Isaac Hanson Welcomes Daughter Nina Odette

03/22/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

This could be the beginning of a Hanson trio for a new generation.

Isaac Hanson and his wife Nikki welcomed their third child on Tuesday, March 11, their rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

Weighing 7 lbs., 15 oz., Nina Odette joins the couple’s sons Clark Everett, who turns 7 next month, and James Monroe, 5½, at home in Tulsa, Okla.

“After more than five years of not having a baby in the house, having our first little girl is going to be fun,” the musician, 33, tells PEOPLE. “I know that Everett and Monroe are excited about being big brothers.”

Isaac Hanson Welcomes Daughter Nina Odette Rebecca Sarkar

Isaac, who’s the oldest of three Hanson brothers, is currently preparing to continue the group’s world tour in support of their sixth studio album, Anthem.

Younger brother Zac, 28, and wife Kate are parents to three children themselves: Shepherd, 5½, Junia, 3, and Abraham, 5 months, while middle brother Taylor, 31, and wife Natalie have five children: Ezra, 11, Penelope, 9 next month, River, 7½, Viggo, 5, and Wilhelmina, 17 months.

— K.C. Blumm with reporting by Rennie Dyball

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Amy on

They’re so cute! BIG congratulations!!!

Zivas mom on

Beautiful Family , greatest blessing ever!!!

Juli on

I love the name Nina. It’s beautiful. And considering what a beautiful pair they are and the handsome boys they already have, I’m sure baby Nina is gorgeous. Congratulations to the family!

Beth on

This family loves to reproduce! Why do they call the kids by their middle names?? Why not name them what you want??? So annoying

Jane on

I bet their family holiday get togethers are chaotic and fun! Congratulations to a sweet family!

Jayme on

Awwww so happy for them!! Isaac is such the perfect gentleman, he’s definitely going to be an adorable dad to that baby girl!

KellyGreen on

Congrats! Love it, more babies!

jane on

I would not want to be a boy called Munroe. Poor kid.

stacey on

Wife is pretty, and so is the little boy in blue, as he looks like his mother. Nina is a pretty name.

Amy on

Lovely family. 🙂

Brianne on

Congrats, Isaac, Nikki, Everett and Monroe! I’m sure baby Nina is precious!

To answer the question of names, in the Hanson family, the boys go by their middle names!!!

Guest on

Wow. Gorgeous family. My eyeballs thought the little boy in yellow shirt was a girl. Probably because of long hair. Either way they are all lovely. Nina is a lucky little bebe!

Guest on

Seems as if the name Isaac is becoming more and more popular as time goes by. An acquaintance will be naming her son Isaac. She is so crazy about that name! It does go well with most last names.

Paige on

They have 50 kids altogether.

Anonymous on

cute, but why not just use their middle names for their first names? And to Brianne who said that the males in the Hanson family go by their middle names, sorry, but that is just not true. Isn’t Zac’s name Zachary Walker?

dwayne patterson on

Nice looking family.The next generation of the Hanson band is in place between him and his brothers.

Vanessa Rangel on

Congratulation Ike &nikki for the new addition

Jane on

So happy that Isaac and Nikki have a little girl now. Wishing them all the best

Amanda_M87 on

I was kind of hoping he’d be the one Hanson brother who’d just have two kids and then be done. I guess in a family like that where everyone else has lots of kids, they feel they need to do the same.

Sarah on

They probably decided not to call Zac by his middle name because their father goes by Walker and it would cut down on confusion to just call him Zac.

Did someone say they were calling this little girl by her middle name? I don’t get why there are comments about it being annoying using middle names as a first name when it seems as though she’d go by Nina.

Ohgeez on

Hanson brothers need to stop poping more kids, geez!!!

Anonymous on

Beautiful family!

CJ on

If this weren’t a band that got publicity for each birth of their children, people wouldn’t be saying “stop having so many kids!!” My father comes from a family of 9 kids, which wasn’t uncommon for a lot of families in the 40s, 50s and 60s. Because of that, I have nearly 20 cousins because each sibling of his has quite a few kids.

It’s also not uncommon for people to have 5 children. It’s not as if one of the Hanson brothers has 11 kids…these are 11 kids spread out amongst three different families. It’s not a huge shock for there to be 3 brothers who each have their own family with kids.

If you’re not familiar with their family, you should also know that they have three other sisters and another brother and at some point they will all have kids too. Are they not allowed to because Isaac, Taylor and Zac have kids? I just find the comments (about the amount of kids they have) to be ridiculous.

They’re a hardworking band (I’ve been a fan for nearly 17 years now!) with good family values, and they stay out of the spotlight while raising their children out of the public eye. They only announce these things through PEOPLE because they share the news with their dedicated fan base.

As for the comment about calling their kids by their middle names. I have a sister who goes by her middle name but the rest of my siblings go by their first. She now uses her first name for work because it sounds very mature, growing up she only went by it in school and at home we called her by her middle name. It was more, “youthful” for lack of a better word. She just didn’t “look” like her first name fit when she was a child. Maybe that’s how the Hanson family does it too.

The majority of the boys do go by their middle name (Clarke ISAAC, Jordan TAYLOR, and their brother -younger than Zac- named Joshua MACKENZIE). Taylor’s son also has the first name Jordan but goes by his middle name Ezra. Maybe when Ezra is an adult he’ll go by Jordan. He has that option.

You may not get it but you also don’t need to get it. It is how it is and that’s how their family likes it.

Brooklyn on

Why not make their middle names their first names if you’re going to call them that. And then their first, their middle. Makes no sense to me!

NicHansonFan on

Oh congrats Isaac and Nikki!!! I’m sure she’s just gorgeous!!!!

robertacdarocha on

*dead* that’s so sweeeet! ❤

Sophie Pinkoski on

If they call their boys by their middle names, does that mean she’s going by Odette? Both Nina and Odette are lovely names either way. 🙂

Tay on

Nina is a pretty name!

BAD fan on

Let them call their children what they want without a bunch of people who will never be in their lives telling them what to do.

As for Beth complaining about their given names…I’m sure your parents didn’t name you Beth, they probably named you Elizabeth so why are you complaining? If you are so against their “given” names then maybe you should go by yours.

Lala on

On the comments regarding how many kids they have – 2 of them have 3 (Isaac just having his third). That’s not a ton of kids. Taylor has 5, but at least they’re ranging from ages 1-11.

Sidenote – I love the skirt his wife it wearing.

Lori on

It kind of blows my mind that Taylor Hanson has five children. Especially an 11-year-old! Crazy!

Love those Hanson boys.

Lori on

I’m confused as to why so many people are complaining about how many children these guys have. If they can afford them and give them the love, support, and education they need, what’s the problem?

Same thing with the Duggars. Yes, they have tons of kids. But who cares? They have 0 debt, do not rely on any type of aid, and their kids are all respectable, upstanding members of society.

Get over it, people. It’s nobody’s business but theirs how many children they have. Go back to policing your own life.

Ris on

Each son looks like just the parent they’re near in the pic.

amyinoaktown on

Wow, what a beautiful family…the kids are adorable.

rugbycircus on

@Beth … it’s a Southern thing. My parents did the same to all of us. Even worse is giving your child a family name and then calling him something else entirely. My brother is the IV and we call him by a nickname that has nothing to do with any of the three horrid names he was legally saddled with. Lol.

rugbycircus on

@Lori … did you know that the Duggars do not pay taxes? Changes one’s mind about them.

Ginger on

Congrats to Isaac and Nikki!

Pam on

OMG I love how they do not stop having children. And I love how fans pay for bullshit music so that their wives can give birth nonstop, without working. Man, what a life!.

Anonymous on

Congrats to the happy couple!!! To make this article a little more correct, Isaac is the oldest of 7 siblings. Only the 3 oldest boys are in the band but they have 3 younger sisters & 1 younger brother. I guess that’s why they are having big families themselves 🙂

Becky on

So happy for Isaac and Nikki, what a cute looking family. What I like about the Hansons is they didn’t live in Hollywood, didn’t date and break up with lots of celebrities like Joe and Nick Jonas or John Mayer. They married Southern girls, live in Osage County Oklahoma and own their own recording studio and record label. I’ve met them several times at shows, they are really nice!

robinepowell on

Congrats to them. I didn’t even know they were expecting, that was a nice surprise to read about.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! About the middle name issue…I don’t really understand it myself. Supposedly, as others have said, it’s a Hanson family tradition for boys to go by their middle names. Yet Taylor’s youngest two sons go by their FIRST names. Seems odd that they were “excluded”.

Anonymous on

BTW, does anyone know if they ever even announced this pregnancy? I don’t remember seeing any announcement here.

Becky on

No, it wasn’t announced formally, I guess a lot of people don’t really remember Hanson that much anymore and wouldn’t really care. Nikki looked very very ready to pop around New Years when a photo of the whole family turned up on twitter. She looked way more pregnant than Danielle Jonas ever did.

Holiday on

So exciting they finally got their girl! Now they can feel complete as a family.


Why name your kids… but then go by the middle names. I know that the hanson brothers all go by their middle names… and I think the other brothers do it with their kids too… but… I just don’t get it. If you like the middle name, why not just give that as a first name for the kid? I’m not talking smack or anything… they can name their kids whatever they want, I was just wondering… just seems odd.

Anonymous on

Becky- So what if she looked more pregnant than Danielle did? Every woman carries differently! Heck, Nicole Kidman (with Sunday. I’m well aware that she used a surrogate for Faith!) and Gisele Bundchen (the first time around. She was a bit bigger with Vivian) looked LESS pregnant than Danielle ever did! 😉

Jenn on

Congrats Ike and Nikki ❤