Scarlett Johansson Expecting First Child

03/03/2014 at 04:45 PM ET

Scarlett Johansson Pregnant Expecting First Child Romain Dauriac Rindoff Petroff/Hekimian/Getty

Just six months after getting engaged, Scarlett Johansson has more happy news to share — she’s pregnant!

The Her star, 29, is expecting her first child with fiancé Romain Dauriac, PEOPLE confirms.

“I’m very happy,” Johansson, 29, told PEOPLE in January of Dauriac, 31, a French journalist who manages a creative agency. “He’s my buddy.”

“Being engaged is an exciting time to enjoy and to really savor,” she added.

Still, the actress — who was spotted wearing her vintage Art Deco ring back in September while promoting her sci-fi movie Under the Skin at the Venice International Film Festival —  said she was in no rush to walk down the aisle.

“I’m not doing any wedding planning,” she told Good Morning America in January.

A rep for the actress had no comment. E! Online was first to report the news.

— Lee Hernandez with reporting by Mary Margaret

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lee on

Wow, she must’ve had sex lol

klutzy_girl on

Whoa! Congratulations to them. on

At least she didn’t get engaged just because she’s pregnant like everyone else. I love how celebrities get engaged and say it’s because they are so in love and then a week later announce they are expecting.

al on

it’s called getting knocked up

Keith on

That guy’s straight?

Rhonda on


Anonymous on

Wonderful news. Nice of them to share it with everyone. Congrats.

Sally on

Another starlet that gets pregnant without being married. Wonderful role models for our children.

Becky on

Thrilled for her. It’s time, she’s 29, too many of these stars wait until their mid to late 30’s and beyond to have babies. Congratulations to them.

Lilyflower on


Kim on

Sally, can you not find better role models for your kids than people who make movies? Sounds like a sad life if you ask me.

lori on

Good for them! How exciting!

Mimmi on

Last I checked we were supposed to be role models for our children not “stars”. I think yah comment is always ignorant. But what I think is odd that she considers him to be her buddy. That’s so not romantic.

Dawn on

Kim – I agree with you. No one should have actors are role models. There are better roll models, parents, grandparents, etc.

Ris on

Blake lively’s like “she beat me to it”

Ridiculous on

What a sad comment, Sally. Why you would want ANY celebrity to be a role model to your children is beyond me.

Anonymous, what an insane comment. She’s 29 so ‘its time’? Got news for you…its perfectly NORMAL now for women in their 40’s to have a baby.

You two are sad and scary individuals.

Kristen on

Wow Becky – what an archaic and judgmental post that is. Waiting until your 30s is somehow bad? How about waiting until you’re ready? People like you and your outdated age-shaming drive me nuts!

joy on

Oh look! The father of her child is her “buddy”. That’s nice. Yep – there is no way this could go wrong.

TJ on

Congratulations to them! I’m 33, been married for 5 years and only now thinking about having kids. I just wasn’t ready before. Everyone moves at their own pace.

Denise on

Congratulations, best wishes to them!!!

Anonymous on

To Becky :

I had my son back in September and I was 35 (turned 36 about two weeks later). What’s wrong with waiting until you’re READY, regardless of age?? Ignorant comment.

On another note, I’m pretty sure”Sally” was being sarcastic …

Aud on

“He’s my buddy.” Mmmmm…

Rachel on

Sad news today for men everywhere lol

Truthseeker on

If she isn’t doing any wedding planning, why the hell is she having a baby?

Me on

Truthseeker took the words out of my mouth! If u aren’t ready to marry him why is she ready for a baby with him?

Antonym4U on

Hang up your petticoats and join the current century, folks. Y’all act like she’s the first celebrity to have a child out of wedlock. Poor role model for children? No, poor role models are those judgmental parents out there that can’t seem to take a moment and explain to their own child that a happy family can take on many forms – not all of which require a gold band around the left finger.

Susan on

Good for her, but a side note for all of you wannabes that aren’t married and don’t have her kind of money…..please, please don’t have a child until you have enough money to care for the child. We have enough to pay for from cradle to grave. Go ahead and be like them, buy their clothes, use the same phone they use, send mindless tweets about what you ate for lunch today (although aside from your own mother, no one else cares), but PLEASE don’t have any child you CANNOT afford!!!!

Linda on

am I the only one who thinks getting pregnant before marriage is not in good taste and not proper?????????

righto on

engagement is the new marriage. and yeah…buddy? sperm donor perhaps.

Carolyn on

Babies out of wedlock seem to be the new norm. I guess there are a few of us out here who still care enough to put marriage first. Yes, I know it’s not the 50s anymore, but look at statistics and they will show a married, committed couple is far better for a child’s welfare.

Smiles on


Susan on

Hey Autonym, are you one of the baby mommas out there with a bunch of kids, no education, no money and no baby daddies in sight? If you are, you’re part of the problem, if not, then accept my apology. I have NO problem with Scarlett having 10 kids….as long as SHE can support them and care for them. I don’t care if you’re married, gay, bi, whatever works for you. However, if you are penniless, you have NO BUSINESS having a child!! I’m tired of my tax dollars going to support these “ladies” who in their minds THINK they can live like a Kardashian. Have all the children you want, but be sure YOU can pay for them from cradle to, and including, college!!



Diane on

She should be a nice stable mother … not

Huh? on

Doesn’t anybody get married first?!?!?

Denise on

You lot are pathetic. Don’t you remember she was married before? And that ended in divorce? Marriage isn’t some sort of magical thing that will keep you together and happy forever. I think it says a lot that she didn’t have kids with her ex-husband, but she does with this guy. She’s probably a lot more confident about their future together, married or not. I’m happy for her, she seems lovely and I wish her all the best.

sandy on

aw, too bad for her, nope, cant enjoy the engagement/wedding planning when, all of a sudden you have to start thinking about birthing and nurserys, well, thats her choice, and she is lovely, congrats to her.

melissajean0 on

@Sally, I got married and was married for 7 years. I never got pregnant, but am with a man I love so much right now marriage or not we’d be happy to have a kid. Children born out of wedlock are NOT an abomination. People get divorced when they have children together, every single day. Some people just aren’t made for marriage, and just because you want a child and you’re not married doesn’t mean a damn thing. It means you’ve got a nurturing soul. And that’s WAY more important than marriage.

Amie on


melissajean0 on

All of you griping about her not being married kill me. 2/3 of marriages end in divorce. Besides, how is it really hurting YOU whether they’re married or not. Not like it’s any of your beeswax.

pixyprincess on

Why is everyone being so judgmental about how she lives her life? Congratulations on the baby! Scarlett and every other woman out there should have children when ever the time is fitting married or not. This isn’t the lord of the rings and we as women don’t have to have a gold band before we start a family or at all.

Jenny on

why do posters on here always act so self-righteous about a celeb not bring married and having a baby? geez, they are not broke teenagers, they’re wealthy adults who want to have a baby. i never see hate for the single adoptive parents (Sandra, Charlize, Angelina-the first time around). those are dreaded unmarried parents, too! why is having a biological kid a “shame” when you’re single, but an adopted kid “heroic”?

Jenn on

While I don’t think this relationship will last (due to her strange “buddy” comment and past record), I think it’s extremely rude and judgemental to practically judge as a whole, anyone who has children and not married. I am engaged and was before my twins were born and we still are not married as I am still planning my wedding. Do I love my fiance or my sons less? No. Mind your business. I can pay for my kids myself so how does it affect you?

I like Antonym4U’s comment. And Carolyn- check your facts. There is NO proof UNMARRIED TOGETHER COUPLES will raise children just as good as MARRIED couples can. I can see how a split relationship is bad for a child’s welfare, but I know plenty of people that have been together without marrying and went on to raise children that are just as well rounded in every way, just like I know a few couples that had kids and decided to divorce and now their children are complete wrecks. Marriage doesn’t mean you will never split.

I know some parents that are married and have kids- still together but VERY unhappy and their kids are extremely affected in a negative way. I have also seen extremely well adjusted kids where their parents were not together ever, but are able to co-parent wonderfully. I see how it would be detrimental to shuttle a kid back and forth, and to have a kid that lives part time with mom, part time with dad (AKA NOT together), but your comment has no validity and is very narrowminded.

Everyone else- if your children’s role models are movie stars- I’d re-evaluate your parenting.

Andrea on

Being engaged and getting pregnant seems to be the “in” thing now for celebrities or they get knocked up and get engaged 2 days later. Use birth control! Watch them breakup before she even has a bump!

Really guys? on

I could give two craps whether she is married or not. It’s her life. I fail to see why anyone would care about her choices as they DO NOT concern you.

theron on

Her desperation reeks.

Kestrel on

So begins yet another tale of “Is she being a good role model?”. Is she? I don’t know. Most people will say that the parents need to be the role model but that is exactly who SHOULDN’T. There needs to be influences in a kid’s life that’s are separate from them so they can see a new perspective, a new way of doing things that will inspire them. Role models are different then parents. Unfortunately, these people didn’t ask to be looked at like that. WE demand that they are. Does Scarlett make kids’ movies? Why does she need to be considerate of your kids? Yet the fact is, everyone should be living a life that people can look at and see that they are honest, hardworking, charitable successes who will hopefully rub off in others in need of such. You never know when a pair of little eyes is watching to see what you’ll do. So always do you’re best and what is right and if you screw up? Admit it and move on. Our world has so much on display and nothing is sacred – yet we cannot be truly honest. Between the living beyond your means or staying with an abusive partner or marrying for money or having an addiction. Lie, lie, lie. And we all watch reality TV with people who whore their lives out.

Gena on

Guys, this is an unconfirmed rumour. Yeah, a source can say that, but ScarJo hasn’t confirmed, or anyone with legitimate intel.

DS on

It’s interesting. I wish the comments were online from when Jennifer Garner was pregnant 6 months after starting to date Ben Affleck — pearls clutched! shotgun wedding! She must be desperate! Always dates her co-stars — who’s next! Look at her history — this is her second marriage!

And now, they’ve been married 9 years, with 3 kids, and they are (ostensibly) happy.

So let’s just say that it’s lovely that this lady is expecting a baby with a man she loves, and that she’s successful enough to be able to take care of a child…. and leave it at that.

theron on

She hooked up Sean Penn weeks after her husband filed for divorce and they were photographed more often in their three months together than she and her husband were during a four year relationship.

She went public with her relationship with some ad exec and felt compelled to let the press know the exact month they started dating, which conveniently landed a month before her ex was first seen with a new girlfriend (now wife).

She went public with this guy weeks after splitting from the ad exec and they announced their engagement a few months later (conveniently before her film premiere), despite saying she had no interest in marriage and wouldn’t be having babies anytime soon. Now few months later, she’s pregnant.

She does seem desperate and flakey. It’s a shame she’s involving a child in her drama, but good luck to them.

shidley on

Her boobs are going to be HUUUGE. 🙂

LM on

Woohoo! Congrats to the beautiful couple. She’s a smart cookie and the kid will have looks and brains. Lucky child!

K.W. on

no wedding or birth control planning..

theron on

Nine years of Jen putting her career on the backburner to pop out babies, while Ben continued to gamble, flirt, and work long hours. They make an attractive couple and the kids are adorable, but that’s not a great love story no matter how many years they stay together.

theron on

Affleck and Garner are inspiration to any woman who hopes a baby will make the man stick around.

wow on

This is a woman who less than a yr ago that said marriage was not in the plan s she was happy dating.. No commitments to marriage and babies she is evovling very quickly in an interview last wk, she said she had no investment in her first marriage and was “NEVER” jealous of Ryan but she is jealous of her current in love because he is French and ???? the rumor was Ryan was controlling & jealous, I now think it may be because HE WAS NOT!! the more things change…..the more they stay the same!

Perry on

“He’s my buddy.” Thanks little buddy!

Paige on

@Sally Celebrities aren’t supposed to be role models for children. They don’t technically sign up for that job when they become famous. That’s the parents job to be role models. It’s also the parents job to know what their children are watching. Don’t blame it on society.

Brandi on

To all the people whining about Scarlett setting a bad example by having a child out of wedlock…it is YOUR job as parents to set the ultimate example for your children and to help them determine the best option when making important decisions like this one in their lives and not Scarlett’s. It’s your job to help your children determine what are other appropriate examples of positive, healthy, and loving relationships and not the job of these celebrities. While I personally waited until I was married until I had children, that was my individual choice and I don’t expect that same choice to be right for everyone else in the world or judge those that take a different path. And FYI – the best environment to raise a child in is one that is filled with love and stability…having two parents that are married and living in the same household does not automatically mean that the child is living in the best possible scenario. Trust me, there are quite a few clients I have that grew up in these “ideal” households and had to seek therapy because of the abuse, infidelity, neglect and various other forms of dysfunction that they grew up with. Married parents are not the best thing for a child. Whether they are married, a monogamous couple, or broken up and living in separate households, the best environment that parents can provide for a child is one full of love and stability and with parents that are committed to co-parenting together in healthy manner that is in the best interest of their child.

rick on

I’m actually the father – she needs more time to break it to the french sissy (who wears his mother’s clothes).

Carolyn on

Wonder if she’s still smoking?

Tri on

She’s pregnant and saying she’s in no rush to get married? Yes people in Hollywood arent good role models, not even to their own kids.

Stacey McRae on

She’s not in any rush to get married because they will break up by the end of the ye

Susan on

I’m a lot less worried about Scarlett and the others being unmarried, that’s their business, however, I’m much, much more concerned with the empty headed morons who think they can be like her and the others who are unmarried, and don’t have any MONEY. THEN my friends, it BECOMES our business because the baby mommas expect us to pick up the tab. And sorry, if these tarts are your kids role models, you have many more problems than this!

skanded on

I read elsewhere that she is 5 months preggo, so they very well may have gotten engaged because she was preggo, but she was smart and announced the pregnancy months later, so it wasn’t so obvious.

Anais on

@Sally, you focus on being a good parent and your child will do fine. There are a lot of criminals out there that your child will eventually become aware of. Do you plan on living on another planet, cause earth is full of non-perfect role models.

Julie on

Let me enlighten you folks, she is engaged to a FRENCH !!! Here in France, we don’t necessarily get married like you guys bible freaks do. So each their culture, that baby is French and whether they decide to get married before or after the baby, it’s none of your business !!!

my my my... on

Melissajean that was lovely. I was married had 2 kids, stayed 11 years. What doesmarriage have to do with anything. My miserable ,evil parents were married50 years & raised 5 unhappy messed up, children. Children need loving parents not a marriage certificate. Children need to know they are important, loved, cared about etc. Marriage doesn’t guarantee anything like that…plz..

candace on

She never seemed very grounded to me. Also, it is always good when you have a baby with a man that you refer to as a “buddy”. Hope it works out for her and the French guy – at least they’ll always have Paris but please don’t call the kid Paris;)

an American on

Julie, there in France, men are womanizers and women are second class. You really do need to chill out. And FYI – what I said about France is about as ridiculous as your comment on bible thumping Americans. You really sound ignorant.

Stephanie on

I don’t want any celebrity to be my child’s role model, but most of you tend to forget about the world we live in. These celebrities put themselves out there and no matter how hard you try to be your own child’s role model so many young girls still want to be like these celebrities because they make it look so fun. We can’t talk them out of it.

Anonymous on

French men blow.

Anonymous on

“Breaking News?”….now i can sleep better at night, knowing another celebrity is pregnant before marriage, and will probably end up divorced.

K-Flash on

Well, I ‘m happy for her. But people like her, really shouldn’t be elevated to “role model” status. Those titles are reserved for those out in the world, who effect change (for the good). She ain’t quite there yet. 😉

Samie on

Anyone else think she looks old for only being 29?

tina on

Yet another celebrity we’re going to celebrate for getting pregnant before she’s married. Really?

ann on

new word for married is fiance’

Gina on

It must be culture difference, but I don’t understand why some people are being judgmental when people are having kids without getting married. There are some married couples that get a divorce and there are non-married couples that last forever. You don’t have to sign a piece of paper and show the world that you love each other to be a good parent or a good person. The commitment is to be a good parent to your kid, that’s all that really matters (in my mind). Being married is not going to change anything, you’re still going to go though crisis, you might not love your husband anymore after a while, and being married or not, it’s your decision to work it out, and guess what, sometimes, it’s not worth it, and that’s life, move on, your kids will understand.

RNW on

To all of the people making comments about her having a child out of wedlock: She’s rich, so who cares?? I won’t be paying for her to have a welfare baby, so I could care less.


TJ Allen on

Would it kill one of these Hollywood idols to get married first???? They are crappy role models.

sable senegal on

Hey pregnant engaged celebs aren’t anything new.but her baby’s father isn’t as hot as her past exes.

sable senegal on

Hope she don’t marry her baby’ father.he isn’t that cute.

sam on

rich people should never get married. you should not merge your assets and property. families take all forms. deal with it. that contract is for people who need a in case of emergency b/c they didn’t bother establishing themselves before bringing a child into the world.

KT on

Holy cow people, can you for one second step off your high horse and realize she is going to bring a sweet, innocent baby into the world? Who gives a rat’s behind if she’s married or not? This child is a blessing, just as your children were (or will be). Get some perspective here, and stop being such ignorant righteous pukes.

Truffles on

They don’t call it Hollyweird for nothing!

Sfingaaa on

wow! great news! wish her only the best!

nicole on

While this could very well be true, I really wish media outlets would wait until the star or their rep DOES confirm it. We pretty much accept a “no comment” as a confirmation, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s better to say “____ is *reportedly* true” instead of assuming. That way, whether it’s confirmed or denied, you aren’t ever wrong. And you can just go back and change the article.

If it is true, congrats to the both of them!

Agatha on

I would get married first, but then again I’m not sure if I want kids.
But she has money, now a baby. If she would get married doesn’t she have to pay him in a divorce? Save that money, give it to your baby and charity.

sara on

Guarantee that almost all who are making comments have at least one family member who have had a baby out of wedlock. Do you condemn them or do you support them? What if your child had a baby out wedlock? Are you going to condemn and preach to them or stop loving them? Seriously get over it. Sometimes its better for the child if their parents are not married. You don’t have to be married to raise your child right.

Sara on

All of you are so concerned about this whole “out of wedlock” thing, and here I am, sitting her worried about filming for The Avengers sequel. Priorities.

Jenny on

Sally, would u have preferred to see Kim Kardashian pregnant while married to Kris Humphries? Katy Perry and Russell Brand? Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey? Get where I’m going here? Being in love should be the premise for having a child, not signing a peice of paper, that can be null and void in a matter of days.

Catca on

I’m rather confused by the comments. Why is calling your fiance “your buddy” strange and indicating the relationship won’t last. Buddy means really good friend, isn’t that the foundation for a successful long lasting relationship? So do you all want to be with someone who’s not your good friend???

AmandaC on

I thought she divorced Channing because she wasn’t ready to settle down??? Did I miss something.

Noneya on

EWWW! Just ewww.

Woodsleegirls on

They will never make it to the alter. She should have hung on to Ryan Reynolds.

lovely123 on

“He’s my buddy”, can’t see this relationship going very far.

Tam on

She looked in her 30’s instead of 29.

AmandaC on

*Sorry meant (Ryan) not Channing…to many hot men to think about!

Angie on

Ohh French….. can they have a French kiss?

nozona on

am I really the only person who does not find her attractive?

knockedupandfit on

She’s going to be such a glowing mommy!

Sarah on

Poor baby, to be born to a whore like her! Maybe it will be lucky and miscarry.

G on


Do you know her personally? How dare you wish someone to miscarry a baby! As someone who has lost a baby I find your comment insensitive. Keep your nasty thoughts to yourself.

Kido on

Her new boyfriend is less hot than her exs yap

Anonymous on

I don’t see why people are saying that it won’t last because her fiance isn’t as attractive as the other guys that she has had relationships with. Looks aren’t everything, personality matters too. I know several guys that aren’t overly attractive, but are very kind and loving. I’d pick them over a guy who was drop dead gorgeous but had an awful personality any day.
Anyway, I wish them the best of luck!

I'm not joking on

Julie on March 3rd, 2014
Let me enlighten you folks, she is engaged to a FRENCH !!!

Let me enlighten you!….Can I gets some Fries with that……

I'm not joking on

Anonymous on March 15th, 2014

I don’t see why people are saying that it won’t last because her fiance isn’t as attractive as the other guy…

Let’s see…….

Julia Roberts – Lyle Lovett
Sandra Bullock – Jesse James
Robin Wright – Sean Penn
Angelina Jolie – Billy Bob
Kate Hudson – Chris Robinson
Marilyn Monroe -Arthur Miller/Joe Dimaggio

I am still waiting for Lois Griffin to wake up and take a
look at Peter LOL

sherrimunnerlyn on

Scar Jo, the Knocked up Zionazi Whore!