Kendra Wilkinson: We’re Not Sheltering Our Son from My Pregnancy

03/01/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett QVC Red Carpet Style
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Kendra Wilkinson has found the secret to making it through the morning sickness: having a great husband by her side!

The mom-to-be, who attended the QVC Red Carpet Style event with Hank Baskett on Friday in Beverly Hills, told PEOPLE the pro football player has been nothing but patient throughout the pregnancy.

“Hank’s been spoiling me so much! He’s pretty much saying, ‘Whatever you need to do this pregnancy, do it,'” Wilkinson, 28,  says.

I’m here [and he’s also] working, but he’s making sure if I need to sleep in [then] he allows me to sleep — and sleeping in meaning noon!”

Other than the occasional craving for caramel apples, the reality star — who’s expecting a girl in mid May — admits pregnancy has completely changed her eating habits — for the better!

“I’m all about oranges. I have to have oranges and mango. So it’s more sweet, more fruity, cold. Salads, a lot of salads,” she says. “I’ve been eating so well. I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m eating clean, organic and low carb.”

But Baskett isn’t the only one supporting her through the final months. The couple credit their son, Hank IV, with being very involved in the pregnancy process.

“Hank knows more than he should know. I believe that when it’s time to teach them about sex and what happens in life, why not teach them? The earlier the better — we have nothing to hide,” she explains.

“He asks stuff … not just where the baby comes from, but ‘How did the baby get in there?’ That one tricks me sometimes, but we find a way to tell him.”

Wilkinson adds, “He knows what’s going to happen [on my] due date. He asks, ‘When am I going to see my baby sister?’ every single day.”

The 4-year-old even offered his input when the couple were deciding on a name for their daughter.

“We involve him in everything so he likes the names we have picked out so far,” Wilkinson says. “They’re all unisex names, names that could be for boys — that are meant for a boy — but could be for a girl.”

The family is all looking forward to adding a baby girl to the mix, but Baskett has already warned his wife that their daughter will steal his heart from the start.

“I’m going to have my little princess tomboy and she’s going to have me wrapped around her little finger,” he tells PEOPLE. “She’s going to get all of the hugs and love that mama gets. I hope [Kendra’s] ready to share because I know that’s going to be my little girl and I’m excited.”

— Anya Leon with reporting by Mariah Haas

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Hey on

Glad Kendra has found happiness with Hank.

Belinda Holbrook on

How gives a hoot? She is such a joke after living with Hugh Hefner. How can this be PEOPLE worthy?

eliina on

Im so excited for them to have this new baby!!! and that its a girl. Congrats

Kat on

Airhead bimbo. She seems the type who get into the fine details of what mom and dad did to get the baby in her stomach. Geesh, a 5yr old doesn’t need all that info!

katrina on

From her reality show she barely takes care of her son Hank seems to be Mr Mom and Housekeeper

Anonymous on

I’m so very happy for them ! There great parents and there baby girl is going to be beautiful

sunspotbaby2U on

omg.. i LOVE this couple soo much… they have this marriage thing right..!!

Guest on

Enough of the boy names for girls! Awful trend…yuck!

Erica on

@ Kat-How exactly do you think a baby “got in her stomach”? Did she eat the baby? Last I checked, the baby is in the uterus. The stomach is an organ meant to digest food, not babies.

Dee on

I hope she shelters her child from the fact that she was one of Hef’s ho’s…at least for a little while.

Rose on

I think he’s to good for her. I dislike her ever since I read about how she treats her mom and brother. No respect. And I don’t think Hank Jr really needs to know how babies are made this early on. He’ll grow up soon enough and find out.

Marky on

It’s so funny that some of you act as if Kendra having slept with Hugh Hefner is worse than you having slept with everyone you ever went out with, pretty much. If you weren’t a virgin when you married, how do you get to be so much better than another woman being with someone else before they married, because that’s what it boils down to. I wouldn’t walk across the street and spit on Hugh Hefner if he was on fire, but seriously… get over it. It gets racked up every 5 minutes. Let it go.

Jackie on

OF course he’s gonna ask those questions. You popped up out of nowhere with a growing belly with a baby in it. I hope they didn’t break it all the way down to him tho lol

Manda Rei on

I’m happy for them. Who cares about her past! Hef isn’t a horrible person. If any of you actually seen the show you would’ve seen that he treats each of his girls with respect and always made sure they were well taken care of. I like Hef, I like his girls(ex’s and current wife). Everyone deserves their own happiness. I applaud Kendra for not sheltering lil’ Hank. Modern society is smothering their children, resulting in new generation who are overly spoiled and sheltered. If I ever decide to have another child and my son asks questions I won’t deny him the truth.

Anonymous on

Congrats Kendra, Hank, & little Hank for your new addition to your family!

jaintn on

Only in America is someone considered a celebrity for being one of 3 women sleeping with a wealthy geriatric. Gold digging has been very good for her.

v.maltas on

Congrats to them they are a wonderful couple! And leave her alone.. Just because she’s pretty doesn’t make her a hoe! And because she had an older BF before Hank… Certainly does not either! Congrats you to!!! You’ll make wonderful parents!!! And I love Hugh Hefner… He’s a good guy!

Mel on

Out from Hugh Hefner. Happy for her.

Villy on

Congrats Kendra for the new addition!

Elizabeth Guerrero on

I love you guys….