Susan Sarandon Plans to ‘Completely Spoil’ Her Grandchild

03/01/2014 at 05:00 PM ET

Susan Sarandon Grandchild Eva Amurri Pregnant Michael Buckner/Getty

Susan Sarandon is thrilled to become a grandma — but don’t expect her to dole out motherly wisdom to daughter Eva Amurri Martino.

“I will take the kids when she’s crumbling with exhaustion, but I wouldn’t begin to give her advice,” Sarandon, 67, tells PEOPLE.

“She’ll find her own way, and she has very, very strong opinions about everything. So she’ll figure it out through trial and error, like every other mother does.”

Amurri Martino, 28, recently announced she is expecting her first child, and she’s already basking in her pregnancy glow. Meanwhile, Sarandon is eager to take on the role of doting grandmother.

“I plan to just completely go against everything my daughter’s trying to do and spoil them completely,” she jokes. “I also can’t wait for her to understand how challenging being a mother is and appreciate me even more when she finds out.”

The Oscar-winning actress already has her hands full working as a celebrity ambassador for The 100 Good Deeds movement, a charity that sells handcrafted bracelets made by women in developing nations like Haiti and Uganda. The jewelry is meant to inspire its wearers to pursue selfless, anonymous acts of kindness. These gestures can be as simple as opening the door for someone or waving to a stranger having a bad day, Sarandon explains.

“When you buy a bracelet, you are helping vulnerable women and you are creating employment for them,” creator Mary Fisher tells PEOPLE, adding that all of the proceeds go directly to the women.

Also on Sarandon’s busy schedule? Promoting Waiting for Mamu, a documentary Sarandon produced about social worker Pushpa Basnet and the daycare she founded to help incarcerated children in Nepal. The film screens Sunday at the Sedona Film Festival. And Sarandon’s involvement has come full circle: Fisher said she is working to help Basnet bring the production of 100 Good Deeds bracelets to the imprisoned women she aids.

As for the women in her own family, Sarandon is confident Amurri Martino is ready to dive into parenting.

“She’s gonna be a kick-ass mom,” she says. “She already is embracing it so completely.”

–Michele Corriston

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Izzie on

There are quite a lot of passive aggressive quotes from Sue in this rather short article.

Marge on

Who is she married to?

K. on

Congrats Eva (and Susan). One attractive woman.

Christine on

I was thinking the same thing Izzie… there are issues there for sure.

tammy on

She is married to a former pro soccer player who is now a broadcaster for NBS

Katie on

I don’t think there are issues with them at all. Parents are tough on their kids and the kids “hate” them for it. My mom smiles now when I get after my kids for things she used to get after me for. My mom made me wake up early if I didn’t finish homework the night before. I hate that, but now I do it with my kids because I understand why she did it. My mom loves to spoil my kids and that’s okay because I know someday I will do the same with my grandchildren.

Missy on

“Passive aggressive quotes”, where? Susan was clearly attempting to be humorous and lighthearted in her approach! Some of you folks would find the one dark cloud on a beautiful sunny day! Geeze!!

Easyup on

Congratulations to Susan on her forthcoming grandchild. She will indeed be a kick-ass grandma. She and Tim have done an outstanding job of raising Eva without the usual Hollywood scariness. Eva has grown into a very beautiful, healthy, clear eyed young woman expecting her first child. Much happiness to them one and all.

Tay on

Good for Susan to help empower women in developing nations, great cause.

Anonymous on

Marge- Her husband’s name is Kyle Martino (I’m assuming you were referring to Eva, btw!). 🙂

Mommytoane on

Well. Susan has a point. Until you become a parent yourself, you have no clue how hard, challenging, and yet rewarding being a parent truely is. You don’t realize what your parents sacrificed, or what sacrifices you will have to make. Its good she’s going to take a stand back approach to being a grandma. So many grandmas’ are so darn pushy and in a parents face.

As far as spoiling…as my father has always told me, its a grandparents right to spoil their grandchildren. I could only wish I had the loving, spoiling grandparents my daughter has.

Nannyto1 on

What happens at Grandma`s stays at Grandma`s lol. Enjoy every minute. It`s the best.

Anonymous on

I loved Eva in “Saved”!

Tay on

It’s good advice Susan gave to her daughter.

penne on

So refreshing to see an older star looking her age instead of like a zombie with plastic surgery!!

loreleil on

Although I don’t care for her political views, she simply sounds like a very excited grandmother to be!

Pat on

Happy for the family!

Savannah on

Heehee…my Dad says the exact same thing. Can’t wait to spoil his grandbabies. I’ve always been such a huge fan of Susan, and watching these two act together in Banger Sisters was a real treat. Wishing Eva all the best in her pregnancy.