Jessica Alba: Why Not Kissing Your Kids on the Mouth Is Weird

03/05/2014 at 03:00 PM ET

People are all about puppy love, so Jessica Alba just can’t understand why parents would shy away from smooches with their children.

The mom-of-two admits she sees nothing wrong with kissing her daughters, Honor Marie, 5½, and Haven Garner, 2½, on the mouth — and can’t believe others might find it unusual.

“Really?! Why?! It’s your baby. People allow dogs to lick at their mouths,” Alba, 32, says in the April issue of Redbook.

Despite her success in the spotlight, the actress admits many of her “closest girlfriends” hail from outside of Hollywood — straight from her Mommy and Me class.

Jessica Alba April Redbook Magazine
James White

Jessica Alba April Redbook magazine James White/Redbook

But even running in a circle of non-famous friends isn’t enough to keep the photographers at bay.

“It’s weird when we’re doing normal mom things and there’s paparazzi around,” she explains. “That’s the only thing that makes everyone uncomfortable.”

And when she’s not hanging with her gal pals, Alba is busy balancing out husband Cash Warren‘s love of fantasy football with her own obsessions: Instagram and bargain shopping.

“I bought my hot pink desk off Craigslist. I have a problem. I love vintage furniture and refurbishing is one of the most eco things you can do,” The Honest Company co-founder says.

“I also got a couple of cool chairs and Danish mid-century credenzas off of Craigslist.”

Jessica Alba April Redbook Magazine
James White

— Anya Leon

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Marky on

I really like Jessica Alba and her family. She always seems to be a hands-on mom, and she and Cash seem to be very happy, as well. Hope they go the distance, such a cute family!

Izzy on

I don’t see the problem either.. I still kiss my mom on the mouth, and I’m almost 30! You go, Jessica! 😀

Lorus on

I’ve always thought kissing your own children on the lips was completely normal. I have a friend with 4 kids and she thinks it’s gross and has never done it. I imagine her husband’s mouth is much “grosser” so I don’t know what the deal is.

Agape on

To each their own. My parents did not do it, consequently I did not. I associate mouth kissing with romantic love. I kiss my children on forehead, cheek, and am very affectionate, otherwise. I see nothing wrong for anyone else mouth kissing their child other than our adult germs may be transmitted directly to our child’s mouth or vice versa. And no, I don’t mouth kiss my dog either.

Kay on

Parent Fact Sheet on Caries Bacteria

How to Protect Your Baby’s Teeth From Cavities

Did you know that cavities are caused by germs that are passed from adult to child?

Babies are born without the bacteria that causes caries- the disease that leads to cavities. They get it from spit that is passed from their caregiver’s mouth to their own. Caregivers pass on these germs by sharing saliva- by sharing spoons, by testing foods before feeding it to babies, by cleaning off a pacifier in their mouth instead of with water, and through other activities where saliva is shared.

These germs can start the process that causes cavities even before babies have teeth, so it’s important to avoid sharing saliva with your baby right from the start. See below for more tips on how to keep your baby- and your baby’s teeth healthy and happy.

Mafalda on

I used to find it weird and then I had kids and I find it normal. I get really annoyed by people who tell me not to do it, like it’s any of their business!

Jen on

Kay- And if you never leave the house and avoid all human contact and live in a bubble you might never get sick. Give me a break. I’ll deal with a little dental work anyday if it means I am affectionate with my children and vice versa.

Kay on

But why on the mouth, if it would benifit your child? You can kiss them on the cheeks, forehead and all over. I want my kids teeth to be healthy.

Jen on

@Kay– If you want to live your life in fear of what might happen, you may find you are missing out on a lot of great things in life. If you are so fearful of such things as your child possibly getting a cavity because you kissed their lips, you might soon obsess over driving a car around because OMG you might crash and become paralyzed. Anything can be taken to an extreme, that was my initial point. Very few people actually live their lives without some sort of cavity or such happening within their mouth, so choosing to not kiss your child on the mouth because you are fearful of a cavity or two is just foolish to me. Do as you want with your kids, but trying to use that as your logic for instructing others to not kiss their child’s sweet lips is just extremist. As for the why? Because lips are a place where we as a society choose to show affection in the form of a kiss. And we as parents are the models for our children in teaching them how to love and how to share that love with others. I would much prefer my child to be loving and affectionate than live in fear.

Heather on

I’m almost 40 and I still kiss my mom on the mouth. I also kiss my kids on the mouth. 3 boys and one girl ages 21-17. That’s how I was raised. Nothing wrong with it at all

heather on

Except she didn’t say anything like the headline suggests.

Mommytoane on

Honestly, I don’t think it matters how you kiss your child…as long as you do. My daughter has always been one to give a cheek when a kiss was being sent her way. This wasn’t something we taught her, just something she did. Do I find anything wrong with it? Not at all, because she knows that her mommy and daddy love her unconditionally. Kissing style does not matter, what matters is love. Letting your kids know you love them in your way is not something that should be judged. So what if someone only kisses their kids on the cheek, or forehead. So what if they don’t kiss on the mouth. The point is that they love their children.

And as a side note, I think allowing a dog to kiss a person on the mouth is the ultimate disgusting move. I have never, ever allowed my dog to kiss my mouth, or my child’s mouth. Think of it this way. Dogs lick their rear end, and private parts. They lick their feet, their legs, the floor…and they do this all without brushing, flossing or using mouth wash. To say kissing a dog is the same as kissing a human is disgustingly wrong. Apples and oranges. All tho, Jessica has come out with a diaper that’s organic and ok for kids to eat, so maybe she’s just ok with kids ingesting crap. That’s all I have to say about that.

In the end. No one has a right to judge how a person parents. How a person kisses their child or shows affection. For someone (ahem Jessica) who seems to think she’s a real mom because she’s got two kids, she’s pretty warped in her thinking. Judging your friends, or even thinking you have a right to say how they kiss their children is completely wrong. Tho I’m not a fan of Jessica. Never have been, never will be.

M. Rene on

Love her! and YES it is TOTALLY NORMAL!! I have two girls and I kiss them in their mouth all the time……now my husband’s mouth is another story, LOL!! Just kidding 😉

Carly on

I dont think anyone is talking about kissing your child on the mouth for an extended length of time, like what you would do with a romantic kiss. We are talking a peck on the lips. How is that weird? A peck is certainly not what most associate with romance.

Kim on

@Kay; “avoid sharing saliva with your baby”? Seriously? I don’t think we’re talking about giving your child and open mouth, tongue slipping, Frenchie. Good grief..we’re talking about a little closed mouth peck on the mouth. NOTHING wrong with it!

Beth on

I don’t because I get cold sores pretty reguarly and don’t want to spread it to my kids. You can be contagious even before they show. While it’s normal, it isn’t always a good call depending on the situation. Of course I kiss my kids on the cheek! I think people letting their dogs lick their lips/face is weird.

Ris on

That’s sick, sick and wrong

Hayley on

Totally agree!!!! Love her!

Nannyto1 on

Thought everyone did… We always kissed my daughter on the lips and now kiss my granddaughters on the lips. Gotta love the slobbery open mouthed kisses from the six month old. She comes right in for the lips too lol.

U should know this by now on

Ask your dentist why you should not kiss your child on mouth and you will understand, that you are doing your child a huge favor by avoidinn kisses on lips. You can show your love other ways. Wake up people!

Kat on

A rare time I agree with Alba.

I kiss my daughter on the mouth, and will until she doesn’t want to. I’ll take my cues from her. When I was little it was normal for relatives to kiss on the mouth, but I didn’t like it so I avoided it. The child can make their own choice if they don’t like it.

Guest on

Mouth kisses are for romantic love. It is awkward seeing people kiss their children on the mouth.

Rosa on

No one should kiss their kids on the mouth, it’s not right! Why give your kids unnecessary germs – kiss them on the forehead or cheek instead! I can’t stand to see parents kissing their kids on the mouth – it’s unnatural! And reading on here that there are adults who still kiss their parents on the mouth – that is just gross!

Angela on

People are so scared of everything these days! My parents kissed me on the mouth and I NEVER had a cavity until I was 23 years old. In my house, we don’t use anti-bacterial soap, I don’t take my kids to the doctor every time they have a runny nose, and our house isn’t absolutely spot-less. And, guess what? My kids NEVER get sick..okay, maybe never is too strong of a word, but I will almost guarantee that my kids are sick MUCH less than those of you who stress out over germs. You know why? Because my children have built up an immunity. Their immune system is strong because I didn’t shelter them from everything.

I also put my kids in the front basket of a grocery cart in a car seat when they were never popped out and threw them on the floor. I wish parents would calm down some. Your kids are going to get hurt, they’re going to get sick, their life is not going to be perfect. You cannot protect them from everything and the more that you try, the more that you’re actually damaging them, not helping. When they become adults they’re going to be thrown into a world that they can’t handle because their parents never taught them how. Then what?

Kat on

On the saliva issue, you are not licking your child’s mouth! What if you kiss their cheek, they touch their face and then put the same hand in their mouth. The horror!

Evellina on

I kissed my son on the lips a lot when he was little. I couldn’t help it. He was just so darn adorable. I don’t think he’s suffering now at the age of 29. To date, he’s never had a cavity!

boohoobytch on

no kids, don’t know what I’d do but I’m a germ freak and have been prone to tonsillitis a few too many times so I’d probably try to spare my kid that…I don’t see anything wrong with it though, I’ve seen it done and I think it’s adorable when little hands grab your face for a kiss

arijana on

i kiss my kid on the cheeks. i’m not into that because of all the germs and i get cold sores also.

Sandra on

She has become a great woman. A super mother and has really re-invented herself. I see nothing wrong with kissing your kids on the mouth but I wasn’t raised that way so whatever. But I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Mel on

I don’t see it as wrong or right. It’s a choice. Not everyone feels comfortable kissing their kids on the mouth and that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with doing it as long as you understand the possible risks.

I always did it with my kids until my son’s teeth started rotting at an advanced rate. By the time he was 5 (the day after his birthday) he had to have 4 teeth pulled and extensive dental work on almost every tooth (despite regular dental care, it just kept getting worse). His 3 sisters’ teeth are perfect and they all had the same dental care. The only difference was that I always used hot water to clean off their stuff. By the time I got to my fourth child I was much more relaxed and just used my mouth.

It’s more than just a cavity in exchange for affection. My son had to be put under anesthesia since that was the quickest, easiest (on him) method. He was sore for days. We are just hoping and praying his adult teeth will be fine. The dentist can’t say either way but it’s something he may always struggle with.

theholisticroot on

Kissing your mom on the mouth at 30? Isn’t that a little intimate? Yuck. That should be reserved for your spouse or girlfriend/ boyfriend – period. And no, I don’t kiss my cats on the mouth either..

Beth on

I kiss all my family members on the mouth. Both my sister and I do(both in our 30’s). I see nothing wrong with it. I think it has to do with how you are raised. Some families just don’t believe in showing any type of affection.

abi on

Again to each their own I guess but I personally find kissing children over maybe 10 ish “weird” on the mouth. I am a VERY affectionate person (im sure my 11month old already feels mauled by me 🙂 and my parents were to, we still give a kiss on the cheek and say i love you every single greeting and goodbye (every phone call ends in I love you to) but kissing on the mouth I associate with love/romance etc… kisses on the cheek are “innocent” and sweet (partner included) so I wont be kissing my son on the lips when he is older. just isn’t my thing… but I don’t see it as gross or weird for others to do it… like Jessica said its your kid!

Jessie on

Everyone has a right to their own opinion. I am opposed to kissing my children in the mouth simply because I associate that with romance/lust and that is not the kind of love you have for children, aside from the fact that you are sharing adult germs with babies. I kiss them on their cheek, forehead, and hug them a lot but no kisses on the mouth. I also don’t want to give them the impression that it’s ok to kiss and be kissed in the mouth by anyone.

michelle on

Always kiss my little girl on the mouth. I have never given it a thought. It seems completely natural.

Pam on

My 4 month old son loves kisses. He already knows what it means when I say give mama a kiss, he’ll smile and lean in for one with his mouth open and make a kissing noise. Most of the time he’s drooling and he thinks it’s funny to lick me when he kisses me. I always thought it was weird to kiss your children until I had my own child. I just can’t help it, I love him so much and it just feels like the ultimate way of showing him that. My husband thinks it’s weird and tells me not to do it, but I told him he’s my baby, I’m gonna do it if I want to, so he’s gotten over it. He prefers to kiss him on the cheek or forehead, which is fine.

Andrea on

When my son was born, I was extremely careful not to share utensils with him- didn’t want to give him cavity germs! Well my poor child had about ten cavities by the time he started school! Dentists told us it could be related to surgeries he had as a baby and antibiotics used. The dentist actually told me to share utensils with my child because I have a healthy mouth (no cavities in 15 years!) Yes this is true! But that’s food/utensil sharing- as far as kissing on the lips, I really don’t think you exchange any saliva when pecking your kids on the lips!

Erica on

I kiss my younger kids on the mouth. I just stop doing it as they get older around 8 or 9. It’s not something I consciously stop doing, it just naturally happens. It’s probably because my mom stopped doing it as we got older, too. I personally don’t care if other people continue to do it as they get older. That’s not my business or anyone else’s. Who cares? Everyone shows affection the way that they want to.

Dawn on

Love that! I kiss my boys–my 9 year old insists on his being smack on the mouth, my 17 year old–not so much 🙂
And I’m a total Craigslist junkie when it comes to furniture that isn’t slept or laid on–no beds or couches because of the risk of bugs. But desks, shelves, tables–I have a whole Facebook album of cool finds! Great way to reuse and save money!

Kim on

Jeez, some of you act like we’re talking about French kissing our kids. We’re talking about a little closed mouth peck on the lips. No a thing wrong with it. Trust me, your kid is getting worse germs crawling around on the floor and playing in the yard.

Anonymous on

I dont get it..I always kiss my son on the mouth..and cheek and normal..i may not want other people kissing him on his mouth. but me and his father can…lol


Hey on

Cavities really? I have 3 year old boy girl twins that my husband and I both kiss on the mouth. I’d say my lips are pretty dry and my mouth is closed when I kiss them. They provide plenty of spit. I better go brush my teeth. This will not go on forever and my kids can dictate how they want to be kissed as they age.

Affection is the key no matter how they get it. I was raised in an unaffectionate house where no one said I love you either. I don’t parent that way.

Melissa on

I agree with Jessica. I have 3 daughter’s and I do it as well. I even kiss their “owies” to “make them better.”

Hey on

While I’m kissing mine on the lips I’m not taking them to daycare. In their 3 years they’ve been sick for 24 hours twice, never taken an antibiotic and never needed an unscheduled Pediatrician appt. I guess my germs and not the strangers at Daycare are treating my kids just fine.

Hey on

Beth with coldsores- face it, coldsores are Herpes. You probably had a flare up or two before kids. Unless you contracted it after having them, talk to your partner about that. I wouldn’t knowingly give my kids Herpes either. The risk of a cavity is much different them chronic blisters.

Tina on

I can’t believe this is still being talked about. It’s no big deal to kiss your kids on the mouth. Gosh!

katiebug6785 on

All these comments about transmitting germs via kissing your child on the lips, has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. If your child is sick or you are sick, then yes probably avoid mouth kissing. But if child and parent are healthy then I don’t see the issue. I would hate to be a child who goes to kiss their parent on the mouth and gets rejected because mom things they are germy. Sad.

CJ on

I kiss my kids on the mouths, cheeks, foreheads, arms, legs, tops of their heads down to their toes. I love them and spreading germs is part of life, they are my children and I am their mommy. Children need to be nurtured and loved, they need to be touched , held, kissed, and hugged to thrive! I am not sure why anyone thinks this is a problem and if they do, they should go live on Mars. Children will not die from your germ. If you do not kiss them on the mouth that’s your business. My children are my greatest joy, they grew in my womb, and I will kiss them as long as they let me!

LLS on

WOW. I feel sorry for those kids NOT getting this kind of affection. I grew up without it and I you can bet my little baby boy at age 5 gets lots of kisses from his mom and guess what? No cavities yet!!! That is the dumbest thing I ever heard. I have a mouthful and had no kisses as a kid.

Carrie M on

I love kissing my little boy on the mouth. He’s my snuggle-bunny!!

Hey on

LLS – you and I could be related.

shidley on

I’d never heard of the cavities theory, however, I do know that a good number of adults innocently pass the HSV (virus (cold sores) onto children unknowingly when doing this.

Definitely not saying that a parent shouldn’t kiss their children lovingly on the lips from time to time, but you might think about that. The HSV may be active even when you can’t see it or have no physical evidence of it. Might not let others kiss your kids on the lips, or encourage your children to do this. I’ve heard of grandparents who have inadvertently given their grand kids cold sores.

Anonymous on

I kiss my kids on the mouth all the time, I say to each his own. I will say I did not grow up kissing my parents or siblings on the mouth. Once my uncle came to visit and him and my mom shared a quick peck. That was wired for me.

Mandy on

Never heard of people having a problem with this. I kiss my little girl on the mouth, but I know that one day it will probably stop as she will feel too big for kisses from momma. I won’t force it. To each their own, but I can’t imagine worrying about giving my kid cavities froma little peck. Now if I had a problem with cold sore I probably wouldn’t chance it.

Laura on

My parents have always kissed us on the cheek or forehead. Growing up, I never remember any of my friends getting kissed on the lips by their parents either. It seems weird to me, and an unnecessary way of passing germs. We got plenty of affection with hugs and kisses, just not on the lips. To me, kissing on the lips indicates a romantic gesture. Oh, and I think it’s gross when people let their dogs kiss their mouths. We’ve all seen where dogs mouths have been.

becca on

I find it interesting that people are saying how kissing your child is gross and unsanitary it is but surly they kiss their spouse on the lips and other things to make the child(ren) and my husbands parents kissed him on the lips as a child and he has NEVER had a cavity and he’s 36 nor any other disease from it

ocnlvr83 on

I have no problem with people kissing their kids on the mouth when they’re young, but after a certain age, it is weird.

sherrichapter5 on

Kissing kids on the mouth is the main way Herpes 1 is transmitted. People think cold sores are not a big deal, but they are easily transmitted even when there is no outbreak. They are also transmitted during oral sex to the partner’s genitals. Don’t kiss kids on the mouth!

Hello on

I am actualy shocked that people have opinions about this! I kiss my little one on the lips and have never thought twice about it. Sheesh, EVERYthing a mother does these days get judged!

Susan on

Yeah, not great, especially since the rumor has been out there for years that she has herpes. I think I’d spare the kids the kiss on the mouth!

stacey on

WAY too much information sherrichapter5.

Anonymous on

She has always seemed like a really great mom and down-to-earth celebrity. I hope her family stays blessed and in love.

sherrichapter5 on

It’s only too much information if you don’t mind spreading the herpes virus to other people. For those who have a conscience and can talk about their bodies without shame, it’s just educational discussion.

Baby Doctor on

There is a very good reason why mothers are biologically programmed to kiss their babies on the mouth!

When a mother kisses her baby, she ‘samples’ those pathogens that are on the baby’s face and mouth. Those are ones that the baby is about to ingest. These samples are taken up by the mother’s secondary lymphoid organs like the tonsils, and memory B cells specific for those pathogens are re-stimulated. These B cells then migrate to the mother’s breasts where they produce just those antibodies that the baby needs.

You are protecting your baby from these ‘germs’ that everyone is so scared of by kissing your babies on the mouth. Mothers should do what feels natural and try to tune in to their instincts, they are there for a reason.

Keira on

Huh- both my husband and I kiss our one year old on the lips all the time. Never thought it was weird or that others didn’t- just a natural thing. She’s a very affectionate little girl so I’ll take all the kisses I can get before she isn’t that way anymore!

brigittemay on

I’m sorry but being kissed on the mouth should be something shared with your bf’s/gf’s/husbands/wives. Being raised in a French family I know what it’s like to have every member kiss you on the mouth and for me I find that it’s perverted. To me it seems extremely dirty and inappropriate! You can show the same amount of affection to your kids without kissing them on the mouth!

Jen on

Some of you are just so silly and ridiculous. Go ahead and avoid kissing your kids because OMG GERMS! Good luck keeping them from kissing kids on the playground and sharing food in preschool and licking random toys and animals, etc etc etc. Go around with your can of lysol and purell and live in your plastic bubble and try really hard to convince yourself you’re the best parent ever and your kid will never get a cold sore or cavity or sickness. The rest of us will live our lives without letting fear rule us.

Jen on

@brigittemay You might want to talk to a shrink about your issues. Seriously, there is something very wrong with a mother who thinks kissing her child (who grew and lived inside of her) as ‘perveted.’ You are quite demented to think of showing affectionate to your baby in the form of a peck on the lips as a sexual thing.

Baby Doctor on

I work as a neonatologist at a large teaching hospital in London. We actively encourage mothers to kiss their babies all over, even the very sick babies.

Any pathogens encountered by the mother or baby will be ingested by the mother and antibodies will be produced in repsonse and transferred via immunoglobulins in the mother’s milk. This is hugely important for preventing infection in newborns.

Tay on

Some people are annoyed by kissing on the month. I don’t there are any problems, it’s normal!

Sunni38383 on

It’s ok to kiss your child on the mouth when they are still young, when they are under 10 years old! It’s adorable to do it when your kids are very young still, as your child becomes a teenager to about young adult it’s just looks awkward–or even grown children who already have family of their own!

Martha on

Recently I learned of some girls who’s papaw kissed them on the mouth when they was young. They all knew it was wrong and ran away. So ever since hearing their story I think it might be best to just not kiss them so when something like that happened they know its wrong before it gets farther than that

heart-whole on

We kiss our husbands on the month and people we only date, these are all people we did not know our entire lives so why would anyone think that kissing your own flesh and blood on the lips is strange?? I’m so in love with my kids…it’s perfectly natural. And she is right to add that people have zero problem kissing their pets on the mouth, ewww LOL

4mom on

I have 4 children. My husband and I do not kiss them on the mouth mostly because of sickness. It is hard to take care of sick little ones when you are sick yourself. Often a person can transmit an illness long before they show symptoms. We hug our children and kiss them on cheeks and foreheads. That is our choice and we made it long ago. My husband’s family doesn’t show any type of physical affection toward one another. To each his own.

JJ on

I think it comes down mainly to a personal thing. It is okay if you prefer not to kiss your kids on the mouth and do the cheek instead. Every family is different. But some people are really affectionate and do the mouth kissing with their kids. As long as the kids are comfortable with it and its not inappropriate then I don’t see the issue at all. Now if your tongue kiss people other then your spouse/or partner that is weird don’t do that please.

Tay on

It’s ridiculous to debate about kissing on the mouth. It’s normal thing.

Annie on

She’s a nutjob. I don’t care that she doesn’t agree with my parenting.

Tay on

Jessica is one of few actresses in Hollywood that down to earth. Kudo to her.

Dana on

I believe that thats just not right, maybe with the small kids it can go through but I see here many adults over 20 years and much older kiss their mom in the mouth, its just pathology and wrong, not natural! I have two kids and I dont need to lip kiss with them to express my affection towards them, its just wrong…and especially seeing father kiss their daughter in the mouth, its just too weird!

Lula on

I have never known anyone who thought it was weird or gross to kiss your children on the mouth.

Tiffany on

I still kiss my mother on the mouth! It is endearing act. I will kiss my children on the mouth too.

KS on

I kiss both my kids on the mouth, it’s how I grew up. I’m 30 and still kiss my mom on the lips every once in a great while. I don’t see anything wrong with it and never have. If you don’t like kissing your kids on the mouth then it’s your choice, but seriously?? Because of germs and cavities? Really? I mean if you have a cold sore then yes, common sense you don’t kiss them when you have a cold sore, you don’t kiss anyone with a cold sore, but my 4.5 year old will not go in the doors of his school unless he gets a kiss from me and it has to be on the mouth. Again, it’s your choice how and where you kiss your kids, I just never saw a problem with it, it’s how I was raised.

Terri on

I don’t have kids, but I don’t find it abnormal at all. I think some of the people that find it unusual may have reasons for feeeling that way. I don’t get allowing dogs to lick all over your face either.

cc on

First of all to let a dog kiss or lick your mouth is just GROSS and NASTY because these animals lick their butts and lick their coats, then we have the adults that do sexual things with their mouths. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE ARE YOU CRAZY WHAT TYPE OF GERMS ARE YOU PASSING TO YOUR KIDS. NASTY A***S PEOPLE.

Anonymous on

A kiss is a sign of affection, plain and simple.

Bee on

Sure, why not? I hear babies just LOVE oral herpes!

Christine on

For the love of all that is holy- it is a small peck on the lips. Why must we sexualize everything? My son is an MD and my daughter an attorney. I kiss them on the lips. Who cares? It means nothing except that I love them. Ugh. Why must we overthink and over analyze everything?