Stacy Keibler Expecting First Child

03/24/2014 at 12:00 PM ET

Stacy Keibler Pregnant Expecting First Child Jared Pobre Chelsea Lauren/Getty

There’s more cause for celebration for newlyweds Stacy Keibler and Jared Pobre: they’re expecting a baby this summer, Keibler’s reps confirm to PEOPLE.

“More blessings!! We’re an elated family-to-be!” the couple tells PEOPLE of their happy news.

Keibler, 34, and Pobre, who married on a beach in Punta Mita, Mexico on March 8, are over the moon about becoming parents.

“I’m extremely excited about starting a family and building a future with Stacy,” says Pobre, 39, CEO of Future Ads, a private interactive firm.

Keibler shared the happy news on social media Monday. “Look what we’ve got cooking! A Bun’dle of love!” she wrote along with a photo of her baking bun.

“We’re really eager to start a family,” Keibler told PEOPLE before exchanging vows in front of a small group of family and friends.

“Both Jared and I didn’t think that we were ever going to get married or have kids… When you meet the right person, everything changes.”

The parents-to-be were friends for five years before sparks flew and romance blossomed last fall.

“I’m so excited for the new chapter in my life,” the actress and TV host says. “I’m so ready for it. I feel for the first time like I’m really fulfilled and at peace.”

“They are incredibly happy,” says a friend of the baby news. “This is something they have talked about from the beginning.”

This will be the first child for the couple, who spent the weekend in the kitchen, sharing their creations on Keibler’s Instagram account. “What do [you] think we’re gonna cook up tomorrow?” she asked Sunday evening. The answer? A bun in the oven.

— Elizabeth Leonard

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Jam on


Madi on

Knew it

Apple on

I bet it’s George’s…

dupster51 on

I hope George is kicking himself about now, thinking, “ARGH…..Look what I could have had.”

MissDevourer on

I think it’s hilarious that someone else called it as soon as the wedding announcement was done. How shocking and unexpected! Lol

But hey, only the best wishes because a new life deserves a loving family to welcome him/her and a great start is a set of parents who love each other and commit to it. So, best of luck to both of them.

Amy law on

I knew it. Congrats to the happy couple!

Marcia on

Of course she was, you could tell in the wedding pictures. But congrats, she seems like a nice person.

Anonymous on


Susan on

I’ll bet old George either has had a vasectomy or is sterile. You just know some of these women would have gotten knocked up by him if they had the chance.

rockybopper on

And thus, Hollywood shows us why the divorce rates are so high. They get pregnant, THEN get engaged and married because they’re pregnant. It’s odd that their values are still so old fashioned that they feel they have to get married yet don’t wait to get married to have a baby.

I’m not one of those people who thinks people need to get married before they have a baby, I just think it’s so, so stupid to get married BECAUSE you have a baby.

mary on

No surprise there! I bet she would have trapped George Clooney the same way except he was probably smart enough to have the big snip!

beachbum74 on

Hence the reason for the wedding. Either way, I wish them the best and hope they are able to make it work.

jones on

Lots of people predicted this when they announced their wedding and released the pictures, especially because she was wearing a flowing dress and none of the pictures showed her from the front.

DaisyMoon on

Wow…so many posters called this one correctly…

I didn’t agree, but they were right.

Paige on

What’s up with these stars getting engaged and married and then right after it’s “SURPRISE, WE’RE PREGNANT”

Maria on

Congrats!! That’s great news.

Aria on

Old news. Another site reported it two weeks ago.

Fin on

You can see her bump in the wedding pictures especially in the profile shot. No surprise here.

Paige on

rockybopper I agree. I’m not old fashioned. I’m not one of those people that act like they have to banish people because they aren’t married before children. I just don’t like the ones that feel like they have to get married, just because they’re pregnant. Did they marry because they are in love or just because they feel like they have to ?

Ris on


Roxanne on

Good for them! I’m sure she’s much better off with this guy than George!

Andrea on

Hence why she got married. She’s a nasty whore aka used goods!

heather on

everyone knew this already.

Ava on

So if getting married & having children was something she always wanted, why did she waste time on George Clooney? Oh ya, that’s right…money and a foot in the door.

Ridiculous on

Hey Rocky…even ‘regular’ people have babies without being married first. Its not only in Hollywood. And I have news for you….we’re in the 21st Century now. We have single parents, homosexual parents, interracial parents, grandparents raising grandchildren…the list goes on and on. Time for you to catch up and join us all in the 21st Century.

Jaci on

I just want to know how George Clooney dated all these women (her included ) and never got any of them pregnant??? Because he’s abstaining?? Bahahaha

michelle moyer on

I’m glad she finally found someone that wanted to get married and start a family not old man player george

Tess on

How many ways can you spell S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E!

Nikki on

I wish those trapped in decades past who are so quick to judge others would make up their minds…are they going to gripe and complain about a couple having a baby before marriage, or are they going to throw stones at a couple for having their baby only a few months after their marriage? Yet these are usually the very ones who don’t believe in a woman’s right to choose what she does with her body…apparently even if that includes having a baby on her own terms and schedule. Anyways, congrats and best wishes to the parents-to-be!

Joey on

Awwwww, she & everyone deserves to be happy . A baby is a blessing .

Anonymous on

It’s obvious why they got married …. but at least THEY GOT MARRIED!

Lolo on

Duh! So many readers said it when the wedding pictures were posted!

Anonymous on


jill on

Well she couldn’t trap George with a baby so why not go for another rich guy. What a shallow women

chuck on

wow…george was lucky to get away when he did. and these shotgun weddings rarely work

dawn norris on

Sometimes we need a man like George to show us what we really want in life and seems everything George stands for she didn’t marry wish her the best.

Ally on

Duh! Saw that coming from a mile away.

guest on

First of all, congratulations.

Second, why are people bashing George? They broke up and she found someone else. I doubt if he’s upset about it, he knows what he wants out of life and it doesn’t mesh with what she wanted so they did the right thing for the both of them. Neither is wrong and now it seems like they are both happy.

Pam on

And this is big news, why?

Anonymous on


shock me, shock me, shock me with that deviant behavior!

Marky on

Andrea, unless you are a virgin, or were a virgin when you married, you don’t get to say someone else is “used goods”, or a “nasty whore”!! That’s not your place or anyone else’s. You people make up your minds; “sex is okay, everyone should be doing it”, “who wants to marry someone they’ve never had sex with in case no one can figure out how to do it”, or “everyone should be a virgin when they marry, period”. Your comment is what’s nasty!

What she really said was that she had not planned to marry or have children, but when she fell in love with Jared, she changed her mind. Reading comprehension seems to be difficult for many of you. As to the baby being George’s…how many babies has George made so far? Nada, zilch, none, zero…so either he is very careful, or he’s made sure that isn’t in his future. Stacy never said she wanted to marry George, or even thought about it, so what is the problem with those of you who are calling her out for being pregnant by the man who is now her husband??

Congratulations to the apparently happy couple, and the rest of you need to get over yourselves!

Callie on

Love her! I’m just so happy for her. Glad she got away from that slut GC! This guy seems to wonderful and much more the man than GC will ever be.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Way to be 3 weeks late on a story, People Magazine!!

Pete on

Do these two have any idea just how many women are having their first child ! Get a grip will you it’s not rocket science, it’s called sex. It does happens.

Anna on

To SoSad: I don’t care what century you’re in, it’ll always be a bad idea to get married JUST because you’re pregnant. If you truly love each other, then I have no problem with it. But I’ve seen people try to force relationships for the child, and it rarely works. Either way, I say congratulations are in order, and I hope that baby grows up with lots of love!

Nancy on

DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See how quickly life can change???

Rhonda on

I’m not the least bit surprised. And for anybody who thinks that George Clooney is jealous or has regrets, you’re wrong. If he wanted to marry Stacy and have kids with her he could have easily done that. He’s not the marrying or daddy type.

Canyon on

Looks to me like an onion bagel in the oven. haha!

Natalie on

Cleanest oven I have ever seen? I wonder if she cooks?

happy on

Why hoot on George Clooney? It’s not like he isn’t honest about his intentions. Get over it already people!!! If he doesn’t ever want to get married again, it’s his choice…worry about your own self!! Sad people are SOOOOOO bothered by this.

Naomi on

But of course Stacy’s expecting. What else could explain her quickie marriage to Jared, who was essentially her rebound guy after her relationship with George fizzled?

@dupster51: If George even cares (which he most likely doesn’t), he’s probably thinking that he dodged a bullet. He’s definitely a guy who does NOT want marriage or kids in his future.

Jay on

Good for her! She was in a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere, got out and is now happyily married and starting a family. It seems to be the trend now so many hollywood couples are pregnant first then get engaged/married. I realize it’s 2014 and I’m not a traditional person necessarily but there is something to be said about getting married then having a baby and I”m glad to see at least one couple is doing that. Congrats and Best Wishes to the Kiebler-Pobre’s.

kara rockwell on

The surprise wedding make sense now…

Princess Joy on

It’s relatively obvious that nothing has ever been baked or roasted in that kitchen oven. Apparently that super nice oven I just for looks. If it was my oven it would be USED! No one who uses their oven has a spotless oven. Other than that, Congrats Stacy and Jared!

Cammy on

Great news. Well, she was smart and got out of her relationship with George while she still had time to find someone who wanted children!!! (Not that there’s anything wrong with someone who doesn’t)

Akita on


Joanna on

A little late on the ball aren’t we People? Page Six reported her pregnancy give or take one day after she announced she had gotten married. Either way I’m happy for her and her new husband. She is now living the life she really really really wanted and that George Clooney would never be able to give her.

Tina on

Haha go figure~!

Angie on

Dang, talk about not wasting any time!!

Luxiva on

Am I the only one who thinks these people never cook? My oven doesn’t look just purchased like all these do!!!

Penny on


ann kramer on

I don’t think George has sex with these women. One of his old “girl friends” said he was more like a good friend. I don’t think he has any desire to have kids or he would have by now. I don’t care at all about Stacey, she was nobody before she met George and will be a no body before long. Her claim to fame was hanging on George. Why can’t these couples get married.

Anonymous on

My Dog is pregnant too !!!!!

egni knov on

I would have more respect for her if she admitted that they were expecting like Savannah Guthry did.

Everyone knew already after seeing the pictures,now she looks like an idiot.

Amy on

I love how people says “A people exclusive” at the top of this article!! I read this announcement three days ago on nbc news lol

ann kramer on

looks like they are trying too hard having fun. I don’t think this will last a year

Joseph A. Jensen on

Congraulations to the happy couple and GOD BLESS!

Ms. Parton on


Ms. Parton on

I”ll give it the 9 months of pregnancy if that…………… it won’t last.

Jordan on

Man she have a really nice oven!!!! What… she does!

Guest on

Who cares if they got pregnant before they were married or not? They didn’t invent the shotgun wedding, and they were friends for years first. Congrats to them. I hope they are able to defy the odds.

Lane on

Stop with the immature and nasty comments. There’s no mystery here. George has nothing to do with any of it. They’re pregnant and overjoyed. Congrats to them!

MLR on


Marissa on

Reading rumors in Page Six is a lot different than having the couple confirm it themeselves to PEOPLE first. That is what is meant by exclusive for all you non-media types.

Congrats to the couple.

Donna on

Looks like she uses her oven about as much as I do 🙂

Elaine on

What a surpise – NOT! I’m sure George is a happy camper that it isn’t him.

frank on

who is she and why should I care??

Anonymous on

so i guess her and george broke up ? lol

joules on

I guess that rushed secret wedding makes more sense now.

Anonymous on

Congrats, ex-girlfriend of George Clooney. Or is she known for something else that would merit an article in People?

Paula on

Whew George!. Got out in the nick of time.

Dee on

Of course she is. She’s going to show that old meanie, George. Thing is, he probably doesn’t give two sh***.

Getting knocked up and married just to prove a point is never a good idea…

Susan on

Congrats to both of you !!!!!!!!

Edie on


Congrats to the couple.

ELC on

So this is the same Stacy Keibler that was once hooked up with George?Now she’s knocked up by Jared who?I guess it didn’t take her too long to get down to business. George must be breathing a sigh of relief…not my kid.

kris on

Surprise Surprise!! Hee Hee. Congratulations. Let me see….3 months along?

Pat Brown on

of course it’s not George’s, the only thing he does with women, is use them as beards!

Jessy on

So fast! This one will not last.

Sylvia on

Oh! baby first then marriage. typical

Anna on

Anyone shocked? Quick wedding, shocking, there is a baby..

ksks on

Why, why, why is it “news” every time some bimbo gets knocked up. These days, “stars” just get pregnant to stay relevant because the USA news media is like a bunch of gawker stalkers with a high school mentality. And who is Stacy Kiebler anyway?

Elissa on

Congrats guys, you look great together…Blessings on your new baby…..Enjoy every day. Elissa

cindy on

Whew father time is really working on her. DIVORCED in 3-5 years

Cage Jo on

Who? Does she make those delicious cookies and live in a magical tree?

Nalietty on

Old news! We figured it out as soon as we saw the wedding pics of her posing showing her back only. That was the biggest clue!

denise on

you can tell by er wedding photos that she was pregnant.

ciabella on

No surprise here. She knew damn good and well the Clooney didn’t want marriage and kids. She did this on purpose to screw with George. What a shallow broad.

Tiff on

HELLLLOOO shotgun wedding. Classy.

slk on

and had she had bamacare, she would’ve had birthcontrol!!!

Andrea on

Wow, two in one week. Not shocked in the least…

Retein on

People only reports sexual activity?

bob gomez on

I glad she dumped Clooney and started a family. Clooney just cant shake those gay rumors

CS on

Very happy for you Stacey! Clooney wasted 2 years of your life and now you are getting what you have always dreamed! Love the ‘bun in the oven’ picture! I wish you and Jared a lifetime of happiness together! xo

Dkh on

For once, can someone get married before they are pregnant? Honestly!!!

BBB on

Yeah, that was kind of obvious from their wedding pictures…duh!

TED on


Anonymous on

so tired of all these stars having the good old fashion shot gun weddings and acting like “WOW, look we’re gonna be parents but all is good cause we’re married now” if it really is getting married for the love then who cares… say your “bun” wants married parents!!

Kate on

Of course she is. That’s why they got married so fast.

Anonymous on

You could totally tell she was pregnant in People’s wedding photos of the couple ( the one of them jumping) . There was no question that was a baby bump. Congratulations!

Missy on

She’s the oldest looking “34” year old that I think I’ve ever seen..

Bob B on

How is this even possible?

Rhonda Rayburn on

She’s rich and doesn’t need anyone’s money. They doing the right thing by each other and the child. The seem happy an “in love” committed to the journey, only time will tell if they stick to it. Until then we should be supportive. A child is blessing.

chris on

shocker………said no one

Jess on

In all of Stacy’s wedding pictures, she is looking over her shoulder but her body is not facing the camera. She really tried to hide the baby bump!

Jess on

Is Stacy having a girl? Because the bun in the oven is pink…

Denverpeet on

That sure is a shiny oven……

Brooke on

Judging a person does not define who they are, it defines who you are.

A lot of these comments could be about me, or you. Just think about it before you judge. I have been in situations that others instantly judged and they knew NOTHING about the reality of the situation. Those peoples comments made you feel like s@%*&, right? Don’t judge.

suzy diamond on

Well, now we know why her and Clooney split! He wants NO PART of this! Clooney, a family man…hahahahaha…NOT a snowball chance in $ell.

george on

Way to go George……you know how to get rid of them when they want your freedom and the baby and the million of dollars in bills….and want you to give up sex except when they want it…and give up your life or their baby…….what a joke…….my hero…George enjoy them when they are fun because 6 months after you marry them the sh#@ starts ..!

veronica cervantes on

now it makes sense

Peggy Smith on

No wonder she got married so fast ….

Linda W on

I think that is so sweet. She knew that George Clooney did not want any children, so she didn’t get pregnant with him. I bet there’s been some girls who have tried. George probably knows the OBGYN’s personally just to make sure they’re covered. But I’m so happy for SK.I hope she knows this rich man really well. She deserves to be happy Congratulations.

Paul on

Glad she found a normal man and got rid of the weird George

becca on

wow surprising another celebrity who got knocked up before marriage, why do they find it so hard to get married first

JustSayin' on

Although these two have been friends for years, they’ve only been together romantically since last fall, so what’s that? Seven months? Now already she’s married and pregnant. Don’t know her, never will, but I’m happy for the woman. Just can’t get over how fast people move from one relationship to another and how fast they move when “its the right one.” LOL

Kay Pasa on

Good for her. She knew Clooney didn’t want kids so she moved on after she had her fun with him. She’s a strong woman! Good luck & God bless!

nathan on

I’m planning to create my own blog, and a question comes up to my mind..

NBA on

Wow… such a handy website