Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Expecting First Child

03/23/2014 at 10:35 PM ET

Ashton Kutcher Mila Kunis Pregnant Expecting First Child Noel Vasquez/GC Images

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are engaged — and expecting!

The Two and a Half Men star and his actress fiancée will welcome their first child later this year, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

“They are both very, very happy. It’s still early,” a friend of the couple says.

Responding to rumors last week that the couple was expecting twins, the source says, “No, not twins.”

Now Kutcher, 36 and Kunis, 30, who were spotted locking lips at a Clippers game in LA on Saturday, have a baby and a wedding to plan for, and while they have not revealed a wedding date, a source says they’re not in any hurry to tie the knot.

“It won’t necessarily be a short engagement,” a friend close to the couple told PEOPLE. “They haven’t begun planning the wedding yet.”

The pair began dating in 2012, but their friendship started after meeting on the set of That ’70s Show in 1998. However, a source says that Kutcher had feelings for his costar from the beginning.

“He was so in love with [Mila] for a while when they worked together,” a source close to Kutcher told PEOPLE in 2012, when rumors began to swirl that the two were dating. “He thought she was a goddess, was always talking about how beautiful she is.”

E! Online was first to report the news.

— Sheila Cosgrove Baylis with reporting by Mary Green

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klutzy_girl on

Aw, they’re really cute together, but it’s still weird Jackie and Kelso are together, getting married, and having a baby (especially since I loved Jackie/Hyde). LOL.

Congratulations to them!

Lulu on

I always thought they’d wait until they were married first, but hey, it’s Hollywood but congrats! 🙂

Brianna on

This is going to be the most beautiful baby ever!

annie on

explains the engagement.

so disappointed with mila.

Lisa on

Love them both and love this news! Congratulations, Mila and Ashton!

j on

Thats awesome!

Womp on

I love them together and I’m sure they love each other, but I wish they were getting married purely bc they love each other, rather than because he got her knocked up.

Gg on

Yuk, he’s a loser and she could have done better.

Angie on

@Annie umm yeah like she got pregnant all by herself……..

Christina on

Yeah, why hurry for a wedding? No one in Hollywood thinks it’s important to bring a baby into the world legitimately! SO disappointed in this couple. Thought they were above it all. At least, Savannah Guthrie got married!

Smiles on

Congrats to both of them! Maybe next time there will be twins because it runs in his family

janie on

Congratulations! Wonderful news! Safe and happy pregnancy and baby!!

sherry on

No one knows if they were engaged before she found out she was expecting.heck most of you are saying you are disappointed in Mila for getting pregnant before she was married.the last time I seen it’s her life and she can do whatever she chooses to do with it.I got engaged and a month or so later I found out I was yes maybe that’s what happened with Mila and Ashton.

Sylvia Parkinson on

Congratulations, they both deserve pure happiness. I hope the consider Sonoma County The real Wine Country for there private wedding. We it do it right in Santa Rosa.

Guest on

So he was so in love with her while they worked together and he was married to Demi? Look Demi married a young guy, but still that doesn’t excuse his behavior. I hope he treats her better than Demi I guess.

Anonymous on

I always thought they looked good together since the 70s show

MLR on

I realize this is an old-fashioned opinion, but what in the world happened to getting married BEFORE getting pregnant?

jckfmsincty on

News Alert: Demi Just Exploded

ann on

in Hollywood engaged means baby on the way.

Meena on

Poor Demi. I know she is over there crying and doing whippets over this news.

Callie on

Demi must be rolling over dying right now. So happy for them! Congratulations to them both 🙂



Andrea on

What a shocker, another celebrity shotgun wedding…

LuvLeeRita on

Who ever made up the rule marriage comes first before baby had it all wrong… (sarcasam) Oh silly them.

ashi on

they both look so young for their age o.o

S. Hall on

I just like a lot of others judge celebrities. I may say something negative and/or don’t necessarily agree with them however, that being said, I would never put something in print about someone that’s so hurtful. They are expecting a child and someday their child is going to see the things you’re saying about his/her parents. To say things like “that’s why he’s marrying her” is awful. They obviously love and are committed to one another. A baby is a joyous thing and this occasion should be celebrated.

Linda on

I am so happy for them. They were meant to be together.

Rayna on

Ofcourse they are. Because who waits for marriage anymore?

Kay F. on

Here we go again. Call me old fashioned, but it would be nice if “the beautiful people” could stop putting the cart before the horse.

Tara on

they are such a cute couple!

Milky on

Awww, that’s exciting celebrity gossip for a change! How nice for them. No bets on how the baby’s going to look, they could be brother and sister these two.

Also, America, it’s 2014. Stop whining about marriage before kids, you’re embarrassing yourself. Ashton and Mila are in their 30s, well-to-do and in a long-term relationship. Some certificate filed away in a drawer or not will make NO difference to their parenting.

elle on

I have to wonder if Demi will be hitting rehab again soon…..

Lo on


Meena on

@annie-Mila Kunis is a grown woman. Why would you be disappointed in her?

Meena on

So Savannah Guthrie getting knocked up prior to getting married is ok, as long as she got married? That is some silly logic.

ImaBoomer on

A HUGE Congratulations to both of them! They seem very much in love. I also think they would have gotten married, whether they were expecting a baby or not! I hope everything works out beautifully for the “3 of them”!

Nicole on

Biology lesson 101: If they have twins, it’s because a fluke of nature (identical) or because SHE has the biological tendency to have twins (fraternal-she released two eggs). His family genes have NOTHING to do with if they have twins or not. A man could make a million babies at once if there were a million eggs to fertilize! While the man may determine the gender, the woman is the one that determines how many are made!

Kiwii on

He is such an immature loser. How can he actually become a father?

Anna M on

Congratulations!!!! Those two belong together 🙂

cc on

Isn’t April fools day just around the corner?

Vashti Vaughn on

Congrats to them both, they make a wonderful couple and they are going to be amazing parents. But, I do feel sorry for Demi Moore in a way. She loved that man so much that she has to go to a rehabilitation center; just to get treatment.

Dottie on

I am sorry because I’m going to be long-winded about this. I think it’s important to qualify and quantify this situation in general.

If the man had initially cheated on his wife to be with a another woman and they stayed together for the remainder of his life – two people obviously fell in love and decided to be together, against all odds. It doesn’t justify the adultery, but it’s understandable.

In this case and those like it, all I see/hear is a man who’s a serial adulterer with every supposed serious spouse/partner trying to tie him down be it using marriage or in this latest development, a child. It’s both selfish and foolish on everyone’s part and that’s just pathetic.

Andrea on

Pregnancy and engagement news seem to go together with celebrities! Enjoy being together in newlywed bliss! Look at Justin Timberlake and Jessica Beil! I wish them nothing but the best though. Ashton seems MUCH happier as opposed to being with Demi!

Isabel on

She can do much better. I’ve thought he was a brainless tool since well before he married Demi and it looks like he hasn’t grown much since.

Debbie on

Wow that is so wonderful for them!! : )

And a special treat for me- Mila is guesting on my favorite show- Two and a Half Men! Yay!

Anonymous on

Hope he’s good to Mila.I wouldn’t date him, but whatever! I don’t get the Demi bashing. Let it be!

Tri on

No wonder they announced their engagement recently. I wonder though if they would have gotten engaged if she wasnt pregnant.

guest on

First, twins are determined by the mother not the dad, so even tho Ashton is a twin, his little guys have no say so in this! 🙂

Secondly, they announced their engagement a while back, now it’s a baby. This happens…doesn’t make them lower on the morality pole. They both seem to be good caring people and they (and their future children) don’t need to read this vile crap you people are spewing about them “putting the cart before the horse” and so on. Let them be!! Yes, they’re celebrities, but more importantly they are human beings with real feelings! Knock off the crap. Be supportive or say nothing at all!!!

I for one am happy for them. They waited a long time for each other and they don’t want to miss any more time together. Stop trying to find ways to drag them down. Just let them enjoy their life the way they want to. They are both level headed responsible people. Things will be fine….say something nice or don’t say anything at all!!

Suzie on

To all the haters, we all know how marriage is for sure a sign 2 people will stay together their whole life and commit eh ! And raise happy, balanced kids. And be happy. I mean, it’s not like it’s 2014 and we know better right? Everyone knows unmarried couples that have children are miserable, raise unbalanced children and for sure are not committed. Same as everyone knows every newlywed is a virgin !

Anonymous on

Jackie and Kelso are finally having a baby!

Pam on

@Sylvia Parkinson I’m from Santa Rosa too. 🙂

chloe on

I can feel Demi’s heart breaking.

Happy for them though, they’re going to have one beautiful child!

james on

who cares? two people, NOT married, having a kid. a thousand and one couples go thru this every day and no really cares.

Guest on

It happened while he was still married. So sad.

Kelly on

I’m happy for them, but can’t help feeling sorry for Demi. Middle age sucks as it is, let alone your younger ex-husband is going to be a new dad with a younger woman. But, life is what you make it… and it isn’t dwelling on the past.

robinepowell on

Glad Ashton found someone closer to his own age to have a relationship with. Always thought him and Demi weren’t suited.

Especially since she didn’t seem to want to have kids with him, which was seemed unfortunate at the time.

Congrats to Ashton and Mia, I think you’ll both make great parents!! 🙂

Melissa on

They make a wonderful couple, I wish them all the happiness and I hope they have a beautiful wedding soon! Of course their child will be gorgeous 🙂

robinepowell on

Oh and one more thing. Not just “Hollywood” couples who don’t get married and still have kids.

Besides, who says Ashton and Mila will marry right away or at all? Look at Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, never got engaged, never mind married and look how well it turned out for them. 😉

Jo on

I love how so many people are judging them for being pregnant before being married and saying that celebrities always do this. I got pregnant before I got married to my husband. We had been together for 5 years up to that point, but that doesn’t count because we weren’t legally married?

sam on

no one with assets and property should get married. don’t bother. congrats.

Anonymous on

I just baffles me how so many people love him. He cheats on his wife and she turns out worse then him. I don’t get it.

Cookie on

I see people posting they’re disappointed…since when are people in Hollywood old fashioned anyways? plus it’s their life. I am so excited for them coz I always rooted for them to be together. Definitely going to be a very beautiful baby!

Tamala Vanderhoof on

Love it…they are so much better suited together……God Bless them..they will make wonderful parents..

Ella on

I understand there are plenty of fans of this couple, but I just find him to be not very worthy of her. Yes, I don’t know Mila- but she always came across as an intelligent and down-to-earth person, at least in interviews I have seen and read. And he just seems like an overgrown frat boy. He isn’t a very good actor, either. I’m sure Demi wasn’t the most pleasant person to be married to- but he cheated on her more than once, and that just sums him up as a person to me. For their sake, I do hope it lasts.

bk on

Hey, hey…its the Hollywood way! :-/

Anonymous on

I had a feeling this announcement would be made shortly after the engagement announcement. If you look carefully at some pics of Mila, she looks like she’s starting to show. What is it with hollywood – first pregnant, then engaged, then married? Nonetheless, I’m sure it’s gonna be a beautiful baby!

Becca on

Priscilla was pregnant when she married Elvis. Just sayin’…..

Emily J on

Of course they would have kids! They’re young & in love. I wondered about that when he was married to Demi. She was too old and already did that. Anyhoo, they’ll be awesome parents.

Demi M on

Blehh, I can’t believe she bred with that dork. She’s way too pretty for such a dbag, she must love that wallet.

Izzy on

I am sorry but this is ridiculous. Anyone besides me find it odd that Ashton and Mila started dating while Ashton was in the middle of divorcing Demi. Mila was the other woman.

friend on

@Becca. Lisa Marie was born 10 Months to the day of when Elvis and Priscilla got married. She wasn’t pregnant already when they got married, she got pregnant the night of their wedding.

And to the people on their high horse, Hollywood isn’t some moral less stomping ground that bred babies before marriage. Babies have been conceived before and after weddings for thousands of years. It has happened before and it will continue to happen and the fact that people feel a child can’t be born until some legal documents are signed is ridiculous. A signed legal document does not and will not determine if a child will grow up “normal” or happy or healthy. A celeb couple announcing an engagement does not always mean a baby is on the way and a baby does not mean that an engagement happened for that reason only.

Lala on

@Izzy … Demi and Ashton separated in 2011, these two didn’t start dating until 2012. From a legal standpoint, yes they were married but if their lives and love separated in 2011 with the intention of divorce, I wouldn’t call it cheating or her being the other woman. Waiting on paper work shouldn’t define a relationship or a couple or anything. When the timeline started or in this case, when it ended states they were done in their relationship.

It’d be like adopting a child, knowing that they will be yours forever, that there will be no ifs ands or buts, but then being told you can’t love them, name them, call them your child, think you are a family until all the paperwork is signed, which could take months. That isn’t fair to anyone involved. Same example. Their divorce was going to happen, he moved on and now Mila is going to be looked at as some home wrecking other woman. Again, that’s not fair.

Jess on

Are there any couples in Hollywood who don’t have shotgun weddings?

Jackie on

I grew up believing that marriage comes first and then babies but that’s because I’m religious. If you’re not religious then I suppose it doesn’t matter what order you go in. Some people are unhappily married because they only married that person bc they were having a baby together. If it’s still early then perhaps they got engaged and then pregnant. Who knows but congratulations to them!

KTP on

All of those people judging baby before marriage. Well, I waited, I got married and then started trying – but guess what? Life is never that simple. 7 years later and I am still trying.

There is no perfect rule. Do what makes you happy and stop judging others.

I’m happy for them.

Katie on

Lovely news. Always nice to hear a happy and positive story. Best of luck to them!

Sarah on


Siggy’s got this!

Yeah, you could say that it was an easy guess, but A & M could have broken up and never gotten to this point!

Just. Wow.

Jay on

My opinion is if 2 people love one another & decide to have a baby that is they’re decision, & others should be happy for them or keep their negative comments to themselves. Celebrities or common people, we all deserve to find that special person we want to spend our life with. I am happy for Nila & Ashton. They are expecting a baby, a miracle. They are very capable of giving they’re baby a great life. So I am not judging them for the way they are going about they’re lives, & neither should anyone else because it’s they’re lives not anyone else. We are not in they’re position so we have no right passing judgment on them. I think everyone should let them enjoy their love for one another & enjoy Mila’s pregnancy. Being pregnant is a wonderful experience & they don’t want to get online & aee that has announced they’re pregnancy then start reading the comments & get upset. Bringing Demi into the scenario is ridiculous! Again, she does not pertain to Ashton & Mila’s baby announcement & bringing her into it just adds fuel to the fire. She is a human like you & I. Again, don’t judge her reaction to her & Ashton’s divorce unless you have walked in her shoes. What if she gets on this & reads the comments concerning her? How would you feel if you were her? Just be happy for Ashton & Mila, or if you have mean spiteful words keep them to yourself, just like I tell my 4 yr old. Congrats on a exciting new chapter in your lives Mila & Ashton! Hoping for a healthy pregnancy & baby!

Anais on

I know this sounds old fashioned but whatever happened to people congratulating a couple BEFORE expressing their opinions about how and when they should have fallen pregnant. what did your mothers ever teach you I wonder.. please haters if you wanna be “old fashioned” learn to be kind. just a thought

Nicole on

Identical twins are an oddity that science can still not explain (definitely not hereditary). Fraternal twins are determined by the mother (she releases 2 eggs), can be hereditary or older age. A man can pass genes on to his daughter that may cause her to have fraternal twins; however, a man has no bearing on how many eggs his “wife” releases. So the fact that Ashton is a twin will not impact their chances of having twins.

Laura on

Fantastic news!:)

Barbara on


Wonder why they didn’t get married before baby?? Maybe baby brought on wedding? hmmm we’ll never noooo.. 🙂

k on

What is with this country’s marriage obssession? Most end in divorce, others are miserable, cheating, have already broken the vows or are all about money. Maybe 10% have a true love. Get over it. The kid is set for life. What will marriage do but make another child of divorce?

suzy diamond on

Here’s WHY it’s nice for them to marry before having a baby and it’s call MORALS! It’s as important a quality as self-esteem, humility, and other such qualities. But THIS is something poor ole Hollyweird is lacking and maybe THAT’S why no one in that town can STAY married.

Julie on

Seriously, though? They are grown adults, some people don’t have the same religion or beliefs as you, so don’t flatter yourself into thinking your belief is the “right one”. They don’t need to be married first. And no one knows how anything went EXACTLY with his ex, truth always gets stretched or left out with celebs. And even if he did cheat on Demi, that doesn’t mean he’ll do it to Mila. Maybe Demi was a psychotic b***h towards him, you don’t know. Just shut up and mind your own business, they’re not hurting anyone.

Anonymous on

robinepowell- I think it was more that Demi COULDN’T have children with Ashton then that she didn’t want them (she talked about wanting to have a baby with him numerous times, and there was a rumor at one point that she miscarried his child). I 100 percent agree with the rest of your comments, though!

Guest (the one who claimed Mila got pregnant while Ashton was still technically married to Demi)- All that was said about how far along Mila is was that it’s “early” in the pregnancy. Most likely that means under three months, which would mean Ashton wasn’t married when he and Mila concieved (his and Demi’s divorce was finialized at the end of November, almost four months ago).

Lala- I couldn’t agree more!

Anyway, congrats to them!

Choua Yang on

Kelso and Jackie forever!! This is the sweetest, most romantic story ever told!

zab on

Read all of the comments and my gosh, some of you are really rude!!!! It’s so easy. You write: “Aww! Congrats! Hope for a safe delivery and a healthy, wonderfully cute baby!” AND THAT’S IT! No need for all the mean stuff. (Really happy for you guys!!)

Anonymous on

k- You’re wrong. The divorce rate (at least here in the U.S.) is 50 percent, meaning that the number of marriages that fail is the SAME as those who succeed!

Jane on

Funny how some people are all upset this happened before they were married. SO WHAT!? We’re not living in the 50s, thank you very much! Marriage is just a piece of paper, giving you no guarantee that you will stay together. COMMITMENT is, and it needs no piece of paper.

Congrats to them! They make a cute couple!

D.R. on

Still feel bad for Demi. He cheated on her, plain and simple.

freedom on

Good news, but I think it would be better after marriage!!!!

Jules on

Cue the high moral league of America in the comment section:

“A baby before marriage even though they have known each other for YEARS and dated forever?? How DARE they!”

It is getting really lame. Of course all of those posters were virgins at marriage, I get that. But can we just once read a baby announcement without these comments? Just once?

I am stoked for them. They are a cute couple who seem to have awesome chemistry!!.

Anonymous on

loser and lier both. how he can be happy!? poor Demi!

veronica cervantes on

Yeah!!! glad they are not rushing to get married!!!

Anonymous on

I don’t think this is the truth, I hope you checked this story out

ingenap on

lol so funny. The story about Jeff Bauman and his engagement and pregnant fiance is filled with oeeeh and aaaahw.But oh no..a celebrity couple does the same and shame on them…

Shawnalee on

Wow… thats bound to burn Demi’s A**!

Hea on

I think it’s wonderful news and I wish them all the best.

I so don’t get why so many people in the US still act as though we were living in 1952. I’m surprised you aren’t calling these kids bastards.

Sandra on

People are sooo stupid! They don’t have to get married first! Why are some dissapoonted???? Is she your daughter!!! I’m happy for both!!!!

Jenny on

It’s funny how many people are saying they should have waited till marraige, Ashton was married and could have has a baby with Demi (while married!) and you would have approved, but now they’re divorced. Marraige can be cancelled in a matter of weeks, it’s love that keeps you together. Congrats to them on their happy news!!

Nancy on

Who writes this crap? What terrible writing . . really People Magazine? Congrats to the happy couple.

traxie on

She could do soooo much better than him.

Reine on

Congratulations to them both. I’m also disappointed they didn’t wait until they were married but that is today’s life. Do hope he doesn’t cheat on her as he did with Demi.

maggie on

I will believe it when they announce it themselves. In the meantime if they are expecting Im super happy for them!

KW on

Next there will be a…..wait for it…..BELLY SHOT of Mila on the next cover of (name your favorite magazine here).

wildcat on

What a bad example set for young people today.

Kate on

Wow bet that’s like a slap upside Demi’s head. Congrats on the baby/wedding.

Carrie on

Funny how so many of you people want to be so “old school” about how babies come in to this world! How many people actually GET MARRIED FIRST, then have the baby and get divorced right away or even when the kids are older and the kids are scarred for life??!! I think it is so ridiculous how people think now adays. CONGRATS to them and their new baby, no matter how it turns out.

esi on

well I wasn’t expecting this! Who am I going to give my twenty $? Still, congrats, their baby will certainly be awsome

Anonymous on

Awe congrats

Not your mother's jumpsuit on

Oh lord people. The sanctity of marriage has been desecrated a long time ago. If you’re holding your breath for Hollywood to restore it, well then, good luck.

Danielle on

I think it’s nice they’re having a baby together an u bet the baby will be beautiful. It’s NOT my business if they’re married or not yet and it shouldn’t be anyone else’s…. Congratulations to them, babies are wonderful!!

Nannyto1 on


Sunni on

THIS is why he and Demi needed to split. Ashton deserved to have a family of his own one day. And I wish he and Mila all the best. Babies are such a blessing!!

Anonymous on

She is a pretty girl, but she needs to wash that greasy looking hair!

t on

what a joke sad they do not what birth control is

jbperry21 on

Do any of you complaining about them getting pregnant before they were married, ever even think for a second that they are abstaining? What do you expect??? If people are getting it on, there is always a possibility of pregnancy. People do not abstain anymore, so if you’re going to complain about them getting pregnant before they got married, complain about the fact that they are having sex before marriage. That’s really what the whole issue is if you’re standing on religion.

Rebecca on

That is so awesome! But, somebody better put Demi on suicide watch.

Niko on

Damn, the baby will be a stunner! Can’t imagine how Demi Moore is taking this news…..

Kate on

I don’t have an issue at all that they’re not married. My beef of that he’s a serial cheater. Can’t stand him but really hope they stay together and he doesn’t trade her in when they’re older and things get rough.

jen on

How wonderful. They seem so down to earth and in love.

Would like to see them Wed before baby comes.

Guest on

Yes, they’re pregnant before getting married. NOW, GET OVER IT. It’s 2014, not 1932

Carol on

It seems no one gets married first, then gets pg.

Cari on

Honestly thought they would wait
till they were married. Hope thats not
the reason for engagement . But they seem so
In love so CONGRATS to both of them:)

Guest on

It’s amazing how the fact that they are having a baby first, then marriage, just really affects a lot of you on here. It just *really* bothers you.

Christine on

Well…that explains the engagement.

alissa on

I’m very glad, especially for him. Nothing against Demi, but as far as babies shes been there, done that, so he wouldnt have been a dad if he had stayed married to her. I’m glad he is getting that opportunity with his lovely lady.

Anonymous on

Wonderful news!! Demi was wayyyyy too old for him and I never understood that relationship. Love him in Two & a half Men and love him even more now!

Kimberly on

Ewwww just always found Ashton creepy. Something about the guy I just don’t like.

guest on

How do any of guys know she was pregnant before they got engaged. Who Cares? It’s not like they just met. They have known each other for many years. Also, it’s not like they are teenagers, they are in their 30’s. I wish them the best of luck and happiness. All you people who judge… you all must be perfect. NOT!!!

Ana Palmer on

I’m so tired of people stating that he’s a looser, he was young and if it did not work out with his first marriage, it just did not work out. We are older women, and we need to keep away from the crib….I’m quite sure, he wanted kids……Much Blessings to you Both…..

Christina on

Shocking…not. Seems to be the Hollywood way.

70sfan on

Let’s try this….. Maybe, just maybe, they decided that they wanted to rush to have a child. Mila is 30, and in many people perceive this as the time that having your first child begins to become more risky. They both have said in interviews over the years that they want to have children. If the bozo Demi hadn’t dug her feet for so long maybe they would have been able to move quicker on the marriage.

As far as the Ashton bashing – everyone says he’s immature? Are you confusing the parts he plays with the real man? Do you know him personally? I think these two are adorable together. They obviously were friends first which is a great start to a great long term relationship. I wish them nothing but happiness.

KW on

That’s one way to get a guy to marry you.

Susan on

Congrats to both of them and may they have a life time of love and happiness.

Annleigh on

I am so happy for the gorgeous couple. Ashton has always wanted a baby……and now he will get it. Mila is beautiful….and Ashton is handsome….so this baby will be beautiful…no doubt..

Congrats to the power couple………..and may they live a wonderful and happy life.

Sandi on

What makes all of you think they are “above” getting knocked up before marriage. We are talking about Aston Kutcher…right? He’s a SLIME BALL (using this word because I have to keep it clean). He was in love with her in 1998? Do the math (re his marriage to Demi). Please take them off the pedestal people.

mgawron on

congrat to both of u on your blessings

Tay on

Congrats to Mila and Ashton!

Lilyflower on

This will be one beautiful baby! Those of you complaining that they should be married before having a baby need to get off your damn high horses. Congrats to the couple!

Karen on

I love the way Hollywood couples don’t get married because they say it represents a huge commitment, yet think nothing of having babies. A baby is a LIFELONG commitment. Apparently,marriage is disposable in today’s society. Our morals have decayed. No wonder the Middle East hates us. Look at us. Pornographic television shows,Hollywood couples throwing themselves huge parties and weddings AFTER having children. Dumb children getting dumber because our society places more value on athletic prowess rather than academic prowess. Very sad.

Jen on

I knew it, I knew it! Got her that ring didn’t it 🙂

erica2 on

I’m engaged because we’re expecting announcements are beyond TACKY! I thought Ashton and Mila would have approached things differently, they were off to such a great start. This goes right up there with Christina Aguleria’s engaged and knock-up annoucement. The baby upstages the engagment because the marriage is no longer just about pure love but now implies a sense of obligation. The pretty sparkling ring is now tarnished 😦

Kim on

Ahh, congratulations to them! For those whining about her getting pregnant before getting married, I hate to tell you, but women have gotten pregnant without the benefit of marriage since the beginning of time. “Back then” they were sent on “vacation” by their families to some crappy “boarding house” to have the baby and give it up for adoption. Thank God we’ve made progress. Some of you should try stepping into 2014 as well.

Kass on

What a bunch of judgmental jack offs some of you are…

Congratulations to them. May they always be blessed with love and happiness and a healthy baby.

Robbie on

Congratulations to a sweet couple.

luvbuggyyyy on

Of course she’s pregnant. .I wish pol would stop having kids out if wedlock.such a hard thing for the child when they separate later. ..

mfloeter on

Annie, Why disappointed? Did you think they weren’t sleeping together? This is 2014! Congratulations to them!

BRod on

Wow! A lot of old-fashioned fuddy-duddies here! Who cares if they have a fancy piece of paper saying “marriage” on it? A relationship can be meaningful with or without being called “marriage”.

Marriage is an antiquated ritual that was originally the way a father sold off his daughter for profit. People who comment on this site need to GET OVER the outdated “out of wedlock” sexually repressed religious mindset.

nicole on

so happy for them..

dee on

Please just leave there private , personal, relationship alone. Pappazzi needs to stay away from the one couple so they can enjoy there fame, fortune, and family in private. If they want us to know, and see there child, ( They Will Show Us) not u!!!

Marie on

Why does everyone bash Demi???? He chose to marry her regardless of the age difference and he is also the one who chose to mess around while still married. So Please explain why she gets all the bad comments? As any married person I am sure she was hurt by his actions but again she has chose to over come it.

Akita on

Great news! Happy for them. Glad Ashton moved away from DM.

Anonymous on

You people need to wake up and realize that this is 2014. You can honestly say that they’re better off actually having a shotgun wedding as opposed to having the baby and then getting married down the road when they feel like it? No one is casting shade at Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudakis, btw)

My parents are victims of a shotgun wedding because she was knocked up with my sister and the BEST thing my parents ever did was split up- and they’ve been best friends for years- they knew that getting married was the wrong solution. Granted, no- maybe they shouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place, but it happens.

Maybe Mila and Ashton really wanted a baby- who cares? That’s their business. And if they do get married- you know it’s not a shotgun wedding. These two are clearly crazy about eachother. Keep your outdated opinions to yourself.

wildcat on

Not a good example for our young people in the real world

Zoey on

Gross. Who hasn’t Ashton shot his load in?

Anonymous on

What is it with people thinking that having a baby before marriage is such a horrible thing??? By having a child while one is married doesn’t mean that there is going to be a happily ever after, and does not mean that the child is going to be more loved. Lets just be happy for others and stop judging. Congrats to Ashton and Mila!!!

Linda W on

They have grown on me now. I think they’re a cute couple too. They’re going to have a beautiful baby Congratulations.

justineh2014 on

Happy for them and all, but creeped out by the comment that, “Kutcher had feelings for his costar from the beginning.” By my calculations, she was about 14 and he was about 20 – EW!

paul on

I can remember when you go engaged, married and then expecting. Our youth are watching……………….

Allan on

hes lucky…(if its true) shes a knockout..

Jenny! on

This baby will be so beautiful!!! Really happy for the couple 🙂

Kate on

Aw…..Jackie and Kelso are going to have a baby. I know odds are against them but I really hope they make it. I remember reading an interview with her years ago when she said she had such a crush on him during That Seventies Show but she was too young (she was only 14 in real life when the show started.) Can’t help but feel happy for them.

Katy on

Babies don’t know (or care) if their parents are married. As long as the children are loved and being well taken care of, so what? Other peoples choices are exactly that – other peoples choices. Would you want someone judging even choice that you’ve ever made?

Lauren on

I am very happy , they make a great couple, they know each other for long time since, 1998, they were friends before lovers or couple, it works always better this way. I wish them only but the best. Congratulations with the baby news ,god bless them.

Hey on

I said last week when they announced how the proposal came about that a pregnancy was not far behind.

What does it say about some celebrity woman that the only way they can get engaged and married is to get pregnant first. They must not value themselves.

MrMonkee on

OMG! Pregnant before being married? Is that even possible? I thought you had to have that piece of paper before to being able to have sex. How did this happen? Did these two figure out a way to bypass the document that gives them permission to do the nasty? Oh I forgot. We’re not on the 1800’s anymore.

mybabysuzanna on

I knew it! I posted on here a few weeks ago about thinking she was pregnant based on the baggy shirts and sweaters she’s been wearing. She also seemed to be glowing more rhan usual. I like them both and think they make an awesome match. They seem down to earth and looks like they really love each other so congrats to them! Who cares if they aren’t married yet, clearly they are in it for the long run.

I do feel bad for Demi, however rumors always swirled that they had an open marriage and once you open that door, the relationship always inevitably ends. Let Ashton and Mila enjoy their happiness! Babies bring so much love, joy and happiness!

Jood on

I’m not surprised that she is expecting. These two hang all over each other in public like a couple of horny teenagers. I’m sure we will hear about every little detail of her pregnancy. Wait until they have a child and have to act like grownups. Life will change!

Jenni on

It is 2014 people, stop with the whole they should be married first crap. Marriage doesn’t work for everyone and just be happy for them without wishing they were married! They will do it when they want too! ❤

John on

It is 2014 so who needs principles right?!?! I cant believe that people actually advocate for people with loose principles. This is why American society is viewed as being morally bankrupt!! People are consumed with their own happiness rather than doing the right thing!

Really on

Really people are mad because they didnt wait till they were married but guess what they are grown adults….Im not married and I have 2 beautiful children!! Dont hate!!!

NYC-girl on

Congrats & Best Wishes! Now, what is with all the negative comments on this thread such as: so disappointed in her, and the numerous comments “doesn’t marriage come first”? Really, people, What planet do you come from? As if a civil marriage means fidelity or forever, especially in this day and age.

Maybe they have made a commitment to each other…and they usually have more staying power than a man-made marriage. The only thing a man-made marriage offers is $ support in the event of a divorce…they both have more than enough and don’t need anything from the other…except love & fidelity and they will be just fine.

Kate on

Does no one in Hollywood get married BEFORE they decide to bring another human being in the world? They say, yeah we’re in no rush to get married…having a child is a MUCH bigger commitment!

G-Ma Fran on

I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought you were adorable together on the show! Will you do this Grandma a favor? Please get married before your “present” arrives. It will always tell this little one who much you each loved and RESPECTED each other and HIM! No doubt, no second guesses, just complete love! Doing so will assure him he was wanted and meant everything to you!

@judypancoast on

They seriously need to name this baby Wisconsin, so when it pops out they can say, “Hello, Wisconsin!!”

Pope Vinnie III on

Mils is too good for him.

Anonymous on

I feel like they should’ve been together from the start. The whole Demi thing was just…weird.

JustSayin' on

I believe one of the reasons that Demi and Ashton’s relationship didn’t last is because he wanted children and whether or not she talked about having children with him, she already had 3 grown children from her relationship with Bruce Willis. She was always in a different phase of her life than he was. From what I’ve read, Demi seemed to be over infatuated with her looks and very insecure, especially because she was so much older. Could have been one of the reasons Ashton started to stray. NOT a justification by any means, it was a jerk move, but just a guess. I do think that this news will affect Demi and tug on her heartstring. How could it not?

It’s interesting how this article says that Ashton has always loved Mila. If so, why didn’t he pursue her back in 1998?

I believe they love each other, and that this baby was planned. I think they’ll be deliriously happy for many years, but whether they make it last – only time will tell. As it is with all of us. Congratulations and good luck to them!

Kym on

@Nicole. On the Twin thing (nothing really to do with this story). My grandfather was a twin. His wife had 12 children. A set of them were male twins. One of my grandfather’s 12 children married a woman who had male twins. One of my grandfather’s female daughters had a son who married a woman who had male twins (6 months after the twins mentioned just before this.) I said all of that to say this. All of the male twins that were born in this family were fraternal, but were born to women that were married into the family and some in the same generation. So, it was the male gene that determined the twins.

Gina on

At thirty, Mila probably didn’t want to wait any longer. Congrats!

Ris on

He is so unattractive e to me…physically and personality wise. I thought he had a good heart in Oprah crying about how much he loved demi. Then a few years later to cheat on her on his anniversary. Not cool.

Lonnie on

This is such sweet news.

Anonymous on


Lisa D'Ambrosio on

Too bad they’re not getting married first, then having a baby … sigh …

joy on

god is good

Fatimah on

@annie And we’re sure she really cares what you think! Nobody’s perfect so get a life. That goes for all you other judgemental haters too.

Norma on

How sad that they don’t make enough money to afford condoms.

Susan on

I truly have no problem with two financially settled people having a child if they’re not married. It’s their decision. I just cringe though at the thought of all these wannabes thinking they can do the same with no money in the bank. Then it DOES become our business because we ALL have to pay for it. But I do wish them the best, they appear very happy together!

Jaci on

I guess it’s getting to be weird to have a baby AFTER u get married…. And normal to have your kids be your flower girls and ring bearer…

Barbi on

Skip the wedding…. marriage doesn’t mean jack to him anyways. Demi is better off without a cheater.

janetspillows on

Call me old fashioned, but while I think it’s a blessing to have a baby I think it’s ridiculous to announce it when you aren’t even married yet.

puttypants on

Congratulations to them. Hope they have a healthy,loved and happy baby. I do agree with the old fashioned ones. Marriage should be a huge commitment and should come before baby. Hollywood long ago set a bad example for long term love and commitment. Whether they’re married or not separation of parents for children is a heart break unless one of the two parents are abbusive. long term love has nothing to do with crazy about you and even sex. Love is about respect and concern for one another and children, responsibilty, and a strong commitment to family. In todays world long term commitment to anything are missing. There is no right or wrong nor should anyone judge anyone else. Strong and healthy countries come from strong and healthy family units. Hollywood sets a bad precident for strong family unity and commitment. It’s a bad example for our future generations. This isn’t a comment about Mila and Ashton necessarily. It’s just to point out that many old fashioned values are based on morality. It didn’t mean that people didn’t make mistakes in the past or behavied immorally…it just means that today immorality has become an accepted value in our young people. Immorality in your personal life does translat to immorality in your public life. America is heading down a dangerous path in so many ways that it’s frightening.

puttypants on

Of course, let not talk about commitment and marriage and morality. Why didnt post my comment?

Logic on

I’m w/Gg.
This has to be one of the most unappealing couples. They always look dirty and grumpy. Oh and Ashton is a douche.

linda on

Called it!! I will say this about Hollywood. They are some followers. The trend is get pregnant and then get engaged. No one bothers to get married before getting pregnant, but rather, get pregnant and give the illusion of getting married by getting engaged. And they are ALL doing it. I wish them the best. For the sake of the child, I hope the relationship works out.

Paula on

Happy for them, they are a cute couple. Hope Demi is not taking it too hard.

Kelli on

Some of you talk as though Demi forced a teenage Ashton to marry her. He was 27, and very much in love with her. Just an FYI – No one can help aging, and it doesn’t give the younger spouse leeway to cheat.

American1st on

Good grief! Whatever happened to getting married FIRST, then having children?

Joanne Olson on

whats wrong with people … why can’t tradition stay alive and get married then have a baby… Unreal. STill a baby is a blessing so I am happy for them. Just people keep doing things backwards……….it’s sad.

Victoria Dodds on

Wonderful news! Ashton and Mila will no doubt make a picture perfect baby. A good Iowa boy should make a terrific daddy.

Anonymous on

He better be good to her !

Maria on

Awesome. I have always love these two as a couple. They are so cute together.

Karen on

OK people (and I mean readers, not the mag)…..We don’t live in the dark ages any longers. Marriage is not what it once was, and that piece of paper is over-rated. It doesn’t predict fidelity anymore than not having it does. I’m 54 and have decided to accept that what was proper back in my day, has changed and evolved. Marriage is a RELIGIOUS ceremony and if you don’t have a specific religious view point, then vowing to the church and God doesn’t make sense at all. It might not be how you believe, but whose to say that what you believe is any more right or wrong than what they believe. Get over yourselves and stop judging people. This is a free country and they are expressing their freedoms. Respect that and be happy for the young couple. With 50% of all marriages ending in divorce, I’d say that married or not, they have a 50% shot at forever happiness, with or without that piece of paper.

And before you jump all over me, I’m an Agnostic, and I did get married in a church and personally own one of those little pieces of paper that makes it all legal like……but that piece of paper is not what makes me stay married…’s what’s in my heart and the committment I feel that makes me stay married. I choose love and committment over that piece of paper anyday……either way, it either works for them or it doesn’t. Congrats to the happy couple!!!!

matt on

In light of the ongoing reports about his smaller-sized manhood, I’m glad that it obviously works anyway and that this beautiful couple will welcome their first child together. Congrats!

Kim on

Jeez people, get real and get over it. Women have had sex before marriage and.. *GASP*.. got pregnant since day 1. Back in the ‘good old days’ they just hid it and were usually forced to give the baby up.

Wouldn’t it be nice if people with such perfect morals would learn to just say congratulations and then shut up…

Lilly on

This is wonderful for them. And, I hope Demi is well past her chapter with Ashton and has moved on, too. After all, she has her girls, and Ashton deserves to be in a stable relationship and have his own babies.

Taylor Girl on

Keep your eye on him, Mila…

Becky on

Demi should have known Ashton would want kids at some point. She’s over the hill now anyways. Hopefully the baby will look like Mila since I CAN NOT stand Ashton at all. Lousy actor.

Jennifer on

Congratulations! Seriously though can’ t these celebrities figure out how to use birth control?

L on

I love how you all sit back behind your computer screens & judge, judge judge. Like you & your lives are SO PERFECT.

Leave them alone, don’t ruin someone elses happiness because you’re miserable with your own lives. With that being said, wishing them nothing but love & blessings.

anandaone on

Q: What do you get when you marry a adulterer?

A: An adulterer that’s now married to YOU.

Jackie on

Yay for them! I figured that he would get with someone younger that he could have a biological child with. If they like I love it!

Jennifer on

@Karen if marriage is just a religious ceremony and they aren’t religious then why are they even getting married? Either respect the sanctity of marriage or don’t engage in it. And I’m tired of hearing how marriage is just a piece of paper… as my husband said the other day, ‘of course it’s just a piece of paper until you give it meaning’. People got married before having children as a way of solidifying their relationship before jumpimg into the enormous task of having a child together. Now Mila and Ashton have known each other for a while so hopefully they will be OK.

John on

I will wager any amount of money that most of these people who say that procreating outside of marriage all have children out of wedlock, have been on public assistance and will forever be a burden on society. It is these same people who believe that being educated and procuring employment before marriage and children are not necessary either.

wendy on

They look so much in love..Happy for this couple and hope they have a long and happy life together ❤

Naomi on

This right here illustrates why Ashton and Demi’s marriage was doomed from the start. When I said this 5 years ago, I got flamed by some people, but I knew that Ashton would go looking for someone younger if he wanted to have kids. And that’s just what he ended up doing. When he and Demi got marriage, she was already past her childbearing years. I have no problem with so-called cougar-cub relationships. But go into it with realistic expectations. Cougars should certainly have their fun, but don’t get married to a much younger guy unless he’s 100% sure he never wants to have (biological) children.

Anyhow, congrats to Mila and Ashton. I wish her a healthy pregnancy, and both of them a happy, healthy baby.

Naomi on


Noneya on

WHATEVER…….. tired of these two already…

Tina on

Love all the closed-minded people commenting on here…I mean, seriously??!! How about people who marry other people for the wrong reasons before they have kids then get divorced and it scars them for life. Having a child before marriage doesn’t make them “illegitimate” – get with the year 2014 people. Two good parents make a child into a wonderful adult.

Dina on

He is a cheater, she is a crazy control freak, they have been dating since forever, she is pregnant, they haven’t made any wedding plan… they won’t make it to the altar.

Samantha on

There are a great couple! ! I’m very happy for them ! !

Lia on

I’m so happy for him, because with Demi a child was not going to happen for him. I love Mila too, so this union is good news for me.

Kate on

@ Guest Ashton wasn’t married during That Seventies Show. He and Demi didn’t get together until several years later. Besides it was a crush and one that the media is trying to spin now. He was 20. Mila was 14. She’s said in numerous previous interviews that she had a crush on him, but was too young to attract his interest.

Bridget on

Cool! Kelso and Jackie are expecting! I thought they made a great couple on “That 70s Show”! Jackie was vain and naive and so was Kelso and they made a great match!

Garry on

Wow, that was a lightning round! Is his divorce even final? WHEW! Out of a frying pan and back into a skillet! Somebody needs to slow down and smell some roses, not deflower them!

Miffy on

Don’t have a baby if you’re not ready to get married.

pooh foot on


Kelli on

Yay – Kelso and Jackie are together!!! Dehhhhhhh. You realize they were characters… right?

antarescd on

Can’t help thinking that we were a lot better off back when, for most people, it was dating->engaged->married->children rather than dating->children->engaged(maybe)-> married(maybe). But with the entertainment industry leading the way, things will only get worse.

KEB on

@John- It’s good you qualified your statement by saying “most.” My mom was pregnant with me before they got married back in 1980, and they are still happily married thirty-three years later. They also earn a six-figure income and the only debt they have is the mortgage on their $300,000 home, which will be paid off next year, so we were never on public assistance. Generalizations are bad. Like I said, at least you qualified your statement.

Anna on

And that is why they are engaged. Let’s hope it lasts, unlike his last idiotic marriage.

Marlene on

It’s ok that people get pregnant before marriage. However, a marriage certificate is not just a piece of paper. If someone is married and they have a serious illness or injury and are incapacitated, the other person has no legal right to make decisions on their behalf. I would rather my husband (in my case) and or wife make them as opposed to his/her family members….just a thought

Marlene on

Oops, sorry….if they aren’t married…..

mlarocque11 on

Only fraternal twins are heredity on the mother’s side to the next generation daughter. If the father was a fraternal twin then his daughter is not as likely to have fraternal twins, but his granddaughter could.

Tiig on

Congrats to them!

Lisa on

Awwww Jackie and Kelso forever….

lloyd on


John on

@KB I am a social worker. 99% of the people who walk into my DHS office for welfare benefits are uneducated, unwed mothers who are working menial jobs.

Jae on

Who cares if they have a baby before they get married? You can be a parent without being a husband or a wife. We’re not royals from the middle ages here, so who gives a damn if a baby is “illegitimate”? To me, marriage is a meaningless contract, but that’s doesn’t stop me from being a great mom. If it’s important to you, fine, conduct your lives however you see fit; it’s none of my business and it makes no difference to me. Too bad more people aren’t mature enough to realize that.

Crystal on

I think this couple is really cute. They seem very much in love. I can’t help but feel sorry for Demi. I know that she and Ashton tried for years to have a baby. She’s been through a lot since her separation from Ashton. Including seeing her ex-husband (Bruce Willis) get married to a MUCH younger woman and they are now expecting their 2nd child. I’m sure it’s frustrating to see men be able to procreate into their 60s and 70s if they choose. As women, even with modern day medicine, we may not get to have a baby past our 40s.

I know this is supposed to be about Mila and Ashton not Demi but I wanted to give my two cents. Congrats to the parents-to-be. I’m sure they’re OVER THE MOON!!! Lol!

vadahoppus on

So happy for them!!!

Anonymous on

Congratulations on your engagement, and the little one on the way.. Good health to you and the baby.. May God blessyou all…!!!

angelica on

aahhhh …happy for them,, and their first child.

Jazz on