Nick Lachey: Why I Want Another Son – and Then a Daughter

02/28/2014 at 03:00 PM ET

Nick Lachey VH1 Big Morning Buzz Host Miller Mobley

No pressure Vanessa, but Nick Lachey already has the next two kids all planned out.

Of course he’s completely smitten with the couple’s 17-month-old son, Camden John, but Lachey admits he is starting to get the itch.

“I do want a girl,” he told PEOPLE in New York’s Times Square while promoting his new job as host of VH1’s talk show, Big Morning Buzz.

“I think there’s something emotional about having a daughter that I definitely want to experience.”

But on second thought, “Maybe I’ll get one more boy under my belt first,” he says with a laugh. “I’ll need some help to keep her in line, so a couple of brothers couldn’t hurt.”

As for future big brother Camden, Lachey, 40, says he’s in the copy cat phase. “He’s a sponge, a regurgitating sponge! If he hears something, he’ll repeat it 10 times,” the doting dad shares.

And he had a major milestone recently. “He just had his first haircut actually. He has super long hair, and we just let it grow, but it got so long he kept pulling it into his mouth,” says Lachey. “It was out of control.”

Now the tot “has a little part to the side and looks like a tiny school boy.”

The whole family is moving to the Big Appleย for Lachey’s new hosting gig.

“We love the city, but we’ve never done it with a young kid,” he explains. “It’s intense when you think about getting your kids in and out of cabs and the traffic. You always have to be careful as a parent, but in New York it’s even more so. But people do it every day, it’ll be fun.”

Lachey says Camden will for sure make a cameo on the Big Morning Buzz.

As for his dream guest? “If my fellow Cincinnati boy, George Clooney, ever decides to grace us with his presence that would be the pinnacle for me,” he says.

— Janine Rayford Rubenstein

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Anonymous on

I love how parents that have a nanny and see their kid probably for 5 minutes a day to hold it then pass it back to the Nanny to be changed and fed think parenting is soooooo easy and fun and all about the good times. Try being a hands on parent, nick. Then let’s see how many kids/play things you actually want.

Tara on

Too bad for him that you can’t just order what you want when it comes to kids. You take what you are blessed with and appreciate it.

Anonymous on

He is such a cheese ball. Kind of doesn’t work that way Nick Lachey. You can’t just dial up what order you want your kids.

Jen on

And if he gets a girl next, will he put her up for adoption until he gets the boy. Also, what does the mother have to say about this. I know he is just trying to be “cute”, but it is just sounds so silly. It ain’t a pizza!!

gagirl on

I like Nick and all but don’t care for his comment about needing to keep a girl in check. I don’t find sexism funny.

kjc on

Wow, lighten up people. I’m pretty sure he was joking, and would love any child unconditionally.

Melissa on

Good Lord, did everyone wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? I could swear some of you read this site just to find things to complain about.

Congrats on the gig Nick, and as a Manhattanite for 12 years, I highly suggest an Ergo carrier or something similar rather than a stroller. It’s just too much of a pain up and down stairs and in the subway otherwise. That’s my big tip for new NYC parents. ๐Ÿ™‚

vicki on

umm…you realize you have no choice in the matter…..unless you adopt….

Mandy on

Wow people lighten up. I know I would like my next to be a boy, but if it’s another girl, great. I’m sure he would feel the same.

One thing though is that George Clooney was born & raised in Kentucky. His sister still lives here.

Bridget on

Good grief people- why are you all so unbelievably negative and critical… A lot of parents will say “oh I’d love to have a ….”… I always wanted a boy first then a girl- I grew up with an older brother and he was very protective of his little sister, I liked it as the sister… I’m not saying I’d have loved a daughter less if she was first or a son less if he was second….

This is being critical and negative for the sake of being negative, good grief… Nick has been with Vanessa for 7 years, married for 3, waited until they were married to have children, don’t pimp their son to the paps. And yet, people are still negative. Good grief, the world would be better if people stopped defaulting to criticizing for the sake of criticizing.

sharon on

Grumpy much??????? He knows he can’t put in an order for another boy he’s just saying what he’d like and I’m sure he wasn’t being sexist when he said having another boy to keep a girl in line lighten up!!!!!!!!!

Congrats on the new gig Nick, you have a gorgeous little boy there and I know you’ll be blessed with whatever sex the next one will be as long as he/she is healthy…

You and Vanessa have a beautiful little family there, don’t let anyone put you down.

It’s funny you had a stern FIL which I believe broke you and Jess up but you did her right you married her, she’s now on her second child and still not married (I guess Joe didn’t have much say in her life after he bullied you out of the family) and now he’s gay and leaves his wife and is practically going out with boys (barely over 18 yrs old) so you are looking like the good guy you were all along!

sharon on

how do you know he has a nanny? do you live with them?????????????????????? geez

Bridget on

@ Mandy– George Clooney spent part of his childhood in Ohio

car on

How sad and pretty ignorant of him. You are blessed! Be happy with what you are given. Even if it was a flippn’t comment try to think before you open your mouth! Your in the public eye.

Rhonda on

Gosh, did you people even read the article? He was joking! I think that some of you only read the headlines then go straight to post a comment. Read the article people!

Carolyn on

Stupid sexist remark about needing boys to “keep her in line.” What a dumb-ass. I guess she (whoever she’ll be) needs those big brothers to “protect” her too.

Marcia on

lol Oh really? I love how people think they can order up whatever sex you want. You get what you get, and you love them.

Amanda on

Hey people, if you are so miserable it’s time to stop commenting on a website and start living life, which your misery is obviously hindering.

I’m sure he knows you can’t order babies and it sure sounds like he would love either gender he gets. We all have preferences. When I only had one child I so wanted her to have a sister. A few years later I really wanted some blue in the house, a sweet little boy.

I love all of my kids either way but I did have preferences. Doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely adore them and am so happy that I got the child I was supposed to get each time.

dee on

I agree, why all the negative comments about such an innocent statement? One of the other readers was so on point, he’s a nice person.

Respected the fact that Jessica wanted to wait for marriage and put up with a nosy FIL, who probably didn’t help them try to stay together. He walked away with not much from that marriage but found happiness again. He dated, married and then had a child with Vanessa after several years of being together.

Everyone says, I would love to have so many kids in a certain order. Of course, he would be blessed and happy no matter what. He even says he would love a girl now.

They stay out of the limelight and live their lives mostly in Ohio. Save your negativity for some of the celebs who are always saying or doing stupid things. So sad to see such hatefulness over a Dad saying he actually wants more kids with his wife. You don’t know if they have a nanny, probably not. You don’t know Vanessa’s feelings on the matter. She may want sons first too.

Me on

This is news? Last week he said if he has a girl next then they are done. He also said he’s not in a hurry and wants them spaced in age. Both Vanessa and him talk out of their ass. Very dumb couple

shidley on

Well, Nick. Technically, it’s all up to you. Good luck.

Jamie on

I hope y’all do have more kids Nick. Camden is such a cutie pie. Having children is a Blessing the more the merrier especially if you are good parents and have the income to take care of them. I wish I could have had children.

Tay on

If you don’t know the sex of child, then adopt so you sure to get the one you want!

Linda on

Well, Nick…I guess you don’t consider yourself blessed or won’t if you do not HAVE that son before having a daughter. I hope that GOD, flicks the switches on you. I am NOT a religous person, but a spiritual one. Having said that…. I always wanted a son, I wanted the boy first and then a daughter. And seeing how I decided it was best for me to have one child after what I went through in my pregnancy… I am glad that I had a DAUGHTER!!! I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Amazing, isn’t it? She will be 25 in April, and I am 55 and grateful.

rafe on

To anonymous: How do you know he is a parent that seldom sees his kid? Knowing the Lachey family, this would not be possible. He is a devoted Dad and when Camden was a baby, it was not odd to see Nick out without Gamed. Express an opinion that you are know the correct answer.

To mandy, Cincinnati is known for its tri-state area. The Cincinnati airport is in northern KY. George grew up in northern Ky on the Ohio river.His father was our newscaster, his aunts at WLW. Yes, he is considered a hometown boy and I am from Indiana, part of the Cincinnati tri-state

Cheryl on

Some people are so miserable. Yes parenting is not easy, but its not exactly the drag burden some people on here make it out to be. Jeepers, I hope that miserable cynical attitude isn’t directed at your kids as well.

CG on

Sexist moron.

Didi on

Look good nick, nice new hair style!

Caasi on

Come on! I am sure he’s appreciative of his little family. You just read an interview out of context!

Angie on

Loved his The Sing-Off show. He is pretty good on it.

AmandaC on

I smell an announcement coming ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Terri on

For the love of God, why do people keep bringing up Jessica when talking about Nick & vice versa? It was over a decade ago people, move on.

sandy on

Geez lighten up people! A lot of up tight folks out there!