Alyssa Milano Expecting Second Child

03/21/2014 at 04:25 PM ET

Alyssa Milano Pregnant Expecting Second Child Kevin Mazur/Getty

How charming — Alyssa Milano is pregnant!

The Mistresses actress and her husband David Bugliari, 35, are expecting their second child in early fall, PEOPLE confirms.

“We are so happy to share with you that Milo is going to be a big brother!” the mom-to-be, 41, announced on her website Friday.

A friend of Milano’s tells PEOPLE, “They’re both so excited to have another baby.”

After welcoming her now 2½-year-old son in 2011, Milano made it clear she wanted more kids.

“I want to have another child, just because I want Milo to have a sibling and have someone to grow with,” the former child star told PEOPLE in September.

“My brother and I are so close, and I can’t imagine not giving my son that kind of relationship.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Aili Nahas

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Callie on

I’m an only and doing just fine. Congratulations to her 🙂

Melissa27 on

Congrats Alyssa! Wishing you a healthy pleasant pregnancy.

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! So excited for Alyssa and David.

Rad79 on

How fun! I think every child should have a sibling if its possible for the parents to do so. It’s fun growing up with someone.

LoveSamanthaMicelli on

Yay! Doesn’t Jay Mohr feel like an even more loser for making recent weight jokes about her now.

boohoobytch on

Only here too, more than fine – independent, $$, friends and wonderful husband…congrats to her

June on

Congratulations Milano !

lisa on

Yeah, she’s not ripping on only children, she is saying she wants to give her child what she had. We all only know what we know, right? People get defensive so quickly.

Congrats to her! Jay Mohr, you look like an even bigger jerk now lol

lolana on

her face looks scary. And I agree, it’s fine to be an only child. better for the planet too. plenty of siblings despise each other, unfortunately. my son is an only, my niece and nephew are onlies…..

shiny face.

Jennifer on

That is so awesome!!! She is such an amazingly wonderful mother and Milo is just the happiest little boy! So happy for them!

Noneya on

Congrats to the happy family! Wishing her a safe & healthy pregnancy!

Kenant on

Another only here doing just fine as well thank you. She’s way too old to be pregnant. Bigger chance of a down syndrome kid and then her son wont be getting any attention

Mrs LH on

Only child here and I have no problems, thank you very much. It’s better for the Earth and the precious resources not to over-breed.

jlduke55 on

Awe congrats to them! Love the name Milo and can’t wait to see what they name the new baby, also had no idea she’s 41, she looks amazing.

I’m still torn about having another child, I love being able to give my daughter everything I have. I’m scared if I have another I’ll be stressed, tired, and poor, lol, but I love my siblings and would love my daughter to have that relationship as well, so who knows. To each their own:)

Susan on

Shes gorgeous, happy for them!

bonnie roberts on

some comments on here are just so stupid congrats to the couple and by the way its not like she has 19 kids and counting

Nicole on

Congratulations to them! I have a yonger brother and sister and I absolutely adore them. Hopefully Milo will enjoy being a big brother.

Mandy on

I am an only child too & I have always hated it. I was always the center of my parents attention & always wished for a brother or sister, but it just never happened. I have a daughter & will try to give her a sibling, but to each their own.

Mariel on

We should put what seems like a battle of Siblings vs. Onlies to rest. Both have pros and cons. I have two siblings I love, but can’t say growing up with them was always sheer bliss (we’re talking three different personalities here), nor would they say that about me. My son’s an only and seems pretty happy. Different strokes, I guess.

Congrats, Alyssa!

Sadie on

Congrats to them. My mom was 41 when she had me too. Being 30 with a 71 year old mother has it’s challenges. All the best!

Denise on

Wahoo, best wishes.

Mel on

Omg, “only child here and doing just fine” hush it people. My goodness there are so many defensive people walking around crying about the dumbest things. She wants her son to have what she had, it has nothing to do with her not agreeing with an “only child” It’s what she wants for her family.

Winter on

I’m an only child my self I have always hated it because all the attention is on me I can’t wait to have kids lol anyways congrats guys

Amanda_M87 on

That’s great. I think they’ve been wanting a second child for a while now. Congrats.

Sarah on

Congrats, Alyssa and David! 🙂 Best wishes

Sophie Pinkoski on

Ahh yay! Milo’s getting a sibling! So happy for them! She seems like the best mom!

Tara on

I’m surprised more people are not complaining that she is too old to have a child … like they usually do.

chris on


Carrie on

So happy for her!! Another Dodger fan in the making!!!

Tee Tee on

Oh, yea! I love this family!

Lane on

That’s nice! Congrats to them.

Molly on

Alyssa is such a sweet and together gal. She and her hubby made an adorable son and I wish them continued happiness.

Tay on

Congrats to them!

Catca on

So that means that she was pregnant while Jay Mohr made weight jokes about her?

Congrats to Alyssa and David. May you have a healthy and safe pregnancy!

guest on

41 is too old to have kids. I wouldn’t want to be 60 yes old and have an 18 yr old.

sharon on

I just think she’s one of the most beautiful spirits in this world, so glad to hear she’s having baby # 2 and I can’t wait for Mistresses to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

Dianna on


Amanda on

To the person who said 19 kids and counting. . At least they can afford their children and don’t need gov help.. What is it with people these days.. Children are a blessing! Wow.. some comments are so ridiculous. Say Congratulations and move on.

Baby mom on

There are way too many ignorant people posting comments on here.

First of all… 41 is not too old to have a baby!!!

Second of all…why is her age and her decision to have a baby any of anyone’s business?

Third of all while women over 35 have an increased risk of having a child with down syndrome…it doesn’t mean that they will.

5 of my 6 children were born after I was 35, 3 of them while in my 40’s and thanks to God they are all perfect. You people with your negative thoughts really need to think before you write your comments.

Best of luck to Alyssa and her husband! What a blessing…God is Great!!!

Sarah on

You’re “an only and doing *just fine*”? Well give you a BIG COOKIE. Everyone (every ‘only’) that fabricated something to be offended at in this story is a MORON. No point replying to take me to task for name-calling–I stand rock-solid by this assessment of you. She said NOTHING against having an only child, just wants her son to enjoy a sibling, which IS ALREADY ON THE WAY. Says a lot about you that you seem to think she should cater her very happy news to YOUR SUPER-DELICATE SENSIBILITIES!! See above assessment.

A piece of advice: Don’t make a big deal about “doing just fine thank you” (read with nasal, snarky tone) if you’re so hair-trigger defensive that you have to make up something to be offended about. Makes you look not ‘fine.’ Maybe you’re protesting too much? Not as ‘fine, thank you’ as you think being an only, LOL?? XD Leave it to ppl like you to make it all about yourself. But wait, ‘onlies’ like you do that right? XD

Anonymous on

Kenant- Clearly you don’t know any families that have children with special needs. Because if you did, then you’d know that, in most cases, older (and younger!) siblings are hardly ignored!

Also, for what it’s worth, most babies with DS are born to women UNDER 35. 😉

Anyway, congrats to them! Maybe a little girl this time?! 😉

Lili on

What’s up with all the negative comments? You know some people don’t meet the right person at “premium baby making years” it’s not like she’s 50 and still trying… Nothing wrong with her wanting her son to have a brother or sister

Guest on

Alyssa is groovy! Considering that she has been in this business for many years, the gal is normale. Seems that way to all of us. Right? Healthy baby mama, papa and little Milo. Love his name!

sky on

Glad she is having another baby. 41 IS NOT TOO OLD, this is something she has been trying for a long time! Congrats and leave it at that. Keep your close minded opinions to yourself! Life is way too short to think what is the norm in society.

KM on

Much Congrats and Blessings to both of them and little one,

How about many of you say Congrats and keep it moving. The comments on here is ridiculous. It is her body not yours. If she and her husband wanted another baby, then much blessings to them. Why be angry? And who gives a crap how old she is, when it clearly is not a problem for them. Grow up people.

Angie on

Nice that Milo is going have a new sibling!

YG on

Iolana,please try and articulate yourself before commenting. I sure hope that’s not how you educate your children.

YG on

I’d rather a woman have a child at 41 and be mature than at 22 and have everyone else raise it for her…….

Anonymous on

congrats to her and her wonderful family! im also an only child and i had some rough times. i also wanna give my son a sibling too. its ust not in the cards right now… shes such a beautiful person and it sounds like shes a great mom!

guest on

I still believe 41 is too old to have a baby. I wouldn’t want an 18 yrs old and in college at 59-60 yes old. 60 is when people retire from work. I’m 40 now and I wouldn’t want a baby at my age.

Del on

Happy for the family. Now Jay Mohr more look like a joke.

Anonymous on

guest- Then don’t have one! 😉 Also, I don’t know where you got the tidbit about most people retiring at 60. In this economy, you’re lucky if you’re able to retire at 65 (the actual average retirement age), let alone sooner!

Tay on

Don’t know her much, an actress? Congrats.

guest on

@Anonymous, my father retired in in his early 60s and passed away at 65. Most of the people I know who don’t have kids, can retire much sooner.

Ashlynn on

Okay, people saying she is too old to have a baby, GET A GRIP! Obviously she is still able to have a baby. And babies are a blessing, regardless of age.

She is 41. She knows the risks involved with having a baby at her age, I’m sure she would.

There are plenty of people well into their 40’s and even 50’s who foster or adopt newborn children but because they aren’t celebrities we don’t hear about it.

Grow up. My grandfather was 40 & 42 when my mum and aunty were born. He’s 82, almost 83 now.

I am 21 and last year at 20 welcomed my daughter who is now 11 months. I’m over the moon my pop got to meet my daughter being his age. And I even named my daughter after my late grandmother who died at age 53 when my mum was 20. SO fact of the matter is, life is unpredictable but who the hell are you to judge someone when you ARE NOT perfect!

Tay on

People live longer today, age is not that important factor

Donavin on

Stop lying. He’s not 35. He was born in 1981. Do you want to call the FBI?

Alyssafan on

There’s nothing wrong with having a kid in your 40s as long your doctor ensures that your pregnancy will be safe. Some of us didn’t get a chance to find the right guy in our 20s and 30s so we shouldn’t be penalized for wanting kids in our 40s. Plus it depends on your energy level, I know lots of women who are much younger than me who are less physically fit and should not have children. So congrats Alyssa, on finding the right guy and having kids when you were ready! We loved you in Who’s the boss!