Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Make a Stylish Visit to the Dublin Zoo

03/13/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

We can always count on Beyoncé and Blue Ivy for a cute mommy-and-me moment. And on Tuesday, the singer and her 2-year-old daughter didn’t disappoint.

The bundled-up pair checked out the Dublin Zoo, and of course, Bey posted some adorable photos (including a close-up of a giraffe!) on Instagram to commemorate their visit.

Beyonce Blue Ivy Dublin Zoo Catimini CoatCourtesy Beyoncé; Courtesy Catimini

And after close inspection, we noticed that little Blue was wearing Catimini‘s Labo Silver Padded Coat ($95) with a matching fleece cap, while her mom wore a slouchy knit cap and a black “Mrs. Carter World Tour” bomber jacket.

We’re not sure if Jay-Z tagged along, but the rapper was in town with his wife and daughter for the “Drunk in Love” singer’s Dublin tour stop.

Next up? The family is heading to Germany, Holland, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. Want to see more fun pics from the Carter-Knowles Ireland trip? Check them out below.

— Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Unknown on


Nina on

Well at least B is fully dressed 🙂 Unlike in her videos!! lol

Kiki on

I’m not a fan of Beyonce but I do love seeing pics with her and her daughter. You can tell she really loves and adores her. It brings a smile to my face……I just wish she would stop wearing the jackets with her name on them as if we don’t already know who she is.

Guest on

What a stupid article – your heading should read “See the back of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy in her new jacket at the Zoo!”

Callie on

Seriously, she’s wearing a jacket with her name on it?? Can she be more self-absorbed?

Rhonda on

If she is going to share pictures of her daughter with people then I wish she’d show the baby’s face!

sure on

Really people. A back shot is not really stellar reporting. I mean, that could be me and my kid for all anyone knows. Let’s get it together!

Anonymous on

Oh please just stop ! How is this reporting ! She wants to brag about her kid but does not want to brag about her kid at the same time, make up your frikking mind girlie ! She’s like those immaturies on facebook that non stop post statues like ” oh please pray for us but I dont want to get in details” … You either keep your daughter’s privacy or you don’t. Nothing in between.

claire on

Nice picture…………how informative and who the hell cares!!!!

Ramona on

Why does she always hide the kid’s face… is she ugly like her daddy or something?

Dee on

I usually don’t comment on pics with Beyonce and her daughter but this time I just felt compelled to say….why bother posting all these pics of the backs of your heads?

I get it…sometimes it’s candid but it’s just overdone and frankly annoying now….lol

If you don’t want to share your daughter with the world then don’t…no one will think anything of it. But the numerous back of the head shots…come on already….

beachbum on

I welcome a back of the head shot any day of their baby. How in the world someone as pretty as she is can birth a baby that looks like hers is beyond me. then again maybe she is getting her looks from her dad. yuck

katrina on

everything is a photo op for her lol

Mrs LH on

Not a fan. Beyonce is overrated and frankly, not all that talented. And wearing a “Mrs. Carter world tour” jacket is obnoxious and narcissistic.

Marky on

Rhonda, Beyonce is “damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t”! If she shows her child’s face, posters ridicule Blue’s appearance, claim she’s ugly and start up the whole surrogacy issue, so why open the door for that, as well as “she’ll do anything for attention” BS. If she doesn’t show Blue’s face, you accuse her of being stupid. I’m no Beyonce fan; I don’t own any of her albums, wouldn’t go to one of her shows, but I think she gets a bad rap because she thinks she can share some stuff, but not every moment of her life; that should not be the issue it is with some of you. You would be crushed if someone said the things about your child that you freely say about hers. How sad to think you can be so harsh about a child…..

H on

So ridiculous! Why do we want to see a picture of the back of their heads…nobody cares!!

Tina on

Before I even scrolled down to see the pics, I knew it would be the back of Blue Ivy’s head. But at least we got a front view of the giraffe. Beyoncé should stop insulting is with these bogus pictures. If you don’t want us to see your kid, fine. Don’t post pictures. We’ll be alright.

Tina on

Hey,, what happened to my comment?

Tina on

Good grief. You posted my question but not my comment? Well, here it goes again. I said, before I even scrolled down to the pics, I knew it was going to be a photo of the back of the Blue’s head. Please stop insulting the public with these backshots. If you don’t want people to see your baby, fine. We’ll be alright. But stop with the backshots. At least we got to see the giraffe’s face.

Unknown on

I see all of these post saying “who cares”, well obviously you do because you took the time to click on the article and comment about it. SMH

AmandaC on

Wow – another awesome back of the head shot! Now my day is complete.

guest on

Someone must be very embarrassed to show this kid’s face.

ann on

Ridiculous. That is a picture of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy? That could be just about anybody! All you see is the back of their heads! It’s a shame that she’s embarrassed to show her daughter’s pictures. I agree with all the comments below.

Vanessa on

I’d be embarrassed of Blue Ivy’s face, too…

ELC on

What a bitch Beyoncé is. The kid was an ugly dog when she was born…thankfully, none of these pictures show her face. Too bad we have to look at Beyoncé’s.

slawson on

HaHaHa…B, sure know how to get your goat! Genius!!!

K. on

Everything with her seems so staged.

Anonymous on

Tina- Sometimes comments take a few minutes to appear (I know because I’ve had it happen with some of mine, too!). We just have to be patient. 🙂

Marky- “If she shows her child’s face, posters ridicule Blue’s appearance, claim she’s ugly and start up the whole surrogacy issue, so why open the door for that, as well as “she’ll do anything for attention” BS.” Sadly, I think that is precisely WHY so many people on here want her to show Blue’s face so badly. For some unfathomable reason, they want to pick on an innocent little baby! Really, with adult examples like these, it’s no wonder bullying among kids is at an all-time high these days!

Oh, and for what it’s worth, I think Blue is absolutely adorable! 🙂

Ann on

We just love all the pictures of the BACK of Blue Ivy so thanks for sharing…….YAWN!!!!!

Tay on

Their hats are stylish but nothing else!

Michelle on

Could be anyone! So up herself with the jacket on! Sigh

4u2envyme on

She didn’t not post these pics, paps took these photos and there are frontal photos geez!!!!

cb on

she is so stupid. if you are not going to show the baby’s face, just skip it. we dont care to see the back of her head.

realtalk on

Blue is such a little cutie pie. Beyoncé/Jay z have shown pictures of their daughter’s face so stop the madness that she never photo her face only from the back. I do or would like to know on Blue’s finger, do she have a little knot on it?

Marie on

Overrated family, nice back of the heads

Kido on

Where are their faces? If they want to be stylish at least show the faces!

Anonymous on

dummy u are just a dummy

Key on

Beyoncé is overrated. What is her talent? Taking back shots pictures for world to see.

Terri on

Beyonce posts never fail to elicit a round of nasty comments…smh