Jessica Alba Jokes: I Wish Honor Would Dress Her Age

03/14/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Jessica Alba Nylon magazine cover Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks

Like mother, like daughter?

Sounds like such is the case — at least in the style department — for Jessica Alba and 5½-year-old daughter Honor Marie.

But it’s not necessarily something Alba, 32, is thrilled about. It’s not like she wants her daughter to have poor taste, she just wishes her little one dressed for her age.

“Honor likes wearing heels and dresses,” Alba told PEOPLE Monday at an intimate fête inside the Mondrian Hotel’s Herringbone restaurant in West Hollywood to celebrate her very first Nylon magazine cover. “I’m like, ‘No! [Don’t you want to] climb a tree?'”

The happy-go-lucky founder of The Honest Company has echoed similar statements to PEOPLE in the past: “For sure I see a mini me. I was a tomboy when I was a kid. Honor is like me grown up. It’s so bizarre.”

Apparel does not go to waste in the Alba household, as the mom-of-two is a big fan of letting her 2½-year-old daughter, Haven Garner, get plenty of wear out of Honor’s old wardrobe.

“Honor’s clothes get handed down to Haven,” she says, adding that her older daughter “loves” being a big sister. “That’s the way I was raised, so that’s how it is for my family, too.”

When it comes to her own style, the upcoming Sin City 2 starlet says she’s a fan of tone-on-tone, mixing patterns and bright orange.

One thing she can do without? Excessive wear of thigh-high boots.

“They can get a bit hooker,” she jokes. “I think they can be fine for occasional nights out, but not for every single day.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Anonymous on

Jessica, if you don’t want your daughter wearing heels and dresses, then DON’T LET HER!

Amanda on

Lots of little girls love wearing dresses. My girls love wearing them, in fact in the summer I’ve started mostly buying them rather than the shorts of lots of t-shirts I used to buy. However heels, not happening. They are little girls and they can wear sandals. Heels can wait until they are old enough to understand the damage heels can do to your body.

Melissa on

Not a good idea for little kids to wear heels. They hurt at a young age! Wait for the girls to be about 8 to 12 years old to start wearing high heels.

GammieJo on

Oh goodness, she’s not talking about her daughter wearing baby heels. She’s talking about her daughter dressing up in her clothes and heels. She’s joking around. There’s nothing wrong with a child playing dress up with Mom’s heels.

MaggieTony33 on

Where did she get the dresses and heels? You bought them for her! If you want her to “dress her age” than you need to buy her clothes that are for her age. You can point one finger and your daughter but three more are pointing right back to you.

MJ on

There is nothing wrong with little girls wanting to wear dresses. In selecting clothing it shows the beginning of independent thinking. However, there is no need for heels while her bones in her feet are still growing. Heels can be damaging to the feet at a young age and frankly just don’t look appropriate. As a child I loved dressing up when I could. I also loved playing outside riding bikes and climbing trees. There can be a healthy balance between both.

ann on

Haha all the people thinking she bought her daughter heels are hilarious!!! You ever heard of dress up? LOL LOL.

nelle on

She said NO! Read the article people she is not letting her daughter wear heels.

Anonymous on

Who is the mother and who is the 5 year old?

Dee on

Well, here’s an idea: you’re her mother…you tell her what to wear. If she’s steamrolling you at 5, watch out.

Taylor Girl on

If you want your daughter to dress her age…..don’t buy her inappropriate clothes and shoes.

YOU’RE the Mother.

Missy on

I love little girls in dresses because once they get older they only want to wear jeans. Besides they grow so fast that its fine to wear a dress even when just hanging around. However no heels (unless playing dress up) bring back Mary Janes!!!

Becky on

What is it with parents today? Why are you so afraid to say NO to your children? Heels on these little ones feet, are you kidding me? They are still growing and developing, what are you doing to their poor feet? Have you read what Drs. say about letting them wear them all the time? I want to shake the crap out of some Moms sometimes. Lord have mercy. You can drive me nuts. Tell your child no. It’s not going to kill them.

kat on

Oh god. The judgmental mothers are at it again. She’s saying that when they shop, that’s what her daughter likes and she likes the heels in mommy’s closet. It’s not unusual. I was the same way and my mother did not buy me my own real pair of heels until I was in middle school. Spend a little more time on your reading comprehension and less telling her how to parent her own child.

Anonymous on

This is a total contradiction of what she is saying! ” Honor….don’t you want to climb a tree?” (She wears heels)…Then she says Honor is a Tomboy like she was! So which is it!!! Girlie girl or tomboy! What a freak! She doesn’t even know what she says in her interviews… OR the writer is incompetent !! Ughhh !!

Susan on

Yup, another twit trying to raise a family. In 15 years, “I wish my daughter didn’t do drugs!” And yeah, “the honest” company, go light up another butt there Jess, and try to keep your herpes outbreaks under control. Yikes. You need to fade into the sunset and raise your family.

Shirley on

Jessica, sweetheart, are you saying that your five year old has her own minions that she calls on her own cell phone to go to Neiman Marcus or wherever and buy her heels and grown up dresses? If she doesn’t, then you must be purchasing them for her, grow the “F” up mother and stop with the heels if you REALLY disapprove.

Cesa on

Who is the parent here? On talk shows Jessica Alba appears like she is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I guess she needs her daughter to make decisions for her.

Guest on

Clearly her daughter is playing around in mommy’s closet not wearing her own stuff. I hope the morons commenting below don’t have voting cards…or driver’s licenses…or children…

Rhonda on

My granddaughter is going through the same phase of wanting to wear dresses all the time. We don’t stress out over it. We think that she looks cute and we allow this small enjoyment.

ihatehelicoptermoms on

To all the helicopter mom’s commenting on here…grow up! She’s saying that her daughter WANTS to wear heels and she says NO! I catch my three year old in my closet playing in my heels all the time. It is normal behavior for a little girl.

Jesus, I’m a teacher and you helicopter moms are a nightmare. Let children be children. Let them get cut from sports teams and make their own choices…just correct them when they make the wrong ones. Over protecting your children is actually doing them more harm than good. Focus on your children…not trashing celebrities.

We have a problem with bullying in this country…maybe it’s because we have parents who like to trash other people online and their kids think it’s okay. What’s funny is your the same people that come running to us teachers when your precious snowflake gets in trouble for bullying and you don’t know why. Look at your comment history…There is your answer!

Marky on

What is amazing is that most of you posters who commented negatively on this article either have no reading comprehension ability, or you didn’t even bother to read the article! You can’t wait to insult one of the celeb moms who actually raises her own children, always has them dressed appropriately (pap pics prove that), and takes them to the park, and has a semblance of a normal family.

To Susan…who on earth do you think you are to make such rude, hateful, personal comments about a total stranger?! You “said” way more about yourself than you did Jessica Alba!

There needs to be some moderation on this site; it used to be fun to read about celeb babies, but some of you are just rude for the sake of being rude. You might ask yourselves why, because it has nothing to do with the celebs you are insulting!

GammieJo on

Anonymous, she clearly says her daughter is a mini her how she is now, not how she was as a child. It is amazing how little reading comprehension the vast majority of people commenting in this thread seem to have.

momto4 on

The ones are commenting about how she should tell her no—dress up…did none of you ever play dress up?? Even BOYS have put on heels, for pete’s sake!! Get a grip!

Alisa J. on

Wow! There are some pretty harsh people posting on here. Before you judge, try reading the article with the intent to understand it. It’s very clear to me (based on the article) that she doesn’t allow her daughter to do whatever she wants, and does tell her “no”.

Honestly, can anyone on here say they are a perfect mother? I know I can’t (and with 4, you’d think I’d have it figured out by now). My daughters – a preteen and a toddler- are both obsessed with heels, dresses, makeup, etc…. Do I let them play with these things sometimes? Yes. Is it an every day, or even an every week event? No.

Sometimes I think people are mean just to be mean. Kudos to J. Alba for acknowledging and allowing her child’s independence while still setting boundaries. Also, congrats to those of you who can understand the English language in the written form.


Try being a parent. If you don’t want her to wearing inappropriate clothing don’t let her. She is five and half now and directing to you what she will wear? And we wonder what is wrong with children in today’s world? Epic failure as a parent when you cannot even control your five year old.

Anonymous on

Okay, after reading the comments and reading the article again, I agree that most likely she’s referring to Honor playing dress-up. We also never see Honor wearing heels in public, which further suggests that Jessica isn’t actually buying them for her! 🙂

Mommytoane on

Don’t want your kids wearing heels, don’t buy them. I won’t purchase my 11 yr old heels, because I don’t think little kids need to wear them. She’s fine in cute little ballet flats. Kids never turn out as you wish or expect them to. Mine is a complete girly girl, but I’m the exact opposite as a garage loving tom-boy. I find nothing wrong with how my daughter is, afterall she is her own self. But I still love holding my head high with pride at what a little lady she is turning out to be. Just love them. Let them be who they are. And for heavens sake quit buying little kids heels.

Jen DC on

I don’t know if they changed the header after the raft of amazingly mean and ignorant conversations, but the title clearly says “Alba Jokes.” JOKES. As in, she is not serious.

From the hundreds of pictures we’ve witnessed of little Honor Warren, not once can I recall her wearing “heeled” shoes or inappropriate dresses. Obviously, her mother is referring to her taste in dress up clothes and the little girl’s desire to be a big girl and wear big girls’ styles. Like Mommy.

My own sister, a very girly girl from the beginning, was very much like this. Wanted to put on make-up (limited to lip gloss on special occasions until she was 14). Wanted to wear heels (waited until she was 12 for the lowest heels in the store). Wanted to go out on dates (waited until she was 13 for group “dates”; and until 16 for one-on-one). The desire a child has for something does not indicate a parent’s acquiescence to that desire. You guys need to calm down and, oh yeah, read what was actually said and written.

Becky on

Wow, looks like a lot of people know how to read, but none know how to comprehend what they read.I have a 21 month old walking around now with one heel shoe on..They wear from their Moms shoes..Keep doing a good job Jessica..

dawn norris on

Who buys there 5 yr old kid heels?

Right on

How does she give Honor’s clothes to Haven when she is paid to dress her kids in certain outfits by brands? She is the worst celeb mom at doing this.

Doe on

Sorry if I sound dim, but what is a “helicopter mom?”

Kate on

My friend’s daughter was trying on high heels when she was 2 🙂

Susan on

Gee, does Honor go out and do her own shopping or are you buying it for her? Don’t let it in the house if you don’t want her to wear it! How stupid does this make her sound?

Dina on

Then buy your daughter clothes her age… duh. What a dumb statement, really… >_>

gaby on

do you guys really have to make negative comments? u wouldn’t like it if it was said to you? please let Jessica be.

lola on

Wow!! There are a lot of people here who need to read this story again, and this time PAY ATTENTION!! Your comments do not make any sense if you actually understood what you just read. Comprehension….. it’s a real thing.

Anonymous on

Right- Well, Haven can always wear Honor’s old clothes at home (if the thing about Jessica being paid to put her daughters in certain clothes is even true, that is! I). 😉

Doe- A “helicopter mom” (or dad) is, basically, a parent who barely lets their child so much as breath without being right next to them. In essence, they “hover” over their child like a helicopter, hence the term. 🙂

Jenni on

Some of you people are so quick to judge!!! She does not buy this stuff for them, they wear hers, most little girls do this when young. If you don’t like celebrities or anything they do, stay out of magazines they are in!!! So many bashers in the world!! Try to find happiness for yourself and stop being mean, ignorant a$$holes!!!