Ciara Celebrates Baby Shower with Celeb Pals in L.A.

03/22/2014 at 10:00 PM ET

Ciara Baby Shower Kim Kardashian Lala Anthony Los Angeles

This baby’s coming soon!

On Saturday, Ciara celebrated the upcoming arrival of her baby during an intimate shower with friends and family at a private home in Los Angeles.

Hosted by her best gal pals La La Anthony, Lisa Ellis and Yolonda Frederick, the party kicked off just after noon and went on for several hours.

Several of Ciara’s famous friends — including Kim Kardashian (check out the cute pic she posted from the event on Instagram below!) — arrived with gifts in hand for the mom-to-be.

While the Grammy-winning singer (who wore a Naeem Khan white and red embroidered caftan) has stayed mum on the sex of her impending bundle of joy, a source tells PEOPLE Ciara and rapper fiancé Future are expecting a baby boy.

“She came into Bel Bambini with Kim Kardashian to register for her baby boy — mostly for clothes.”

Her blue and gold shower invite might have been a giveaway too. But one thing’s for sure, he or she will be one musical baby!

— Melody Chiu

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Sacré on

A crop top, duck face pose and overuse of contouring makeup. Nothing new here.

Guest on

BFF is over used, and just plain wrong. The forever part never lasts more than a few years. (much like the marriages in celebity land).

Samantha on

Congrats Ciara I hope all is well with you and your man ! ! ! And best of luck to the two of you ! ! !

krazy on

Baby mama #4.

heheha on

Ciara is baby mama #3 now, what ashame. Talk about poor role model. Kim looks fake and fugly in the face. Lala looks likes someone’s grandmother. She looks old in the face.

hs on

Why is the talented Ciara being over shadowed on her own baby shower by Kim Kardashian? The only reason KK is famous is because magazines contently force her down our throats. People should start taking a poles on who their readers would like to see more and less of.

hs on

Great job overshadowing the mother to be with someone no one cares about. People should have a pile taken each week to see who readers want to hear about.

hs on

P.S. I see the typos.

Wop on

@krazy don’t be a bitter bitch she’s fiancé #1 hoe.

erica2 on

@sacre please don’t forget about the cheap hair extensions…I don’t think their friendship is sincere they just go to these events to be seen….does Kim ever spend time with her child she goes from one event to the next looking like a pig in a blanket

Penelope on

I’m not a Kim Kardashian hater by any stretch. I think its a waste of time and antifeminist. I do think that Ciara and Lala look lovely in the pics above. I’m interested in why are view of beauty is chiseled cheekbones when lovely plump(er) cheeks is the ultimate mark of youth. You can’t get that subcutaneous fat back folks.

Angelina on

Where is north when mom is out and about each day? Most moms pull a 24 hour shift. It is called parenting. Glad i did not miss my childrens’ first milestones!

erica2 on

Future is no catch and anyone that thinks so is a damn fool! The least he could do is give ciara a ring and a title as a consolation prize for being the biggest dummy and putting up with 3-4 or however many baby mama’s/hoes he has digging in his pockets every month for the next 18 years I don’t think anyone would fight ciara over a man with that much trifflin baggage…the baby mama’s got what they want $ ciara can have what’s leftover after the chickens come home to roost

Linda on

Well hey…..let’s give Angelina a “mother of the year” badge and call it a damn day!

Mr G. on

Why anyone would want to hang out with tramp Kim Kartrashian is beyond me. She will only damage your reputation by association.

librababe on

They all look beautiful in those photos (yes, even Kim =/ ). I like Ciara’s hair.

Rhonda on

I agree with librababe. All three women look nice in the photo.

Anonymous on

who cares

Meow on

I have concluded the Kardashians own People Magazine.

Ann on

Kim can’t even attend a baby shower without wearing some tacky outfit which makes her look chubby…..

Jane on

BFF? Are we 14 yrs. old and in high school? Oh wait…maybe if the Kardashians are involved. Would say sorry, but I’m not. Just sick to death of these people and how important they think they are.

Kristina Pauley on

Duck facing? Really?

DJ on

Why is everything we read about plastered with pics of KK!!! Why did Ciara mention KK in the same breathe & actually pose with her? Bad choice…

Summer on

Kim can’t even take pics at a baby shower without making her duck face and “I’m so sexy” face. Sad. Can’t she smile at her alleged bff’s baby shower?

Lola on

I always love the pics of Kim K that AREN’T photoshopped. Such a difference between this pic and the ones she posts of herself that look like she is 20 lbs. lighter.

Marcia on

KK is always posing even when it’s not about her. What a narcissist.

Nunyaz on

Look at Kim, she can’t even smile.

Sunny on

Ciara looks beautiful in her pregnancy and Lala looks very nice also. Kim K looks like she’s had a lot of plastic surgery. Her face does not look natural like these ladies. Or maybe it’s her makeup.

Michelle on

For a moment I thought Ciara was Lauren Conrad. I thought she got spray tanned.

Dina on

What’s the deal with the whole bunch of animals going to the shower??? hahahahah Who’s Kim, the monkey??

Sherron on

The other women look so beautiful and are dressed so beautifully. And Kim as usual looks like crap!!

Debra on

Does anyone notice Kim imposters Victoria Beckhams style of not smiling and fakeness. Both look and are arrogant

Leigh on

LMAO at Lala’s legs in the last pic!

Tay on

Nice pictures, they all looked nice.

BG on

Wow, love Ciara’s dress. She looks very pretty and still so slim. Gorgeous mother to be!

sonya on

What does Ciara find appealing about a guy who already has 3 children by 3 different women? Why would you even want to become intimate with this guy? She is #4, do you honestly believe he will treat you any different?

She’s talented, pretty and could do so much better.

HOTNX50 on

Has Kim K always had a cleft chin (that I’ve never noticed before)? Or did she acquire one recently via the scalpel?

claireadele on

who cares, a kartrashian goes to a baby shower! what about the plane missing!!! oh, no kartrashian or west on flight

dd on

all yall some hating bitches

Naomi on

For some reason, it seems like Ciara has been pregnant forever! Anyhow, being pregnant suits her; she’s glowing! I wish her and the baby all the best. I predict that Future is going to turn out to be another trifling “babydaddy,” just like he is for his 3 previous “babymamas.” But thankfully, Ciara has enough $$ to provide a good life for her child without him.

Boss taylor on

I love that ciara and future are having a baby …. Its really the happest thing that happen …. Good luck keeping up with your pretty baby ciara love you im a big fan i can dancen just like you kiss kiss out to both of yall …