Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Cuddle Up with North for Vogue

03/24/2014 at 04:00 PM ET

Kim Kardashian is delighting in having a daughter to dress — but it’s not exactly all pink princess gear.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 33, who appears with her fiancé Kanye West on the April cover of Vogue, is seen posing with her partner and their 9-month-old baby girl North in a new image released from the feature.

“I take pictures of her all the time and dress her up,” Kardashian tells the magazine. “I put Kanye’s big chains around her and I put a little Louis bag and some Jordans, and I was like, ‘What up, Daddy?’ ”

Kim Kardashian Kanye West North Vogue
Annie Leibovitz/VOGUE

Kim Kardashian Kanye West North Vogue Annie Leibovitz/VOGUE

The tight-knit trio is lounging on the couch, but while Kardashian dons yet another white gown, the daddy-daughter duo keep their style simple: West goes shirtless and North’s only accessory is her adorable pouty frown.

“Kanye’s side of the family calls her Nori,” the new mom reveals.

As for North’s famous father? He can’t get enough of his little girl.

The proud dad has created a video compiled of North’s movements, which he has edited to make it look like she’s break dancing.

— Anya Leon

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MC on

Kanye needs to put a shirt on…ewww I hope that baby pissed and Sh*t all over him!!!

Amy on

I like the cover but in the other photo Kim’s face looks frozen.

Jaylynn on

This picture is awful . . . Kim looks like she scared s#itless . . the only cute thing is North.

Barbara on

That is the most unnatural picture ever.

Sarah on

Nori you are a cutie even with you WTF look on your face…

NSA on

I love the photo, but Kim somehow seems removed. I don’t think her dress was appropriate for this photo – she’s overdressed.

DaisyMoon on

I’m no prude, but I’m not feelin’ the naked baby girl on shirtless dad…

What’s the purpose…mom is dressed?

Maybe I am a prude.

kate on

stunning. she is gorgeous. love this.

Jane on

She seems to have her daughter as a doll …dressing her up in a heavy rapper’ s chain, surrounded by expensive accessories…Gee what kind of message does the child get from early on???? Money and luxorious things is the only thing that matters in life? What a spoiled brat she is set to become…and materialistic, just like their parents.

One Two on

Wow, the baby looks like it has the same kind of pissed off attitude its Daddy has.

Lenny on

Put some clothes on the baby,,,

TD on

Just beautiful…..sweet family 🙂

Anonymous on

wwwwwww that guy is gross money can buy happiness!

TD on

I don’t normally buy this mag due to being so full of “expensive ads” but I’m buying this one today 🙂

Jenjen82 on

It doesn’t scream out Vogue to me. It looks like a pic I would find in Intouch or Star Magazine. They just don’t have that Vogue Factor. FAIL

Leigh on

LMAO…its funny that this was THE most important photo shoot for Kim and she looks the WORST in all these pics!!!! I have seen wayyyyyyy better selfless on her instagram ahahahaha. The cover looks like she did her own hair and makeup and in this pic ^^^^ she looks demented…

Emily on

EW so ugly … They all look ugly! Blah

sue michaels on

I hope she peed on him. And I wonder how much Kanye had to pay to get Kim on the cover. Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance with loser parents like that.

Anonymous on

Where is CPS???

liz on

LOL at the WWJD bracelet

MrMonkee on

Kim’s face looks like it is superimposed on someone else’s body. Her head doesn’t look like it’s connected right. But the baby is just too darn cute.

truth on

I really wish North would smile, but I guess she doesn’t smile around strangers.

Ramune on

even baby they photograph, what people can do for the fame…

Chweener on

Aww, how nice. A picture cuddling up with North for Vogue, not “just because”. Unfortunately, it looks like the kid will inherit his jowls and scowl. Poor kid!

Gues on

Poor North is gonna end up looking just like her ugly daddy and acting as spoiled as her obnoxious mom!

Ann on

Forget everybody and just concentrate on making each other happy cause you can’t please every one.

Nicole on

I’m not a fan of that family but i like the picture. North is super adorable even if her parents are ugly.

Kat on

I assume Kim is trying to look detached and uninterested – like a Vogue model or a catwalk model – but she just looks detached and uninterested. Not good. The baby has Kanye’s face and Kim’s bottom. Sure someone will like that…someday.

melbraykel on

I think this pic shows just how self absorbed Kim really is. I think it would have been a LOT nicer if she was showing some attention to their baby.

Creeped Out on

Sorry, but this is just creepy! It’s what I’d expect from such trashy parents.

cristiana on

if I was taking a picture with my man and my baby girl, I would not have had that look on my face! it looks like she is freaking out over somehing!

unkno9wn on

ok but who sits around the house in a white gown looking like that? only KIM!!!

Anonymous on

eww…just gross…nothing cute about it. It just shows how disturbed these two are. Selfish…frozen and grotesque..I feel so sorry for that baby…just being bred to be used for money. There should be a law about using your children for financial gain.

J on

Oh good Lord…

Anonymous on

even the baby looks pissed at the world

vince on

Even that baby is thinkin…..”George Bush doesn’t black people”

Elaina on

BUTT fugly kid

Elaina on

BUTT fugly kid

Anonymous on

I want to know how much they paid Anna Wintour to land the cover.

Anon on

In both of these pictures, your eyes are immdetiately drawn away from Kim. She was no presence.

Ellsworth on

That baby is a clone of her dad.

alaskachick on

I thought new moms were supposed look happy in pics with their baby(s)..k does not look happy and i dont think i ever saw a pic of her smiling with her baby ever..Cute baby tho!:)

Anonymous on

She looks like someone who doesn’t touch that child very often.

Jan on

That is one unattractive baby.

AvaElizabeth on

Kim is really really beautiful at the cover.

But wth do you show your kid naked?

Tara on

I dislike her makeup in this shoot. Makes her look like a lifeless zombie.

Anonymous on

Oh look, it’s North’sfirst naked shoot. I’m sure it won’t be the first. Maybe she will take after mom and do an adult video too.

Sally on

Yuck….you people are freaks! Are you sure he’s the father. Doesn’t look at all like him.

DJ on

Ughhhh….KK and KW look like they’re completely frozen! He’s posing so much he’s looking in a different direction, she has her stupid, same ole dumb expression…the only thing that’s real is West..period.

DJ on

Stupid me…I was thinking of KW last name & I put West as the baby…I meant NORTH…duh

SEM on

Why is the baby so pissed off? Not a very flattering picture.

Ugh on

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Chicky dee on

After all the begging and pleading this is the best shot of the shoot? The dress on Kim is too much, she should be smizing, at least; not sure what Kanye is wearing and Nori should have been in something so freaking cute. Wheel and come again.

MrMonkee on

That baby is just so darn cute. Hope as she grows up she doesn’t take on any of her sperm donors looks and attitude.

md on

Why doesnt Kim smile anymore? She always looks so serious…..I think she is beautiful when she smiles. She stopped once she started dating him. So sad he has almost made he look like this. 😦

Candace on

Nice pic, it baffles me tht you all comment about how ugly this family is whn in reality you are really showing how ugly you yourself are. Who talks about people you dnt know, let alone a baby. Nasty, ugly, mean spirited people thts who. Get a life pepole

Kristina Pauley on

I can understand the look on that baby’s face. And so sad to see that the editor of Vogue is a sell out.

Elaina on

“Kanyape” and his stupid leather pants. Does he ever take them off? He probably showers in them too.

Anonymous on

This is not the prettiest child I’ve ever seen

Gina on

I don’t like Kim or Kanye but to say North is ugly is not true. North is cute!

Sunny on

I wonder if that relationship is even real. They do not look comfortable together to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if they barely spend time together. Even the kid has the “who are you people?” Expression on her face.

catmjohn on

I wonder how many times Kanye got kicked in the nuts?

Breal on

Kim looks either scared or mean. This dude is a d bag. End of story. Pull your head up Kim and stop being the pretty pretty pointless princess. You’re a mom and provider. Instead of looking for Vogue covers, maybe you should take a parenting class and stop using nannies and your family. Congrats, you had baby, like millions of other women… Everyday.

Palm on

All babies are adorable but this photo and that babies face so creepy, what was vogue thinking

Sammi on

Ugh, no one cares! You would think that they way People is acting, that these two are the only couple to ever have a baby…..Stop accepting their money already, People Magazine.

shannon on

Dear People, No More Kardashian Stories Please!!! Nobody Likes Them OR Wants To Read Them!
Dear People, No More Kardashian Stories Please!!! Nobody Likes Them OR Wants To Read Them!
Dear People, No More Kardashian Stories Please!!! Nobody Likes Them OR Wants To Read Them!
Dear People, No More Kardashian Stories Please!!! Nobody Likes Them OR Wants To Read Them!
Dear People, No More Kardashian Stories Please!!! Nobody Likes Them OR Wants To Read Them!
Dear People, No More Kardashian Stories Please!!! Nobody Likes Them OR Wants To Read Them!
Dear People, No More Kardashian Stories Please!!! Nobody Likes Them OR Wants To Read Them!
Dear People , No More Kardashian Stories Please!!! Nobody Likes Them OR Wants To Read Them!

Diane on

This is why I don’t subscribe to Vogue any more.

moi on

The baby has a strange look on her face like “Who are these people?” – wheres my nanny!!

Stylista on

You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Or two.

dan on

Oh boys, look what we got here!!! “Wheres the white women”

Dina on

What’s with the face of the child? She is getting uglier as she grows.

madmama on

I’m sure People mag. will not show this comment because it’s not pro kimye! but here I go, first of all I remember hearing the kanye did not want his child in the public eye? I guess when the price is right you’ll do anything. 2nd why is the baby naked, I have heard of parents being arrested for taking photos of their kids in the old fashioned ” kids in the tub” photo. but this is legal? more skin more money. and the look on kims face is priceless I think that’s when she found out kayne had to pay them to get her plastic a$$ on the cover, not the other way around????? hahahahahaha

vailskier99 on

The father looks like a gangster

Kass on

Too staged. Kim always has that vapid lights are on but nobody is home look, Kanye is nasty, and the baby has NO idea who these two idiots are that she is being forced to take a picture with.

Kathryn on

I normally do not comment on most of these articles, but this really bothers me. I don’t care that she admits she has no talent, or that her baby is popular due to all the hype…. Good for them, but they ARE NOT nearly good enough for the cover of Vogue. I am a loyal reader no longer. Kanye disgusts me with his antics and presumptuous comments to the media. I cannot express enough how deeply disappointed I am to see these two losers on the cover. Never again, Vogue…. Never, EVER again!

Guest on

Nori has a look on her face like who are these people, I don’t know them. Could be true since we never see pics of her with her parents.

Kathryn on

Absolutely disgusting- especially that terrible man, Kanye. Nasty as hell. Vogue, how dare you.

momof2 on

nothing loving about this picture at all. it is creepy IMO. ever wonder why out in public the baby is always being hid yet they have no problem pimping the kid out to certain magazines… pretty pathetic how this family turns every member into some form of revenue making marketing….

sar on

Beautiful Family

Ana on

This picture is just plain cold. It had no sense of love. They may as well have been strangers/models just doing a shoot. Then again, considering how often Kim leaves her daughter… they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Jacque on

She always posing… She doesn’t look natural at all. The baby however is really adorable.

Anonymous on

Lots of subversively racist comments on this thread. That baby is so cute in other pictures. She was probably 6mths old when this was taken. It’s the photographers job to compose and direct the shoot. I think Annie Lebowitz needs to retire. Every black man in her pics have the position of servitude. King Kong or slave or with their mouths open. Boring

claireadele on

sick, what is VOGUE going under? digging deep in sh—-it for trash.

claireadele on

what’s the matter with the kids skin?????

freya on

Vogue choose to downgrade their standards to make Kim their cover girl. well the fact that Kanye is shown in the cover with her says that she was just an afterthought for him because she really was not the cover girl for Vogue she is just part of the cover duo with Kanye as the star.

Sarah on

LOL..What a train wreck…Photoshopped beyond all repair. Good god. Why don’t these two use their “fame” for something other than THEMSELVES. When is she going to get a clue..I feel so bad for that child.

floormodel on

that child is confused as to who the two strangers in the photo shoot with her are, she’s looking for the nanny

ciabella on

They both always look like crap. Frozen and unhappy. Hope the kid is okay with such freaks as parents.

jmcks on

I think Kim is constipated.

Sharon on

Good Grief! This is the best they could come up with???

iceblurose on

That kid looks absolutely miserable. She’s probably wondering “who the heck are these two people? I want my real mom, the nanny!!!”

liza on

Why in the world is the baby naked on top of her father? That’s extremely inappropriate & grotesquely ignorant for the photographer to even consider let alone actually photography. Where is DCFS when a child needs them?? These 2 are idiots & so is the photographer. If I had s subscription it would be cancelled as well. Poor taste.

lola on

Awwww…. cute picture. No one in this photo is a model, so I like it. Nori looks adorable!

Anonymous on

not a good photo of any of them!

Tina on

That baby is clearly wondering who those two people are!!

Wendy on

My 7 year old son, who has never heard of the Kardashians or Kanye West just saw the picture and exclaimed, “Wait, the mom is fake! She’s plastic!.” I swear you can’t make this stuff up.

Derrick Roderick on

They all look rather uncomfortable.

Elizabeth on

What can I say? But for Vogue I have seen way better photos than this enough said.

Lesli on

Poor thing..she looks just like her Daddy…

RM on

Would’ve been nicer if the baby and Kanye actually had some clothes on. What’s the point of not having them? Money hungry people trying to gain attention, that’s the point. AHHH! Here I am giving it to them. Ugh! I’m out.

Jennifer on

I have nothing against either Kimnor Kanye, but I have to say that Kim always looks unhappy to me since she’s been with Kanye.

kizzie on

Im not too sure about lil north with no clothes on

Anna M on

They are an spectacular in their own minds. Don’t think they are more popular than Prince William and Kate. The ONLY way they get so many looks on these sites is because they put the baby in the pics and people are curious.

Monika on

They wanted pics of that funny looking baby, unfortunately to get that they had to take her mom

Emily on

Whats wrong with kims face? And please cover up your baby. Gross.

Kristen on

Once again, no surprises that majority of the people commenting on here judge Kanye and Kim for being bad parents and yet if your kids saw the sort of things you say on these forums they would be pretty ashamed too. Seriously, someone called the baby ugly? An innocent baby. What is wrong with you.


SMDH…like mother like daughter!

Catca on

I think they look great on the cover but the pic of the three of them together is awful. Kanye is fine, he looks like a father enjoying time with his family, but both Kim and North look far too aware of the camera that the pic just comes across awkward and unnatural. North is a cutie though!

Pam on

Why does she have to be naked on his shirtless body? She should have had some clothes on for this. Idk there’s something gross about releasing a naked picture of your little baby girl to possibly millions of strangers. She’ll be embaressed and upset about this someday. Not cool!

Rozzy on

I love this photo. Beautiful family!

Anonymous on

Good for you Kim! Hope your marriage works out this time. You know what they say, third time’s a charm!

RCM on

The top photo is so strange! I know for a fact that photographers always take several photos, and this is the best one of the photo shoot? Kim is looking away off into the distance, and no one is smiling. The baby looks like she’s on the verge of tears. It makes me wonder if this is the only pic the photographer was able to take of the family without the baby crying. As much as Kim brags about buying clothes for her little one, shouldn’t the baby be wearing an outfit- or at least a diaper? Weird, weird photo.

lynn on

That little creep of a kid has some ‘tude already… 😛

bb on

Soooooo Sick of hearing about this couple and her family. Give us something worth reading.


I see a beautiful happy family.

Deb on

How ironic I was thinking with all the negative publicity on the Vogue cover they will whip out the baby pics because most parents won’t trash a child!!!! So the baby was the key to the Vogue deal??? Anna Anna Anna. Today Show that’s why your ratings are tanking!!!!!!!

annette jeub on

i’m soooo sick of these freaks…over it!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

Everyone in the photo looks incredibly upset.

Caitlyn on

Ha this is probably the most North West has seen of her parents since she entered the world….not saying that’s a bad thing either, considering it’s Kim and Kanye, haha. #teamnannies

Anonymous on

North is adorable! Super cute baby girl 🙂

hollywoodbizz on

Reblogged this on Hollywood Bizz and commented:
Kim Kardashian in Vogue

Anonymous on

ill like to see how Seth Rogan and James Franco will re-make this one

Aud on

Ugh, really People? We know where to find these pictures if we want to see them.

Anonymous on

Well I can see the baby has her daddy’s scowl. Too funny, before I posted this I was wondering why he never held the baby.

It-Girl on

im eager to see how seth rogan and james franco will tackle this jem

No name on

That’s horrible that North is naked. Put some clothes on her, she’s a baby for Christ’s sake. Why would they let her be photographed like that? I don’t have any hate for any of them, but seriously, clothe your baby. And none of them look happy together. I hope this is just a bad picture of the family and there are much better ones that we, the public, haven’t seen.

Anonymous on

all i can say is who the hell cares about these two wanting publicity stunt jack azzes lol

Kiwii on


Jess on

Kim probably looks that way because she actually had to spend some time with her daughter, since she seems to me out all the time. As much as I dislike this family, I feel kourtney and khloe are probably they only normal ones. Kim, you shoukd take some parenting advice from kourtney

Jenny on

I am wondering why there is so much concern with privacy when it comes to North yet they allow her to appear naked in a magazine spread. I understand all important parts are covered, but a diaper cover or something would do in this case.

Nunyaz on

That is one ugly baby.

Stephanie on

North is almost a year old..isn’t she? Why would you not have that baby dressed?!!! Kim is not pretty and looks out of place with that dress on. Then you have Kanye, who is not attractive in anyway..the leather looking pants do not really help this picture. If this is the work of Vogue nowadays, I am glad I do not spend the money on this magazine..

Anonymous on

These people are so into $ & VERY self centerd ,its all about Kim and WEST, Kim buys a 40.000$ gym bag for herslf !!! Just an example ppl with this kinda $ can help this world if they weren’t so about themselfs so sad, this baby is cute & they only brought her into this world for their own greed…will use her ,as they r in this POOR pic, to get richer to pay more ppl to raise her because they r both to self absorbing to love & take care of another human being.even if she is their own daughter:(

Toni on

These are two people so in love with themselves they don’t need anyone else. I feel sorry for this baby girl. She may live in the lap of luxury but I doubt she’ll learn anything that is really meaningful to use in her life for herself or her fellow man.

hautemom on

she is NOT a mom. She merely “gave birth” on some level. They are 2 of the most self absorbed people I have ever seen.

Sunni38383 on

if I were them on the cover of any fashion magazine I wouldn’t want my naked baby girl or baby boy for everyone to see…showing the bare bottom showing even though Kim’s hand is covering her bare bottom at least have north wear underwear that has some sort of lace trimming or a tutu!

Adam on

Too bad a girl got his face…

Taylor on

These are the most uncomfortable looking people

Rachael on

North is pleading to the camera. She is like “Who the F are these people holding me??”.

Lesabre94 on

I think Annie Liebovitz got the last laugh with the way she took this picture.

Anonymous on

This picture is, well…….BAD is all I can say. Kim looks fake, frozen, un natural. Kanye looks like he’s thinking “ew I think North is going to spit up…..hurry someone/nanny taker her” and baby North…cute as ever of course looks like “WTH is going on? Not a good family pic at all…..kinda funny though 🙂

linda on

She is a nice chunky baby. Nori is a cutie, and Kims Armenian genes are strong!

anacca on

Everything about them is skeevey… they give me the creeps.

Robin on

So they don’t want the baby photographed for privacy reasons but when they finally do they pose her naked….poor kid. She’s going to love this when she’s older and ridiculed by her peers.

armynda on

Beautiful people but relevent no. Try having an opinion about the Ukraine. Tell people about getting signed up for Obamacare, even talk about the tragic plane crash, that makes one relevent, not just being pretty. But use that”pretty” to better society. That’s what the Kardashions, and the Kanyes don’t get.



Anonymous on

She frowns like her Dad!

Eric on

just yuck!

Loretta on

could it be she looks so pouty because she just realized who her parents are.She is cute with the pout.

Carrow on

Aw North’s expression is wayyyy too cute!

Chweener on

Whatever you all do, please don’t comment on her baby’s chunkiness. She is so self absorbed, she might put the kid on a diet because she isn’t perfect.

Anoula on

Breal and Jane Im with you two , right on, she is nothing but a spoiled brat that should be suffering for that baby herself, no nannies, noone else getting up at nights for that baby that didnt ask to be born and has to be so mistreated by an empty mommy dearest and a daddy that is never home.. this poor baby what a life it is going to have, I pray for it and screw the parents that are teaching it from this early on what only money can buy, instead of giving it hope for eternal happiness and satisfaction, not what this sick effed up world only can give her.. they are both sick parents,. God look over this poor child that was concieved out of selfisness and carelessness, obviously mommy dearest could take lessons on just what it means to be a real mom. struggling and waking up never having time for herself to even pee, and giving all her breath every time she exhales to her child, that is a real mom,

Tay on

North looks pissed!

lyesmama on

I am all for having cute pics of my chubby, naked babies. BUT, I would NEVER put them in a magazine for all of the world to see. Those are private things for parents to look back on and remember their baby, not for some pervert to get his rocks off because you were ok with pimping out your baby. Just trashy!

Tay on

Kim is stunning in this picture

New here on

Shallow, shallow people…

ander478 on

Interesting that you don’t see them with their kid EVER except when posing for Vogue…

MommyE on

I can’t stand it. PLEASE make them go away. Poor baby. It’s not her fault her parents are self absorbed ego maniacs. Gross.

dannismith on

I don’t understand why people hate on them so bad! It’s crazy….it’s like if you don’t like them and their so terrible stop supporting and commenting on their every move. I guarantee this particular vogue issue will be one of the highest selling…period. Somebody loves Kimye

nikki on

Kim has a weird expression, Nori NOT liking her being naked, and looks madd, still looks like a boy..and kanye,,well he always looks mad, boring, etc…not the normal family pic, but i guess thats what they want..ppl talking about it..Heard they wanted only Kanye ..but he said NO unless kim was included..

Sara on

They’re a beautiful family. Love them! Anyone who doesn’t is just jealous.

suzy diamond on

If EVER a couple had absolutely NO CHEMISTRY it’s in THIS photo.

Tameka Chicago on

I love Kim Kardashian. I love that Kim is not afraid to show her everyday life. Kim & Kanye are beautiful together and so is there daughter. I wish you guys much love & blessings.

Jude on

That poor little girl…the look on her face is “get me off this guy’s lap and who the heck is this woman?” Two narcissists using their latest possession to bring attention to themselves. Yuck.

Anonymous on is in their future.

veronica cervantes on

Don’t like it…Dreary almost Sad

Elaine on

I don’t think “cuddle” is an appropriate description for this photo. It looks like two self absorbed people who are cold and disinterested in their child. It would have been so much better in a natural setting instead of so staged.

sfmom on

“These tools are my PARENTS?! FML”
s/North West

Lene on

This is a stunning photo of a stunning family. Baby North is just adorable. I am so sick of people criticizing. Jealous maybe?

Peggy Smith on

Wow – North is going to have those short, stubby, chunky legs like her mom – not good.

Karen on

OK first the positive – the baby is precious. Now for the reality – Kim looks as if she just looked over and noticed that a scary clown was standing in the corner. And why is Kanye half naked and Kim is going to a ball?? Completely mismatched theme. Either let all go ultra casual or all put on clothes !! Awful, awful picture. Should have just put pics of the baby by herself !!

Ann on

How much money did they pay to have this taken as its about as exciting as watching paint dry…..ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!

JP on

What a disgusting pic of trash!!!

sunniemonnie on

ooo why is that baby naked ? they are NASTY and I hope

Anna (the sellout) Wintour is enjoying her new vacation house

Anonymous on

Vogue Vogue Vogue, you used to be very high fashion…I am so disappointed.

Jessy on

On the cover of Vogue??? They do NOT deserve it.

Why the boys don’t wear clothes? So gross. Uggh

Laura on

stop reporting on them!!!!!

Brady on

Yuk…No wait…Double Yuk!

Mommytoane on

Does Kim smile? Or just do the duck bill? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that girl smile. The “family” photo looks like a bunch of deer in headlights. Scary and sad. But at least the baby looks healthy and cute.

joGM on

i think the cover of Vogue with the beautiful couple is very tasteful. The gown is BEAUTIFUL and Vogue u shoukld stick to you guns and print whatever u want, your mag. has been around forever and your readers know u would never do anything that would jeporgize the mag. standards. If this was J & Beyonce on the cover I bet u would only hear praises, let’s be fair there are enough PRAISES FOR EVERYONE. Kan & Kim deserve this moment they are in love and that’s what’s important. I enjoy seeing the love this young couple have and believe me it does a body/mind good to see HAPPINESS with that going on in the World today. Vogue keep doing what u do, make your covers something to talk about.

AmandaC on

Why does he always look so po’d! Even when he smiles it looks like he’s gonna eat you. What a miserable person!

Vicki on

Her life is a constant string of poses. One of these days life is going to have to get real for her. The baby definitely takes after her Daddy…..look at her expression! Wonder how much this Vogue cover cost them?

Sandra on

Ridiculous…Kim and Kayne are really going too far. Wonder if this marriage will outlast 72 days from Kim’s last marriage. Poor North!

Kari on

It looks like the photographer was trying to get North’s attention but caught Kim’s instead.

Marcy on

Absolutely disgusting! These low lifes will do anything for a buck! What family poses like this? GROSS!

ns on

rather bleak and look at me. so not Vogue. the cover is nice, but rather than them selling baby pics they just waited to sell themselves out here. and stop kim with all the ridiculous selfie butt shots. only you cared they called you fat and now you care to let them know you work hard to get your body back. so does everyone else. not only you. it’s not all about you!!

AnitaC24 on

Anna, Anna, what have you done?! At least she put them on the April issue — known as the “dead issue” in publishing.

Anonymous on

The look on North’s face says it all! “what are these freakin people doing to me now?”

mindy on

Please stop putting these horrible human beings in magazines. I seriously could care less how wonderful there life is. I am in the miltiary and these two make me sick.

DC on

Like father like daughter.

K on

Just a thought….But Kims face in group pic looks like Micheal Jackson from the Thiller video…just sayin…..

Emily on

No one loves this People!!!

huskergirl on

I can not stand these two people. Heart breaks for that baby.

Anna on

How is this under stories you love when the majority are all angry faces? People just WANTS us to click on this garbage.

Kaylee on

Everyone needs to stop hating on them being on the cover.. everyone is just jealous that they’re lives are finally falling in to place and they have one of the most fabulous and talked about families in the world. North is truly already a stunna.

mindy on

The worst car crash EVER!

Jeneric on

I clicked on this article because it says “things you ❤ right now" above it. I was wondering who loved it, so I read the comments. 391 people out of 1441 votes loved it. Is this new math People? At least be honest and say "things you are really irritated by right now" I don't know these people or whether they are decent parents when not whoring themselves -literally and figuratively – and their baby for money and fame, but I wish they would stop being forced on the public so often. Clearly they are not as Popular as they think they are or as People would like to make us think they are. Maybe it is a case of any publicity is good publicity but if so I feel for the kid.

Nahara on

I agree with Jenjen82… Not a picture for Vogue. Very disappointing with this magazine!!!

Edie on

This is the most CONTRIVED family…all BUT the innocent little baby.

Lisa on

LOL, the baby is like, “Who are these people and where is my nanny?!?!” Also, lol that Kim is covering her little bottom. I guess she isn’t ready for North to be famous Kardashian-style yet.

Nona on

Poor little Nori Kim will raise her up to be a spoiled little brat just like she is.

Anonymous on

I love this pic!

Trish Johnson on

It’s a sad day when Vogue stoops so low as to put K & K on the cover of their magazine. Apparently just good straight up fashion doesn’t sell. They put a delusional freak and a porn star on the cover…….this is really getting pathetic. The baby is adorable though. I don’t believe Ana’s statement that Kayne didn’t beg.

Susan on

You know it’s a horrible situation when even the baby isn’t cute looking!

Patricia Welsh on

Annie Leibovitz used to take such beautiful pics. She’s losing her touch. I don’t care for any of the pics in this shoot!!!!

Jade White on

Actually all three of them look “irritated” — it’s hardly a happy, cozy shot. Don’t know why it’s included as they all look uncomfortable. Good looking people though.

Lou on

My God – whats wrong with you people commenting??? “The baby is not that cute”, “Kim is ugly” etc. Shame on you all – how dare you!!! Your patents should be ashamed. If you have nothing Nice to say Then shut up!

Lia on

I feel sorry for that baby. She’s being raised by a couple of bad coconuts.

Yana on

Poor kid..stuck with the ugliest and the dumbest parents


I’m sorry but The baby is ugly!!

rachel dykes on

Do all babies have big heads or is it the way norths head is turned poor baby was probably cold

Beth on

Wish I had a Vogue subscription just so I could cancel. When will this obnoxious, self-promoting circus end? Thought Vogue had more class than to play into this “bad publicity” is better than “no publicity.” So sad Ms. Wintour….

Casey on

It is really disgusting to see the baby without clothes. Vogue What do you think?? He looks detestable carrying the little baby even though he is the father I don’t think looks appropriate. Kim is the most selfish person in the world. VOGUE you kill American society.

TT on

Kim looks absolutely beautiful and Baby North looks precious. He must not be boring because Kim’s a Libra, Libra’s like romance and nice things.

Jamie on


DD on

Baby’s like wtf are you looking at? Bad picture of them all!!

Katie on

Their baby is adorable! I think Kim looks uninterested. Don’t forget they left her for a week in Paris when she was what 3 months old? Selfish people having selfish babies. Apples never fall far from the tree. Nori will be speaking ebonics and asking for all kinds of things in no time.

Daisy on

I think it’s so funny how almost all of the comments on this post are negative. You idiots who are always BASHING and DISRESPECTING Kim K & Kanye (& even Nori an innocent baby) are the reason why they are so famous and popular. Don’t you fools realize that every Kardashian post has hundreds of comments and page views? If you REALLY hate them as much as you say you do, you should boycott their posts. Why waste your time commenting on something/someone you don’t even like. It’s free publicity! ALSO everyone commenting about how the shoot and photos look bad have OBVIOUSLY never read Vogue OR seen an Annie Leibovitz’s photography. Every issue of Vogue (not just this one) is extremely Photoshopped and edited. Anna Wintour is a smart woman, and she knows that Kimye are the perfect blend of controversy, love, hate and they BOTH have an iconic status in pop culture & fashion. That’s what Vogue is all about. Ignorance is bliss.

London Bridge on

Those two make more money than God & they can’t be bothered to clothe their infant [or at least put a diaper on her a–]? I can see “North” West charging up the courthouse steps in 18 years to legally change her name to “Mortified.”

Pink on

This is the only reason Kim wanted to be with Kanye in the first place. She couldn’t get the cover without him. Well, she got it, so now what? Has she accomplished her life’s dream now? I don’t get her or Kanye. They obsess over the dumbest and most trivial things. Like magazine covers.
Vogue just lost my respect.I miss the 90’s when the covers of Vogue had the creme de la creme like: Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evagelista,Christy Turlington,Helena Christensen, Elle Macpherson, Cindy Crawford,etc.Anna Wintour finally cave in to Kanye pressure.smh

Sunny on

Most of you people on here are plain stupid. I would tell some of you to re-read your post but you’re just too stupid to comprehend. Leave that baby alone! If you don’t like the family then stop giving them the attention. STFU about cancelling the vogue subscription–just do it!

NLB on


Linda on

I think it was tacky! She is in white he is in black and the baby in the buff?? Really?!

NLB on

so beautiful

LLD on

Poor Kid has a uni brow already, well its a good thing that ma ma and daddy have money to fix that. Next we will see them in a razor commercial. Kim get a real job like the rest of the world already! Stop living on your name, what ever the K means

LLD on

Don’t give them any more attention, that is all she is looking for she would of been better off marrying OJ, oook Kimmie think of the attention you would of gotten? We give you credit your always looking for the next meal ticket=attention

DB on

Everybody is so over Kim and Kanye and that is fine. Heck, I agree, but don’t attack a helpless child. That is just mean!

irascibleashlee on

Not even a year old, and North is already posing nude…keeping up with the Kardashians, indeed.

hatetish on

Cover up that kid!!! How tactless and tasteless.

hatetish on

I see a million spoofs coming from this shot.

Ivixen on

World’s most talked about couple? Uh, no. That title is probably held by Will & Kate.

w w on

Too bad this is a third generation of naked Kardashian females pimped out for media cash. Kanye should have manned up and protected his daughter.
(Kim must be really uncomfortable being covered all the way up to her neck like that)

Anonymous on

Their new reality show is Keeping up the Kardashians and the baby

vivienne on

North is starting early to become a porn star

Catherine in Tulsa on

It’s just a weird photo. I’m not sure why they keep pushing the bride in white angle – this is her THIRD marriage, and she’s already pushed out a kid who will be old enough to walk down the aisle when they wed. The child’s expression isn’t really nice and then Kanye in leather pants. It’s all over the place and more disturbing than beautiful.

Lisa on

They look stupid


1. Congrats to Kim & Kanye & Nori ! Beautiful pics!

2. Congrats to Vogue to stepping into the present and not letting others dictate what the put in their magazine.

3. Sad about Sarah Gellar- didn’t know she was judgemental and high and mighty about herself 😦

4. Really disappointed with people’s comments about this beautiful baby and her parents! No matter how you feel (about people you don’t even know personally) there is never a reason to say anything about the kids!!!

5. Last but not least, for those who are KIm&Kanye haters but claim to be “Vogue fans” , let us be honest, not all of the people who have graced Vogue’s cover are “perfect” nor do they have “perfect back grounds”. So if you decide not to buy the magazine because of their recent cover then you are not really Vogue fans either 😉


London Bridge on

That poor innocent naked baby…acting more & more like her demented mother every day. No wonder she pissed on her father–I’d be pissed, too…

GO on

Hilarious…poor kid. Parents are famous, have money however portray themselves as this couple everyone wants to be? I don’t get it. Doesn’t look like real love, looks like they are acting forced upon each other for the attention & status. So sad…I feel bad for baby North having to grow up in such a life. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone.

Mia on

She usually looks like Kim, but looks exactly like Kanye in these pix.

Christie on

It is time for Anna Wintour to retire. Vogue, once THE esteemed Fashion Magazine, is just another rag – like The Star. Anna, you have succeeded in turning Vogue into another piece of celebrity trash by placing those 2 trashy people on your cover. Both are a disgrace to their races. I have cancelled my subscription and will never buy Vogue again. Who is on next month’s cover? Bieber?

Moira on

Narcissists in love. Ugh.

MIke on

Come on North Piss on West

Guest on

Poor North scared of camera

CJL on

I love baby North’s facial expression! She’s like: “What you lookin’ at?!? Tanks for covering my butt. Mama!”

AmandaC on

I hope she takes a huge crap on him!!!

puff daddy on

ugly baby contest with a UNI BROW and guess who wins? God help them for pro creating that lil kim

ewww on

why did they choose to have the daughter naked lying on the dad’s naked belly while the mom had her hand on the child’s bottom? so utterly vile

Nm on

UGLY BABY!! Please don’t put a naked photo of a baby in a magazine on your daddy. So wrong. Just threw up.

Anonymous on

Next time let the baby to have clothes on for the cover magazine!

vivienne on

The baby is starting early for her porn career early

Angie on

Fashionable pictures on Vogue. LOL

Marie on

The photographer, makeup artist and stylist all need to be fired!,!! I think we all have been pinked by Anna Wintour perhaps it is her April fools joke to the American public. The hair makeup…raccoon eyes were awful. The whole shoot resulted in one hot mess…The thing that creeps me out is that isn’t even her real face…compare with 2005…why would anyone in their right mind go under the knife when not necessary…people do die during surgeries…enough said these two need to go away and start doing some charity work and stop being so self some good in the world with your money…there are people that really could benefit from your financial help…any way how many millions do you really need…open a hospital…support villages in Africa that do not have clean water or schools…use your money and celebrity for good instead of being so self indulgent and obnoxious…you both need a serious wake up call and need to get your head out of your a***ses

guest on

These cover pictures are only average, the make ups and colors are not that great! Had seen many great Vogue cover pictures before.

Tay on

The baby North looked scared wtf!

Ru on

Not worthy of the cover! Terrible decision.

Vianne on

she’s not overdressed! it’s VOGUE! they always put a formal gown on their women–in an odd setting.

Vianne on

I am SHOCKED N SADDENED BY people calling North, “Ugly like her daddy” ? What the heck? she’s a baby. She will be fine.

Vianne on

What is odd to me, is how these two represent pure decadence and live in a fantasy world. How does that represent fashion? for most of us fashion is more than a label, it’s personal style. and these 2, shallow, out of touch, desperate for attention and lacking in real community, and more!
Anna must of been bullied by Kanye to use Kim on Vogue. I bet Anna said, “ONLY IF Kanye appears too”.

Me on

Hmmm, cute baby!! Wish them the best! Of course they are so fame and attention hungry, but it’s just wrong to hate on the baby and happy family! Kim and West have personalities which works good together and they are money attracting couple – like beckhams or jay-z and Beyoncé. They will pose all over the media and talk all those stories about their love etc. she is superficial as much as he is.. That works for them.. I guess..