Jessica Simpson’s Daughter Maxwell Wears Mommy’s Designs

03/20/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

We’ll never tire of seeing adorable photos of Jessica Simpson‘s little girl Maxwell Drew. (Note: Keep them coming!) So we were especially happy on Tuesday when the designer posted a sweet snapshot of her 22-month-old drawing with chalk in the family driveway.

Even cuter, Maxwell was wearing a neon yellow heart-adorned sweater ($18) from her mom’s girls collection with hot pink pants to complement her tousled and tied up blonde curls.

“Maxi drawing circles in her @jessicasimpsonstyle sweater. I love being able to see her in the brand. It melts my heart!” wrote Simpson to caption the photo.

Jessica Simpson Daughter Maxwell Wearing Shirt from Jessica Simpson GirlsCourtesy Jessica Simpson

Lately, the new mom (son Ace Knute is now 8 months!) has been giving fans a peek at her daughter’s developing style. Not only does Maxwell already own a pair of Dr. Martens floral boots, but she also has a pretty chic pair of sunglasses.

The newly toned star has also added another line to her fashion empire — maternity activewear, which is available exclusively at Motherhood Maternity.

“As a mom, I quickly realized that I need outfits that I can wear all day long and just about anywhere,” shared Simpson.

“What I love most about this collection is that I throw it on for my morning walks and then out to run errands, or grab lunch. I live in my leggings so it was important to me that we design styles that look great on but that are functional, stretchy and comfortable to fit your lifestyle, which in my case involves chasing after two little ones!”

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Ana on

Aww, how cute! She looks just like her mom.

Melissa on

Holy moly, that is one beautiful little girl. Simply adorable!

Maria on

She is such a beautiful little girl and Jessica looks great

Brooklyn on

Adorable little girl!

Karen on

OK before anyone bashes me I like Jessica Simpson and I think her kids are adorable. But, has anyone ever seen those kids smile?

elizabeth on

Her daughter is beatiful!!! I love her little outfit. So, cute and girlie. I like seeing kiddos dressed as kids, like the song let them be little. 🙂 It’s also nice seeing kids outside and playing.

Phyllis on

I bought all my kid’s clothes at Goodwill or garage sales. Really cute onesies and shirts and pants for 50 cents or sometimes as much as $1.99. I don’t pay $18 for a shirt for myself, even. Goodwill is still there, and so is Ross. My dresses are usually $7.99. I would do this even if my net worth were $46 billion (which it wouldn’t be, because I’d give it away). Kids don’t need “nice” clothes because they grow out of them.

Judy on

Maxwell is beautiful.

Alex on

Most beautiful celeb baby ever !!

gg on

She is beautiful. Looks like both of her parents.

Hey on

She is exceptionally beautiful.

Em&Jo on

Beautiful child!

KellyGreen on

To Karen – it’s the age. My 2 year old HATES when I pull out the camera, but he used to love it. He used to love it. Now I have 100 shots of the side of his face or him scowling, LOL!

Nicole on

Such a cute little girl! But I don’t think the plug for JS’ products was necessary. She shouldn’t have to use her kids to”sell” her designs, it’s not like she is exactly hurting in the cash department. JS seems like such a nice person too, it is surprising to me that she would pull a Kate Gosselin type move.

Zoey on

Why shouldn’t she dress her child in designs that she is proud of? Who cares if you wouldn’t pay $18 for a shirt for yourself, does that make you better than me?

Jennifer on

Does anyone else find it ironic that now she is cashing in on a line of maternity workout wear when she was the size of a whale and talked about eating buttered pop tarts while pregnant herself?

Duh on

Kids grow way too need to spend that much money on a shirt..but if you want to..go for it.

Lilyflower on

What a cutie!

Ańon on

I love the idea of Maxwell wearing JSC afterall at some point Maxwell will have the collection.She will inherit.

For the hater Jennifer she learned a lesson on first pregnancy as she noted with her second. She also admitted she is a woman that carries a lotof weight as many celebs and pregnant women do.. I think it is wonderful she now has a maternity line.. Good for who. who better to have a line

Kris on

This kid looks just like the father

sue on

Yes, she’s beautiful. But, if they want their kids protected then why post all the pictures? Even if it’s not a paparazzi picture it’s still out there for the world to see.

Anonymous on

$18 for a sweater is not that expensive. She has tons of money. She is proud that her daughter is wearing clothes from her collection. Her daughter is beautiful!!

melsbookshelf on

To Karen – when my daughter was that age, she decided she hated to have her picture taken and at nearly 3 years, it is still sometimes challenging to get a picture of her smiling, even though she smiles all the time. Sometimes little kids just react negatively to cameras — probably after over a year of having them pulled out at every opportunity they are just sick of seeing them. 🙂

Kathleen on

Did anyone else notice that she just used her daughter as free advertising …?

Rhonda on

What a little cutie pie she is!

Tammy on

Such a cutie!

dustin on

jessica n her family r gorgeous!! what a super role model.. jess really loves being with her kids!! how refreshing….

Jaci on


heather on

Jessica Simpson thanks you People for more free advertising.

Guest on

This is a sweat photo, Maxi looks like she’s trying to draw a picture of the sun. Look at it, then draw a little bit, then look up at it again….sooo cute!

Guest on

Try to judge this woman all you want, haters, but in case you haven’t noticed, this woman is going to live her life, exactly the way she wants, no matter what you think, or say! So your not really accomplishing anything, just sayin, your not stopping anything!

disneymommy75 on

Mom and daughter have the same lazy eye.

trace on

Pretty little girl but is there something wrong with her mouth?

Daisy on

I want her hair (curls and color)! She’s so pretty with those blue eyes and full lips

Dee on

Her kids are ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Personally I couldn’t ever conceive of spending $18 on a top for my 3.5yr old but that’s me. He owns 6 pairs of pants for daycare, one for each day of the week and an extra for daycare and exactly two pairs of sneakers, one pair of winter boots and one pair of rain boots.

I am frugal because he outgrows things so fast. I have clothes that he’s never worn with tags still attached that I ended up gifting to other people. And frankly, I don’t see the need to buy him all that clothes or expensive stuff to go lay around on the floor at daycare and get paint, markers etc. on

He came home today with a huge hole in the front of his jeans…..they cost me $10 at Children’s Place and even then I cringed…

But hey, if you can afford to and want to deck your kids out, go for it. Her money, not mine 🙂

Carrow on

I am such a 90s kid…I still wish her and Nick were still together. I remember first seeing them together on some MTV Christmas special. In my world Max and Ace would be Nick’s!

lakeshore1 on

“…there’s always the tough balancing act we face when dealing with stars who exploit their children one day, and complain about loss of privacy the next.” – Jess Cagle, Editorial Director, People Magazine. So what’s it going to be, People? Are you for celebs exploiting their children for publicity or are you against?

Mia on

She looks like her father.

Ridiculous on

You are sad, Phyllis….and not because you shop at Goodwill or Ross-there is nothing wrong with either of those stores-I shop at both on a regular basis. But to imply everyone else is wrong because they don’t share your shopping habits??? That is just plain ridiculous.

shari on

Both beautiful!!

sally on

We don’t stalk kids, we just stalk the parents instragram!

sally on

disney mom you need to change your name, it isn’t fitting when your comment is so stupid

Marky on

Maxwell is one of the absolutely cutest little girls around! She is adorable, and always seems content and happy; gorgeous hair, as well!

Phyllis, your kids, your choice, as far as what you want them to wear, and where you get it. I bought nice clothes for my oldest because I knew he wasn’t the only one who was going to wear them. His friends, children of a friend who had less money than we did, were just younger than my child, so they were worn by both of them. When they were done with them, the clothes were passed to their cousin, and then to their friends son. No, it wasn’t my job to buy clothes for them, but I was happy to see my child look nice, and all the others as well. There’s more than one way to give, (I have 3 charities I donate to regularly so I do that also).

Why do people think it’s okay to criticize someone else for what they spend on clothes for their child anyway? It’s always something…..

liz on

Maxi is not beautiful kid. She is just average looking kid. Would not made it news if she weren’t
Jessica kid.

Bugsmum on

Sue there is a difference between snapping a pic of your child and choosing to share it with the world and being chased by a bunch of strangers with cameras who are all screaming at you who will then sell photos of your child without your permission.

She is an adorable child.

Ann on

She is a cute little girl……must look more like her dad than mom….

Taylor Girl on

She looks so cute in this photo but the recent Instagram photo her Mother posted of her with her mouth in a very “not becoming” way… drew so many horrible comments about the little girl’s mouth. Oh my….why post an unbecoming photo of your child ? It was horrible to read some of the posts. Maxwell and her little brother are just beautiful. Cute little kids and it looks like Jessica and Eric are really enjoying their babies.

heather on

look at those lips…too cute!

Amanda on

Phyllis, I challenge you go to into Goodwill now and try to find those prices. I do shop at Goodwill, and Once Upon a Child (cosignment store for kids). Goodwill, around here at least, rarely actually offers a good deal. It’s usually very stained and/or worn clothes for $4-5 a piece. Sorry but after coupons and sales I can get brand new clothes from Kohls/Children’s Place/Target for those prices and since I have 4 kids I look for clothes that will last through at least 2 of them. Yes, sometimes I find a great deal at Goodwill, but usually I do not as far as clothing goes.

boohoobytch on

what an adorable baby

dee on


Jamie on

Cute. From the nose down she looks like her mommy but nose up she looks like her daddy. I love the color of the little sweater

sandy on

Wow, daughter is a beyond cute! She should be a model for sure!!!

Jamie on

Connie that was well said cause I donate a lot to goodwill. My clothes are expensive but I will donate them to goodwill in good condition and hope someone else can enjoy them. Jessica has good taste. I love how she matches good bright colors.

Stacey on

Looking at earlier photos of Maxwell compared to now, she may be slipping into autism. Our son had the same pattern. Happy smiley as a baby. Then lost eye contact, tense grin, unhappy.

I am interested in seeing more photos posted of Maxwell in the future. Hopefully it is A-ok, but as a mom who is going through autismland, you see it instantly. She is very pretty though.

stephanie on

Goood Gracious this baby is so precious…

Grace on

Her daughter is simply adorable!

Shawna on

Stacey – that is an absolutely ridiculous and unfounded comment to make! You CANNOT tell if a child is autistic or not based on a picture. You are looking for issues that are not there.

My kids hated getting their pictures taken from 18 months to about 3 years and all the pictures from that time period are non-smiley pictures and I can assure you that all my children do not have autism.

Also my niece is autistic and we have lots of smiley pictures of her from when she was that age so your theory is seriously skewed.

Ashley on

Nah, not seeing it…..then again, I don’t think Jessica is much for looks either. Definitely not the most beautiful celebrity baby, for sure. That honor would go to Sarah Jessica Parker’s little girl, Tabitha—she is stunningly gorgeous ;–)

Mommytoane on

Cute sweater, my daughter wants one now. Realistically $18 for a sweater is not bad for an older child’s clothing. Heck, even Target and Walmart can’t really compete with that price. Maxwell is a stunning little girl, absolutely adorable.

julesparis2013 on

Designer? I doubt seriously that Jessica designs her own line. She pays professional designers to do that. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound bitchy but, c’mon….

Tay on

Doubt she really design it, they only use her name on the line to sell the clothes.

Kate on

Oh wow. What a beautiful kid!