Stephen and DeAnna Pappas Stagliano Welcome Daughter Addison Marie

03/03/2014 at 09:15 PM ET

DeAnna Pappas Welcomes Daughter Addison Marie Tiffany Rose/Wireimage

Update: The couple have named their daughter Addison Marie Stagliano, they announced via social media Monday. The baby’s middle name honors DeAnna’s mother, who passed away from cancer when the Bachelorette alum was 12. Addison weighed in at 6 lbs., 6 oz.

Originally posted Feb. 9: DeAnna Pappas Stagliano just gave her husband the best birthday present ever: a baby girl!

The former Bachelorette and her husband, Stephen Stagliano, welcomed their daughter on Thursday, Feb. 6, Pappas Stagliano confirms to PEOPLE.

“Our little angel is here! Daddy now has two loves in his life! Thank you all for the love and support,” the new father, 30, Tweeted Saturday to announce the arrival.

The couple, who wed in 2011, announced the pregnancy in August and Pappas Stagliano, 32, admitted giving birth to their first child would be her husband’s only — and greatest — gift.

“The baby is due Feb. 8 and Stephen’s birthday is Feb. 4. I told him all he’s getting for his birthday this year is a baby,” she joked to PEOPLE.

Pappas Stagliano celebrated their pending arrival with a pink-themed baby shower in January and admitted she was resisting the urge to stock her daughter’s drawers.

“I’ve desperately tried to refrain from buying tons of baby clothes because most moms have told me they barely used half of what they had. I’m a simple lady — less is more,” she told PEOPLE.

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

Congrats to them! Can’t wait to hear the name and see pictures!

Pam on

Born on her due date. That’s cool. I was in love with my son’s due date and month that he was estimated to be born. His due date was December 8th and I was told he would most likely be a few weeks late and closer to Christmas which I liked. He was born 3 weeks early though and came on November 15th. I have always disliked November, until now.

Marky on

Congratulations to the happy couple! So happy she was born a couple of days after his b’day, rather than on it, but it’s a wonderful gift! Looking forward to hearing her name, and hopefully, see a picture.

Anjelia1968 on

She actually did not deliver on her due date; she was due 2-08 but delivered 2-06. Of course, it’s still “cool”. Any day a baby is born is a blessed day!

Mommy on

Can’t wait to hear the name!!!! So happy for them

carolina on

Wish her mom could be around to share the joy but she is looking dow from heaven a happy granny

Huh? on

NAME!??!??!! I hate that. How do you make a baby announcement and not give a name!?!? You had 9 months to figure that out

okaayyy on

No, Pam (below) the baby was NOT born on her due date – the due date was the 8th, the article says she was born on the 6th.

DaisyMoon on

I bet her middle name will be after DeAnna’s mom, who passed away…

Smithy on

I heard they named the baby ‘Fifteen Minutes’…..they’re going to call her Fifi.

Tara on

So, I was born on my Dad’s birthday and then two years later my little brother was born on the same day! So, I share my birthday with my dad and my brother! Coolest thing ever! Then I have two girls….both girls had the same due date, May 24th. My oldest was born May 15th, 2009 and my youngest was born May 18th, 2013! I was hoping they would be born on the same day! We missed by three days! 🙂 Congrats to the new family!

Yeah, SO on

Yeah, so, I was born on my birthday too.

Big Fan on

The baby was not born on the due date of the 8th, born the 6th. Most babies aren’t born on the due dates. My daughter WAS indeed born on her exact due date which coincidentally was Father’s Day. The hospital made a big deal of it too…it was awesome. My other daughter came a week early which I knew would happen.

Congrats and enjoy your new little blessing!

Anonymous on

Congrats! That’s my birthday too! Can’t wait to hear the name.

DaisyMoon on

Smithy…best comment ever!

Me on

The first picture of the baby wearing the little blue hat is so cute. Looks like a little smile there.

Dulce Mae on

That name is so used and way boring, they could have picked something better, I personally wouldn’t want to give my child such a popular used name ever! What ever happened to originality? Oh right everybody has to be like everybody else! Boringgggg!!

Taylor on

@Dulce Mae When celebs give kids a normal name, they’re called “boring,” but when they go all “Rainbow” and “North,” people are all “poor kid!” I think it’s a perfectly lovely name. I personally don’t know any Addisons.

Texgirl on

Aww, I have an Addison as well. Love the name, obviously!

arjtra6 on

I have an Addyson and I obviously think its a beautiful name. Not over used at all!

dsfg on

” . . . its a beautiful name. Not over used at all!”

Actually, it ranked 24 for top baby girls names in 2013.

Anonymous on

Do NOT like the name Addison. At my kid’s school, there are 3 boys named Addison and 1 girl. To me, it sounds like a made-up name. Don’t like names that you can’t tell if the kid is a boy or girl. It’s a trendy name that will be trendy maybe 4 years, and then you’ll never hear it again, and you’ll be stuck with it as an adult.

Anonymous on

Anonymous- Actually, Addison may be “trendy” now, but it has been around for ages (it started off as a surname). And while trendy names DO tend to fade from common use after a few decades or so, some end up becoming popular again several years down the road (look at Sophia, for example. When we were kids, it was thought of as mostly a “grandma” name. Now it’s so popular that it was the number one girls’ name of 2013!). Maybe Addison will be one of them!

Anyway, I love the name. Wonder if they’ll call her Addie?

Addie on

Many studies have shown that children given strong Anglo-Saxon names are the most successful in life. So think real hard before you name your child. Do you want your child to be a success or not.

Jessy on

Addisson? For real? OMG.

Ris on

Reminds of the disease, Addison’s. Also, I have an Italian last name and certain names I like won’t go with it…like finn, sawyer, carter. I don’t think madison goes with the Italian last name.

Kestrel on

Trendy and dull.

Jay on

What a beautiful name for a beautiful baby! It’s nice that they honored Deanna’s mother. Congratulations to the family!!

Tay on

The name is too trendy, but congrats to them!