Kourtney Kardashian: Every Child’s Room ‘Should Have Some Magic’

03/24/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Kourtney Kardashian Mini Magazine Calabasas HomeCourtesy Mini Magazine

Walk inside Kourtney Kardashian‘s Calabasas pad and it’s clear her kids have had a big influence.

From black and white striped walls to bright oversize Legos, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has transformed the family’s home into a chic, child-friendly space.

“We have a kids kitchen right next to our kitchen, another teepee in the family room, some mini pianos in our living room next to the big piano [plus] random cars, strollers and shopping carts floating around,” Kardashian says in the latest issue of Mini magazine.

“We also have an outdoor kids space with an arts and crafts table, an easel, a fruit stand and a train set for the kids to ride on.”

But it’s the bedrooms of Mason Dash, 4, and Penelope Scotland, 20 months, where Kardashian really took things to the next level.

“I think every child’s room should have some magic in it. Those magical elements just came to life once the process began,” the reality star says.

For her son, that means a safari-themed room full of big paper maché animal heads mounted on the walls, while a pretty-in-pink nursery adorned with cloud wallpaper on the ceiling is the perfect setting for her daughter.

“In both of their rooms, I started wanting everything all white,” Kardashian explains. “And they both evolved once I found the perfect pieces that I knew were for them.”

Now that the mom-of-two has finished up designing her home, she’s teamed up with her sisters, Kim and Khloé, to launch their first clothing collection for girls. Their latest project, however, isn’t exactly a surprise.

“My mom and I opened up a children’s boutique called Smooch, which we had for five years and I did all of the buying,” she says. “My grandmother also has a children’s boutique called Shannon & Co., which she has had for 30 years and my sisters and I grew up working in.”

Kourtney Kardashian Mini Magazine Calabasas HomeCourtesy Mini Magazine

She continues, “It is in our blood. Once I had my own children, I [found] a new appreciation, understanding and education about children’s clothes.”

With his family’s background, it’s no surprise Mason has already started displaying an interest in fashion.

“Every day is different, but he loves to dress himself and pick out his outfit every day,” Kardashian shares.

But what we really want to know is how the busy (and super chic!) mom manages to balance it all?

“Knowing my priorities. Nothing comes before my children,” she insists. “I find that putting everything else in order of importance also helps to get everything done! Having an amazing partner, Daddy [Scott Disick], doesn’t hurt either.”

–Anya Leon

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Callie on

Her children come before everything, that’s a problem. I understand that she still let’s them sleep in the bed with her and Scott sleeps elsewhere……weirdo

Guest on

Those dresses are too cute

Tiro on

Penelope Scotland, lol.

elbt on

Every child “deserves” to have two parents who are committed to each other (ie married) and not fame seeking “celebrities”. A loving, peaceful home and structure are really all a child needs to see his/her childhood as “magic”.

gyl on

Kourtney is a good mom. Most of the world allow children to have a communal bed. She has a large house. Most people will find a way to get creative. The kids do fall asleep and parents can have alone time. In fact, it makes it exciting to sneak in some romance when it is not a chore!

amy on

Oh yes! We all plan on specific things for our babies but then their personality comes out and WE have to adjust!!

Regina R. on

I’m a designer and I saw some photos of her daughter’s room and I must say, I was impressed. She has a great sense of style. I love her ideas. I think she is the most talented of the bunch. And the most beautiful – way to go, Kourtney!

Amaryllis on

I’ve seen pictures of her house. The place gives me a headache.

tom holleman on


Susan on

Oh wow, she’s just like the rest of us!

Treal on

Oh come on she didn’t do squat… She hired a decorator!!

Ugh on

How many celebrities have worn that dress!

ander478 on

I do like that you actually see her with her kids…unlike someone else…

linda on

I love Kourtneys attachment parenting style. I’m from Kenya and that is exactly how we parent. It is actually the oldest and most natural for of parenting.

It always baffles me as to why people are so judgemental about other people’s parenting styles. Just because it’s not YOUR way, it doesn’t make it wrong.

jewels1972 on

Aren’t bedrooms for sleeping in? And as I understand it, the kids DON’T sleep in their bedrooms – they sleep with their mom….so why call them bedrooms? Why not call them playrooms?

jckfmsincty on

Just be good parents. This does not involve financial extravagance. The Kardashians are clueless about this. Next.

Anonymous on

Kourtney is very cute wearing these dresses

sarahgrier on

This is sooo cute!

Laura on

Does anyone else think that Kourtney is trying to stay relevant right now? Like she’s living in the shadows of her sisters? Too bad she’s desperate and can’t see that she’s the most normal one out of that pack of fame whores…

Minka on

This article makes her sound like the world’s most perfect mother with the world’s most perfect bedrooms for her children. Her children sleep with her so the rooms are really not necessary. They are rooms that decorators probably helped her create and she is no better than any other mother. She just has more money. As far as Scott being “amazing”, that’s laughable.

kj on

Its fascinating how many people claim to thoroughly dislike this family, yet they flock to read and comment on every article. Nonetheless, I quite like Kourtney, and I like that she isn’t an up tight mother who doesn’t want her fabulous home untidied by children’s toys. Shes a pretty cool chick!!

Lindsay on

I have mixed feelings about this. I feel like having your home/life completely revolve around your children can be dangerous. It’s going to lead to egocentric brats who expect the world to revolve around them (me-monsters). On the other hand, I have a 2 year old daughter who is my world, so I know how tempting it would be to give her everything in the world if I had the means.

Ann on

To make her happy little family complete she needs to marry Scott and stop being so cold towards him and always being the control freak like her mom……Bruce walked away from old Kris so wake up Kourtney and give Scott some credit….

Jennifer on

OF COURSE Kourtney has the money to do this!!! If she didn’t have a sister who got famous for being an ex-pornstar, and a mother who is always pimping out her and her sisters…then Kourntey wouldn’t have the money to do any of this for her kids.

kritsin on

i “sleep” in between my 2 boys (3 and 5) every night..then when they fall asleep I get up and my husband and I have our time..i wouldn’t trade those sweet moments I have at night with them for the world. I like kourtney’s idea of attachment parenting…however, kids really don’t need so much stuff to feel like their childhood is magical…

the drean team on

for claiming to be a fashion expert, why would she wear a print frock in the shabby chic photo? actually, why is she in either photo? she takes away from the subject matter

guest on

In what world is Scott a great partner?

TEXAS13 on

I am sure she is a great mom but the majority of us are just doing good to keep our kids fed & diapered much less having a magical room. These people have no clue…

Michele on

I don’t get the point of making your kids rooms “magical” if they don’t ever use them because they sleep with you. Just a waste of time, energy, and money.

Emma on

My son sleeping with my husband and I was never even considered. We put his crib in our bedroom until he wsd a year old and then he moved to his own room. I did not want to have to break him from sleeping in our bed. A good night’s sleep is too important. You have to be alert when parenting.

freya on

Maybe she should impart that maternal attitude to his twit of a sister so she’ll stop using her daughter with a weird name as an appendage to her life.

Akita on

Only normal among Kardashians

Stylista on

I’m sorry, when did People magazine turn into Kardashian news network? I was not notified.

Cappy84 on

I’m still stuck on the original idea to have the kids rooms in all white…. How long would that have worked out w/ a couple of kids? lol

Anonymous on

who cares

Laura on

Kardahians are over. Make them go away. Thanks

Comment on

@elbt on March 26th, 2014 … You are right, every child deserves a loving, peaceful home, but shame on you thinking it has to come in the form of married parents. A loving, peaceful home can come in all shapes and sizes: a single mom, a single dad, 2 parents who are or are not married, a gay couple, a straight couple, foster parents, an aunt, an uncle, godparents, grandparents, etc…

Gina on

Out of all the Karthrashians, she is the most tolerable. I do respect her for being a good mother..

Anonymous on

who gives a flip…..

Susy on

“every child should have some magic in their room” How about she help those kids are less fortunate and do not have a room or bed to sleep in. Selfish.

tina on

I love her, she is the best off that weird clan because she is actually smart and absolutely devoted to her children.
And why would she marry Scott? She doesn’t want for her kids to suffer like she did when her mother divorced her father, and Scott is not marriage material, let’s be honest!

Stephanie on

That’s great but why do her children need such over the top rooms when they still sleep with her at night? Why not just have a REALLY cool playroom and that’s it?!

Kay on

The decoration looks great but she must get helped from the designers.

Susana Demo on

It’s easy to do with this when you have money. Sigh

Poppy on

This is a cute magical room for Penelope.

Sue on

Scott is so screwing other women and taking her for a ride. She should be checked for an STD. Superficial BS from head to toe. FAKE…………………………

Gwen on

Ugh. The kids will grow up to be spoiled brats.

lp0320 on

I like Kourtney – I like that her children take precedence. She has money, she gives her children nice things, so what? I was a single mom and gave my son everything I possibly could materially, as well as making him the center of my world. He grew up to be a respectful young man who’s in college and has chosen to join the Marine Corps upon graduation. Good for her and I hope these children grow up knowing how wonderful a mom she is!!!

Anonymous on

Kourtney looks great in these pretty dresses.