Kristin Cavallari: Jay Cutler Is ‘Weirded Out’ By Pregnancy Sex

03/21/2014 at 07:45 PM ET

Kristin Cavallari Fit Pregnancy
Courtesy Fit Pregnancy

Jay Cutler just isn’t a fan of company between the sheets.

While the Chicago Bears quarterback has no problem performing in front of thousands on the field, when it comes to getting intimate with his wife, Kristin Cavallari, Cutler prefers to do it without an audience — including the couple’s baby on the way.

“Sex is funny when you’re pregnant. Guys get weird about it,” Cavallari tells Fit Pregnancy‘s April/May issue.

“I’m like, ‘Oh Jay, the baby’s kicking!’ And he’s like, not wanting to know about it.”

The mom-to-be, who’s expecting their second son in May, adds that it’s “important for women to realize — if your guy is a little weirded out but isn’t good at expressing that, it can be isolating.”

Communication is key, but Cavallari says sexy underthings can’t hurt either. “Lingerie always helps too,” she jokes.

But the fashion designer insists keeping the spark alive isn’t just centered around sex. “It’s important to make time for the relationship. Lighting a candle and taking a bath together is great — it doesn’t even have to be in a sexual way, just getting in the bath and talking,” she says.

“Jay and I have date nights too, going out for dinner. It’s not as often as we’d like, but we do our best. Just putting a cute outfit on is a thrill for me.”

Cavallari, 27, and Cutler, 30, are already parents to 19-month-old son Camden Jack, and the former reality star is thrilled to be raising a family in her younger years.

“It’s cute to see Jay as such a great dad! We’re excited to do this while we’re young,” she explains. “Then when the kids go to college, we can travel and do whatever we want.”

For now, Cavallari is concentrating on the upcoming birth, which she plans on being better prepared for after a few mishaps during her first visit to the maternity ward.

“With Camden I got to the hospital when I was four-and-a-half centimeters dilated — I thought I was dying. We were living in the city, two seconds from the hospital, and now we’re an hour away. So I know the second I feel contractions, we’re going!” she says.

As for her stash of snacks she plans to bring along? After her attempt to keep up her healthy habits during her previous hospital stay, the expectant mom jokes she won’t make the same mistake twice.

“The first time, I brought kale chips with me, which is the last thing you want when you just had a baby. We ended up getting steaks,” Cavallari recalls. “I need better snacks this time. What was I thinking? Bring on the fat, please!”

Kristin Cavallari Fit Pregnancy
Courtesy Fit Pregnancy

And while she’s nervous about parenting two under two, Cavallari relishes in her role — and is enjoying the easy aspects of motherhood while she still can.

“My husband tells me I was born to have babies because it comes so naturally to me,” she shares. “I think I’m a good mom in the sense that I’m loving and nurturing, but I also set boundaries.”

She adds, “The hard parenting comes later when we deal with real-life issues. Banging on pots and pans is going to be the least of our worries.”

The mom-of-two speaks from experience, after starring in the teenage drama, Laguna Beach. But, despite shooting to stardom after the show, a second round of reality TV just isn’t in the cards for Cavallari.

“We get reality show offers all the time and we’re like, ‘No,’ ” she says. “Family is so sacred, why mess with that?”

— Anya Leon

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boomingontion on


Melissa on

You know what should weird out a husband? A wife who is ignorant about vaccines!!!!

Kat on

I’m weirded out by her son spreading whooping cough and measles all over the place.

Chet on

wow, she’ll do anything to stay relevant.

Kando on

My husband thought I was sexy pregnant and was not weirded out at all. Not all men’s preferences are alike, but Cutler comes of as a douche in the first place….good luck with that. Hopefully we won’t be reading about him clubbing and cheating…wouldn’t be surprised though.

Anonymous on

Agreed Melissa and Kat!!!!!

Marcia on

Brain bleach, stat.

Ali on

I’m weirded out by the ignorance of people thinking unvaccinated kids are spreading illnesses. Kids get vaccinated for whooping cough and other illnesses and still get them.

Miranda on

Preach on Kat & Melissa!!! AMEN!! I’m a nurse & i can for sure tell you all that it is more dangerous to not have your kids vaccinated.

Kat on

That is one piece of info the public could have done without. Embarassing, to say the least.

Silence on

TMI!!!!!! Whatever happened to a couple’s sex life, intimate moments between them being sacred??? Private! Please stop sharing, it’s weird.

Carol on

I’m sure he really appreciates his wife sharing that. Learn the lines little girl, and don’t cross them.

Maureen on

Don’t you have any boundaries? Class? Isn’t there anything that is private with people in Hollywood? How proud your parents must be of you to divulge such a private part of your life all over the news. Yuck….

Lisa on

TMI…isn’t anything sacred anymore in marriage today? Really?

Carolyn on

Just gross. Who wants to hear about their sex life? And not vaccinating your children is ignorant.

FLH on

But it’s normal to talk about your sex life to millions of strangers?

Anonymous on

This girl just needs to keep quiet.

Tamara on

Wow every time she opens her mouth she looks more and more stupid. Who wants to talk about the baby when you’re doing it??? What a moron! Too bad she isn’t the one who isn’t vaccinated instead of the poor kids.

ivy on

I’m sure her parent’s were excited to read this article….said no parent ever

katie on

I wish I wasn’t so curious about what idiotic things these two are thinking.

Guest on

omg…ENOUGH of this nobody kunt! Report on a real celebrity, please!

Guest on

Ali – I’m weirded out by YOUR ignorance that you actually believe that unvaccinated children do not pose a risk to infants, the elderly, and people who cannot be vaccinated due to auto-immune disorders! You’re not the brightest bulb in the box now, are you??

Chweener on

Oh Jesus, Mary and Joseph! You are out of your fricken mind if you think people really give a shiot about what your sex life is like while pregnant. I doubt the world became richer because of it. Way to try and stay relevant you idiot.

Tess on

TMI, nothing else to talk about?

guest on

Probably because it means sex with a woman (Go Pack!)

But seriously, this woman needs to stop opening her mouth.

Shery Sullivan on

It’s funny to hear Jay is nervous about a baby kicking when he’s in a lot tougher situations on NFL Sundays. Your top is so cute Kristen. Best of luck with 2 cute boys under the age of 2. Fun, fun. Go Bears!

Shery Sullivan on

I thought these comments were reviewed by People before posting. Everything I read is so rude.

Ale on

Do we have to know about this?

chloe on

Who let this happen?

Jennifer on

Completely classless!

Lala on

Kristen Cavallari, go away!

LiLa on

And now I’m weirded out.

janeaustenrocks on

I wish she’d have acknowledged that it’s just as isolating for men whose female partners have issues with having sex during pregnancy.

janeaustenrocks on

It’s like 1942 in here with all people getting weirded out by OMIGOD pregnancy sex!

Pam on

I’m weirded out by unvaccinated kids.

JJ on

Good Lord, SHUT UP!!

Amaryllis on

Maybe she should stop having kids then. It will make Jay happy and it will make the general population happy that she isn’t producing any more little unvaccinated germ spreaders.

Nalietty on

And she felt the need to share this…. because?

Advertise your husband like that, someone might read it and would want to help him out while you deliver babies..

Discretion, married women. Keep your marriage stuff private.

Bernadette on

“Then when the kids go to college, we can travel and do whatever we want.” Until then….

Bernadette on

“ reserves the right to remove comments at their discretion.” Especially when you call them out on something.

TBD5454 on

She is famous for being pregnant. What a sad commentary on her life.

Oh please on

Why do so many women who have babies and breastfeed like to brag and say “I was born to have babies.” Duh you’re a woman. Millions and million of women over thousands and thousands of years have had babies and breastfeed. You women who say that are NOT special.

Pat Brown on

she needs to be quiet! She is so inappropriate!

Sophie on

obviously all her oxygenated blood is going to her baby and not her brain

SarahJane on

Is this 1814 or 2014? I’m sure that the magazine the article was in (Fit Pregnancy) probably asked about sex while pregnant (again, magazine ABOUT being pregnant) and this is what People decided to run.

Who cares if she talks about sex? It’s a topic that is widely discussed. Or is it just “TMI” bc she discussed having it while pregnant (in a magazine about pregnancy.) We as a society need to get rid of the pregnancy taboos.

That being said, she should vaccinate her kids. I think it’s irresponsible not to.

Lane on

She’s not only dumb by risking her child’s and other children’s health in a most dangerous way, she’s also got a big stupid mouth on her. I have a feeling her husband is not totally enamoured of the airhead he married.

wildmountainbelle on

Never will understand why celebrities feel the need to share this info with the world. Shameful.

Kryssy on

Wow, apparently she claims her family life is sacred and won’t participate in a reality series with her family, but will discuss her sex life with a magazine. Did I miss something?

Anonymous on

No need to worry about traveling when the kids are in college, Kristin. Why?

1. You two have 90 IQs and your kids will be in a community college (at best) close to home, and…..

2. You and Jay will be long divorced by the time they are in college.

I’m a PhD family therapist…..the odds are against you.

Beneyi on

Is that seriously all she can talk about: pregnancy and motherhood? Seriously, get a life.

Ivixen on

This girl really needs to understand the concept of TMI. (And yes, I clicked on the article just to say that. The headline was more than enough info.) Just wait until her kids are older and Google THIS. Yikes.

Sunny on

“Family is sacred”…but here, let me tell you about my husband’s weird sex hang up!

kate on

“The fashion designer”… in what world??

Rachael on

Wow, just wow.. There are things in life we don’t need to know about, and this is one of them. Her husband is a wuss on the field and seems even more off the field. Wish them both the best of luck, I’m still trying to figure out what makes this girl newsworthy

Shay on

When I first read the headline I was a little in disbelief. We are truly in the age of oversharing.

Kelly on


Isabel on

Her family’s so sacred yet she still refuses to vaccinate her defenseless children against a myriad of diseases that could kill them? Interesting.

Barbara on

I loved this story. It made me laugh as it brought back memories of when I was pregnant with some of the same issues. I’m glad Kristin is brave enough to come right out and talk about it.

I’m glad Kristin & Jay are finding ways to make each other feel loved & appreciated. 🙂

Nikki on

“I’m like, ‘Oh Jay, the baby’s kicking!’ And he’s like, not wanting to know about it.”…OMG..she says this to him when they are having sex…TMI….WE DONT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THEIR SEX LIFE!!!!…cant believe Jay let her talk about this, he is such a private guy…TMI>>

Kate on

And we care about this why???????????

Glens on

This is the type of stuff that can lead to divorce. Some people would lose trust in their spouse for speaking too much about private matters.

Jeann on

She might not be the brightest, but she’s doing something that needs to be done: acknowledging that yes, women do in fact have sex and like it, pregnant or not. It’s about time we talk about it, rather than keep it “private” or “intimate.”

Sex is natural and if you’re too ashamed to talk about it in a respectable way, then you shouldn’t be doing it. This is 2014, not the 1800s.

NYC on

Anything for a story. Kristin is desperate to be in the mags. Nobody wants to hear about ur nasty personal life. Gross.

Doris on

I think he’s not weirded out, he’s just careful about the pregnancy. Some men are like that.

Shayshay on

Toooo much info!!!

Baby mom on

This marriage will never make it to when their children go to college. This woman is a complete idiot and a gold digger too. She’s laughing all the way to the bank. It’s just a matter of time before Jay gets board with her but then again he’s not so bright either…he married her

jen on

What a stupid story and way too personal to share on this site. I truly believe she is a nothing and will rival Kim K just to keep her face in the news.

Allie on

Of course this is an instance of too much information (to all of those who are questioning it.) Some say that the interviewer might have asked or that this isn’t anywhere between 1814-1924, but so what.

If someone I didn’t know (and yes, chances are she didn’t know this interviewer nor does she know every person reading this article) asked how sex was if I was pregnant I would tell them it’s none of their business or that I don’t really feel comfortable sharing that information.

That’s something that you share with your spouse, no one goes into the middle of a store or a street yelling “Guess what? I am having mediocre pregnancy sex, my husband is really uncomfortable with it!” That is basically what Kristin is doing.

dee on

She is going to act all surprised when that same husband divorces her because she cares more about $$$ then her family

suzy diamond on

Oh PLUEZZZE….TOO much information! Some things SHOULD remain sacred!

Sharon on

If they want to talk about their children and husband that is fine, but leave your private life private. there really was no reason to share this information.

Steph on

1st: she is allowed to choose not to pump chemicals into her child despite public or professional opinion. If you are worried about it, get your child vaccinated and then you don’t need to anymore.

2nd: she was on two hit television shows, married to a professional football player, and has and is hosting more TV shows, she is more relevant than half the other celebrities I see on here.

I enjoy hearing from her so I clicked the link, I don’t care about Johnny Weir so I didn’t read that story, see how it works?

Mary on

Just don’t like Kristin Cavallari. Still looking for her 15 minutes of fame. Go away Kristin~

Lacey on

Who? Tmi agreed.

kai on

Steph, you can only vaccinate children at certain ages. By not having her children vaccinated she is exposing those who cannot be fully vaccinated yet , or even those who have a compromised immune system and can’t be vaccinated at all. Vaccinations are a public health issue, her choice effects more than herself and her family.

Guest on

I’m weirded out by why she is even relevant

Lisa on

I’m sure your husband appreciates you sharing secrets from the bedroom.

Amy on

This chick needs to shut up.

Lighten up freaks on

The readers of this mag must be the most ignorant sheep around… Not only do you respond like there is some major faux pas here but you have such passion in your message it’s as if youre all inbred…


As for sex… The interview and publisher of the ORIGINAL piece – well this was relevant for that preg fit article. People regurgitates ! Get it and realize and don’t be so offended!!!

As for vaccines, I bet y’all who follow like sheep probably feed you children sugar and non organic foods laced in Chemicals/ pesticides/ hormones and probably don’t stop for ten minutes to think about it.

The ? Isn’t to vaccinate or not as too.. Humm why don’t some people feel comfortable with this??? Is there a safety concern??? Let’s address it then! It’s 2014 no need to allow greedy pharmaceutical companies to lead the way to better health! How about parents leading instead of following!’n

aja1223 on

My husband was also not a big pregnancy fan as far as sexual attraction. I know it sounds mean, but everyone is entitled to their preferences- he said I just didn’t look like myself and looked uncomfortable (I wasn’t, but I was huge so maybe it seemed like I was!). So I understand K&J here completely.

I think she sounds like a good mom (yes, even with the vaccine thing) who is obviously taking parenting seriously. She’s come a long way from high school, but who hasn’t? Best of luck to their family.

kfc on

How gauche to even talk about this. TMI to the 10th power.

Mandy on

My husband thought I was sexy while I was pregnant, but I did get put on bedrest at 32 weeks which meant no sex until after baby came. Anytime I complained about feeling fat, my husband told me I was beautiful.

Guest on

Hate to tell you Kristin but not all guys are weirded out during pregnancy sex! Nobody needed to know about you & your idiot husband’s sex life! TMI!

Kat on

Um…shut up?!?

Meia on

Wow! This girl has vomit of the mouth! She needs to stop trying to convince everyone she is happy. Usually people that have to do that aren’t. If your happy you don’t have to scream it all the time. Its pretty clear her husband is an egotistical jerk, and this is not the life he wanted. And she is trying her hardest to convince everyone, including herself that they are “happy” and that he “loves” her. Sad.

ashleigh on

I had no clue she decided not to vaccinate her children. I praise her for that though. While my son is vaccinated, he is only because we don’t know any better to research. I personally wish I could go back and have him un-vaccinated. We all know natural is the way to do and I am not sure that something made in a lab is the best for our children these days.

Susan on

Amen Melissa and Kat!!! Our whole family caught whooping cough from a teacher in my son’s 6th grade class… he was due for his booster in 3 months and no one at that time had ever talked to my husband or I about adult boosters. To call it a cough does it no justice… this is a horrible, horrible disease! I broke a rib and tore a muscle in my shoulder from coughing. There is nothing that will help once you have it. I can’t imagine how devastating it would be on a toddler or an infants little body. She really should do more research.

Anonymous on

How about the part where you vaccinate your child?

Susan on

Yes Ali, vaccinated kids can still get it but it will be far less severe… My son’s whooping cough was the least severe of the 3 of us because he still had a bit of coverage left… he still spent a week puking up his guts every night because of coughing… I did it for 3 weeks. I coughed for nearly 4 MONTHS. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy and once you have it, there is no stopping it.

Sarandanhag on

LOSER! You better get back to taking care of your son before he gets whooping cough.

Stacy on

OK so the title was very clear, if u didn’t want to read it u should have moved on. What’s the point of taking your nosy little selves reading the article. Then.bashing here you’d think the poor girl commited murder. U people r just so sad and hateful.

Shawn on

Why oh why do magazines print these idiotic article from people who are clearly just plain stupid? And she’s a star of what?? A fake show?

Kris on

Desperate much? Unreal.

TMI you former coke whhhhorrrrr

jessie on

She is giving marriage advice? Now she is an expert on marriage and vaccines at age27!?! She’s WEIRD!!!

Sylvia Tarvers Weston on

Does anyone really care about those two?

Natasha on

@Melissa and Kat…don’t bring your unvaccinated kids around my baby then since he is more than likely to catch it from them as opposed to vaccinated kids.

rightintheparenthood on

I’m sure it’s not because you’re pregnant. The way you’ve been running your mouth like Jenny McCarthy Jr. has him rethinking a lot of his choices lately

Lisa on

Why would anyone even disclose something so personal??? TMI!

talkinangel on

T.M.I x 100

Ayla on

I’m really surprised of all of you. Get a grip. I’m European and here is sex a NORMAL topic. It’s not something you should be ashamed of. You should be able to talk about it in a normal manner. I don’t like that you all keep on saying that sex is something “private” “not normal”… It’s not a taboo, I think everyone should be able to say what they want…

And she didn’t talk too much about it. I found it okay, she didn’t slip too much information….And it’s a fact that many guys are weirded out by it. You see it in many movies – comedies, actually coming from the US. No wonder why Europe thinks American people are prude :).

And i think the article got edited, so don’t make a fuss about it. I honestly had to laugh about those comments of the most of you. And most of them were utterly rude. You should moderate this forum, PEOPLE!

And about the vaccination thing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Even if I disagree, it’s their choice. They are adults and responsible for their own decisions. It’s 2014. Come on, it’s not your choice.

cyn on

Who is she??

Dee on

Okay, every time I go on a website like this I see awkward quotes from this twit.

You’re pregnant, got it. You’re not terribly bright, got it. Perhaps you should keep your mouth shut and websites should quit covering your inane rambling.

Em13 on

TMI. But it’s nice to see how motherhood really changed her, just like it did for Snooki.

Smithy on

He should be more weirded out by his wife speaking about this publicly. She needs to go away.

Lk on

Funny she says this and yet he’s the reason why she’s still relevant.

Please stop giving her any forum, she just sounds silly.

Awwshucks on


Guest on

So needly to be in the news. So sooo needy. Bet you’re glad that’s out there, Jay.

AO on

I miss the days when People had human interest stories and relevant stories of celebrities. GROSS!!!

stephanie on

it’s so stupid that she won’t vaccinate i hope she plans on home schooling her kids because they won’t be able to attend public school or a private school. I defintley don’t want her kids around my kids. She setting her self up for her kids to get diseases and doesn’t give a damn that she’s putting them in danger, I don’t think that some people should be parents and this is a person who shouldn’t even have kids.

MissScarlett on

Too bad morons like this keep reproducing.

Yoyo on

She AND her husband must be incredibly immature then.

Skiiy on

Talking about something so personal is crude and no one wants to hear this. Also, risking other people’s children’s health because you refuse to vaccinate your child s irresponsible and inconsiderate of others. Don’t most schools require vaccination to attend? I know mine do! Looks like she could use a hamburger too.

Yoyo on

He only married her because he didn’t use a condom.

HB on

I wish there was a way to vaccinate her against stupidity….cause she really needs that booster shot!!

Dawn S on

Smart chick! Stay away from putting your family in the reality forum. It IS sacred and seems to die as soon as the cameras roll.

And I totally appreciate that she understands this is the easy part of parenting. When you have a 9 and 17 year old….hand over the vodka please! And escape to People mags.

Looks like she grew up to have a pretty level head.

Regina Pacheco on

And we are “weirded out” by you..

TABgirl on

And I’m weirded out by you telling us your husband is weirded out to have sex with his pregnant wife.

Meg on

She asks “Have you seen what happens to kids who get the vaccine?” Wait till she sees what happens to a child when they get whooping cough …

TMI is right.

Tasha on

For the people that are up in arms that’s she’s talking about her sex life- though I didn’t read all that into her comment about not wanting to know the baby’s moving while they’re together-why did you click on the article, then take time to read it and post a comment?

If it’s TMI for you here’s a novel idea. Don’t read the article. She’s being interviewed and responding to questions. I think everyone is being way too judgemental and really should look at yourself to see why it’s so important to tear down another person.

Susan on

Two morons in a pod.

Anonymous on

This article was not about vaccines. Grow up, people.

Truthseeker on

And we need to know this – WHY?

Anonymous on

I’m sure he’s thrilled that she is talking about his sex life in the press.

Guest on

Baby trapping wh00re.

dudley doright on

melissa and kat made chuckle, they r right….I don’t like Kristin Cavalari but she looks good while pregnant…still slim except just baby bump

BAD fan on

If you all think this is TMI than why did you read it? You knew what the story was about just by reading the title. Nothing but a bunch of little whiny babies on here thinking they are so perfect that they have to bring others down. Tell me some more about how your life is perfect…HA

Ellie on

I have never commented on any article in People Magazine or blogged about any celebrity gossip, in my life. However, this particular story caught my eye. It wasn’t in WHY Jay was weirded out by pregnancy sex…more that how in the world is this woman relevant?

I watched the Red Carpet for the Academy Awards a couple weeks ago and to my surprise, she was on it! I had to turn the station almost immediately because I honestly could not stand listening to her for one more second, I felt like those couple minutes of hearing her talk about absolute nonsense I will never get back.

Long story short. I would really be interested in hearing a conversation with Kristin on why she believes in not vaccinating her children. Now, I believe everyone has the right to make that decision but is she just spewing this information to gain publicity for her new show? I can’t imagine she has too much going on upstairs to actually have a legitimate and educated response.

I am not going to sit here and bash her, I think she is an absolutely adorable pregnant lady but come on people – I find her so uninteresting and ditzy I do not know how or why popular and credible magazines are covering stories on her?!?!

Please don’t get me started on why Kim and Kanye are now on the cover of Vogue. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little thinking about it……..

Jill on

Another D-list celebrity ‘milking’ her pregnancy for exposure 😛 What has she done lately or at all? Oh yeah. She is pregnant. Fascinating stuff.

Deborah on

What a misleading headline! She didn’t say that her husband was weirded out by sex but rather “guys get weird about sex.” The conclusion is then yours which you took and ran with.

Kay on

Way to stay classy People Magazine! I’m no longer shocked by your blatant disregard for any kind of decency whatsoever. You are ranking right up there with Us and TMZ.

Mickey on

I am a little weirded out that she felt the need to share that bit of information. I realize that she is a reality tv personality, in an over-share kinda world, but really didn’t need to know.

Niko on

Why do some of these annoying faux celebs delude themselves into thinking the public is salivating for this kind of info? Nasty. Keep what goes on in your bedroom to yourself. Yuck…

disneymommy75 on

I need sex advice from a 27 year old reality chick whose own hubby doesn’t want to have sex with her? I have a tip for her: When you’re getting intimate with your fella, don’t mention a baby kicking you moron! That’ll kill a bonerr from 50 miles you twit!

Jennifer on

Who cares what her sex life is about! I care that she is exposing her children to diseases that can be prevented through vaccination. Not a good Mom. Good mothers vaccinate their children. She is putting her children at certain risk for getting the diseases and spreading those diseases.

Niko on

I swear, this chick is dumber than Jessica Simpson and Kendra Wilkinson combined. Ugh…

Carol Anne on

If she was a good Mom, she get her kid vaccinated! She and her idiot husband ought to have child neglect/abuse charges brought against them. These idiots just keep procreating. It is scary.

Anonymous on

What a trashbag

Marisa on

TMI. Why do all these baller wives think we care?

Nily on

Kristin felt the need to share this info to the world, oh forgot she was a realty star.

bebe on

On one hand, I think it’s TMI, but on the other hand, I think it might be helpful for other women going through the same thing to know that they aren’t alone.

Mrs. Winkler on

I am saddened and affected by the fact that he is saying “he doesn’t need to know it.”…Why wouldn’t he WANT to know about any milestone or memory of his second unborn child. That is CRAZY and I know you can say everyone is different and different strokes for different folks but COME ON!!! At least keep that to yourself if you do feel that way. A pregnant mother is ALWAYS going to have issues about themselves and have a messed up self-esteem. What a selfish douchebag idiot!

TKout on

This coming from the girl Jay broke up with only ro be trapped into marriage by getting her pregnant. Both of them are losers.

ari on

This girl is a nobody….why is this story in people mag ? Anyone remember what a complete idiot and nasty person she was on Laguna beach?

Tay on

Kristin needs to have her kid vaccinated, so no infectious disease could be spread to any one, the knowledge she knows.

MichaelaQ on

I just wanted to ask you all who are against vaccinations a question, and not one that I hope gets people all up in arms. What do you say about the children who have reactions to vaccines and cannot be vaccinated? I have a friend whose daughter got violently sick with seizures after her vaccinations. My friend finally felt that she had no choice but to stop. She wasn’t against vaccinations, but could not vaccinate her daughter because of reactions. I know this isn’t common, but I wondered if you all would think that was still wrong.

nikki on

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…TMI…I bet Jays team mates will love to tease him about this…psssssssssst..kristin..sometimes its best to keep some things PRIVATE !!!…WE DONT WANNA KNOW !!!

Tay on

Her talk is very inappropriate, no one cares!

Cat on

This sounds like just a excusefor him to cheat….He says to her, “But I cheated because I was weirded out by the pregnancy.”

Ellygra on


Anonymous on

cavallaris says…“It’s cute to see Jay as such a great dad! We’re excited to do this while we’re young,” she explains. “Then when the kids go to college, we can travel and do whatever we want.”…

haha..if your celeb marriage lasts that long!!! you seem to be clueless about that too!

Tay on

TMI! ridiculous

ciabella on

For the love of all decency, can she shut up about her sex life during her pregnancy? It is so wrong and a private matter. What a tacky woman!!!

Not surprised on

I always thought Jay was very weird, this just proves that fact. Hope he is a better father then a QB.

Lisa on

Ugh. Why is this girl even a z-list celebrity? I have never thought she was pretty or talented in any way. And no one wants to hear about sex with her husband. Didn’t she say “family is sacred”? I guess sex with your husband is not. I know I clicked on the article, but I am getting irked by her need to stay in the spotlight so I had to comment.

veronica cervantes on

she’s so boring

derrick crooms on

Im sure jay isnt to worried about sex , he probably has other desert in other cities. if they are that worried about it there is always anal, handjobs and it seems her mouth is working ok.

k on

i hate her, she is is ignorant, spouts nonsense and acts like anyone cares, if i ever ran into her (i also live in Chicago) i would not shake her hand

Anonymous on

She doesn’t have many talents except appeared on reality show.

valeskas on

Too much info.

Anonymous on

Jesus Christ! Everyone is going CRAZY over this article! Who honestly gives a shit?! If you don’t like her, dont’ want to read about her or hear about her then why sit here and read the damn thing?! I’m not even a ‘fan’ I’m just bored at work! It’s a PREGNANCY magazine asking her about her PREGNANCY and how she’s feeling and all that! THEY asked HER. She didn’t write the article and beg to be in it. I think the ONE thing I agree with all of you people going bat shit crazy over this is that she needs to vaccinate her children. But damn. Let the woman live.

Scott S on

Quasi-Celebrity breeders, “already on their 2nd kiddo”, isn’t that sweet? Ugh. Our planet is dying and dummies just keep on breeding. What’s up with the ladies wanting to squeeze out the pups? Let’s chill out on nuevo bambinos eh?