Sixth Child on the Way for Kelsey Grammer

03/05/2014 at 03:45 PM ET

Kelsey Grammer Expecting Sixth Child
Billy Farrell/BFAnyc/Sipa USA

Kelsey Grammer is going to be a dad for the sixth time.

The former Frasier star is expecting another baby with wife Kayte, PEOPLE has confirmed.

The couple, who wed in 2011, already have a daughter, Faith Evangeline Elisa, 19 months, while Grammer has four other children from previous relationships: Spencer, 30; Greer, 22; Mason, 12; and Jude, 9.

Grammer, 59, and his wife previously miscarried in 2010 and then lost Faith’s twin midway through the pregnancy. Becoming a mom after so much heartache made her daughter’s arrival all the sweeter, Kayte, 32, told PEOPLE in 2012.

“I don’t take it for granted,” she said. “It’s such a miracle and a gift to bring a baby into the world.”

And Grammer, who’s also a grandfather of one, admitted that they were eager to have more kids.

“I think we’ll have at least two more, if not three or four,” Grammer told Access Hollywood Live in 2012. “I think it’s a great way to live a life.”

— K.C. Blumm with reporting by Elizabeth Leonard

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Guest23 on

This guy is a pig, women need to stop procreating with him.

JenA on

I am all about as many kids as you can handle, HOWEVER, this geezer is knocking on 60 HARD. Time to neuter that dog.

Taylor on

Seriously, they look so strange together..more like father and daughter. He should be ashamed of himself. As much as I can’t stand his ex-wife, Camille, what he did to her was disgusting.

Anonymous on

He is a joke!!!

Rhonda on

They look like daughter and father together, but if he makes her happy then more power to them. I just hope that they don’t become another Hollywood statistic and get a divorce in a year or two.

Emry on

he doesnt deserve to have kids, he really truly doesnt.

Anonymous on

neuter the old dog

barbarabarham on

Does he even have anything to do with his 5 other kids?

EMW on

Guess he hasn’t read the latest medical reports regarding men over 45 having children….not a good idea

postathread on

Gross, he is GROSS.

PS on

Bless the child… he or she will need it in light of who the father is. Wondering when this wife will get her dump by text.

Huh? on

A man can’t have a miscarriage, therefore he and his wife didn’t have a miscarriage. His wife had a miscarriage. If she had suffered a heart attack, you wouldn’t say that he had one, too.

Carolyn on

He is a despicable man . It was horrible what he did to Camille and his small children. I used to like and respect him. Jerk

Bettie on

He doesn’t bother with his children that he had with Camille, why bother?

guest on

That woman is not 32

Ris on


karen on

why do good things always happen to bad people?

jon smith on

children with 4 different women is insane…how do they celebrate special occasions and holiday’s? how tasking to reach out to 3 ex-wives to see if all his kids are available. lol

Robert T on

He’s gay isn’t he? Why is he marrying ? It doesn’t seem like he cares for his kids if the rumors are to be believed. He seems petty and arrogant. I bet he makes poor Kayte walk the chalk. I bet she can’t speak or go anywhere without him telling her what to do or say. I feel sorry for her.

He has enough kids on

Top Ten Reasons to Not Create Another Human Being

10. Time, energy, and money saved can be used to help existing people and animals in need, or to support any other worthwhile endeavor.

9. Our restraint means one less person sentenced to life in a world where our quality of life is deteriorating, and where opportunities are dwindling.

8. Our heir non-apparent will leave more room for wildlife and its habitat, saving trees by avoiding the need to build another house.

7. Society will never have to educate, adjudicate, institutionalize, or support our non-born child.

6. Each new person we don’t create means one less car spewing toxic waste and taking parking space.

5. Our recessive genes won’t combine to pass on genetic quirks such as alcoholism, cancer, or the urge to go shopping.

4. We avoid the possibility of our progeny ending up as fodder for cannon or factory.

3. Our non-existent offspring won’t create a plethora of offspring in spite of our admonitions to be responsible.

2. Humanity will never be cursed by our little darling turning out to be more like Hitler than Gandhi.

1. We achieve the equivalent of a lifetime of 100% recycling without lifting a finger.

Robert T on

Is she his beard? I don’t think he likes kids or women. He leaves both of them.

Robert T on

He is full of himself and obnoxious. :Poor kid. I feel sorry for all of his kids.

Jen on

Oh good grief. He really is a pig.

ELC on

Well, you can say his equipment is up to par so to speak. Those little guys seem to be in working order. Do I think he’s a little old for the job…yes I do. Is it my business how many times he and his wife procreate…not my affair. Men can do it into their 90’s. If you don’t use it you lose it…maybe Kelsey doesn’t want to lose it?

Robert T on

I can’t imagine them procreating the old fashion way. I suspect she was knocked up by a syringe. They don’t seem like a couple at all. He is more like her grandfather or great uncle……etc.

Robert T on

I bet the rest of his kids are rolling their eyes now. He wants to hold on to his youth desperately (don’t we all?) Looks like he would just come out and make an announcement.

Dingle on

People his age should NOT be having children! If his new wife wanted kids, she should have married a man closer to her own age. Sure, there are the health risks, but what about the psychological damage??? He’ll be ancient – if not dead – when this kid graduates high school.

My aunt and uncle had their first child after 40. He was born with severe defects and died after a year. Then they had another and her health was fine. However, she’s a damn mess, they lied to her about their age, and now she’s 26 and thinks her parents are 15 years younger than they really are. (They’re all kind of dim.) What’s going to happen when she figures out her parents’ real ages?

Kids at this age: SELFISH.

Anonymous on

Eeewwww. He’s just creepy!

Gina on

Another child at the age of 59? The kid will be calling him grandpa..

Big Fan on

Not to be rude but at 59, he will 78 when the kid graduates High School…and possibly not even around. Does he think?

susan on

Don’t get his appeal, but clearly this 32-year-old woman does as well as two other women. Congrats, cautiously.

guest on

I thought she looks at least 45 yrs old.

Guest53 on


Crystal on

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little. Disgusting. Ewwww! She’s only 2 years older than his oldest child. How gross. Please stop the madness Kelsey. You are too old to be raising babies. Leave that to your older children!

Taylor on

I think you should stop having kids when your kids start having kids. He’s already a grandfather. And he’s married to someone his older daughter’s age, good grief.

Debra on

i am sure he will have more kids. It will just be with the next Mrs. Grammer

Jennifer on

HE NEEDS TO LEARN A LESSON ABOUT KEEPING HIS SHAFT IN HIS PANTS. I’M IN MY LATE 20’S AND THIS MAN IS OLDER THAN MY FATHER AND STILL PROCREATING!!! GROSS!!! He even has Grandchildren that are OLDER than his youngest kids. THAT’S DISGUSTING!!!! It’s totally unfair to his younger kids. When they reach middle school, this pig will probably have already kicked the bucket.

Anonymous on

He doesn’t get these young ones pregnant with him limp Willy. IVF. He can’t get it up. They have shots and pills for that. IVF for pops and air hoe.

Jess on

As if his young daughter and son in California weren’t sad enough about their Dad not living at home with them anymore. My heart aches deeply for them and how a man, a REAL man, can up and move across to the country and rarely see his other children is just astonishing to me. It’s just so sad.

Anonymous on


Ciparliamo on

OMG…these comments are hilarious…..and right on target…..he is too old for her and babies….

Ciparliamo on

Hes not even a good looking older man…..!!

Ladybug on

She looks like a young mom, and he looks like an old fart.

johnny on


Marcia on

Ugh, just ugh.

Anonymous on

Who is the baby-daddy this time Katie?

Anonymous on

So his baby will be younger than his own grandchild, and his wife is two years older than his oldest son? Family events must be confusing

Anonymous on

He is pathetic. He’s going to be 80 years old when his kid is 20.

Anonymous on

Isn’t she his latest beard? Heard he was gay and likes things up the ol’ bum.

Tom on

Kelsey Grammar is a douche-bag, end of story!

Anonymous on

She’s his latest beard. Heard he was gay.

Anonymous on

And she is a home wrecker. She knew he was married and got pregnant to seal the deal while he was still married to Camille. Awful person that Kate!

Anonymous on

I feel bad for his other child.

Susan on

“It’s a great way to live a life”??? Seriously… how many of kids does he stick around to raise?

JJ on

He has had a lot of sadness in his life so I sympathize with him, (seriously go read his life history before he was famous it is messed up) but seriously he is almost 60 years old. And he is not alone in Hollywood as an old dad in his senior years either. I know some people will be like , “oh my god you can’t judge anyone of any age can die”, but come one now people he will be nearing his 80’s when his kid graduates high school. How old is too old? To be fair I think the same thing when women in their 50’s or even later try to get pregnant or have babies too. I think its at the point that maybe you should just focus on your retirement now and being a grandfather or grandparent at this point not a new dad.

JJ on

why don’t you just focus on being a grandfather and retirement at some point in the future and not having newborn babies at this point?Seriously you’ll be almost 80 by the time the kid graduates high school. It must be weird being his older kids and knowing your almost the same age as his current wife and mother to your half siblings. Hell his oldest kid, Spencer, practically could have gone to school with her. How awkward would the be knowing the same chick someday could become your stepmom, awkard!

Anais on

His first child with this one is a generation apart. The guy is pushing 60 and will have mental and physical problems soon. there is an age to stop procreating. when women in their 40s are being dragged through the mud being called ‘older mums” that wont live long enough to see their kids cry up why is this man (who is 20 years older ) not being slammed for it? and its not ONLY him.. its Bruce Willis, Rod Stuart,Robert DE Niro.. no one bats an eye. all men in their 60s.. pathetic.

Isabel on

Age is the last thing any of his young children should have to worry about. The man is a tool.

Ali on


Holiday on

There is no way that broad is 30. She looks mid 40s

Anonymous on

Eww! She gotta have his gray old sagging junk rubbing on her nasty ho azz. Gross. Puke!

Anonymous on

She is Not 32. More like 46.

peyton on

Jesus, a bit harsh on the criticism aren’t we? Yeah 59 is a bit old to be having more kids but do you have any idea how heartbreaking it is to have a miscarriage and then lose one of your twins? It figures they’d want more kids after that. Kelsey himself has suffered a lot of loss in his life. His sister was brutally murdered, I think both of his parents died tragically as well. Why is everyone so judgemental? How would you like to have all that happen to you?

carolineemanning on

I cannot believe the horrible things people are saying. So disgusting! Congrats to the couple, children are always a blessing!

Sammyjo on

Why do good things always happen to bad people?

Tay on

Yeah he is a pig.

wymom2003 on

There are several things wrong with this whole scenario, not the least of which is his wife only being 2 years older than his daughter, but when men like this have kids in their 60’s or 70’s, are they even thinking about the child itself?!? Like how much he is increasing his child’s chance of losing a parent while they are still in childhood?? Seems selfish.

Guest on

WOW….such seething hatred for this man who had 6 kids, but when it is Angie… is BEAUTIFUL….what an earth mother…..what a martyr, inspiration, empowering woman….blah blah blah…..No one sees the hypocrisy huh? Nope of course not B & A adhere to a different set of rules, reality, morality, honesty than everyone else does right? At least Kelsey is HOME WITH HIS KIDS, like a GOOD parent!

Anonymous on

He just gonna keep having kids to validate and prove his manhood. He’ll trade this one in eventually for a younger model and keep spreading his seed. A tragic history doesn’t give a person the right to treat people like garbage.

valeskas on

I cannot stand him.

BeenThere on

My father was 59 when I was born (58 years ago). He was healthy and mentally sharp throughout my childhood and lived to see me graduate from college. Nevertheless, from the child’s viewpoint I do not recommend it.

Anonymous on

His breath must smell like cigarets, alcohol and Dick.

Anonymous on

Nasty piece of work she is.

Anonymous on

Kelsey stop playing the victim card to treat women like garbage. You story is getting old and people are on to your manipulation of the facts.

Anonymous on


Kt on

He is an old fart

Mariaelissa Littles on

He has a 2 kid limit with each wife…once she delivers this baby he’ll be on to the next!

Sherron on

He probably spends no time with his other little ones. His priority is screwed literally!

Anonymous on

Something is odd with her face. She’s not ugly but she’s not pretty. Her face looks off. Lop-sided. Her mouth is to big for the size of her face. Congrats Kelsey

Anonymous on


Denise on

What is with all these men making babies with multiple women? It seems to indicate he has no committment to relationships other than making babies. I feel bad for ALL these children. It’s only a matter of time until he moves on to another woman (younger than this one).

Ardyn on

I am such a fan- why does he have to be such a selfish nut??

Crystal on


sandy on

keeps putting out kids- but which ones get to spend any time with him? Enough is enough- especially at his age.

Tay on

Two kids from each woman? next one please

Leeanna Rodinez on

What’s a great way to live a life? Spreading your seed all around? How this man has become so rich and famous is beyond me! I don’t think he’s funny at all, all I read about him is negative, personal drama related stuff. He has tons of kids, with various women, he “loves” them and leaves them and then moves on to the next one. What’s so great about that? What a great example as a man and father, and then on top of that, it never ends well with the baby mommas so enter more drama. Ick. Nip that thing already. The End.

ally on

yeah this is one bitter man. So bitter at Camille for saying Kelsey was not good in bed. So I think he will just keep producing children to try and prove to the world or himself he can do it but it does not prove he is good in bed. I kinda doubt it. He needs to be a father to the kids not just producing them. I would of never married a man so bitter at his ex wife like kg. This woman will get very tired of the old man soon however she will get the money now with having babies. It guarantees her support.

lileeeeee on

he thinks it’s “a great way to live a life,” but the other six billion of us unfortunately have no vote. Nor do his existing kids, I guess.

You don’t just “have a baby” — you have a teenager and an adult and and and… Every life becomes a death (this is axiomatic) and in between, there is lots of ….

how much time does he spend with his spawn anyway?

Guest on

Whatever (good/bad) personality traits this fella has, at least this couple is getting along. Any marriage/partnership is never easy. Gotta work it everyday. Wonderful that Faith will have a playmate. Message to all whinners: KG supports and takes care of his children. Let it be.

gett on

I can’t stand him or his ex wife. He got his oldest Spencer, to go to the vacation home he shared with his ex wife and look through things in the home, right after she left. He also tried to get full custody, and make it where she couldn’t see her kids(Camille). Kayte and Kelsey were having an affair when he was married to Camille. Spencer is older than her if I am right and the Faith( and her twin) are months apart from Spencer’s child as well.

Mandy on

Love how you’re all playing a deity.

He shouldn’t be having kids.
He’s too old to be making babies.
There’s no way she’s 32.
He looks like her father.
She looks like his daughter.
I’m not a doctor but the medical reports say …

Did I leave anything out?

hanl on

Its all great until he slips back into his raging alcoholic personality, cheats on his third wife, and loses the PLOT- AS USUAL!!!!

Jaylynn on

She looks like a gecko.

Regina Roderick on

Oh God, please make him stop making babies! Save us, Dear Lord!!!

Anonymous on

Smart girl way to get a pay check after you dump the ol fart. But he still has to support the other kids lol

Jennifer on

When I head this “news” I think that I actually threw up a little bit. These two slithered their way into each other cheating and deceiving. Some day these kids will read how these two got together so don’t be surprised if they don’t ever TRUST either of you…… sooo nasty….

gross on

He’s so disgusting, and his current wife is a WH**e! Actually they deserve eachother.