and yours everyone else can sux it. Thanks for the cookie recipe, have a happy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

justmytake on

it would be fine with me if he died tomorrow. just sayin. why wait 40 years?

I wish blogs had never been invented.

and no, for your cliche cultists, no one “peed in my cheerios” this morning. General Mills wouldn’t be part of my life anyway.

anonymous on

POPPY – It’s time to make your way into the 21st century my friend. You are stuck in the 1950’s.

psyched on

Food blogger Pinter?! wth….21st century or 1950s, marriage is a wonderful union and devotion. Children know the difference, and women most certainly do too!

He has no personality, that is right. TV Air head, literally. Even in his personal life which is very apparent. He is a boy.

psyched on

It would be nice if he married her. Useless.

Christine on

He’s a douche. Marry her already. If he won’t settle, I’d leave him!!! Ugh!

vallatt on

It only takes a couple of minutes to get “married.” They are not too busy to get married, they are too busy to plan an unnecessary “elaborate wedding,” just go to the justice of peace and be done with it!!

Tisha on

Congratulation…but seriously, 3 children and still engaged…what is wrong with getting married..don’t you think it’s about time?

Hey on

So in the 5 years of making babies there was no time to make this legal in front of a judge. Yes they are engaged, but it’s more like a promise ring.

Downgrading of society. Why buy the cow…

Morgyn on

Enough with the marriage. It’s not 1950, you can love each other, raise happy children without being married. Judgmental people. I’m sure you are all in happy marriages with amazing kids because you are married. Get over it.

Lenabenas21 on

I listen to him on the radio in the morning sometimes, seems like a super nice guy and a good family man. Happy to see their family grow. Marriage isn’t for everyone and it bothers me how people instantly equate cohabitating and raising children to a rush to the alter. With the skyrocketing divorce rate, take your time and do what’s best for your children.

Skinnyminny2006 on

What’s with all the pretension? Seems does not need a career besides her hobby of “food blogging.” Her father is a successful soap opera actor so I am sure she grew up with money -and now she is Carson’s baby mama (oops, “fiancee”) so her main job is raising the kids. Nothing wrong with being a house wife-although she may never be a wife because they are “too busy to get married.”

Easyup on

They railed against him when he spoke in the last article about how much he loved being a dad…two kids and no wedding ring. That feeling hasn’t changed Carson. You need to honor your woman (and family) by giving her THE OTHER ring!

This would NEVER work for me. No man is going to fill my belly with babies on a casual commitment..

Rhonda on

I’m happy for them if they’re happy, but there’s no way in the world I would have even one, let alone three kids without getting married. Call me old-fashioned, but marriage counts for something.

Viv on

OMG…it feels like yesterday when they announced they were expecting Etta…the little girl is 18months already?!? Time flies…here is my opinion on the whole engaged and expecting debacle: Personally, I’m VERY respectful about the sanctity of marriage…in many cases I’ve seen people get married with the mentality of “if doesn’t work…then I’ll just get a divorce” or separate with the excuse of “we are no longer in love or we have tried to work on things but it isn’t really working” and though, to each their own, I’m a HUGE believer that ANY last-longing relationship requires not only A LOT OF LOVE…but also people that share similar values and goals and agree to never give up on their marriage!

THAT BEING SAID…I have no problem whatsoever with being engaged and expecting as long as you have that base/common ground that I mentioned above…it is also a personal dream of mine to have children while engaged, so that they can participate on the wedding ceremony and party! I see so many couples getting married before baby and as soon as they have the child (within 2yrs or less) they are getting a divorce…that being engaged and expecting is far less worse than that to me. As long as the couple is committed AND has concrete plans of getting married eventually…I say do what works for YOU!!!

exit82 on

he shoots he scores- next!

Crystal on

Ok….. I don’t usually get in on the marriage/not married debate. However, I had to say something. After being together @ least 5+ years and having your third child it’s time. It’s time to take that next step and make Siri your wife. If she’s good enough to bare children with she’s good enough to make a lifelong, LEGAL commitment to. Period!

Anonymous on

vallat- Not everyone wants to get married at town hall! Maybe they want to take the time to plan a simple ceremony that’s meaningful to them!

Also, why is everyone getting on Carson’s case for not marrying Siri. How do we know SIRI’s not the one dragging her feet (if anyone’s dragging their feet, that is. They could both be perfectly happy the way they are!)?!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Anonymous on

Also, maybe they want to get married when they can actually kick back and enjoy being newlyweds (as opposed to getting married one day and then having to go back to work the next day)?

Easyup on

RHONDA you are right, marriage does count for something and CRYSTAL what you stated is absolutely correct and although we all point the finger at Carson, it is Siri who is the driving force in this family unit (as most women are) who should be more proactive in getting LEGAL protection for the children she brings into this union. She is leaving herself open to his goodwill after the love is gone – good luck to you on that! Maybe they have a prenup and she is depending on that or California community property laws (are they in California or New York?) but a marriage certificate would give her indisputable rights and protection. Camilla was lucky to get Matthew down the aisle with the third one (what a chance she took!) but Jessica and Justin and Blake and Ryan have a better spin on it.

It always sticks in my mind the article I read in the newspaper years ago of this woman, after a 20 year relationship working alongside her partner toiling in his farm business and the relationship had disintegrated, was in court fighting for her portion of the business only to find out that without benefit of marriage she was considered no more than a farmhand. WOMEN NEED TO PROTECT THEMSELVES – DON’T LEAVE IT UP TO THE MAN!!!

Close your legs Siri and get a wedding ring!

Shonda on

Everyone is saying HE needs to marry HER but what if it is HER that is the one not ready to get married? Why is it always the guy that is to blame when a couple does not get married? There is nothing wrong with these two people having children. People need to relax more and just be happy for someone every now and then.

Marcia on

Get married already. If you respect each other enough to have one child let alone, three, be good role models and get married, the sooner the better. The spotlight is on you and the right thing to do.