Jaime King: Topher Grace Was ‘Amazing’ During My Son’s Delivery

03/14/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Jaime King Godparents Hunters Alley launch Donato Sardella/Getty

Motherhood started off as a labor of love for Jaime King.

With her director husband, Kyle Newman, on location when it was time for the Hart of Dixie star to welcome their son, the actress immediately turned to her good friends: Lana del Rey and her baby boy’s godfather, Topher Grace.

“I was in labor for 26 hours and Topher was my surrogate husband … and [Lana’s] like my sister, one of my best friends,” King, 34, told PEOPLE at the Hunters Alley launch party in Los Angeles on Thursday.

“They were there with me for 26 hours seeing things you would never imagine friends would ever, ever, ever see. We turned it in to a slumber party — they slept on couches and chairs next to my hospital bed.”

And although Grace does not have any children of his own, the former That ’70s Show actor stepped up to the plate when it came time to deliver. “Topher was really amazing. He was like, ‘Okay doctor, what are our options here? What is an epidural? What does it do? What’s the next step?’ ” King says.

King and Newman are now the parents of 5-month-old James Knight, and the new mom is equally as proud of her son’s godmother, Jessica Alba.

“Jessica has always been a symbol of the perfect balance of motherhood and work. She’s so extraordinary and ordinary at the same time,” King explains. “We’ve been friends for such a long time that I knew if I ever needed anything for my son, she would mother my child the way she takes care of her own — and so would Topher.”

With her son continuing to reach major milestones — including rolling over “like a ninja” — King has quickly learned there’s little time to relax with her on-the-go baby boy.

“I realized I can never take my eyes off him. It’s scary and exciting at the same time,” she says. “I’m like, ‘Oh my God, that’s so cool!’ Then, ‘Holy s—, I’m really scared!’ That’s parenting — oh my God, that’s so exciting, but oh my God, I’m terrified.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Matthew Cole Weiss

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Sam on

This article reminds me of when I went into premature labor with my son 2 months early and my best friend came and stayed with me for 12 hours until her own water broke and we had our sons a day apart. She was there even hours after having her son just to console me and help me out.

Anonymous on

That’s sad that her husband had to miss seeing his son come into the world! 😦

jodi on

So her husband wasn’t able to make it for the birth in the 26 hours she was in labor? How unfortunate….

Blankita on

How is she soooo skinny, so soon after baby ?!!

sophie on

i don’t understand why her husband wasn’t there? i work in television and a man i work with recently had to be “on location” while his wife was 8.5 months pregnant… he had his phone glued to him and hopped the first flight when she was in labor. sounds like jamie has great friends. if the birth of your child isn’t important enough to leave work though (granted we don’t know if there were extenuating circumstances) i feel sorry for her and the kid on what else he will miss.

Catca on


You do realize Jamie’s husband is a director, right? If the director leaves, the entire shoot shuts down which is big bucks. This isn’t just someone on the set taking off. Even an actor can have scenes shot around him so he can be with his wife, but you can’t do that with the director. Not being there for the birth will not make him bond any less with his son and he has a lifetime to be with his son. It wasn’t that long ago where the dads waited in the waiting rooms with family and the women had babies on their own and everyone was fine.

Catca on

Folks, her husband is a director, if he leaves the set to be with Jamie, the entire production shuts down. He is the one person on location that you can say that about and for him to leave means huge production costs. This article isn’t meant to be a “beat up on Jamie’s husband story” but rather a celebration of the great friends she has in her life.

Anonymous on

Sophie- On her instagram account, there’s a picture of her husband in the hospital holding the baby shortly after he was born. So I’m guessing that he DID head home as soon as he could, but for whatever reason couldn’t get there until just after the birth (maybe the plane got delayed or something).

Aa on

So what part did her husband participate in? (Other than the obvious)… Or did I miss something? When my son was born- his dad was deployed overseas and when I went into labor- he arrived just before our son was born. What is more important than the birth?

Ris on

Wonder why she picked alba for the godmother but rey to be in the delivery room…

GammieJo on

Missing the birth is not going to impact his ability to be a father. And Aa, you were extremely lucky that your deployed husband was able to get there for your birth, most military women don’t get that luxury.

Goggles~a~Pisano on

I take it, she has God in her life #notsomuch

Third commandment.

(using God’s name in a “vain,” “worthless,” or “empty” . OM- . Really? I’m gather she’s not using it to worship Him).

If it offends God, it offends me.

AnonIA on

How wonderful that she was surrounded in the support of her friends. My husband was deployed when our second son was born and could not come home so I depended on friends’ support as well.

Lonny on

This article doesn’t mention Lana enough. Rude.

Teri on

Guys, do you know how much money it costs to shut down production…and we don’t even know where this guy was located…they could have been shooting anywhere. He is not the first guy that misses the birth of his child.

Unfortunate, yes. A reflection of his commitment to his new born child? Absolutely not. I am sure her husband had Topher and the gang watch over his wife constantly and they are clearly incredibly good friends.

Best of luck and congrats to Jaime, her son and husband. By the way, Jaime looks amazing as she ages!

Don on

@Goggles~a~Pisano How do you even know what offends god? A persons faith isn’t only one way. There is no rule saying if you don’t go to church and worship the lord then you do not believe. Nobody says there is one set rule.

Think its amazing that she had wonderful friends to help her when she needed them. Yes missing the birth of your son is sad but to be honest there are so many more memories & mile stones that will be just as exciting. Till you walk a mile in their shoes how do you know what really happened.

Zeze on

Sorry, I couldn’t hear anything in between the name dropping.