Jennifer Lopez Celebrated Max and Emme’s Birthday with Trampolines

03/21/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Jennifer Lopez‘s adorable twins requested a rainbow birthday party last year, but they chose a bouncier theme to celebrate turning 6 on Feb. 22.

“They’re getting way too big for me. I don’t know what I’m gonna do,” Lopez, 44, said of Max and Emme on Friday’s The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “They had their birthday at a trampoline place. You know, where you just jump on trampolines all day.”

“That wears them out, that’s good,” DeGeneres quipped.

The busy mom — who balances finishing her 10th album with judging American Idol, designing a Kohls collection, shooting a new TV show and, well, always looking fabulous — agreed.

“I loved it. They were asleep by eight o’clock,” Lopez said. “I was like, ‘Woo! Gotta do this every weekend.'”

Jennifer Lopez Celebrated Twins Max and Emme's Birthday Michael Rozman/ Warner Bros.

Lopez also shared photos from the bash, showing the happy family cozily posing with boyfriend Casper Smart, 26. Noticeably absent from the pictures? Son Max’s very trendy flowing locks.

“He had just cut his hair,” Lopez explained. “You know, he was wearing the man bun for a little while.”

As for Emme, Lopez revealed that her daughter is always calling the shots.

“She’s in charge,” Lopez said, laughing. “Like all the women in our family.”

— Michele Corriston

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Melissa on

Nice way to celebrate a birthday!

Cordero on

Trashy horrible woman never takes care of her twins because they are not cute.

BoFAn on

What kind of comment is that? She has her kids with her on the set all the time. Parents work, commute, take trips, etc. Most people are away from their kids 8-10 hours a day. I swear negativity is the number one emotion in this country.

Marky on

I’m no JLO fan, at all, but she’s got her kids so much of the time! They are always doing things together. Just because a person is a celeb, and not your favorite celeb, doesn’t mean they don’t care about their children or spend time with them. There are some who don’t, but frankly, we pretty much know who those celebs are……

JB on

Amen, BoFan and Marky. It kills me that people take the time to look and read the article, then leave a negative critical message, just for the sake of bashing.

JLo is a hardworking mom and a successful woman – some people are jealous, some are haters, but the fact of the matter is that she loves her kids and it could be a hell of a lot worse.

Sandra on

A picture of the kids with their father would have been more appropriate. Marc was at the party, he talked about it in an interview. Silly woman!

MrMonkee on

@ Sandra, the story is about Jen and the kids not Marc and the kids.

Sandra on

@MrMonkey, the story is about the kids’ birthday party and both parents were there.

Kimmy on

Don’t see Mark Anthony with kids, only see JLo and Casey Smart with the kids.

Anonymous on

Sandra- I’m glad to hear that Marc and Jennifer are friendly enough that they can be in the same room together for the sake of the kids. As for why a picture with Marc wasn’t shown, my guess is that since Ellen was interviewing J-Lo (and not Marc) she wanted to show pictures of Jennifer with the kids…and likely none of those (pictures with Jennifer in them) included Marc.

If it were Marc being interviewed, then we’d probably have seen pictures of Marc and the kids sans J-Lo.

Sandra on

@Kimmy, don’t expect to see pictures of Marc with his kids. He is extremely private and protects them from the paps.

rilley on

makes no sense @sandra

She always shows pics of them .Why would he try to protect their privacy when it’s everywhere already.Hell they’re even in a commercial for kids cloths.

Livia on


Tay on

Mark Anthony is a private person, you won’t see him with the kids in the public.

Marie on

@Tay, Marc is classy and private, he never talks about his personal life and keeps his kids away from the press unlike JLo

sue on

I like her. She’s a very talented performer. Just hope she doesn’t get married again. If she did it wouldn’t last. Just stay single and enjoy your boyfriend. And then whoever comes after him.

Anonymous on

J LO’s new boyfriend is too young for her, but its nice he is in the party.