Thandie Newton Welcomes Son Booker Jombe

03/05/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

Thandie Newton Welcomes Son Booker Jombe
Jerod Harris/Getty

It’s a boy for Thandie Newton!

The Crash star, 41, and her husband, writer, director and producer Ol Parker, welcomed their third child on Monday, March 3, she announced via Twitter.

“Our baby boy is finally here! Booker Jombe Parker. Born joyously at home yesterday,” Newton wrote Tuesday.

“My [third] home birth with brilliant independent midwife Caroline Flint —  and Carole Goddard at Phoenix Midwives. Keep independent midwifery alive!”

The couple, who wed in 1998, are already parents to daughters Nico, 9, and Ripley, 13. The girls were at the labor of their little brother, who weighed in at 8 lbs., Newton’s rep tells PEOPLE.

“Thandie and the baby are healthy and the family is thrilled,” the rep adds.

Newton and Parker their pregnancy news in September.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Elizabeth Leonard

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Tay on

Congrats to them for finally having a precious boy after two daughters.

Aly on

Geez I feel like some people just draw letters out of a hat to pick a name. WTH is Jombe??

Mrs LH on

Congrats to them!!

Tina on


lilkzimbabwe on

@aly ; get some culture.
I am SO GLAD she didnt give her daughters a horrid bland name like Aly.

JOMBE is probably in tribute to her Zimbabwean african culture as she is zimbabwean from her mother Nyasha. Tthandie’s name is actually Thandiwe. Her mother is Shona princess.

Mariel on

Congrats to them! She’s my kind of celebrity; a classy, solid actress that flies under the radar when it comes to her personal life.

Rhonda on

Congratulations Thandie on the birth of your baby boy!

Jen on

Booker Parker? Really?

Laurie on

I have a cousin who tried a home birthday with her first child & ended up having an emergency c-section. So what does she do when her second baby comes (knowing she had a problem the first time? A home birth! Of course given her history, there was a problem. The baby died (unnecessarily).

Obviously Thandie is a lot smarter than my stupid cousin.

Monica on

@Aly No offense, but you are very rude. Jombe could very well be a name that reflects Thandie’s ethnic background. My aunt’s name is Minh-Fat. Most decent people are respectful of the fact that she has an ethnic name. It definitely was not “picked out of a hat”. Online bullies need to get off their high horses.

Lia on

How much you want to bet that in school that name will be changed to Booger? Why do people do this to their kids?

LC on

@ Monica, “no offense but you are very rude.” There is no way to not be offensive about that. Maybe you should also climb off your high horse.

DD on

@Aly – Jombe is a last name (surname), so I think Monica is right in that it probably reflects Thandie’s ethnic background. Thandie’s mother is from Zimbabwe so perhaps it’s her mother’s maiden name.

Luci on

Awww 🙂

I swear some people in this country are SO ignorant! Please, do some research before posting or, perhaps as they used to say, “if you don’t have anything good to say….”.

Jen on

@ Luci– I find it awfully hypocritical for you to tell others they shouldn’t say anything if they don’t have anything nice to say right after you choose to insult others by namecalling. Hello pot, this is the kettle…

Linda on

booker sounds like a dogs name i mean are theses movie stars alright, with their stupid name games,, a name is important to the child,booker what a joke,

JB on

Booker Parker. That doesn’t flow at all.

Alicia Mattheson on

Jombe? pronounced how? like “bomb”? or “Jumbie”

Oh, these hollywood names! lol!

Stephanie on

Booker is likely for booker t. Washington (just a guess). Jombe is a Zimbabwean surname. Parker is the husbands last name. I think it is best to think outside the box and not immediately put down names that are unfamiliar or non traditional.

jenny on

ha i think the name Booker will always remind me of George Clooney and his wild hair on Roseanne…

Dulce Mae on

Horrid name! Booker? Really with Parker as a last name!? Don’t people know that a name should flow off the tongue? That poor child will be teased mercilessly. Idiot parents thinking of themselves instead of the Child!

Luci on

@Jen I was actually refering to those who had negative things to say about Jombe, which could be related to her culture OR could really just be a name they liked. I then saw your comment…. So, again, they obviously like the name(s) and they could also really be in to historical figures:
Booker T. Washington: Booker Taliaferro Washington (April 5, 1856 – November 14, 1915) was an African-American educator, author, orator, and advisor to presidents of the United States. Between 1890 and 1915, Washington was the dominant leader in the African-American community.

So, I feel perfectly fine making my comment… thanks though.

PackLeader on

@Laurie Sorry to hear about your cousin. My mother died in childbirth with ME at the hospital (found to be incompetence on doctors part). So, there is no guarantee when it comes to these things. That being said, we should remember that throughout history and up until very recently, women did not go to hospital to deliver babies. My grandma had 10 all at home with no problems. Oftentimes the procedures used in hospitals causes complications and are contrary to nature. So at the end of the day, while a doctor’s care is beneficial in many ways & mostly for emergency care, a woman giving birth is a natural process benefited by a qualified, educated midwife.

DS on

I love the name Booker, but I wish she’d gone with Booker Newton, rather than Booker Parker. Perhaps the intention is to use all three names together (Booker Jombe Parker), which flows nicely, rather than just the first and last.

Em on

Yeah, how dare these people?! This is America, everyone should have a cookie cutter Christian/Anglo name! How dare people name their children anything original or unique.

Zed on

@Lia – This family lives in England where “booger” is not a part of the language, so I think he will be okay.

Also, home births are very common in the UK. All practicing midwives have to go to university in order to become fully trained and qualified. British women who experience uneventful pregnancies can go all nine months without seeing a doctor. The majority of prenatal (prepartum) care in the UK is managed by midwives, and they are very involved after baby comes too.

Kat on

Wonderful news! Congratulations to Thandie and the family!!

Jim on

This time around, PLEASE eat more food instead of stopping nursing your baby early because ‘you lost too much weight and couldn’t gain’ That is ridiculous. EAT!!!

Jen on

@Luci– So you basically preach ‘do as I say, not as I do?’ Of course you feel fine saying what you do because they are YOUR opinions. Funny you just don’t think other people should have them a say unless you agree with it. This is a comment section for all of us to voice our opinions whether you like them or not. Go google some more famous people so you can try to feel superior on the internet. Nobody cares where they might’ve gotten the name if at the end of the day we just personally think it sound ridiculous. Just like I think it’s stupid to spell Luci with an i instead of a y, but you still have every right to spell your name however you like.

Mel in STL on

They name all of their kids off of characters on TV…which is bad enough…but Jombe??!! That’s from Pee Wee’s Playhouse…that’s just wrong to do to a human being! I wonder why these celebrities don’t realize these babies are human beings that will have to go through their entire life with these wack names!

blessedwithboys on

Yay for homebirth!

clover on

Never heard of Booker T Washington?

friend on

@Jen. Between you and Luci, you’re looking like a child throwing a tantrum. And I agree with some people needing to think outside of the box instead of assuming someone just picked random letters out of a hat or something. That entire comment sounded ignorant.

K. on

Congrats Thandie.

Jen on

@friend LOL! Okay, mom. How mature you appear now. 😀 😀 😀

retro on

she has the perfect face, that woman.

Ripley is fine, Booker is great, but Nico, no. Not for a girl. short for Nicole? or just masculine form of Nicholas …

Booker was the name of a character on a TV show; Ripley was the name of a character (female) in a famous movie. It wasn’t, however, her first name. Her first name was Ellen.

Seriously, are people completely forgetting Booker T. Washington???? HELLO!

Candy on

Congratulations to the family on the homebirth of their son!

Lauren on

Wow! The negative comments on the mere name of someone else’s child – not yours – is quite ignorant and very indicative of a person(or people) who have no sense of cultural awareness or relevance. Get out of the USA and travel a bit. Learn , discover and be open to other cultures then your own. Maybe then you will see there are other names then Sam, Joe, Aly and Peter. (shaking my head right now).

Frank on

Perhaps we could all be a little less judgemental of other peoples personal choices (re: their childs name) and just congratulate them on the arrival of an obviously much wanted healthy baby

Morgan on

Congrats to them, a boy should be a new adventure. To the gal who thinks home births are pure idiocy, what happened to your cousin is incredibly sad, and the lack of compassion is disturbing. Home birth, hospital birth, complications occur. Having babies is a blessing and a miracle.

RooRoo on

Yeah I agree M with the name — what?? Great to have a boy Y after so many girls O. Sweet K

Linda on

Wow- all you people who are commenting on the baby’s name- Have you never heard of Booker T. Washington?????

Anonymous on

PackLeader- Excellent points! I especially like this part of your comment: “Oftentimes the procedures used in hospitals causes complications and are contrary to nature”. Birth injuries and worse can happen just as easily at a hospital as they can at home, something we often seem to forget.

At the end of the day, when it comes to childbirth, women have to make the decision (after doing their research and educating themselves about the pros and cons of different methods, of course!) that is right for THEM and THEIR baby.

Anyway, congrats to the family!

Hea on

To Mel in STL and the others who don’t understand the name:

There’s a whole world out there. I promise you it’s true. Look into it, learn a bit and then you’ll understand.

joan on

love the name booker. and you never know. Maybe he will go by his initials… B.J.

a nice strong name.

Pal on

Jombe? Horrible name

K.W. on

wasn’t there a Booker on 21 Jump Street? (the t.v. show, not the movie..yes I am old)

cc on

I am so sick of you people and the rude remarks made about the choice of name for this couples child. You have not idea what meaning either name has to them so please research before making STUPID AND RUDE COMMENTS .

Kimberly on

Congrats!!!! Thandie is so pretty!!!!

mg on

congrats to u both!!! best wishes to u and your family 🙂

Crystal on

You white people are so stupid. Obviously, Jombe is an African name paying respects to her roots. Who cares if you don’t like the name or understand it. You guys just stick with your Rebecca’s and Julie’s and let Thandie and her husband name their child whatever they want. Stupid white people.

rachaelmall on

Tay ,

Their daughters aren’t “precious”?

rachaelmall on

Jombe is an African name – meaning bold and strong.

Google, people.

SimplyPut on

Who the heck says “Aly” is a Normal name… It seems incomplete to me

Dina on

Frigging names, and they call themselves “normal people”. Mombo jombo

chicagomum on

didn’t even know she was expecting…congratulations!!!