Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Hit the Beach in Matching Red Swimsuits

02/27/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

When you’re a mom to a daughter, at some point you’re going to want to dress up in matching outfits with your little girl. And that moment has finally arrived for Beyoncé and Blue Ivy.

During a recent vacation to Jamaica, they both wore ruffled red bathing suits on the beach. While Beyoncé rocked a low back one-piece, Blue wore a sweet tankini.

And on Wednesday, the singer shared amazing photos (check out that beautiful backdrop!) of the Carter girls’s style milestone on her website.

Beyonce Blue Ivy Red Bathing Suits
Courtesy Beyoncé

We love it when moms and daughters dress alike. Talk about awww-inducing! And we can’t wait to see more adorable mommy-and-me pics of the pop singer and her little girl soon. For now, we’ll have to be satisfied with super cute photos like the one below.

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

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Hmm on

Why does she show her daughter from the back like that? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an official picture where you can see her face except for the newborn pictures she released.

postathread on

YAWWWNNN… EVERY aspect of this woman’s life a “photo op??”…I USED to REALLY like her…

K. on

Everything this woman does seems so staged.

Ms. Anne on

If you want to see what the baby look like. Look at her husband Jay-Z. Blue Ivy is a dead ringer for her dad.

Lala on

At Hmm, she does it on purpose, as not to expose her daughter. I don’t really see the point – because she’s with her parents most of the time. So people can see her. But apparently it makes them feel like they still have their privacy.

Kristen on

To Hmmm….. they don’t show Blue Ivy’s face much because she looks just like her dad.

miastra on

oh great baby is using smartphone. just when we thought things couldn’t get more icky. please stop showcasing these abhorrent people. ick!

Lety on


Hey on

Still in diapers?

GammieJo on

Yeah, Beyonce looks totally water ready.

Lady on

Let the haters begin….you people are hilarious. Hating on a woman who has NEVER been in the tabloids or done anything wrong gets all the hate. A woman who did it right, dated, married, baby. I mean I see why she has to many haters….

I’m pretty sure many of you “stage” pictures of your children…she’s playing in the sand, who cares.

Erin on

Give the kid a break….yes, probably
Still in diapers…she just turned two!

Huggies on

To J: Blue Ivy just turned 2. Lots of kids don’t potty-train until close to their 3rd birthday or even later. I’m sure Beyonce and Jay-Z have no problem affording an ample supply of diapers for their daughter. You need not be concerned.

To Kristen: That’s a really awful thing to say about a little kid! FYI, Beyonce & Jay-Z have released photos and videos of Blue Ivy’s face (most recently in Bey’s video for the song “Blue”). And little Blue is a cutie-pie. If dissing a toddler makes you feel better about yourself, you need therapy. *SMH*

sandy on

VERY unrealistic pictures, makes me not like her, and her “style” to over the top…

Katie on

Ahh yes. The surrogacy pregnancy Beyoncé doesn’t want anyone to know about. HAHA And I’m TIRED of seeing the back of this kids head. STOP WITH THE PHOTOS!!!

Kristen on

I appreciate that they don’t show numerous photos of their daughter. The two adults are in this business, she is not. I appreciate that they are doing what they can to at least attempt to shield her privacy while still doing what all normal parents do- share photos of their children.

But come on Beyonce… how many people go along on their vacations? I’d guess that there’s a stylist, a make up artist, someone is doing her hair, and then she’s got a photographer. IMO the prettiest photos of Beyonce are those that are snapped at times when she was not the one in control, like the photos of her and her husband at basketball games. Her smile ls genuine, you can tell that they are happy together, those are great photos.

Dina on

At first I used to say KimK and Kanye are like Beyonce and JayZ wannabes. BUT now, both couples are the same.

marie on

I’m starting to think mama thinks this is BI’s best side :/

sav on

they dont show her face , because Bey is embarassed that she have an ugly daughter that looks just like her ugly husband. not all babies are pretty. this one is fugly !!

Ashley on

Oh great another picture of the back of her kids head. WTFC? Also, her blond hair looks ridiculous. I used to like Beyoncé, but now she’s just become obnoxious.

nikki on

I thought Kim had an ego problem..she is above that..why would someone take a pic in their bra and pants..and show the world..doesnt anyone care anymore what they modesty anymore..sheeeeeeeeeesh ppl..get some HELP..her suit looks like a dress

Chris on

This woman over exposes herself to the point of nausea..I am sick of her and her fug hubby thinking they are music’s king and queen, yah, NOT. They couldn’t hold a candle to real music with real lyrics. I mean WTF was that video she just put out? Sure couldn’t let a kid listen to it…get over yourself with your fake crap, what’s your real name anyway, Martha?

Mary Bussey on

Why don’t they ever show the baby’s face we seen Beyonce face a millon plus times.

Sarandanhag on

how are those matching suits?

Jamie on

So tired of seeing the back of this kids head. If you don’t want us to see her then stop posting her darn pictures all the time.

JJ on

Trust me, if this kid wasn’t homely like Dad Beyonce would be showing her face. She’s just showing her more attractive side, that’s all.

Lise on

Yep, I look just like that when I’m on the beach during vacation. What a joke.

Shannon Moore on

@Kristin LMAO!!!!!

Nancy on

If my daughter’s face looked exactly like Jay Z’s, I’d photograph her from the back too. Beyonce is way overrated!

Lee on

Looks like a dress to me!

Males on

of course when you hit the pool you need super red lipstick that matches your suit…

I hope she has the life she wished for, and if she is happy, good for her…

I know for one being all dressed up all the time…blah, I wouldn’t care for that. People and feelings are more important to me than looks…

cheryl hare on

ugly..too black.

cheryl hare on

Too black looks like her father.

cheryl hare on

I mean her hair not skin..I think mom looks beautiful blonde.

susan on

Beyonce poses like that for her own personal family photos? I’m so tired of her. Can you say “over exposed”?

hautemom on

pose much? Annoying and boring…..

scw1993 on

Sometimes less is more….way too overdone.

ImALadyToo on

Gotta love those black roots.

Kaylie on

Instagram is a place to post pictures. Thats exactly what she’s doing. Social networking like normal people. It’s just social media that exploits her like that. Blue’s hair looks so beautiful natural.

whataretheyhiding on

Poor baby..Mama must be too ashamed to show her face. Sad

Ivixen on

More weird pictures of the back of her kid’s head. Why bother?

maryhelenc on

Too precious! Beyonce just glows as a mom. She clearly loves her daughter very much. Love seeing these random snippets as opposed to some splashy photo op that the celebs made money from.

Unknown on


Susie on

She has become such a phoney attention seeker. Her and JayZ make me sick.

Trix on

Am I the only one wonder why it seems like no one ever brushes this child’s hair? I mean, Beyoncé spends thousands or more on her weave, but has her child’s hair looking like whatever. I’m sure they have money in their budget to do anything with it.

Shonda on

Someone said “Lets hate on her for dating, then getting married and then having a baby” I totally agree.. These two really are never in the tabloids because they got drunk and acted crazy or crashed their car and got a D.U.I… They are great:)

rhonda on

it looks like her face was photoshopped onto someone else. look at her arm. it is like a white person’s arm.

Pat on

Nice picture but why only see her daughter’s back in the picture, not the front?

Cindy on

All websites should disable the comments feature. STAT.

Chula on

I can’t believe how fast her hair has grown since the pixie cut of 3 months ago.

Anonymous on

wow people are just never satisfied and so critical. these are celebrities. they’re most likely not going to post a pick of themselves in the kitchen with curlers in their hair and sweats.

mandyt on

Her photo ops have become like Mariah Carey’s……..staged and ridiculous

pattib on

The only time this baby’s face is shown is when paps catch them out with her (which is rare). Beyonce never shows her baby’s face when she takes the pics. She should stop doing this because everyone knows what the baby looks like now, and it just makes Beyonce look like she is not proud of her baby’s face. DNA is 50/50 so Blue didn’t come out looking like her. She looks like her dad who is not an attractive man.

Ann on

She needs to get something done with that oggly hair……makes her look old and raggy. Why doesn’t she ever show her daughter’s face??????

HmmmIagree on

Matching qualifies as merely having the same color? That does NOT make for matching outfits. Definition of matching: adj. The same as another; sharing the same design.

Sacmar on

@Ann, you may not realize this, but her hair is nature and that is the way natural hair is worn a lot of the time.

Personally, I think Beyoncé and Jay-Z are overrated. Her ego is huge. I stopped being a fan years ago. I can understand why they do not show their daughter’s face a lot. They want her to have some type of privacy.

Guest on

The only picture you see of Blue Ivy is of her back – as that is the only thing every shown – the back of her head.

amy200000 on

I think the pic in her underwear is not appropriate. Why would she pose like that?

dee on

Oh My God, another shot of Blue Ivy’s napped afro. Just a few more leaked pictures by this woman and I will have the first complete photo of Blue. This woman is a clown, either show your daughter or don’t. These strange photos are going to be so embarrassing to Blue when she’s older.

Cat on

Kid should be potty trained by now.

Mommytoane on

I do like Blue’s swim suit. Its a lot more modest and so much more little girl than many of the toddler swim suits we see out there now days. Other than that, pics are kinda boring. Beyonce really has an obsession with herself.

Hea on

I have a hard time liking her. I would like to like her more because I think she has a beautiful voice when she doesn’t over sing but…. She seem so incredibly obsessed with her own ass. Nothing says “respect me” as a twerk fest in a thong..?

erica2 on

Beyonce looks sexy and beautiful…I can see why all the jealous cows in the comment section are hating and have something negative to say it is easier to tear someone down when you have absolutely NO chance of being on her level….I would kill to have her mile long legs!

Blue Ivy is HER child..her choice of angle in photography…you don’t like dont’ look get a life!

Jay on

Can’t tell if she’s hiding her kid out of privacy (ya right) reasons, or because of the funny way her kid looks. Jay Z is not an attractive man and clearly Blue looks just like him. I guess no modelling career for little Z.

Susan on

Ahh, there is a reason they ALWAYS show this child from the back, get a clue folks…..

Jessy on

Beyonce her hair has grown fast! LOL.

Jessy on

and blond hair? OMG, you’re black Beyonce!

a on

Hope Blue’s had swimming lessons.

sickofbyeonce on

They never show this poor child’s face because she is the spitting image of her daddy. Not good. And hey, Bey, I always wear bright red lipstick at the beach too! Beyoncé is the single most overrated entertainer in history. Mediocre singer at best, and the Single Ladies video everyone raved about was her and some other women doing the same five dance moves over and over for 5 minutes straight. Brainwashing is an evil thing.

cbaker on

if she is too embarrassed to show the kids face, then dont show her back. it just makes her look stupid.

Tanya on

Like the color of matching swim suit and style!

Td on

Pretty pictures but look little staged.