Eric Decker and Jessie James Welcome Daughter Vivianne Rose

03/18/2014 at 11:45 AM ET

Eric Decker Jessie James Welcome Daughter Vivianne Rose Courtesy Jessie James

Hello, New York — and hello, baby!

Newly signed New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker and his wife, country singer Jessie James, welcomed their first child on Tuesday morning, March 18, E! News confirms.

“Jessie went into the hospital yesterday at 3:30 p.m. and at 5:36 a.m. this morning, Vivianne Rose Decker was born, weighing 8 lbs., 2 oz. with a full head of hair!” a rep says, adding baby girl measured 20 inches.

“Both mom and daughter are doing well.”

“What an amazing, life altering experience! A day of extreme intensity that is filled with raw emotion!” Decker posted to his Instagram account. “I am a PROUD husband of such an incredibly tough and loving wife! I am a PROUD daddy to God’s greatest gift on earth, my little princess!”

In September, the Eric & Jessie: Game On reality couple announced they were expecting a baby, later confirming they were thinking pink.

But it didn’t take long for the parents-to-be to decide on a name for their daughter.

“We knew that we wanted this name even before we knew it was a girl,” James, who got sexy with her bump — and Decker — in a GQ spread, said at the time.

— Anya Leon

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Chablis on

Pretty name

Taylor on

Love him! not too crazy about her

Becky on

Congratulations to both Jessie & Eric. love her name.

Tina on

Full makeup, like a certain Kardashian.

Mia on

Wow! She is so tiny to have an 8 pound baby!!

I am sure she is beautiful 🙂

Chloe on

have no idea who she is until her reality show. then still didn’t have a clue who she is…never heard her at all…perhaps its because she is only a u.s. based singer and I’m international

Elaina on

WHO wears that much makeup for childbirth? Talk about vain.

L on

Love the name, classic & beautiful! I wish he would have came home to the Vikings 😦

And what’s wrong with having your hair & makeup done to give birth? Not everyone wants to look a mess when they meet their baby….who cares

Elaina on

…and what newborn wants to be covered in her mother’s lipstick and foundation? Get a grip!

Juli on

Congratulations to Eric and Jessie! What a beautiful name they chose! I’m sure baby Vivi is gorgeous!

Wade on

So is she supposed to wash all her makeup off as soon as she feels her first contraction? Seriously people, why do you care?

Congrats to them! I’m sure she is a beautiful baby!

Anonymous on

i had my hair and makeup done when my first daughter was born (in 2009) because i had plans to go somewhere but ending up having to go to the hospital to deliver a baby two weeks early. not everything is about someone being vain.

D on

Congrats Eric and Jessie!! Love the name! I’m sure she’s beautiful 🙂

Yikes on

I wonder if the baby was born with permanent make-up on her face like her Mom? She wears more make-up than any other celebrity and it looks awful!

Anonymous on

Congratulations to them. I’m not too familiar with who they are, but seem like a sweet couple.

Nice name for the baby! Also – so what if she has her hair and makeup done, I’d want mine too. Don’t want to look back at photo’s and think I look a mess. I want to look nice meeting my baby. Nothing wrong – each to their own, whatever makes you feel comfortable and good.

Taylor on

Aww, what a pretty name!

Natalie on

Oh, I love him! Not a fan of her though, Congrats on the new arrival! Love the name and I’m sure she’s beautiful!

Guest on

I think the picture everyone is assuming is of her giving birth with her makeup and hair done, is just an ultrasound visit to her doctor. When you give birth you generally do not wear your bra or your own clothes, but one of those charming hospital gowns.

KC on

did you ever think maybe she went into labor in the middle of the day, after she had already done her makeup!!! SHE PROBABLY DIDN’T RUSH TO THE HOSPITAL AND THINK TO HERSELF, DAMN I SHOULD WASH MY MAKEUP OFF!!! LOONEY TOON– quit hating jealous girls

ELC on

Very sweet name. Congratulations to mom and pop.

Marky on

Congratulations! Love the name, as well! I don’t watch their show, but they are a cute couple….

Seriously? Did you posters scrub your faces before you went to the hospital to have your baby? My DIL had her baby, jumped into the shower ASAP, washed her hair and put on her makeup quickly while they were checking out the baby in the nursery, then looked like a million bucks when everyone came in, and when pictures were being taken.

I wore full makeup all through labor and delivery every time; what’s the purpose in not looking “as usual”? It’s not some badge of honor to look like crap when you take pics after having a baby, is it?

So funny what some of you find to insult celebs about. I rarely say this, but are you really that envious of the fact they have more money, seem happy, or had a baby…or whatever?

guest on

She went to the hospital in the afternooon, so maybe she had that much makeup on from in the AM when she got ready for the day? I don;t know her or watch the show and maybe she is vain? but maybe she is just a woman who feels huge at the end of her pregnancy and she puts on makeup to feel good?

They seem happy and the baby is welcomed into a happy healthy family. Congrats!

Jen on

Vivianne Rose is a beautiful name, enjoy her!

And, btw, I wore whatever I wanted to while I labored and gave birth. If your hospital/mid-wife doesn’t like it, tough crap, what are they going to do, send you away? Not!

Elaina on

I don’t think the issue is that she’s wearing makeup, it’s that it’s been applied with a paint sprayer. Um jealous of Groucho Marx eyebrows? I don’t think so…

Jennifer on

She is so crass. I tried to watch their show once, and when I saw she gets paid to say things like “he shot his load into me” in front of her mother on her reality show, I lost the little bit of respect I had. I’m sure she will have so many colorful things to say for shock value on their show in regards to pregnancy and labor. Oh well, I won’t be tuning in, and I give them MAX 5 years as a couple.

ML on

Who said that the picture with her hooked up to a machine with her make up on was while she was giving birth?! It could have been a regular doctors appointment and them doing a nonstress test on her or something. People really need to quit jumping to conclussions & judging other people!! Grow up!

Nancy on

Love the name! Vivianne. Thank God its not a whacky name like Jets Demise!

Kass on

Awh, congratulations! That is a couple that is clearly very much in love. May they always be that happy and in love.

Amy on

She posted the picture when she announced that she was in the hospital in L&D. At first I was confused by her not wearing a gown (I’m a labor/delivery nurse) but then I started thinking maybe that’s one of those designer hospital gowns that some of the celebrities wear, like Tori Spelling wore one I think. Based on the hospital pictures she posted and how she was posing and smiling like that, I think she probably was induced. Either her baby was too big for her due date (she said on twitter she’s a little over 37 weeks) and 8 lbs 2 oz is big for 37 weeks or she’s lying about her due date. they’ve been sketchy about it the whole time.

Clown Makeup on

To everyone saying that she can wear makeup to give birth… That’s not the point. The point is that she’s wearing about 10 lbs of makeup! No one cares that she’s wearing makeup, it’s that she looks like she painted it on and she always looks that way. I’m in Denver and this pic was posted when she was induced so yes, she knew she was going to give birth that day and dunked her face into her MAC case. She’s awful, which is plane to see in their reality show. This Bronco fan is happy to see them leave!

kat on

Why are you guys so mean? If she wants to be in hair and makeup, that’s her choice. She’s the one pushing out the baby, if being a little glammed up makes her feel comfortable, so be it! It’s not hurting anyone.

Elsa H. on

Pregnant before wedding. Do the math geniuses. Not a good role model. He’s is so above her

Isabel on

Elsa, if you judge a person’s character solely by whether or not they’re married when they conceive a child, you must be a very, very simple person.

Tay on

Never heard these two people, however love the name Vivianne!

Anonymous on

Elsa- Actually, probably not. The wedding was in June….which happens to be nine months before March. So it sounds like Vivianne may have been a honeymoon baby. 😉

Anyway, congrats to them! As far as the make-up goes, personally, I don’t like it. Nor do I like the fact that she refused to wear a hospital gown like the rest of us. IMO, when you give birth, the focus should be on the precious baby you’re bringing into the world, not how you look! I can guarantee the baby’s not going to care a bit what you look like…and if they have any heart and sense of compassion, nobody else will, either!

GT on

She is so petite for having a baby over 8 Ibs!

lvbastin on

Wonder what they thought childbirth would be like. Millions of women do it every day. Tough? I would imagine she’ll have lots of vulgar things to say on their show and he will just stare at her adoringly.

lifeasahouse on

She did go into the hospital at 3:30 pm so maybe she already had makeup on.

Anonymous on

Okay, she never actually said she was induced. Considering that and the fact that 3:30 p.m. is an odd time for a scheduled induction, I’m inclined to agree with lifeasahouse and others who said she probably went into labor with the makeup already on from earlier in the day!

Aimee on

Congrats! She will be gorgeous like her mommy and daddy!!

Shia on

Face full of makeup in the delivery room? WOW! Most women I know just want something easy (a simple hairstyle for example).

Anonymous on

Congratulations to Eric and Jessie in there baby girl! Good luck in New York we will miss you in Denver!!

c.a. on

Can’t believe I’m commenting on this. If you all use any of the preg calculators online, the due date is very plausible. They got married on June 22nd. If she was ovulating during that time, she could have had a honeymoon baby with a due date of March 14. We don’t know what happened but always best to put the best construction on things!


Same name as Tom Brady’s baby girl Viviann .And Whwn Geseil his wife picked that name everyone said awful name lol ! the people that write coments here are crazy!!!

michelle on

those eyebrows tho!

Jessica Evans on

To all you haters, if you don’t like them, then stop commenting- don’t you have a life, if not find one losers. Also, if you are gonna hate, you could at least spell check before you post your idiotic rants on the internet.