Second Child on the Way for Christian Bale

03/08/2014 at 03:30 PM ET

Christian Bale Sibi Blazic Pregnant Expecting Second Child Steve Granitz/Wireimage

There’s another baby on the way for Christian Bale and wife Sibi.

The couple are expecting their second child, PEOPLE has confirmed.

The notoriously private couple, who have been married for 14 years, are already parents to a daughter, who will turn 9 this month.

“It’s all about my girls, my wife and my daughter. I carry a picture of them with me all the time,” Bale, 40, Β said about his two girls in 2009.

Sibi, 43, debuted her baby belly last Sunday on the red carpet atΒ the Academy Awards, where her husband was nominated for Best Actor for American Hustle, which also scored nine other nominations including Best Picture.

Bale’s rep had no comment. E! OnlineΒ was first to report the news.

— Carlos Greer with reporting by Julie Jordan

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Mia on

I knew she looked pregnant – Congrats to them!

Sophia on

Congrats!! They are one of my most favorite celebrity couples.

Anonymous on

Woo hoo! Good for them. Hope they have a boy this time.

bbowens8 on

How about saying Mr. Bales and his wife are expecting their second child. He’s not pregnant.

JJ on

Why does there always have to be people who’s response to a second or third pregnancy is always “hope they have the boy/or girl this time” as opposed to the gender child they already have. I am not even saying this to be snarky just genuinely curious, why? I have noticed similar comments on a lot of the other pregnancy announcement posts too, “oh hope Gwen gets that little girl now/hope Bruce Willis can finally get that son he never got”. Something tells me most people would be perfectly happy with a healthy baby. And if you do get the same gender as your oldest child you will still love them and cherish them just as much. Not everyone has to have an little male heir after daughters in row and not every mom has to have her little princess after sons.

Greetings on

I got the biggest laugh from him at the Oscars last Sunday. They were honoring a woman and it cut to him looking all confused and mouthed “who is that” to Bradly Cooper! I’m happy for them, their a couple that actually takes marriage seriously. Sandra is one lucky woman! I just hope he doesn’t have a bad temper in normal life like he did on the set of Terminator.

Ris on

To anonymous – because most people (myself included) really want to experience both genders so when we hear someone else will we thinks it’s perfect: a daughter & a son πŸ™‚

Dina on

They both are very lucky. He is a great actor, super handsome, and with that voice mmmm and she does not look like a crazy maniac bimbo most actors choose to be with…

any on

Congratulations to the couple and a smooth pregnancy for sibi. they make a lovely couple.

KW on

Lucky woman!

Mari on

HIs daughter’s name is Emmeline, it’s out there in numerous places.

Denise on

Best wishes.

Jen on

His daughter’s name is actually Luca. His former assistant revealed that in a tell all book a couple years back, and it was confirmed a year or so ago when they were seen at Disneyland with his daughter sporting a ‘Happy Birthday Luca’ button on her chest. The press has continually called her Emmeline, but he has never publicly confirmed or denied her name.

As far as this news, we Baleheads kind of figured this out a while ago. Her bump has been showing a little while now. πŸ˜‰

Ron Misenor on

Whoaaaa!!!!!!!! The title of the article really got my attention. I saw him on the Oscars and he didn’t look pregnant at all. It must have been his dark suit.

Don Paul on

Christian Bale, the way it is written you should go down in history. Congrats.

markruck on

“Second child on the way for Christian Bale?”

What a surprise! He didn’t look like he was showing.

Rhonda on

Congratulations! How exciting it must be to be having a baby after 9 years.

Anonymous on

wow…Christian Bale expecting his second child?Your writers really should write grammatically correctThat statement shows what a low class orginazation you are.That also does nothing but demean the lady who is carrying his child.

Catca on

For goodness sakes people. A baby on the way is appropriate for both parents grammatically speaking as it does not refer to the actual carrying of the baby. The article goes on to state the couple are “expecting” a baby together. Also correct. It is not appropriate to say someone’s wife has a baby on the way because BOTH parties are about to become parents.

Anony on

Congrats! πŸ™‚ CB is one of my favorite actors. Great to see a long term marriage in Hollywood.

Ruth on

Christian Bale is a nice guy. He came unexpectedly to a small memorial that was set up by the locals in our small city in Colorado, to pay his respects to the people who were killed in a movie theatre shooting that took place on the opening night of the film he starred in, ‘The Dark Night’. That was very kind of him to do, and it was such an amazing surprise to see a Hollywood celebrity such as himself, take the time out of his life to come to our small city to show his support for such a horrific tragedy as this. Thanks Christian Bale! That was awesome!

slk on

arnold was the first one to expect!!!

Min on

Congrats to them, they are really lovely people. I met them, and they are not at all pretentious or uppity. Just really kind and down to earth. And he is unexpectedly shy!

Marky on

I’ve thought him to be a very good actor since he was a child, and I think they seem to be a lovely couple. Congratulations to them, and hope they have a healthy, happy pregnancy and healthy, happy baby! I wouldn’t blame them for never telling people the mane, because most of you will dislike it anyway. Too many critics these days when it comes to people’s baby names.

Bob on

“Second Child on the Way for Christian Bale”.

How about give his wife some credit already.

Sarah on

They both seem to cherish their family, and I’m very happy for both of them. How special for their daughter to get to be a big sister!

jckfmsincty on

He seems like a very angry guy. But, I’m hoping he is gentle with children.

Dave on

I am always interested when I see the media say, an actor is expecting his first or second child. I was unaware that men could get pregnant.

Anonymous on

Katey- Exactly! The baby is both Sibi’s and Christian’s, therefore s/he is “on the way” for both of them. Same with saying they are “expecting” a baby. That term has more meanings than just being pregnant, as a quick look at any dictionary will tell you!

Jen- Thanks for the info. Interesting that the media still insists on calling her Emmeline despite the “Happy Birthday Luca” button!

Anyway, congrats to them! I wonder why they waited so long before having a second child?

Anonymous on

Okay, Siri was born in 1970 from what I can find, meaning she’s about 44. So I wonder if this was a surprise change of life baby? πŸ™‚

Sarah McKim on

I didn’t know what his daughters name was, but I had thought he had shot down the rumors that her name was Emmeline years ago. I have seen it misreported numerous times online since then. Seeing how private they are with their family life I wasn’t surprised.

Congrats to them!

Anne on

Wow! That was unexpected. I always thought they wouldn’t have more children. It will be great to Emmeline to have a little sibling.

Jen on

@Anon– His wife’s name is Sibi not Siri. And as the article states, she’s 43. She will be 44 in April. I think they have been planning the child for a while as he’s been talking about taking a little bit of a break from movies for months and months.

nakedolotter00 on


merry on

I was wondering for years if they were ever gonna have a second child. Happy for them. They seem like a very nice family, private and decent.

mytruckperry on

I like how it reads hes having child. good trick

Shelby on

Congrats to them.

Is she wearing the same dress as Emma Hemming wore at the Oscars? The sleeves are slightly different. Emma’s didn’t have the tails on the bow like Sibi’s does but other than that, they look like the same dress.

Kestrel on

Agreed. Why do people hope it’s a boy this time? I have 2 boys and people ALWAYS ask if we are going to “try for a girl”. NO. I would’ve been happy with either kind of baby as long as it was healthy but, secretly, I only wanted boys. I hate princessy crap and, no, my boys aren’t the truck, dirt and wrestling type. They’re interesting, smart, funny little people that are well loved and I’m sure the Bales will feel exactly the same.

Anonymous on

Jennifer- I know her name is Sibi. I honestly don’t know why I wrote Siri! As for her age, I should have known she probably wasn’t yet 44, seeing as how we’re only three months into the year. Sometimes even I don’t understand myself! πŸ˜‰

Tay on

Great actor on “The Dark Knight”. Congrats!

tori on

So happy for Christian and Sandy. I love a family man,so sweet that he’s so protective of his wife and daughter! Congrats!

lastre2 on

So sweet!! Love them, and he seems like such a devoted husband. Not that they are in the press all that often, but good for them! Love him as an actor.