Susan Sarandon: Why I Won’t Be Called ‘Grandma’

03/11/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Susan Sarandon Grandchild Eva Amurri Pregnant Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Susan Sarandon is expecting her first grandchild — but don’t call her Grandma!

Withย Kyle andย Eva Amurri Martinoย expecting a babya girl! — the actress seems to have settled on a new name for herself.

“I borrowed this name from a very dear friend of mine who’s from the South, and his grandma was ‘Honey,'” Sarandon, 67, told PEOPLE at the Endometriosis Foundation of America‘s 6th Annual Blossom Ball in New York City Friday.

“That’s what I’m experimenting with, and Eva likes it, so we’ll see.”

Sarandon had to get creative when it came to settling on her new moniker.

“I think it’s good because this is [Kyle’s parents’] seventh grandchild, so they’ve established what his parents are called,” she says.

But despite daughter Amurri Martino’s wishes, Sarandon plans on spoiling the family’s newest addition — in fact, she’s already been busy shopping.

“[Both of their birthdays are] this month,” she explains. “So for her birthday and his birthday, they’re getting [a] little crib and changing table.”

— Jeff Nelson

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Caasi on

I have a friend and his grandparents are ‘Lolly and Pop’! I might have to steal that one, one day!

Mommytoane on

Kinda sweet. Growing up my grandpa was Papa and grandma was “Grandma Honey” but not because it sounded cute, but because it was a mashup mistake! lol. My brother throught that was her name, since my grandpa always called her honey. Now days my kids call their grandma Granna. I love it and might steal that someday.

KellyGreen on

I get it. My MIL is Nana and it separates her from my mom, Grandma. It’s nice for my 2-year-old who is really starting to know who everyone in the family is, and they have their own ‘names.’ To each their own!


I wouldn’t care what my granddaughter called me. But I did let her decide, I was Mamaw first and then it evolved into Gramma. Whatever, I just absolutely love being a grandmother!

Dee on

I like ‘Nana’ too. It’s just sweet sounding to me.

Sharon on

I’m Nana and the other grandmother is Meme. I like these. My mom was Nanny to my kids, so I kind of wanted to stay close to that, but still different.

tiarza on

You can start with a name but that baby in the long run will end up calling you what they want to. ….and for the record count yourself lucky you have grandkids and roll with it …..

Jana on

When I was growing up, all my grandparents were Grandma and Grandpa. Then again, they were never in the same room when I was younger due to the distance they live apart. My nephew calls his maternal grandparents Nani and Pappi and his paternal grandparents are Grandma and Grandpa. It helps when we all get together. The only confusion comes when Great Grandma is over as well since we, the adults, call her Grandma. My nephew has taken to actually calling her Great-Grandma .

Gus on

Of course not! She is still SMOKING HOT!

Marge Samuelson on

When my grandchildren call me Grandma it always reminds me of the great love I had for my own Grandma.

Anonymous on

I’m NiNi because my mother is Grandma. We tried a lot of different names; Meme, Oma, NaNa. NiNi fits perfectly and I love to her my 2 year old granddaughter call my name!!

Guest on

What a dillusional piece of trash.

Suffragette on

When my children have children I will be honored to be called “Grandma.” That blessing wins over any vanity in my opinion.

sunniemonnie on

She “borrowed” the name so , she is giving it back ?

halez on

My grandparents were GeGe and Bapa, and Buffy and Mopsy. I love different grandparent names! I think “Honey” is really cute!

Carmen on

seriously? What an ego. GRandparents are grandma and grandpa. Anything less is disconnection. You don’t call parents by first name so why grandparents? It’s an honor to be a grandparent. Sounds like a lot of people scared to get older. Lame.

Mike on

My grandmothers were Gram and MaDear (not to be confused with Madea). Susan Sarandon is smoking hot at 67, I’m sure there are tons of guys who would like to call her “gilf”

Callie on

Sick! She is so self-absorbed. Apparently since she doesn’t have a man in her life to call her sweet honey she needs her grandchild to do it. Stupid name, stupid broad

bkable on

My mom’s aunts refused to let her grandkids call her grandma. She wanted to be called by her name ‘Vi’. My mom and grandma told me that the relationship just wasn’t the same. Now, it might have been because she went by her first name and not something like Honey or Gran or Meme, etc. ORRRRR it might have been because she was the least nurturing person ever and basically the anti-grandma (she didn’t bake with them or do crafts, wouldn’t babysit ever, etc.)

Could be either lol

Didi on

I am YaYa. I don’t care what anyone says . . . I REFUSE a Grammy, Grandma or Me-Maw! Gah!!!! I’m 48, which is like 38 these days, so I am a relatively young GLAM-ma.

Purpleshell on

Not wanting to be called Grandma has nothing what so ever to do with ego/vanity. It has to do with family and each family is different. I know many grandparents with names other than Grandma and Grandpa and the kids know that they are their grandparents. Kids are not stupid. It is an honor/fun to be a grandparent no matter the name.

Ms Sarandon is looking forward to being a grandmother. She is already spoiling the baby as I did with my Great grandson.

J on

We didn’t think about it really, my mom just was Grandmom and my MIL is Grammy but my son is starting to call them his own words…lol! MIL is upset with this and shouts, “It’s MIMI, call me MIMI!” and he runs from her. She has even taken her annoyance out to addressing him by a different middle name when she sends him holiday cards. I would think she would be happy that he calls her whatever babble he calls her in his baby language. I dont get some people.

J on

LOL! @ Didi. When I think of a Yaya, I picture some tiny, old, white haired, wrinkled Greek grandmom. Not very Glamom in my imagination. ๐Ÿ˜›

Barbara on

My 1st grandchild called me MaMa and her mother Mommy. Her mother was not pleased at all. I had always called myself gramma to her but she heard my son calling me Mom. By age 3 her mother had pretty much made her change what she called me. As a grown woman now she said I am still MaMa in her heart. โค

Rhonda on

Carmen, you are way out of line and old fashioned. Gone are the days that grandparents are called grandma and grandpa. My granddaughter calls me Gran and we are not disconnected in any way. As long as there is respect and love it really shouldn’t matter what a grandparent is called anyway.

Carol Anne on

I must come from a boring family. My grandparents on both sides were just Grandma and Grandpa. (My one Grandpa was dead before I was born though). My little nieces and nephews call my Dad “PawPaw” and my Mom is Grandma. (Was Mamaw until they could say Grandma correctly). Not sure how I would feel about being called “Honey” as a grandparent. Not my kid, so I don’t have a say in it. Like someone said, the kids will eventually come up with their own names for their grandparents! ๐Ÿ™‚

Kfc on

My grandkids call me Mia. So when my daughter and I are together, the kids often call out “Momma-Mia.” Get it.? Cracks me up.

Kaelsma on

You can SAY you want your grandchildren to call you whatever you want. What they actually DO call you is all up to them. My mother thought long and hard about her “grandmother name”. She settled on “Gran”. When my son started to talk, even though she’d been referred to as “Gran” since his birth, he started calling her “Goy”, and then “Goymom” and, eventually, “Grammom”. She was “Grammom” until she died.

linda on

My mom says she is grandma. That is who she is and that is what she wants to be called. She’s 64 and looks 40. My mil refuses to be called anything remotely near grand anything or nana. It’s silly and makes no sense to me. People get caught up in such nonsense. She’ll never be as close to my kids as grandma is. She doesnt have the warmth that a grandmother should.

linda on

I love lolly and Pop. Sounds loving and sweet.

Dee on

I called my grandparents on my mother’s side, granny and gramps. Granny the was no more than 4 and a half feet tall and it suited her. They both loved their ” names”.

Anonymous on

Shame on you, Susan. As a grandmother myself there is absolutely NO GREATER feeling than hearing a precious child call you Grandma. People like you make me sick. It makes you feel old to be referred to as Grandma ( I don’t care what kind of asinine excuse you use for your reasoning… you know it’s your own vanity talking here ). I feel so sorry for this baby and any future children who you ARE a grandma to, whether you like it or not. Get over yourself and accept life and all it’s great cycles for what they are. You’re so shallow and selfish. And quite homely, I might add. Oh …. AND OLD. Puke bag.

Lori Honey on

Our last name is Honey so I am Grandma Honey. I am perfectly ok with GRANDMA if our grandkids pick something else along the way then so be it I wont insist on just “Honey. I love being a grandma!!

Pam K. on

When expecting our first grandchild, I wanted to be Nana but our little grandson started saying Nan and that’s what both grandsons call me now. I melts my heart every time I hear them say it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Maureen on

Its pretty twisted to let your grandchildren call you Mama. Especially against the mothers wishes. If my mother or MIL did that they would not be aroynd until they stopped the nonsense. Honey is a term of endearment from a lover not a grandchild. I think its crazy sounding. When did grandparents start picking out names for themselves?

Meb on

My grandkids call me Grandma and they call their moms mother Nana…then there is Great Grandma…she is called GiGi. I just don’t get the “Honey” thing … to me its a strange one to use, maybe Nana, MeMe, Grammie..I think that maybe its an ego thing with her. Grandchildren are a true gift.

barbarac102 on

I wish I was living near my grand daughter to be called anything! She can’t talk yet but it’s not about you Susan. I would loved to be called Grandma! You can have all the surgery you want, you’re still not 20.

Dana on

I missed where the article explained “why” she won’t be called Grandma.

ME on

I have 2 beautiful grand-daughters and being a Grand-Mother is the absolute best!!, but my girls call me Aubbie. Once in a while they callme Grandma and I answer “yes Grand-daughter” but the name isn’t for vanity. I just wanted a differnet name. Something all my own. I’m only 50 and my oldest tells me “Aubbie you don’t look like a Granmda” to which I reply “you and I are going to grow old together” Some of us just want to have a different spin on the Grandma name. It has nothing to do with not wanting to be a Grandma. I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!

Anonymous on

Really bizarre when grandmothers don’t want to be called that. Some of these stories about grandmothers getting angry about being called grandma break my heart, your grandchildren are a blessing, not an extension of your vanity!

barbarac102 on

I would love to be called grandma or anything! My grand daughter is far from me and it’s not about me. She cant talk yet. I never heard of a grandmother giving the orders on what to be called. How about Vanity?

Robert Veronelli on

Get over yourself! When your a grandparent grow up and deal with your age. ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU. DEAL WITH THE FACT YOUR OLD.

Bethani on

No big deal. The crib & changing table are Sarandon’s boyfriend’s that he just grew out of.

Nicki on

I know a grandma called, “Cookie.” I always thought it was a little sassy and very sweet.

Anonymous on

I have been called Honey by my grandkids for 8 years now, but daughter chose the name because I had written in her baby book that she called me Honey (because her dad did) for 2 years when she as a child.

Nannyto1 on

I wasn’t a fan of being called “Nanny” when I became one at age 46. But it’s grown on me and I love it!! My daughter was going for Granny but granddaughter had her own ideas of what I’d be called… so glad she did ๐Ÿ™‚

Joyce J on

I just don’t get why anyone thinks she is sexy. Her eyes are kind of odd and I don’t think she is particularly good looking at all. She thinks she is still sexy (which I have never thought she was) and dresses like she is in her 30’s or 40’s. And that doesn’t mean she has to dress old, but off the shoulder tops and such are for the young. Look at the cover of AARP magazine this month. Usually the women who don’t want to be called grandma are the ones who don’t think they are old enough to be a grandma.

Guest on

My only son is gay, and adamant about not becoming a parent. It is a blessing, an honor to take on that last role in life of Grandparent, and so it makes me sad that people who won’t be called a Grandma has that miracle of becoming one. I would love that miracle and I am 20 years younger than Susan, I have no hang up about taking on that role. You can call yourself honey, bunny, whatever you want but every year those cards honoring the grandparents, birthdays, etc, are titled GRANDMA and GRANDPA.

huntermarie4 on

My mother forced my kids to call her Nani and I hate it! She is a grandma…granted I made her one at 35 I understand she didn’t want to be grandma but I’m sorry I made you a grandma there in you are grandma

my thoughts on

If he is doing it so the kids can refer to their grandchildren by independent names, it is very sweet, but over-coddling. Why should the other set of parents take that type of hierarchy. That is kind of mean in normal families, where some grandparents might not be living such a glamorous life and might place a very high sentimental value on a shared title.

Gloria Cruz on

We have a Honey too, my oldest starting calling his grandmother (my mother) “Honey” and now three added grandchildren are calling her Honey too!!

Mumzy on

My 2 beautiful grandchildren call me Mumzy. Just hearing them say Mumzy or now that my grandson is older, Mumz is a blessing. Grandchildren are treasures from God.

Lyoness on

I like “Honey’!! It’s cute. On my mom’s side the official gradmother name is “MiMi”. She’s one of 4 sisters, they all are called MiMi by their grandkids/greatgrands. To avoid confusion, the great-aunts are called MiMi Karen, Mimi Linda, MiMi Mary. Love it!

Sharon on

My 3 grandchildren call me Grandmother. I thought
that might be a lot to ask. I love that name tho. My daughter had suggested Grammy. When my oldest
grandson could talk to me, I said which do you like?
Grammy or Grandmother? He said ganmova. It was
the cutest thing. He said it so fast! We all cracked up!
They are all almost all grown up. I love being a grandmother.

Tay on

People don’t like being called Grandma or Grammy because they don’t like sounds being old, simple.

ann on

Give me a break. She IS a grandma whether she likes it or not. Deal with it girl, you should be happy you old protestor.

Jeanine on

My kids call their paternal grandparents “Grandma (last name)” & Papa. My parents are Gpa & Gma. They call their step grandma, Grandma (first name). My grandparents are GGpa & GGma. Papa has always been the grandfathers name on their fathers side. My parents ABSOLUTELY did not want to be called grandma and grandpa….

Marky on

My beautiful mother became a grandmother at 43 (I was 24), and there was absolutely NO hesitation when I asked what she wanted to be called. She chose “Granny” because that’s what the women in her family were always called, and it was considered a position of honor. She was young, young-looking, and very pretty, but “Granny” she was, and never thought it made her seem old. When I became a grandmother at 50, I never thought a thing about being “Grandma”, though most people thought I was no older than 40. Some people just like to use nicknames, and I can understand the desire for 2 different names for the two sets of grandparents. If my mother had not still been living, I would have been “Granny”, I’m sure. We lived in the south for awhile, and “Honey” isn’t really uncommon for grandmothers there.

auds on

Honey.Most people call their little children Honey. I had a sister-in -law called HONEY. Strange she would want to be called that as an older woman.

Shirabee on

I call my grandfather Honey! @mommytoane…exact same story except reverse! my grandfather was ignoring me one day (well my 2 year old self im sure thought that) and when my grandmother said “honey, what do you want for dinner” and he turned, that was it! he’s been honey ever since!

Dara on

When my son was little, he called his Grandma “Mom” and I was “Mommy.” I used to get asked a lot why that didn’t bother me and it was simple, I called her Mom so he did too. It ended up being an issue when he went to school because he would tell his teacher something about “Mom” and they thought he was talking about me. My Mom passed away when he was 6 but he still refers to his beloved Grandma as his “Mom.” I appreciate the close bond they had and it has never bothered me a moment in my life.

Tan on

My Two year old calls my MIL Nanny Bikkie ( because she makes beautfiul biscuits) and my Mum is Nanny Snuggles, because she loves to snuggle her. When I was growing up my Dad’s Mum was Nanna and my Mum’s Grandmother ( her Mum had died before I was born) was called Nanna Down the water, as she lived with her house backing onto a lake. So, I think that whatever works for you, but wait until the kid is born. I also have a friend who has relatives and they call their Grandfather “Sir” LOL

heh on

Our son calls both our fathers Pappa only my dad somehow ended up Poppas
My mil wanted to be called Grammy but our son started calling her Big Grammy and that stuck – she hates it.
I don’t let my mom around my kids so she is nothing.
My neighbor who is like a grandma to him goes by Meme

Anonymous on

My grandparents (all but one of whom, sadly, are now gone) started off as simply grandma/grandpa (first name). Then I went through a phase where I called my grandfathers Papa (first name). For some reason, I got it into my head that “dad” or “daddy” was for dads and “papa” was for grandpas!

Ultimately, though, the name only stuck for my paternal grandfather. My maternal grandfather wound up as gramps.

Devin Gray MD on

You get to choose whatever moniker suits you, but I sincerely hope this isn’t vanity, or fear of getting older.

Maggie on

My grandchildren have always called me Grandmother and I love it.

Lynn on

Always liked Susan until now. Two bad decisions: not being called Grandma or Nana; not giving her daughter a personal birthday present rather than one for the baby.

Shannon Martin on

My children now live in a blended family. They have a Ma, a Grandmother, a nonni, a nonna, a granny, a nanny, a nanna, a dabba, a dabba do,and a yiayia. Their grandfathers are Grandaddy, pappa, goomp, pa, apply, and grandpa. At least we never have to specify which grandparent they are referring to because of a generic one size fits all grandparent name.

sky on

I think Susan Sarandon should wait and see how her grandaughter addresses her and play around with the name, but it all honestly if the name ‘Grandma’ sticks you cannot fight it. Susan is of a ‘Grandmother’ age and should not put a stigma with being called that. it’s all a part of the circle of life! Deal with it you are old.

Angie on

Honey is a good name to call, it sounds good too to call her Nana as long as she likes it.

Bella on

My Niece’s and Nephew’s called my Mom Gama Because one of my Niece’s was deaf and Grandma sounded like Gama to her till she had her tubs put into her ear’s. But they all still called my Mom Gama. No other Grandma has ever been called Gama but my Mom. She was the best Mom anyone would wish for an a great Gama too… Love you Mom miss you everyday..^_^

Jill on

How do we know what her motive is for not wanting to be called Grandma? I think there are a lot of families who just do different things. It sort of evolves. However, I remember my MIL telling me that my son would not call her Grandma, but Granma instead. All things addressed to her would be addressed as such. This was because she felt she was too young to be a Grandma.

I’m not sure why the specific name is so important to people. Ultimately, that was just the tip of the iceberg with her, and now my son calls her nothing, and wouldn’t recognize her on the street.

I don’t see anything wrong with a different name for a grandparent, as long as it is the right motive.

Tay on

Susan has two other kids from Tim Robbins. Do they call her Mama or just call her Honey LOL

DebDreams4U on

I love you Susan! Your the best…my Grandbaby calls me MeMa lol…but here is to the new Honey! 420 Honey!

Christine Starr on

Honey is cute; I agree with whomever below said that Susan Sarandon is still smoking hot! Really, it’s not the name that counts. It’s how good or bad the grandmother is. I can guarantee you Susan Sarandon will spoil them as she should and adore them. I’d rather a grandma named Honey that’s sweet as honey than one named Grandma that’s a wicked witch!!

remington32 on

Your grandmother name is your choice. You just keep correcting until they say it right. After hearing a teenager call her grandmother “gaga” I decided I’d pick my name and wait until the grandchildren can say it. I’m Grandmama.

Judi on

My grandkids call me “Amma”. My son-in-law’s mom is Grandma.

Fred&Ruby on

i am called Bijou and my husband is G-Pa. Our kids called him Papa and he wanted that to continue, but our son-in-law wanted Papa for himself. We’re youngish grandparents and wanted something different. Love our grandbaby girl!!!

Danielle on

Awwww. That’s what my grandchildren call me. That’s what we called our great grandmother.

Hack Chappel on

You are an extremely trashy example of what has gone wrong in this beautiful country ! You were raised Catholic,
and set a lousy example or the youth of our USA, and all
for the mighty $ . Shame on you.

noble shockley on

momey i will see you tommow