Evelyn Lozada Welcomes Son Carl Leo

03/24/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Evelyn Lozada Welcomes Son Carl Crawford Courtesy Evelyn Lozada

Update: The couple have chosen Carl Leo for their newborn son and will call him by his middle name, Lozada’s rep tells PEOPLE. Crawford is a Leo and “wanted his son to have every aspect of him, including his birth sign,” the rep explains.

Originally posted March 22: Evelyn Lozada has officially gone from diamonds to diapers!

The Basketball Wives star, 38, and her fiancé, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Carl Crawford, 32, welcomed a son on Saturday, March 22, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

Born at 3:55 a.m., the couple’s new addition weighed in at 8 lbs. and measured 21 inches long. With Crawford by her side, Lozada delivered her son naturally in just four pushes.

“It was very quick and Evelyn is happy because she was super nervous,” her rep tells PEOPLE. “Baby boy is so handsome and she can’t wait to reveal him to the world.”

In a Tweet posted Saturday afternoon, Lozada wrote, “I have EXCITING NEWS! Thank you God for my blessing!”

In November, six months into her pregnancy, Lozada confirmed to PEOPLE that she was expecting her second child, a sibling for Shaniece, her 20-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

“I’m excited about being a mommy all over again. This is something I’ve been wanting for years and I can’t believe it’s finally happening,” she said at the time.

Although the mom-to-be initially kept the identity of the baby’s father a secret, she and Crawford later got engaged over the holidays.

One month after announcing she was expecting a son, Lozada was showered with love during a February diamonds and diapers-themed baby bash.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Sarah Michaud

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Rhonda on

Congratulations to her. I can’t imagine having a newborn and a 20 yr old. As she said, it will be like starting all over again. I wish her all the best.

Sassy Servant on

Wow, there are too many reality tv “stars” out there. I had to click on the article to figure out who this person was & why she was FAMOUS enough to get on People.

sarah on

‘Diamonds and diapers’ baby bash? Wtf??

Kimmie on

WOW! I like Evelyn and I’m happy for her. Chad must be very unhappy about Evelyn moving on so quickly. I’m surprised at how quickly this couple decided to go for it without protection, not the best move when dating an athlete. I hope this relationship works out for the best. I’ll bet the baby is beautiful.

Sadie on

She only got pregnant to trap him into child support. Who suddenly has another baby after 20 years? She’s a gold digger.

sue on

Who is she? Another baby mama looking for money from an athlete?

Bettie on

So happy for her!

Lisa on

Congratulations Evelyn!

Melissa on

Reality shows are really weird! Always doing stuff for stupid publicity! Congrats to the new mom by the way!

Anonymous on

Why do we need to know the number of pushes? Other than that Yay you!

Anonymous on

She’s loose…that’s why it only took 4 pushes

mg on

congrats and have a happy and beautiful life with your new family u deserve it 🙂

Brandi on

@Anonymous what a trashy comment. Really…you shouldn’t have even clicked on the article if you couldn’t keep your snide comments to yourself long enough to say congrats and move on.

Carrie on

Good thing Carl skipped Australia!! Another little Dodger!

bebe on

Sadie, you don’t know what you’re talking about. While she’s certainly a gold digger, dating men in all 3 major US sports, she did not “suddenly” decide to have a baby. She has expressed for a long time that she wanted another baby.

RIP Mandela on

Really? 4 pushes? We had to know this because???? There is a culture of too much information that is ruining our morality. SMH! I remember when pregnant ladies were beautiful, gentle and special. Now, they are just skanks that squirt out babies or publicity and a big payday with the right father. SMH!

Kelly on

She went from a basketball player.. Next she tried a football player. Finally had a baseball player. There is still hockey, soccer, and golf.. Trash is trash!!

sunspotbaby2U on

Soo over these so called celebrities .. all these girls did was to sleep with some over paid athlete.. oh wow.. and that makes them special..??… NOT.. lol

Angie on

Congrats Evelyn for the new addition!

Madelyn on

Now that their baby has born out of wedlock, let’s see if he’ll marry her.

Mia on

Reveal him to the world? Surely she means whatever magazine pays her the most? Why is this news? Trash like her and Kim K have made this once respectable magazine another tabloid rag.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

King on

I see a joke in there somewhere regarding the line ‘naturally in just four pushes’

Ann on

38 yrs. old, had another baby after TWENTY yrs. and is engaged to baby dada……….old Evelyn gots it going on!!!!

evelyn mann on

you go girl, i don’t care what the people say about you you got it going on

Tay on

Don’t know who this reality star is hat tbeing famous enough on people.

Tay on

She was dating from one ball player to another, wtf.

mary on

I wish her the best she deserves it she is so nice glad she met someone new n has a better life

Anonymous on

She is in the loose, good for her!

Pam on

In just 4 pushes. I don’t know why but that seems like tacky info to release.

Donna Hall on

i dont know who these people are but i am delighted to see a celebrity naming their child a “normal” name

Ann on

Golddigger at her best……

ourdalyplate on

The way they explained his name seems very narcissistic. Crawford is a Leo and “wanted his son to have every aspect of him, including his birth sign,”

Ugh. Get over yourself. Hopefully being a parent will humble this guy a little.

Gill on

She is a celebrity for nothing special.

MC on

She was with Antoine Walker (NBA), Chad Ochocinco (NFL) and now Carl Crawford (MLB). Are these the biggest idiots ever? She FINALLY got pregnant-$$$$$$ payday!

Tanya on

Congrats Evelyn!!!

Liv on

That is the stupidest reason to give the child that name! There is nothing wrong with naming a baby Leo, but it will not make him just like you Carl! He will be his own person, with his own personality traits, those indicative of an Aries if you believe as such.

Mya on

She was so beautiful during her pregnancy. Leo is probably so handsome. Congrats to her!

Allison on

UGH! I find it so aggravating when couples name their son’s after the father. I feel like it is extremely sexist. It doesn’t SEEM sexist but if you think deeply into it it usually is. Why isn’t her daughter named after her? Why not honor the woman who spent months and months being miserable and pregnant by giving her daughter her name as well? I know some people do both…a lot of southerners will do both a male and female “Jr.” version of themselves but as a whole the concept is very much rooted in patriarchal bias and makes a husband/male partner seem more important than the very woman who brought the life into this world. I hate it.

That said, congrats. I’m sure he’s a doll.

Dulce Mae on

I agree one-hundred percent with you Allison! I’ve had enough of this disgusting patriarchal society based on what men have said and dictated to women (who for all purposes are the only gender that can carry and give life! And we’re not apprieciated for that!) for too many millenias what we’re to do how to do and when/why!? Anyhow, I’m not surprised by the choice, but am disappointed. Another point, why does it have to be the man’s last name? If I get married and or have child(ren) before or after, I will Never change my Last Name, and My Child(ren) will carry My Last Name! No if’s and’s or but’s about it! I will not compromise my beliefs or what I want or believe is my right first and formost as the mother.

Anonymous on

Nice name Carl Leo. Congrats.

sugar22 on

@anonymous..loose?…such a nasty remark,but if she is loose she workin it just right… I’m happy for her.

Anonymous on

Dulce Mae- Why not give your future children BOTH surnames- yours and your husbands, the best of both worlds? 🙂

Anyway, I like the baby’s name! And as for why Evelyn’s daughter doesn’t have her name….Perhaps Evelyn didn’t want her to. Or maybe she does. Shaniece could be Evelyn’s middle name for all we know (or the name of someone else from her side of the family, like her mother, grandmother, or sister).

heroisms on

Allison, it used to be equally traditional to name daughters after their mothers. In fact, until mid-20th century it was pretty common. On the top of my head: Eleanor Roosevelt, Abigail Adams, Queen Victoria, Queen Mary, Julia Child, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth II all had daughters named after themselves and/or were named after their mothers. It wasn’t until recently that it became unusual — women are afraid to look “self-centered” (while almost no-one blinks if a man does it) and also because there seems to be a great emphasis that baby girl names should be “fashionable” and “trendy” and therefore they seem to become dated quickly. For instance, look at the Top Baby names from the 1970s and the 1980s (people who are having babies today): most of the boys names are classic and timeless (Christopher, Michael, James) most of the girls names have fallen out of favor completely — who would would name their daughters Kimberly, Jennifer, Melissa, Ashley, or Heather today?

Anonymous on

From diamonds to diapers? LOL

Anonymous on

I wouldn’t brag about pushing an 8lbs baby out in 4 pushes! I sure hope she had an episiotomy, that was a pretty big baby to deliver in 4 pushes. OUCH!

mary on

I wouldn’t brag about pushing out an 8lbs baby! I sure hope she had an episiotomy. OUCH!!

renee on

congrats to evelyn and welcome to my new baby cousin! greetings from htown!