Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani Welcome Son Apollo Bowie Flynn

03/01/2014 at 03:15 PM ET

Gwen Stefani Gavin Rossdale Welcome Son Apollo Bowie Smith
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

And baby makes five!

Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani welcomed their third son together on Friday, the musicians confirm.

“Welcome Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale 2/28/14,” Rossdale announced via Twitter Saturday. “Bowie and Flynn = [our] mothers’ maiden names.”

Rossdale, 48, and Stefani’s new baby boy joins big brothers Zuma Nesta Rock, 5½, and Kingston James McGregor, 7½.

The couple — who have been married for 11 years and together for 16 — kept mostly mum on the pregnancy until Stefani, 44, started her Instagram account off with a surprise in January, revealing her brood of boys would be growing by one.

“I was ready to hand over the crown. But I guess I am still queen of the house. #itsaboy #surroundedbyboys,” she captioned a shot of her sporting a crown.

Shortly after her announcement, the No Doubt frontwoman proved she was effortlessly incorporating her growing belly into her signature sexy style by sharing a selfie of her all-black outfit.

In February, Stefani was joined by family and friends for her baby shower, complete with a blue and cream-themed treat table and a pea in the pod cake.

— Anya Leon

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Anonymous on

All their kids have weirdo names

Shana on

Aww…, CONGRATULATIONS, Gwen and Gavin! I bet their son is sooooo handsome!!! Can’t wait to see pics! 😉

klutzy_girl on

After Kingston and Zuma, Apollo seems normal. And it’s sweet that his middle names come from his grandmothers’ maiden names.

Congratulations to them!

Citygirl823 on

Congratulations! So happy for this family! I pray they will go the distance and stay together forever! They seem to be grounded and happy!

mg on

cute name. love them!

Julesy on

I bet Apollo will look exactly like Kingston and Zuma. Really not liking any of the kids’ names, though.

Guest2 on

Rockstar baby names!!!!! Wouldn’t expect anything less with these two – the coolest parents hands down!!! Congrats!

Mellissa on

I’m confused as to why everyone feels the need to talk about how they don’t “approve” of a child’s name, as if the parents care what you think. Most of you complaining would be too nervous to even write that with YOUR OWN real given names on the internet. Get a life.

Danielle on


Sally on

Ew, revolting names all

Jay on

Bowie or Flynn would have been so nice as a first name. I guess they wanted to keep the, hmmm, uniqueness going?

Nannyto1 on

Congrats Gavin, Gwen, Kingston and Zuma. Welcome to the world Apollo. And for those of you picking on the name choice… GET A LIFE!!

Amy on

Congrats on the birth of Apollo. Happy Birthday Apollo! February 28th is my birthday too.

Sandfeet on

CONGRATULATIONS with your new addition!!!!! One time I did have the recipe for GIRLS, I will gladly share it with you Gwen. Blessings to you, Gavin and all the boys.

Shia on

So they’re not going to add that he has an adult daughter?

Sandfeet on

I can not believe some of these awful comments about the baby’s name. Your name is a gift that your parents give you. It is uniquely yours. Apollo, like Apollo Ono is a wonderful name. GET OVER PEOPLE!!!!

Missy on

My cousin and his wife also had a baby boy on the same day. His name is Joseph. I think my cousin’s son got the better name.

nicole on

my cousin name her boys Talan, Ryder and Malik.. not a fan of those names either but to each his own.

Ridiculous on

And ‘baby makes five’…um, shouldn’t it read ‘baby makes six’, seeing as Gavin has a daughter? Or doesn’t she count, People magazine?

denise on

Love his name. Best wishes to everyone.

Callie on

Seriously? Showtime at the Apollo……the names are ridiculous!

nikki on

I wonder if the baby is biologically hers or from an egg donor? She’s kinda old.

raynemarie on

People picking on the name of a newborn baby and his brothers who are also children…GROW THE FUCK UP!!! You were probably the bullies in school and are raising the next generation of school bullies, judging by some of these comments. If you don’t like a name, THEN DON’T NAME YOUR CHILD THAT NAME! It’s that simple.

Guest on

My dogs name is Apollo

Evellina on

Flynn is a great name. The rest, not so much.

Guest53 on

congratulations. may he have a long, healthy and happy life

Jaci on

Gee I thought they’d name him John or Steven or Tommy hahaha

mom23 on

terrible name. sorry but it is.

fiona on

congrats! their parents are rockstars and the boys names fit the bill. a beautiful family for sure.

Anonymous on

Weirdo = cool
Opposite of lame-o!;)))
Happy people rule!

Patti on

Mothers’ maiden names sounds like a donor egg was involved.

Kim on

Apollo and Kingston aren’t horrible names, but I feel sorry for poor Zuma. I can only imagine the jokes other kids make at his expense. Congratulations on the new baby though!

Melissa on

Congrats to them! The name totally fits them and goes well with his brothers. Like that they’re honoring the grandmothers too.

As far as donor eggs, I think Gwen (and Rachel Zoe, for that matter) would have sex-selected the embryos that were implanted if that was the case. They both have been opening about wanting girls. Since both had boys, I think they were naturally occurring pregnancies.

lori on

Don’t feel sorry for any of these kids. They’ll have a better life than you! Adult bullies are the worst. Apollo isn’t even a strange name!

Marianne on

First of all…I think its absolutely fine if people don’t like the name they’ve chosen. However, I think its kind of rude to say a kid will be teased because of it. You can have a normal name like “Elizabeth” for example, and some kid can turn into “Lizardbreath”. Also kids generally live by example.

That being said, I probably wouldn’t use Apollo myself. I just wouldn’t want to choose a greek god or goddess name myself, but theres nothing wrong with it.

Kim on

@raynemarie; LMAO at you telling people to “Grow the F up” when YOUR post is SOOOO mature.

Isabel on

Congratulations to the two!

As for bullying because of their names, I highly doubt it’s something they’ll have to worry about given who their parents are and the fact that they’ll be surrounded by other famous children whose parents picked equally unique names for them.

K. on

Apollo? Oh dear.

Sophie Pinkoski on

Delightful! I thoroughly enjoy their eccentric name choices!

Rachel on

Another stupid name, but better than his brother’s…Zuma Nesta Rock is by far the worst name they’ve picked.

RKF on

Three of the most asinine, selfish, ridiculous clown names. They’re human beings and need to go through life with monikers that won’t humiliate them as they age.

Oh, and if you don’t like my opinion, no need to write an additional post exclaiming how much my opinion offends you, etc… I have the same right as anyone else to express my thoughts.

Niki on

I don’t think Rachel Zoe was ever pregnant, something way fishy there. Don’t think it’s bad to use a surrogate, but just be honest and don’t make a huge deal out of it, like jimmy Fallon did. Gwen probably had her eggs frozen. And Victoria Beckmann made sure she had a girl, if you know what I mean.

sandy on

I really like their name choices, especially Kingston James, that rocks, but I dont think there is anything wrong with people talking about their unique choices in saying they like or dont like them, thats what this page is for, and you know thats what we were all wondering.. is what were they going to name them!!?

Anonymous on

White hair, black eye brows and big red lips

Paige on

Get over yourselves people. A new life has entered this world, and to married parents who wanted him. That should be reason enough to wish the family the best.

Look at history – there are plenty of ‘unique’ names that we would laugh at now. Fifty years from now, maybe Apollo and Kingston will be tame. Who knows. The important thing is the child will be loved by his parents and siblings. That is more than enough. ((And I agree with another poster – do you really expect celeb kids to have playdates with the likes of us commoners? No. Apollo will play with Bodhi, Fianna, Nori, etc.))

k on

Unusual names are the norm with the narcissistic celeb crowd. Get over it. They have a great family. Three boys…thats a handful! 44 tho…yikes. I just became a grandmother at 45!!

Natalie on

I happen to like their names. Mine is Natalie and it’s definitely not unique!!

jamie on

Welome baby Apollo. Congrats Gwen and Gavin. Love the baby’s name….it’s so cool.

Ashleigh on


Why do so many of you feel the need to PICK ON A CHILD about their name, saying it’s horrible? Hello, WAKE UP

What Gwen and Gavin choose to name their children DOES NOT affect your life in any way so stfu!

Anonymous on

Awesome couple; awesome names! Congrats to the whole family.

Anonymous on

Yay, now they are in the 3 boys club like me! Congrats!

Mariel on

Congrats to them! Bet he’s a cutie like his brothers.

Alice on

Kingston isn’t even a bad name though.

Tri on

She needs to stop bleaching the little boys’ hair.

Anonymous on


Ripe for teasing in life? Really? Shame on YOU and all the other adult bullies on this site picking on a baby barely a day old. Scary to think what you’re teaching your children.

Emma on

I just love how people assume these children will be teased because of their names. Come on now…their parents are Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani! We aren’t talking about John and Jane Doe’s children attending public schools here.

Kay Pasa on

Crazy having a baby at 44 but more power to them. I had 5 grandkids before I was 44!

Katie on

A house full of boys ! So much fun:) love the name…Greek origin, I had considered it for my son(s ) at one point. A lot of people shorten it to Paulo or Lolo.

A name is a very personal thing. Lay off…not too many love the name Deb or Crystal anymore I am guessing but who cares? Your parents did!

Congrats to them!

Anonymous on

awesome congrats ! they are a beautiful family

Jenny on

another cute baby, i am sure. but the name…the NAME! Apollo Bowie Flynn an improvement over Zuma Nesta Rock (food product? hiking spot?), but i think Kingston James McGregor got off a little easy compared to his brothers. i think celebs think their kids will be celebs too, and will be in need of a stand-out name. that’s the only explanation for the wackadoodle baby names the stars turn out!

annshi1988 on

Congrats on the birth of Apollo. Welcome to the World!

Anonymous on

These parents wouldn’t be satisfied unless they could name their baby something weird. All of their children have strange names and they’re weird kids. Who lets their little boy dye his hair blonde and wear makeup? Really??? Ok, it’s their kids but I think that’s wrong for a very young child.

They want to be weird, strange, and different from everyone and that’s obvious with the strange names they give to their children. I’m gonna guess they go to school with the elite and not public schools because I don’t think their names would survive bullying.

Anonymous on

Now all they need is a girl to complete their brood

Tlc on

Nevermind the name, Gavin is 48! Where are the age police? Lol….

janeaustenrocks on

Apollo; God of sun, art, music, poetry, plague, oracles, medicine, lyre, light and knowledge.

I love it. Congrats to all.

stew on

He’s got the most normal name of the brothers. I like the story about his middle names. Very touching.

Lindsay on

Congrats!! Love the name! Love all the kids’ names! Love Gwen and Gavin – always out with their boys doing family things and always holding hands. I wish I was half as cool.

Debra Pearlstein on

She is beautiful. good for them!

Holiday on

Don’t care for the name at all. Poor Gwen is so out numbered! And a kid at 44, that’s a grandmas age.

G.G. on

@Patti – “Mothers’ maiden names” is referring to Gwen and Gavin’s mothers’ maiden names obviously.

And for those who keep commenting on her age, women can still have babies naturally at 44, it’s not impossible.

What’s with people constantly posting negative BS on the comment sections?

Jac on

It’s important to note that Gavin does have an adult model daughter, Daisy.

Jenny on

i keep seeing “44 is a grandmas age”!!! where are you all from?! my guess: time travelers from 1950 or Appalachia.

Andrea on

Very weird name but they’re a beautiful family with adorable boys! Can’t wait to see this little one!

soph on

“It’s important to note that Gavin does have an adult model daughter, Daisy.”

“And ‘baby makes five’…um, shouldn’t it read ‘baby makes six’, seeing as Gavin has a daughter?”
Not really, considering she is not the child of Gavin and Gwen?

“Now all they need is a girl to complete their brood”
How exactly is their “brood” incomplete?

“Crazy having a baby at 44 but more power to them. I had 5 grandkids before I was 44!”

Brianne on

Congrats, Gwen and Gavin on Apollo’s birth!

@Whatidiots: STFU! It’s their child, so it’s their business what they chose to name him, NOT, I repeat, not yours! As for everyone else who doesn’t approve of his name, get a life! Besides, it’s Hollywood, so it’s not really that big a deal! If the next celebrity to have a kid, they could decide to name it F***ing Bastard, and they won’t get picked on; cos their parents are famous!!!

Marky on

Are posters on here so immature they can’t express themselves without swearing, or sounding like a gangsta rapper?? And I, for one, am sick of hearing about surrogates every time you read that someone older than 40 has a baby, or anyone you don’t like. Good grief, most of us have personally known women in our own families who have had babies at that age! My grandmother had her youngest of 9 just before she became a grandmother from her daughter who was in her 20s! Seriously? women are too old to naturally have a baby at 44?

Rachel Zoe looked pregnant to me, and there’s no reason to assume she didn’t have her own son, just because she had makeup on in the pics made at the hospital…so did I! Yes, I was dressed in a nice gown, too; there’s no medal for looking as if you got run over by a truck because you had a baby–and I was in 50 hours of documented labor the first time.

Sheesh, people, stop being rude and negative about other women; women should be supportive, not hateful and sounding as if you are uneducated and classless.

Anonymous on

Niki- If Nicole Richie got pregnant when she was so skinny (and everyone seems to have no trouble believing that she was, in fact, pregnant with Harlow), why couldn’t Rachel? And Victoria did NOT do gender selection with Harper. There were rumors going around about that, but the Beckams shot them down (David later even said that they were originally told they were having a BOY, but then they had another ultrasound, which revealed the truth).

As for Gwen, given comments she’s given over the years, I have a feeling this pregnancy not only occured naturally, but was a huge shock to her and Gavin!

Anonymous on

Congrats to the happy family (including Daisy, not sure why PEOPLE didn’t mention her in the article)! And I happen to love the name!

Amy on

Congratulations Gavin, Gwen, Kingston & Zuma on the birth of baby Apollo!

leesa on

Congratulations to the whole Stefani/Rossdale family!!

One more time and a girl…

welcome to the world Apollo!!

Mommytoane on

Congratulations! Love Gwen, she’s awesomeness. Apollo is a little different, as is Zuma and Kingston, but its not as odd as some of the names floating around out there. At least its an easy to pronounce name and has nothing to do with direction, fruit, animals or colors.

Kathy on

Congratulations! Three boys, how wonderful! 🙂 Enjoy everyday!

Ann on

I like the name. Greek/Roman gods are in!

Anonymous on

My thoughts exactly Markt!

gigimama on

44 is a grandma age? Maybe if you were a teen mom. If you waited, went to college, worked, married, THEN had kids, 44 is hardly a grandma age.

Anonymous on

Congratulations on your new son!!! I am sure ea adorable like his brothers 🙂

I really wish those of you that have nothing nice to say would just simply not comment. You don’t have to go out of your way to be mean spirited, and on a baby announcement article nonetheless….


Well, if more people would teach their kids not to be little jerks and bully other kids, then all these lectures on how ‘naming your kid that will get them picked on’ wouldn’t be happening.

I’ve heard some pretty original names where my kid goes to school and guess what… no one is getting picked on because the kids have been taught not to be a-holes towards other kids. Amazing what decent parenting can do, isn’t it.

If you don’t like the names, don’t name YOUR kids that… but these aren’t your kids and I’m pretty sure your opinion matters little. Gwen, Gavin and all their kids are doing just fine without your approval.

Nancy on

They weren’t going to name their son John or Michael…duhhh After all their celebrity babies the weirder the better. I feel for Apple the most. That girl is going to get taunted like to tomorrow

L on

Kingston is a very popular and cute name, nothing “weird” about it. Zuma is different but I’ve heard way worse in regular society. Apollo isn’t my favorite but again, I’ve heard worse.

They’re a beautiful couple, Congrats on another sure to be handsome little guy!

Daisy on

Apollo it’s a wonderful name!

Anonymous on

Nancy- You really think that Apple is worse than, say, North?!

Anonymous on

Who in the world wants be a grandma at 44????

J on

Feel better now Mellissa? Good Lord…

robinepowell on

Here I was thinking “Bowie” was a nod to David Bowie. I guess not. 🙂

Rachel on

Yay!! Love big families! Love this family. Gwen rocks motherhood (and everything else). 🙂

Tay on

Like the Apollo name, its cute name!


they have the cooooooooooolest name choices on their kids! wohoo cant wait to see him <33 and everyone who keeps saying shit about the name! its different and different is cool, get it, its their choice, plus i cant hear all those normal names anymore.. there are millions of people called John, Brian etc.. and this is different, i bet there are only a handsfull of people named apollo i love it!

Ali on

Apollo is a nice name, at least not like so many strange names in Hollywood. The name is fresh and not too common either.

Kristen on

I actually love all their kids names …I have a feeling all the people who are hating on the names are the same people hating on babies before marriage. lol

Kimberly on

Awww Congrats Gwen and Gavin on another beautiful little boy….boys always love their mamas, she has the cutest kids!!! 🙂 BTW they can name their children whatever they want to…they don’t need anyone’s approval!

Alison on

For those wondering why they picked such unusual names – Kingston was named for the place in Jamiaca that Gwen has stated was very influential in her life and music. Zuma is also a place that is very meaningful to the Stefani/Rossdale clan. I’m assuming Apollo is also a name they chose to commemorate something meaningful in their life. It’s their choice to do so. I have a friend named Harmony because that’s the town she was born in.

Tay on

All her kids name are interesting, great they all have meanings.

Katie on

I don’t know why people judge and scoff at celebrity baby names. The truth is,they are not just like us. Most will never endure bullying over their names, look who they are surrounded by, other celebrity kids with equal or even more awkward names.

JusyMyOpinon on

Hmmmm, where are the age bashing folks. What make Gwen at 44, any different from Halle?

Tay on

44 is not that old age, many women having kids after that age especially in today’s advance medical field.

Libby on

I think it is kind of funny how people can’t get over their childrens names. I mean they’re not your Kids so why do you even care? No life of your own?

They are Gwen and Gevins sons and it’s their Business how they name their child and just because the majority of you doesn’t like the names doesn’t mean that they’ll be bullied in school because of their names.

Seriously…as if they care about what you think.^^

Jessy on

all kids have strange names!

Tay on

Zuma, Kingston and now Apollo are all interesting names, at least not name their kids to Pineapple or Apple.

Noni on

44 is a grandma’s age? Only if had a child at 22 (or earlier), and your child did the same thing. In today’s age, you are actually the “weird one out” if that’s the case for you. Today’s women are going to college, launching careers, supporting themselves–and getting married/having babies later. Get over yourselves.

Noneya on

Love this family! The kids don’t belong to anybody except them so who gives a rat’s A*S what anybody else thinks of the names!!! I was a grandma for the first time 2 months after my 45th birthday! LOVE comes in all shapes, colors, sizes, ages AND NAMES!! Grow up!!

Levia on

Seriously people? None of you made the connection to the god of music? Apollo is a lovely lovely name for a baby boy!