Heidi Klum Spending ‘Small Fortune’ as Tooth Fairy

03/04/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Heidi Klum Operation ShowerMichael Buckner/Getty

Heidi Klum has being a mom of four down pat, but playing her kids’s tooth fairy may have fooled her.

“Teeth are falling out, [but] the [kids] don’t mind it because they get money. I messed it up with the very first tooth that came out — I gave 20 dollars,” Klum, 40, told PEOPLE Tuesday at a Operation Shower event for military moms, sponsored by Babies ‘R’ Us.

“I had no idea. I thought 20 bucks was the right thing to do with the first tooth, but now with four kids and all of these teeth that are coming, it’s another small fortune.”

The Project Runway host says when it comes to balancing her career and kids — Lou, 4, Johan, 7, Henry, 8½, and Leni, 9½ — she’s like every other working mom.

“I have to schedule and plan my life really well [so] that I have enough off days with my family,” she explains. “The weekends, for example, I don’t work and I’m always home at the end of the day to have dinner and bath and bedtime. I get out of the house early so I can come home early.”

She adds, “Sometimes it’s the other way around, where I have night shoots and then I’m there with the kids in the morning.”

As for what has surprised Klum the most about being a mom?

“How much you can love and that you can love them all equally the same,” she says. “Because you do get worried, ‘Am I going to love one more than the other?’ But you don’t. They’re just all amazing.”

Not only is Klum a mom and TV host, but she has also designed a kids collection, Truly Scrumptious. “Everyone is getting a crib. Everyone is getting a stroller. Everyone’s getting a diaper bag and everyone is getting my collection,” shares Klum, who gifted her goodies to all of the moms that attended the baby shower.

“I think that they really deserve to have a fun day today. I wanted to be a part of that and gift them a lot of fun things.”

— Mariah Haas

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Pam on

I think a few dollars or $5 max is appropriate, but when you’re a celeb does it matter?

sharon on

That’s great she’s supporting Operation Shower. But to complain about giving out tooth fairy money is a little ridiculous when she has millions in the bank.

K. on

She is just like any other working mum, is she?

She has millions in the bank with which she can afford so many things unlike many other working mums in fact. All that money also means she gets to spend more time with her children because I am sure she does not even have to pick up a plate unless she feels like it. How is that just like any other working mum?

These people cannot tell me how to live or lecture me on life unless they are willing to survive on a limited amount of money paid for work carried out under very stressful circumstances. “Just like any other mum”…I hope there are no human beings out there who believe this type of garbage.

Angela on

K, she isn’t trying to lecture you on life. Where do you even get that? Why do so many people think that having money means that you’re not like any other mom? Money doesn’t buy your kids. Money doesn’t mean that you don’t get stressed out when you have a million things going on at once and a little one pulling at your pants for attention. Money doesn’t mean anything other than bills being paid, and sometimes it doesn’t even mean that.

I’m sorry K, but you come across as bitter. I’m a single mother of 3 children and I barely make it paycheck to paycheck, but even I know that having money doesn’t mean that you’re not just like any other mom.

Cynda on

This woman would go to the opening of an envelope if it was an opportunity to get her picture taken. She is an overexposed narcissist. I seem to recall pictures of her at the Oscars, which took place on a Sunday, a weekend night – you know, one of those days she is always at home. She is constantly in the press going here and there, her children probably spend more time with their nanny.

Tamara on

Wow, massive full-size Christmas trees in each kid’s room, 20 bucks a pop from the tooth fairy….these kids live the hard life.

Anonymous on

Military families are compensated quite well for their troubles, and if you’re active duty family and don’t have money, what you need is money management classes, not a charity baby shower hosted by a celebrity.

The military pays (in full!) for 1) Housing, 2) Healthcare, 3) Education. And that’s IN ADDITION to your salary and separation pay!

On top of all this, you get perks like “heros” interest rates on mortgages and car loans, free food on base, discounts at movie theaters, HEAVILY discounted (and fully-stocked) grocery stores and department stores on base, and generous people buying you a free meal when you show up at a restaurant in uniform.

With ZERO bills, only having to pay about 50% of purchase price civilians pay for groceries and clothes, PLUS a salary, what exactly are you spending money on that you can’t afford the basics for your baby? I suppose that a lot of military people are young and grew up poor, so they spend, spend, spend and live beyond their means. They enlist and then buy a shiny new $50,000 truck that, (surprise, surprise!), costs close to $1,000 a month to drive between car payments, basic maintenance, insurance and gas.

Smithy on

She should spend that money on a stylist and a hair dresser.

Mya on

Anonymous – What are you even talking about??? Completely irrelevant comment.

Tabitha on

My kids get 5 for their first tooth and 1 after that.

What? on

Anonymous – Coming from someone currently in the military, you do NOT know what you are talking about. The discounts are not as heavy as you say they are. Most young enlisted people do not even make minimum wage. Please do your research before commenting.

Guest53 on

she has beautiful children; they’re probably not perfect, no child is, but they’re adorable

Anonymous on

I’ve been to the department stores on base (I had a friend who was married to an Naval officer), and was able to score a $200 Michael Kors top for about $40 and Coach platform sandals for $70, among other great finds.

And military salary itself isn’t great for lower-ranked enlistees, the military basically pays your bills: If you’re single and live on base and eat in the barracks, the food and housing is free, if you live with a spouse off-base, you get a generous housing allowance.

According the military’s own website, an E1 (the pay schedule for the very lowest-ranking enlistee) with dependents stationed in San Francisco gets $2,784 housing allowance. The allowance is dependent upon your rank, where you are stationed and whether you have dependents, etc., but it should cover rent or at least a significant portion of it.

Then there is the education perks. I’m just saying, there are populations that are by far and away more needy than military wives who should be the beneficiaries of charity baby showers. If a military wife is needy, it’s simply because she and her husband are not managing their finances properly.

How about a single mom trying to put herself through college who has to pay for housing, childcare, food, gas, a car, tuition, etc. with nothing but a $15 an hour job?

ALM on

Thanks, Heidi. It’s over-indulgent parents like you that make it difficult to keep the fantasy alive for other children. Your children’s classmates are going to wonder why it is that *they* don’t get the same amount from the tooth fairy, and their parents will have to come up with a plausible reason.

dawn norris on

My kids felt lucky when the tooth fairy showed up and left a cheap dollar tree toy. Each to their own if i tell her how to raise her kids she might tell me how to raise mine and frankly i have a mother in law for that.

Bella on

Unreal people…If the article said she gave $20 to her kid for a tooth, she would be labled snotty, rich and over the top. She says she messed up and accidentally gave $20 and its still an issue….now its “she can afford it”.

Look, I make great $$ but im a normal Mom. Shes a great Mom but cant be normal or provide a normal home because she makes crazy money? Give her a break.

Katie on

First tooth was a book and a few dollars with my kids.

TLH on

Anonymous – You can’t use San Francisco as a comparison for the rest of the country. The military gives housing allowances and other benefits according to where you live and San Francisco is one of the most (if not the most) expensive city in the country. Thus, someone stationed in San Francisco would make considerably more than someone stationed in Texas.

Also, I don’t know of too many enlisted service men that give two rats tails about a Michael Kohrs shirt. Seriously. As for 50% off food, that is simply not true. I live within driving distance of 4 military bases and have often shopped at the local commissary and while the prices are reasonable, they are not that much cheaper and I can often find similar deals at our local grocery store. Yes, you can get into movies cheaper if you go to the movie theater on base, if they have one. My husband and I have a VA loan, the only advantage over a conventional loan was that we didn’t have to have 20% down and we didn’t have to carry mortgage insurance.

Next time, do some thorough research before you run off at the mouth.