Jason Biggs: My Son Changed Me Overnight

03/17/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Jason Biggs Orange Is the New BlackPaleyfest
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Although he’s only been a father for a little over a month, Jason Biggs can fully appreciate the effect that the birth of his son has had — not just on him, but also on the woman that he loves.

“What I’m learning — and what’s interesting — is that my wife has changed completely, and I’m sure that I have too,” the actor told PEOPLE Friday at the PaleyFest Orange Is the New Black panel in Hollywood.

“She sees it in me, and I see it in her, and we’re stronger now because of it.”

As Biggs and his wife, actress and author Jenny Mollen, approach their six-year anniversary, there is little question that welcoming their son, Sid, into their world had that wonderfully tumultuous effect that no expectant parent can quite grasp until that day comes.

“That change that happens is so tangible. It happens overnight, and it’s the craziest thing,” Biggs, 35, says, before deadpanning, “Otherwise I don’t think I’ve changed, it’s too soon. Ask me again in a couple of years when the kid is milking me, and it’s just horrible, and he’s running around and it’s exhausting.”

While the new parents are learning to live on a smattering of sleep, becoming a dad hasn’t changed the American Pie star completely — he’s still addicted to reality television.

“What I’ve learned from fatherhood is that having a son cannot, did not, change my love for The Bachelor!” Biggs says with a laugh. “I thought that having a son would make me grow up when it came to my TV viewing habits, but I love The Bachelor even more after having a child.”

— Reagan Alexander

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Ris on

He and his wife are despicable people. Read their interviews. Google them. Disgusting!

Becky on

Cute story. .

brady1987 on

Indeed they are, Ris. I’m also astounded he still gets work because he can’t act at all.

Smithy on

This washed up has been and his desperate for attention wife say the most shocking and unfunny things I’ve ever read. It must be hard to have no career.

Marissa on

What’s with the negativity? He’s currently on a hit show, and so is his wife…

I find them quite funny and they seem to have a great, long-lasting marriage and an adorable baby. Cheers to that.

Crystal on

Marissa- Do not try to reason with the bitter mommies on here. It will do you no good. I for one think he and Jenny are hilarious! The fact they have a dog named Teets cracks me up.

Good Luck with fatherhood Jason. You will have many milestones and changes to both yourself and Sid that will change your life. Congrats again!

Smithy on

Marissa and Crystal — you should probably do a little research into the misogynistic controversy this dolt started regarding his oh so sweet tweets to Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s wife Janna and I quote:

“I’d totes dip a pinky toe in Paul Ryan’s wife’s bleached a**hole.”

It goes on, but you get the gist. He promptly deleted. He also calls the women on the Bachelor some very un-pc names.

The dude’s a loser….but you go on with your love. I’m just an angry housewife.

Smithy on

“I bet that girl who has 9 special needs family members lets them play with her big ti*tties every now and then cuz what else right?”

That’s one of the gems he tweeted regarding a recent Bachelor contestant.

He’s a really special guy for sure.

brady1987 on

Marissa, he also writes the most vile things about the Pope and Catholicism on his Twitter.

Marissa on

Yeah, he’s never really bothered me. I mean, I was first introduced to him by watching him screw a pie, so I think it’s well-known that his sense of humor is pretty debased.

I might not agree with everything he says but I generally think he (and Jenny) are hilarious. I follow them both on Instagram.

hs on

Ris, I agree. I doubt anyone would have though the two were funny had they have been having a girl and discussing her vagina.

RK on

I agree with everyone who thinks he and his wife are lame, but that baby is so cute!!

susan on

I don’t know anything recent about him and have never heard of his wife, but I just want to say that his son is adorable!

Karen on

So he’s just pretending to be a jerk on Twitter?

guest on

Posting pictures of your son’s circumcision and wife’s placenta is so classy. Not to mention the highly insensitive tweet about the Bachelor & the Malaysian plane.

Jenna on

Haha @ all these uptight, conservative asswipes calling Jason and his wife “despicable”. Why? Because they speak their minds, and don’t Bible thump? STFU.

S on

Good Lord! Everybody unclench. It’s not that serious. I’ll never understand those who click on a story about a celeb they “hate” just to b*tch. Go, live your life. Be happy, if you can. I guarantee, they are doing the same.

Anonymous on

guest- I see where you’re coming from about the circumcision, but I fail to see what’s so gross about a placenta. I mean, really, how is showing a picture of that any different than showing a picture of your baby with his/her cord stump showing?

Anyway, clearly most of you didn’t take the time to actually read the article. He clearly says that having the baby changed him. Hence, he may just be cleaning up his act! 🙂

starbbycat on

that is the cutest pic – maybe the best of a young baby and a father in a long time – very heart warming. A baby can impact a person profoundly, mine sure did – taught me how to love.

Anais on

His son changed hom overnight? oh he’s not a moron anymore?

Kimberly on

Awwww very adorable!!!

Mika on

Think he will buy his son a prostitute or two for his sixteenth birthday?

Genevieve on

I am very turned off to them after reading her articles about them having a threesome with a hooker and that she was glad to have a miscarriage a few years so she could keep on drinking and doing drugs.

me on

some people need to get the stick out of their butts. people are so uptight now a days. Most of the women ON the bachelor ARE un PC names lady lol have you watched the fame hungry ladies fighting over a man? that in itself is what you should be embarassed about.

Morgan on

Considering the fact both of their “humor” is so intensly juvenile, I’m thinking they and beautiful baby Sid can grow up together. The “shock value” brand of lewd and crude humor stopped being a gas when they reached…well, it never really was funny, IMO.

I really hope they grow up. Would you want to be their child looking back at their humor? It’d be embarrassing. And if the kid grows up and ISN’T embarrassed, I’m guessing he will be hands down THE MOST obnoxious kid…ever.

msgard on

This is a man who has no talent . His mouth is filled with vile words that he probably wants to call himself but he hasnt the courage to hear them. Jason Biggs you are a nonperson, contributes nothing.

Anonymous on

Genevieve- I suggest you read that article again. She was NOT glad she miscarried (nor did she say a word about alcohol or drugs, at least in that article. If she did elsewhere, it was most likely a joke, given her sense of humor). She was freaked out by the pregnancy at first, but when she learned that the baby (or embryo if you prefer that term) was dying and she’d soon miscarried, she collapsed into her husbands arms and they both sobbed. Doesn’t sound like someone who was glad to miscarry to me!

TT on

This guy is a jerk.

Crystal on

Smithy- I have read all of his comments regarding Ann Romney, Janna Ryan, The Bachelor, etc etc…… So what????? He tweeted those things. They were obviously an attempt to be funny. Were they offensive? To a lot of people, yes. However, he did remove them and apologize. He’s not a bad guy in my eyes. Bone headed at times?????? ABSOLUTELY. He doesn’t deserve the horrible things bring said about himself, his WIFE and newborn son. Especially being a first time father trying to enjoy these precious first few months.

Tay on

If you look his tweets, they are ridiculous.

Bill on

I can’t believe this guy still has a career. It just shows that once you are in something that makes a little money (like American Pie), you will still get work no matter how untalented you really are. I wish he and Shia LaBeuf and many other talent-free actors would just disappear. And yet Hollywood somehow keeps rewarding them with movies and shows, and they bring nothing to the table but hideous personalities and boring performances.