Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett’s Blog: Pregnancy the Second Time Around

03/24/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Please give a warm welcome to our newest celebrity blogger, Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett!

The reality star, who first gained popularity on Girls Next Door, has been on television for nine years and is the author of Being Kendra: Cribs, Cocktails and Getting My Sexy Back.

Wilkinson-Baskett, 28, now stars with her family, including husband Hank Baskett and their 4-year-old son Hank IV, on Kendra On Topon WE tv.

The couple, married since 2009, will welcome their second child — a girl! — in mid May.

You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @KendraWilkinson.

Kendra Wilkinson blog
Courtesy Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be the newest mommy blogger. I love being a mother, and Hank and I are so excited to welcome a little girl to the Baskett family.

I’m in my third trimester and am feeling every little bit of it — I’m round, tired, grouchy, smelly and horny! There are so many things about this pregnancy and I’ve tried to capture them, and how I’m coping with everything, in today’s post.

In the beginning, my emotions were high — no surprise there, right? And, like most pregnant women, various moments and emotions from childhood have randomly popped up, especially now since the due date is quickly approaching. Luckily for me though, my childhood was amazing and helped to mold me into the strong, independent, confident woman that I am today.

While I didn’t have a father around, I did have — and what I want my children to both experience — the ability to explore, experiment and enjoy life as a kid.

Kendra Wilkinson blog
Courtesy Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett

People keep asking me if I’m excited to have a “princess” and I usually respond with, “I’d rather have my girl be a superhero than a princess.”

I believe making her think she is a princess is unrealistic and sets up a fantasy world. I want her to live and learn as I did — outside, playing in dirt and kicking a ball around.

Now, if she likes movies about princesses, that’s different because I like them, too! (Shout out: Frozen is awesome!)

If I’m most nervous about anything for her, it’s how early societal rules will influence her — everything from how and when girls are supposed to dress, talk, appear, etc. I want her to live her life like a child and in the end, be a confident, powerful woman … But of course, she should always be treated like a princess! LOL.

I want our kids to know how to protect themselves and to look out for others. Given the news we all read or hear about, it’s actually made me a stronger parent — I’m not a “helicopter parent,” but I am very aware of local and world events and want to teach them what’s right and wrong.

And, no, I don’t mean that they should go around picking fights. I want them to have big hearts, caring hearts, but I don’t want them leaving the house without them knowing how to fight. I want them to have places where they feel safe. We are strong supporters of the Second Amendment, particularly now that we are having a daughter. LOL!

Kendra Wilkinson blog
Courtesy Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett

Maintaining a healthy body is my number one goal with this pregnancy since I understand what can happen if you eat like crap.

I gained about 60 pounds when I was preggers with Lil Hank and I’m desperately trying not to do the same with our daughter.

I also have bad hypothyroidism so I have to be careful this time around. I’ve tried to be really active and I’ve been walking and swimming A LOT.

A couple of weeks ago, I attempted to “play” tennis and I went to run for the ball — for a quick second my mind forgot I was pregnant. My body was like, “What in the world?!”

Needless to say, I think I’m done with tennis for a while.

My food choices are pretty consistent for each meal. I have a high fiber meal in the morning so I can relieve myself (LOL) and get my metabolism started.

About two hours later, I’ll have another breakfast — scrambled eggs and avocado or I’ll have one of my smoothies that I’ve taught myself to make. We make organic frozen fruit mixed with different types of greens … we’re smoothie pros!

Then for lunch, I’ll make a lettuce and avocado salad at home so I can control how much of what I put in it with a low sodium soup. For a snack, I usually have veggies, trail mix, a granola bar or some hummus and pita chips. And for dinner, I actually cook!

I’ve never cooked in my life until now. I learned to cook because I want to know about the food and the ingredients going into my family’s bodies. I’m learning new dishes and so far the boys like them. It’s all about organic food and ensuring the family has balanced meals. And, I’m not going lie, desserts have become a frequent (and favorite) item on the menu!

Kendra Wilkinson blog
Courtesy Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett

Unfortunately, while I’m eating all this healthy food, the only thing I can’t control are the smelly and loud gas noises coming from my body!

I honestly could not have made it to this point in the pregnancy feeling as good as I do without Hank. He has been an amazing and supportive husband.

He is a hands-on-dad with Lil Hank — taking one for the team to help me relax as much as I can. He treats me so well and makes me feel beautiful.

BUT the sex is lacking this pregnancy. Newsflash — I’m a very sexual creature. I love my man and sex, but sometimes I feel Hank is not attracted to me.

A big emotional tornado swirls in my head, BUT then he tells me that I complain about this pain or that pain every five minutes, (especially since the baby is sitting really low and I feel like she’s breaking and crushing things down there) so why would he want to touch me?!

And when I cough, I either fart, pee or cramp. Okay, okay. He’s got me there and it makes perfect sense.

All that said, I still catch him staring at me or taking pics and telling me how beautiful I am pregnant or not … so sweet.

By nature, I love to be comfortable. So when I’m not on a red carpet, on a date with Hank or at a night out with friends, I’m wearing one of Hank’s shirts and a pair of sweats.

When I do go out though, I make sure I embrace the bump and don’t shy away from my personal style. I want to show the bump, and not just look like I’ve disguised it with a sparkly, fabric tent.

Kendra Wilkinson blog
Courtesy Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett

Being able to wear form-fitting outfits with color helps with my bump and helps to promote the pregnancy glow.

The one new thing I discovered about myself is that I hate my boobs. They’re annoying. They’re in my way. They’re bigger. I am seriously contemplating taking them down a size after pregnancy!

With my first child, we tried to have the baby naturally and unfortunately, it didn’t happen. After about 30 hours of labor — actually, nothing happening — I had to have a C-section.

So, we are having a scheduled C-section for baby number two — no more hours than necessary will be spent in the hospital this time.

Can you tell I’m definitely on edge and controlling? I’m officially in my nesting stage.

There’s so much more to write and share, but it’s time to close this first blog. Thanks for stopping to read it.

More blog posts coming soon …


— Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett

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Shannon on

I love how honest she is! Hilarious and true πŸ™‚

Jessica on

Hey Kendra,

So I was wondering how your doing with the hypothyroidism? Mine was brought on by pregnancy and it’s been an up and down roller coaster trying to control it, especially with the second pregnancy. Have you found that eating certain things or doing different things daily, helps?

caitlan murrison on

Girl I love you and your family …you live for you and them ,not for everyone else and I love that and have always been a fan (and wanted to meet you lol!) Far fetched but just wanted you to know your amazing ! Keep it up can’t wait to see your beautiful lil superhero;) love Caiti:)

Jean Kephart on

I have enjoyed watching Kendra since watching “The Girls Next Door”. You are hilarious and so real. You tell it like it is and I get such a kick out of watching you and Hank banter back n forth. You are such good mom and are so loving with Little Hank.πŸš€βœˆπŸš’ Can’t wait to see you with your little princess. πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆCongrats and enjoy you family!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Anonymous on

Love her and her beautiful family they are so down to Earth and have not let money destroy them!

Stacey on

I always love watching you, and now getting to read what u r thinking Is awesome

Nicole on

She’s so real. Love reading what she’s thinking about.

annette on

Loved this!

Veronica on

I love Kendra…from Girls Next Door to now I’m a huge fan. So glad I found this blog, I will continue reading. Best of luck to Kendra, Hank, lil Hank and mini Kendra.

Chantel on

I’ve always loved Kendra since Girls Next Door. I have a big laugh like her and people have said “no wonder why you like laugh the same” LOL. You are a good person and love your honesty.

Congratulations on your baby girl!

Pam on

I had my son 4 months ago and reading this definitely doesn’t make me miss being pregnant. It’s miserable. The only thing I enjoyed was when I’d feel him kicking and knowing that I was growing him.

darylynn on

You are a totally awesome person!

Anonymous on

First saw you on DWTS – Liked you immediately – Seeimg you with big Hank and little Hank just brought Happy to everything – You are awesome, beautiful, strong – God bless…..

lori on

I am 19 wks pregnant with my first and loved this blog. Pregnancy definitely isn’t glamorous! I am so grateful but I definitely have questioned whether I want to do it again or not. Between the horror that was the first trimester to the peeing and gas now, it’s been interesting.

I also have hypothyroidism so I want to follow her blog since she’s a little further along than me.

Louis on

What a beautiful family you have. I’m sure your daughter will be as pretty as your son is handsome. I wish you all the best – joy, health, happiness, success, peace, etc.

Van Island Mama on

What a funny, honest and down to earth girl! So refreshing. Wishing her all the best for a happy and healthy new addition to her family.

Anne on

Love Kendra!!! She seems so down to Earth.

Bebe on

Kendra!!! You are so honest and straight out, I love it! lol! You don’t read that from many preggo celebs. They’re all like “I’ve never been better and I’m glowing and I’m doing yoga and never fart or get morning sickness” hahaha. I’m so excited that you are going to be blogging. Can’t wait to read more….btw lil Hank is gorgeous πŸ™‚

blessedwithboys on

Love you, Kendra! You have the most beautiful little boy in Hollywood!

Can I give you some food for thought? You speak of wanting to have a strong, powerful daughter… have you read about the theory that girls who were born by scheduled c-sec can have a more difficult time going into labor and delivering their own babies? It’s bc of not being exposed to certain hormones during the birth process.

Please consider allowing your body to go into labor on its own before having surgery. She will need to be exposed to those hormones in order to have the best start in life and that will also reduce the risk of iatrogenic prematurity.

Or have you considered that every labor is different? Were you induced or augmented with Hank? Perhaps if you had stayed home for the majority of your labor, or better yet planned to deliver at home, then your labor would have progressed normally. Many women who work against nature find that their bodies cannot perform as designed. I would urge you to at least meet with a midwife to talk about options.

You are a strong athletic women and your body can do it!!!

But most of all… planning for surgical birth is one thing, but scheduling the day is something else and very risky for the baby. Please wait for labor to begin naturally!

Paige on

Cute family. Her little boy having the pillow under his stomach is adorable.

Kelli on

Their son is so adorable!

Tay on

Loved reading her hilarious and funny post.

Danielle on

Kendra, I am so happy you’re doing well. I cannot wait to see you give birth on WE Kendra On Top. Little Hank is the most beautiful kid in Hollywood and there’s no denying it. I am so glad you keep it real for your fans even for those who say they cannot stand you, but yet still find the time to google your name and send you hateful comments. Keep up the good work and see you soon on WE Kendra On Top.

P.S Talk about your what you have done already for your new arrival, for example, nursery, formula/foods, diaper, clothes, doctors, vaccines and if you’re for or against it, or will you just let her get the core vaccines.

Cheryl on

Thank you PEOPLE for having a RELATABLE /HONEST AND HAPPY mom speaking from her heart. Very sweet and true relationship and they are very blessed. I can’t help but think of how kate gosselin treated kendra during wife swap. KENDRA DONT LISTEN TO HER. SHE COULD AND SHOULD HAVE LEARNED SOMETHING FROM YOU.HONESTY !! Good luck

Danielle on

Kendra, you’ve not only managed to give birth to the most beautiful, gorgeous kid ever, but you’ve also married the last good man that was left on earth. Win, win, win. Go Kendra!


holly a daily on

love you Kendra!! great mother!! love you since girls next door!!

Brenda on

I think you are the greatest you tell it like it is love it you go girl

French Chinee on

Exactly wat i expected from kendra and more. HER honesty is a breath of fresh air. LOOKING forward to more blogs from you. In the mean time have a safe trimester and Safe delivery…God Bless…:)

Danielle on

PEOPLE Magazine thank you for interviewing an honest tell-it like-it is celebrity/reality star Mrs. Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett to inform real women in the real world about serious issues women faced during pregnancy that you don’t hear about until the person experienced it hands on.

Kendra, if Angelina Jolie can have her youngest daughter in a movie, I think Hank Henry Baskett IV should be given the same chance, everyone knows and can see that your son is a gorgeous boy with talent.

Tammy on

Hank and Kendra’s son is one of the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen.

Janet on

You are awesome, your baby hank is sooooo handsome,and your daughter will be beautiful..

Betty on

πŸ˜„ Really enjoying it!!

Danielle on

Mrs. Baskett you are so honest I have nothing but love for you. By the way, your son Hank is so, so beautiful,( the most beautiful kid ever) please let him star in a commercial or a cameo in a movie.

How refreshing to have and hear a celebrity/reality star to be completely honest.

Danielle on

Kendra, your son is the most beautiful, exotic, gorgeous looking kid I’ve ever seen.

Ris on

I used to like her and watch her show UNTIL I saw her wifeswap episode last year. She is a TERRIBLE mother and I don’t say that about anyone. So so neglectful to hank and baby hank. Watch the episode. The husband is a saint with no backbone to let her being such an absentee parent. Also, she is aging awfully. OMG.

joyce on

love her take on life. she’s funny, easy going and a real person.

Tracey on

Love you Kendra!! xx

Anonymous on

Great job very well done congrats!:)

Susan on

Loooooove your perspectives and honesty, Kendra! Thanks so much for this awesome blog. Always wishing the best for you and your sweet family!

rita on

Love you Kendra n congratulations

Michelle on

I love Kendra, & have always been a fan of hers. She is beautiful, but such a tomboy and I love that. Lil Hank is such a cutie…can’t wait to see their beautiful little girl. Wow, & big Hank is such a wonderful hubby and father. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with your fans. Glad to hear you are cooking also. ; ) It is a wonderful feeling to cook meals for your family. Best of Luck Kendra & Hank

Kelly Kirkman on

Love ya, Kendra

oliviastead on

I’m 23 weeks and my pregnancy sounds so similar….nice to know I’m not alone…only I may have a few more complaints…my emotions are wack and hormones suck…

jasmine on

U look amazeballs…

American Mom on

Why would anyone want parenting advice from a whore? I feel very sad for her children.

nina on

Hey Kendra,
Do u have breast implants?if so, How did that affect pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Anonymous on

Seeing as Hank does all the work with Hank Jr. while waiting on his wife hand and foot, shouldn’t Hank have written this blog?

Sherry Clavier on

I really enjoyed a lot of this, but knowing about all her bodily functions is too much information.

Tay on

Ohh Kendra’s son is so adorable!

Cindy Dorr on

Loved reading your blog. Your such a great mom can’t wait to see your daughter I know she will be so adorable just like little hank. Hank is so awesome to be taking such great care of you good luck with the rest of your pregnancy so happy for you and your family. Love you


sue on

Love Kendra but she had A LOT of help writing this. She’s not the brightest…

Julie nettles on

I love how REAL u r Kendra!! I can’t wait to see the new baby and Kendra on Top!!!!

Kelly on

I want to meet you one day. You are so honest and you are hilarious. You’ve also become quite the woman. I never thought I would hear or read that you are cooking! lol Good luck to you & your wonderful family, including your little girl. Never change girl.

Lindsey on

Epic first mommy post!!

Sabrina on

I watched that wife swap episode and I agree she is a terrible mother. I felt sorry for little Hank.

Mandy on

Kendra & I have the same thoughts on daughters. I don’t want her to think she can only play with dolls or be a princess. I just want her to use her imagination & have fun!

Ann on

Awesome!!!!! She is all grown up now……

Vonda on

Love you Kendra & family❀️❀️❀️

Lacey on

Hank Jr. is adorable. A little TMI on the article, but that’s Kendra.

Joacey on

The best blog I have read on People’s!!! I love her honesty and down to earth personality. Looking forward to more blogging from Kendra!!!

cathy on

Kendra, I am so proud of you and the way you have grown! I had some concerns about Hank when you first had him on your show, but he has proven to be a supportive husband and father. Bless you and your precious family!

Jenny! on

Lol LOVE reading this! Kendra you are a very funny easy going woman and more than happy to know you will have a girl… now you can enjoy the both of best worlds! I’ve enjoyed following you from the beginning and can’t wait to see the new baby!

grandma on

Just a wonderful, REAL post. Keep on writing, Kendra.

Christina on

Good piece Kendra! Love your bit on princesses–that’s how I raise my daughter! A fighter and a realist!

Shana on

Haha. Kendra is hilarious. This is just so true and honest. Best wishes to you during the rest of your pregnancy and your C-section Kendra.

Jood on

The picture of little Hank with the ball under his shirt is priceless! I really enjoyed reading your blog. It is honest and very true. I hope everything is going well with your hypothyroidism. I look forward to reading your blog.

Jood on

OK first of all I have made my share of snarky comments on I doubt if Ashton and Mila (or other celebs) are going to log in to People to see what people say about them. The difference is Kendra took the time to write a blog and will probably read the comments. I think it’s nice that she did that and I wish people could keep their snarky comments to themselves.

My apologies for any snarky comments about Ashton and Mila.

bkable on

Minus the Playboy thing, I think she is an amazing role model for girls. Be who you are and Love yourself seems to be Kendra’s motto and that’s amazing. I think more little girls need to learn that whether you like Star Wars, baseball or Barbies, its cool πŸ™‚

bb on

Beautiful family. Congrats!!

Jennifer on

What has always made me like Kendra is her honesty πŸ™‚ She has a beautiful family! So happy for her and luv getting updates from her.

Danielle on

This is what I noticed when I watched Kendras’ days in the Playboy mansion. Kendra wasn’t trying to be Heffner’s wife, all Kendra was doing was making sure she had a roof over her head, safety, insurance and the minute details of every day chores taking care of. The moment Kendra came to her senses and found love she left the Playboy mansion. This is what should be remembered. The only difference is her relationship was with a man who’s well known and in the public eye. How many of us who’s been in a relationship hasn’t thought about the followings: house, money, safety, insurance, jewelry and children?

Anonymous on

Sandra is amazing. Glad she left the Playboy mansion. Kudo to her.

Joanne Olson on

I have enjoyed watching you grow into the great woman you are now. I mean you were always pretty awesome but since you have become a mom are are more well rounded. I loved reading your blog you are very real and in today’s society that is a rare thing from someone in the spotlight. Your love for your family and your sense of humor are asset’s that will get you through life. Congrats on your growing family and God Bless.

Dede French on

Im soooooooooooooo happy for u kendra, I feel like we’re sisters that never met. Ive been a fan since the girls next door..I like yr openness and honesty. So good luck with everything and g poo d bless….


you’re awesome Kendra, blessings to you and you’re beautiful family !

PJ Flynn on

Kendra, PLEASE CUT YOUR SON’S HAIR SO HE CAN LOOK LIKE A BOY!!!!!!!!! People that didn’t know who you were and you were with your two children, they would think you had two girls. I wish I could get the station WE because I loved your show when it was on a station they I could get on my TV. You have a great and handsome husband and a handsome boy. I am sure your girl will be beautiful just like you are.

Sonia Fishwick on

Hi kendra, You go girl. My mum thinks you a hip hop chic n loves your show n never missis a show . Now that u are having a little girl in msy well she is over the moon becsuse her bday is also in may .. cogrsts on the show n new bub due soon . Keep being yoursrlf n dont change.. mum is crazy about u n your fsmily …

Rose JOnes on

Congrates to you and your family

Teri on

I think she is one girl who managed to escape the fate that falls on so many women who end up on TV shows like Girls Next Door….glad she fought for it and grew up and actually found true love. She does seem down to earth and I wish her and the family all the best.

Huh? on

Love u Kendra. I think Hank is such a good guy. U r lucky

Anonymous on


Julieinmass on

omg, li’l Hank is getting so big, and look at how dark his hair is getting.. I love it! he’s gonna be a rockin big brother! You look great Kendra, keep up the great work, and good for you for trying to stay active. way to go!

peoplefan on

I adore her too…and the fact that she is not afraid to go bare-faced and show herself living life outside of her celebrity status…aka being mom. Good for you, Kendra.

Sheri on

They’re are some pretty cute Hollywood kids out there but her’s beats them all. Little Hank is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the new little miss. But what do you expect from to beautiful parents??

Kendra may come off as crass to some but she is honest and says exactly what she thinks. A rare quality these days. Most people are so full of it. She is funny and real. Everything she says in this post is true to being pregnant. It was for me anyway. Best wishes to this family

Charlie on

I liked it, will keep my eye out for more from her πŸ™‚

Brenda on

Little Hank is so cute.

Melanie on

im trying to comment on blessedwithboys on March 24th, 2014
she is too much, I had all 3 of my kids C-section, my kids are strong as an ox, just like me! My daughter had my grand kids in less than 5 hours labor, both deliveries, this girl blessedwithboys is a whack job, seriously! Stop with the C-section lectures, and what you have read about, sheesh!
You are making your self sound like a drama queen, so dramatic!

Kendra, good luck with the delivery, your family is beautiful!

Just like you! You should post some of your favorite smoothie recipes, πŸ™‚

susie on

hey Kendra, I had three girl, and they are all tomboys playing softball, and all kind of sports, learning how to work there dad tools, I have always said to them, You never need a man to do man,s job , and they all have boys name’s. But don’t get me wrong, they are all grown up and very girly at the same time.Good luck to you and your family in life.

Beka on

I myself just had my second baby, a daughter as well, in December. I absolutely agree with Kendra in how she doesn’t want societal rules to influence her daughter too much. I had never given it much thought until I did have a daughter and I feel the exact same way.

The way she talks about how Hank still makes her feel beautiful reminds me of how my husband was too during my pregnancy. It’s just very nice and reassuring that someone who is a “celebrity” feels the same way us “normal” women do too. Good luck to her and her family!

Nally on

Kendra your post is hilarious and honest, great job, love it!

Anonymous on

Enjoyed reading your blog. All very real πŸ‘

Ashley on

I love the honesty behind the blog, no wishy-washy miracle of life stuff. Although I still get the undertone, she def captures the reality of growing another person inside you. Will enjoy reading more of these posts πŸ™‚

Emily sanders on

I can’t wait to see your little girl she is going to be so beautiful!!!

Jess on

“Early societal rules?” She’s kidding, right?

Love this couple on

So you two listen to me: you are going to stay together and I dont want to find out you are suddenly getting divorced. Am I clear???? :oP

lisa on

Love you Kendra~ best wishes with your new addition…so happy for you and your beautiful family!

Lorelei Rios on

I loved it, Kendra tells it like it is and that’s what I enjoy everything she does.The article as real and has that “Kendra” humor. Is beautiful to watch her grow up into the beautiful Wife and mother. I also enjoy that her views on marriage and pregnancy are realistic and accurate, the feelings you go through with your emotions and body image. Thank you “People” great choice for a blogger, Kendra is special and I’m one of her fans. Xxx CONGRATS!!!! Keep it real Kendra and you go GIRL…….

Di on

Another Kim Kardashian to me ! lol

Anonymous on

Lovely post, very real, happy for you Kendra.

Tina on

That’s a beautiful little boy.

rampantideas on

so she makes her living by letting people film and air her life, right? This is her third show, or fourth, or? And before that she was a Playboy model and one of Hef’s girlfriends. Just trying to keep track. Given they gave the boy his dad’s name, I assume they will give the girl her mother’s name and continue the “abusive child naming trend.”

sam on

In a new york minute.

mary on

I LOVE Kendra, Hank, and lil Hank! They are themselves, and not fake.

iceblurose on

Can’t stand this girl, especially after seeing her on “DWTS,” where she constantly complained about everything. Doubt she even wrote this blog herself. She’s had two books, both written with a LOT of help from a ghostwriter. Her kid is cute, though.

kayte on

I love Kendra, she’s funny, honest and I LOVE that she’s not afraid to be in sweats, be comfy!

manomer on

I think Kendra is hilarious. And to whomever said she needs to cut her sons hair…get a life. If someone mistakes him for a girl then Oh well! Why do people worry about the most ridiculous things. Anyhoo….she is the type of girl that you want to hang out with b/c you know you will have many laughs. That is what life is about….laughing, smiling, family & friends…..

Barbara on

Hi Kendra!

It’s SO nice to see you here writing your blog! I’ve watched you grow from a young girl to a woman and I have to say I’m really proud of you. πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work!!

I love your family. I’m very excited to see pictures of your baby girl. πŸ™‚

I’ll keep watching your blog for new updates!

Valerie T on

Kendra, thanks for being so down to earth. You rock and you look beautiful (as always). πŸ™‚

Kimberly on

I like when Kendra says I would rather my daughter be a superhero than a princess….I am in total agreement with that!! We can raise women to be strong just like men, I don’t think we do our daughters any favors with this princess mentality. I like Kendra a lot and her little boy Hank is too cute!! πŸ™‚

Vicky on

Very well written, thanks πŸ™‚

Guest on

Kendra looks good. Soon things will be back to normal. It’s worth every ache and pain! Their daughter is gonna be gorgeous …. just like little Hank! Curls remind me of Shirley Temple!

Mr G. on

How in the hell did she ever work her way into Hugh Hefner’s inner circle anyway? I’ve seen better looking woman in the produce section at Ralph’s! Kendra is average at best and I’m being generous at that. Hef…go get some Lasik treatment on those old eyes of yours will you? GEEZ! Hef’s women may have been much younger than him over the years but they were never knock out beauties. In this case beauty doesn’t even come close to entering into the equation.

Kimberly on

Her son is just too cute and I know her baby girl will be just as adorable! πŸ™‚ I love Kendra, she seems like a nice and down to earth person.

Helene on

You guys are so cool and sweet. I wish you the best always.

mpinky310 on

She’s very cool!

Beautiful family

Jenn on

I totally agree with her about the whole “princess” thing. Perfect answer. I hope I’m able to steal it one day.

Angie on

Loved your post, so interesting.

Cheryln Kurz on

I absolutely LOVED reading this! I love how open & honest Kendra is and always has been. Even in “The Girls Next Door,” she let her feeling be known and was always herself.

And I especially love how her and Hank are 2nd amendment supporters! With so many celebrities being liberal, it’s so nice to see a celebrity who leans toward the right. And I’m sure plenty of posters will disagree with her because she has children. But I think she’s awesome and so glad to read something from someone who is NOT perfect.

Monica Carter on

I appreciate the honesty. Stories like these convinced me NOT to have a baby because the rigors of pregnancy and childbearing are not for me like I thought it was. Kendra you saved my sanity. Thanks

lana murphy on

Its the 4th day and all weve been told is that shes had the baby. I’m WORRIED now. Cant help it-i’m a mom of 5 and soon 2 be gramma in june.
Why havent they named the baby? Or announced birth weight and that fun stuff? Hank announced the birth very soon after it happened. BUT has something happened since then? Very concerned and praying!

kirstin on

Hey Kendra,

My mom loves you and she wants to know if there’s any way she can talk to u privately about how u and ur family has gotten through some stuff. And if there is plz contact me

Samatha on

REALLY Kendra …. Right when you need money what better way but to use recent tranny relationship your husband had to endorse that ! Can’t wait till your kids are older ….what if they did this ? Would it be acceptable to you ?