Meet the 4-Year-Old Who Crafts Celeb-Worthy Gowns Out of Paper

02/26/2014 at 02:00 PM ET

Suri Cruise may give mom Katie Holmes fashion advice, and North West may have more luxe duds than her mama, Kim Kardashian. But if you ask us, 4-year-old “Mayhem” is the biggest little fashionista of them all.

Using craft paper and tape, the mini designer makes one-of-a-kind dresses (as well as red carpet and runway copies) — and they’re pretty amazing.

Her mother, Angie, tells the Huffington Post that she suggested making a dress out of paper last year and her daughter took the idea and ran with it. After awards shows, the pair Google images and Mayhem picks which gowns she wants to make.

Mayhem 4-year-old Designer Craft Paper
Courtesy 2sisters_angie

“At this point she knows exactly how many sheets of construction paper she needs to make herself a top and a bottom,” she says. “She can lay the entire thing out and tape it together all by herself.”

And when she showed her little girl a clip from Project Runway, and explained that there is a show all about making clothing, “I thought she might hyperventilate.”

Angie, who admits she can’t sew a straight line on a sewing machine, uses tape and glue to hold together their fanciful creations that sometimes include aluminum foil, tissue paper, wrapping paper and gift bags.

Nine months after they started, they are still making the dresses, which you can see on their Instagram page and blog.

And while Angie says she isn’t sure when or where it will all end, she adds “as long as she wants to make them, we’ll keep doing it.”

K.C. Blumm

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Rachael on

Precious! And she does beautiful work. Good for mom for encouraging her talent

beth on

what an adorable child. and talented too!!!

Angie on

Oh give me a break. That 4 year old is not making those dresses. Puh-leeze. She’s posing in staged photos her mother set up with dresses her mother “taped” (yeah, sure) together. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out those details. And why, oh why do these women have to raise their girls to be obsessed with “fashion” and clothes??? Yet again, setting the stage for these girls’ self worth to be determined by how “designer” their clothes are. It makes me cringe.

sara on

The lady Angie in the comments is a jerk. There is a famous fashion designer that started around age 6. As a person your supposed to encourage your kids to do what they have dreams to do.

KarenB on

Wow Angie I bet you live alone because I couldn’t fathom a living soul that would want to live around your hateful ass. I am sorry tho that your life is so miserable that you have to try to make someone else’s just as bad. Now go away, back to your corner, in the dark like a good little girl.

Sacré on

Angie, I bet you’re a blast at social gatherings. SMH

shieroc on

Wow, shes a smart creative little girl. She will hopefully continue in the fashion world.

Barbara on

I love the posts today! So many good stories! Happy Stories!

Keep up the good work Mayhem! You look beautiful. 🙂

jamie on

Cuteness Overload!!!


She got help. Please.

Shawna on

She’s a cutie, but I agree there is no way she made them by herself.

Mary on

I have a 4 year old and I have to agree, she had to have had help. Most 4 year olds don’t even have the dexterity to fold the paper and hold it and tape it at the same time. It’d still be fun and cute if Mom admitted she helps!

jsd081 on

I agree with Angie. There is no way this child creates these dresses. Yes, they’re taped — so does she tape them up around herself? If she makes them before does she use a measuring tape to measure things? Then does she step into them without ripping them? I don’t buy it for a second. It’s a fun little mother/daughter hobby, but don’t lie and say your 4-year-old daughter did it. Post a video of her making one start to finish and then I’ll believe it.

Penelope on

I too agree with Angie. The outfits are super cute, but she definitely got help from her mom. So staged….

Anonymous on

I believe it says “Angie, who admits she can’t sew a straight line on a sewing machine, uses tape and glue to hold together their fanciful creations that sometimes include aluminum foil, tissue paper, wrapping paper and gift bags.” And then later she says,” we’ll keep doing it.” She never said the child makes the dresses by herself. She says she knows how many sheets of construction paper it takes to make a top and bottom. I am sure the little cutie can count to 5.

Sarabeth on

Please don’t tell me “Mayhem” is her real name? Otherwise, it’s a cute story!

Lynn on

I was a K-6th grade teacher and raised 3 girls and have 2- 4 year old grands and I find this hard to believe without adult help. Although she is obviously specially gifted, and might have a super future, the motor skills at that age are just not usually that defined!

Shirley on

Agree – Mom is the one behind the work. If you look at her blog, she thanks others for alerting her to the fact that “others are copying OUR CONCEPT and passing it off as their own.” Sounds like a marketing/publicity tool, which she has every right to engage in, but don’t tell us it’s ALL Mayhem. And…who actually names their daughter Mayhem. By definition: wanton destruction, willful maiming of others. Strange choice for sure!

Lily on

Adorable! Though it does appear that mom is doing most of it, it’s still a cute, fun story.

Chris on

To those who poo poo the idea of this little girl making those dresses, let me assure you or is vertu possible!

I’ll never forget when my son was 4 years old, he asked for the round piece of cardboard our pizza came on to do a”craft”. He then cut it into several geometrical shapes, and fashioned them together into a perfectly symmetrical design that no-one believed was his.

He scores in the 99th and 100th percentile nationwide for math and science, it’s just who he is. He didn’t get it from anyone (least of all me! Lol) – it’s just his gift. This little girl is a prodigy.

John on

Actually if you read the huffington post article the little girl doesn’t make the dresses. both her and her mother make them, with the mother doing the bulk of the work. however the daughter has made a few on her own, but are not the ones pictured above

rachel on

@chris I hate to break it to you, but everyone’s kids makes symmetrical shapes from pizza boxes and Amazon boxes. That hardly qualifies as a “gift.”

ari on

Lighten up. How sad to be so judgmental.

Lala on

I was going to say the same as John. If you read the Huffington Post article, her mom says the work is mostly 50/50.

And Sarabeth, Mayhem is not her actual name. It’s the name her mom calls her, on her Instagram.

Mina on

I must not have read the same article as earlier posters have because it clearly states that mom helps. I think it is cool that they do this together. It says that she can count out construction paper and tape it together. That seems pretty typical to me. Especially the taping paper together. All four of my children were experts at taping things together by 4 years old. It doesn’t say that she tapes them on herself. Why look for something to criticize?

And @Angie- cringing over children finding their self worth by wearing nice things and wanting to wear nice things. Really? There is something wrong with wanting to wear nice things? That is a stretch. Glitzy, pretty things just happen to appeal to a lot of little girls. Which is why there are Princess Barbies and not Hobo Barbies. I guess it is all in how you present it to a child. But have a feeling that you are a negative Nancy looking for a reason to down someone else. That speaks volumes about you.

SarahJane on

As stated in the article, her mom helps. Even if she does it all, who cares? Her daughter clearly loves fashion and building these creations. We should all do whatever we can to foster our children’s creative sides rather than plunk them down in front of video games with a 2 liter of Mountain Dew.

mmmhmmm on

I’m sure this little cutie pie does indeed love dresses and fashion! However, there is no way she “creates” these dresses on her own accord. Show us the video mom of your daughter making these dresses; then we’ll give her props for being a genius designer at the tender age of 4. Until then, she’ll just be a cutie pie modeling your designs. 😉

BRod on

Angie, I couldn’t agree more! You said everything I wanted to say!

annie on

why is Angie being attacked? if you read carefully you will see that the mother is very much involved in making the gowns. she says Mayhem CAN make them on her own, she doesnt say she makes them on her own.

The mother is obviously into fashion and she passing that on to her daughter. is that really called exploring for children? its like a doctor expecting their child to be a doctor. predictable.

having said that, i think its a great way to market Mayhems future talent. she can get recognition through the media if this is what she wants to pursue.

melissajean0 on

The story headline is a bit misleading. Mayhem and her mother BOTH make these dresses. All you have to do is read the article folks.

melissajean0 on

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong w/ that. It’s a good idea for kids.

Dee on

Wow, that is amazing. Good for her!

Anonymous on

Y’ALL are a bunch of jealous idiots and Angie, you’re a hateful bitter bitch! Why is it that a 4 year old isn’t capable of doing such a thing?

Mary, don’t be hateful because your 4 year old isn’t that advanced, maybe it has to do with your parenting skills.

And yes, she might had had help from her mother but whoa re you guys to say so! Encourage the kid, not HATE

stoplying on

Team Angie! Mayhem did not make these dresses. Perhaps she chose which ones she wanted her MOM to make, but she didn’t do it. Though, it is a clever way to get attention and spend time w/your child.

Diane on

Come on folks!!! So what if the mother is helping her- they are being made with craft material and the child is helping. She and the mother are spending time together and making memories. It’s getting her away from video games and the T.V. and putting her little creative mind into gear. Even if the little girl is just modeling the clothes, it is one of the coolest ideas I have viewed in a while. Stop being so critical!!!

nicole on

this kid has got talent.. keep up the good work.. love it

NU on

I read the whole article (not just the extracts on this blog) and the mother says she made most of the work when they first started and now it’s 50/50, except for the most complex dresses where the mother still makes most of the job.

In the Huffington Post post you can see a dress the girl made all by herself and, even if it’s pretty impressive for a 4yo, you can tell she made it, it’s not impossible.

Check the post because the mother never tried to lie, it’s just that the People blog decided not to give all the information.

asmithblogs on

I’m so proud of these two! They are one of the sweetest families I have ever met. Yes, her mom helps her. But yes, Mayhem (which is not her real name but what everyone who knows her calls her!) picks out the dresses. She loves looking at clothes. Yes – Mayhem tears the strips, makes her own hats and helps with the entire construction process. It’s actually really amazing to watch someone so small work and come up with pretty impressive results! She makes at least one outfit a day and has for quite some time. So both mom and daughter are getting pretty good! 🙂

And to the Angie who talks about “setting the stage for girl’s self worth to be determined by how designer their clothes are” you obviously don’t know Mayhem. She chooses things because she likes them. Sometimes she creates dresses to look like sharks (after they went to the aquarium) or dresses that resemble super heroes or the Olympics or even something she comes up with all on her own. She wasn’t raised to be obsessed with fashion. She loves making things. And she has an amazing mom who is embracing her creativity.

agreed on

ugh, agreed with Angie, no way the 4 year old is making the dresses all by herself. Angie, more down-to-earth than all the brainless commentators complaining about “hateful” comments.

AmandaC on

I hope her mother nurtures this because she’ll sure have a future ahead of her!

Marie on

Who gives a rat’s ass who is making the dresses. If it is bringing out the creativity in her daughter so what. She should buy that baby one of those toy sowing machines and let her get started. You never know she could be the next Vera Wang!!!

ke on

The problem with this article is the headline. The mom admits she helps, and I think it’s a little more than 50/50. BTW, it would not be physiologcally possible for a talented adult to tape these dresses up around themselves. It looks like a fun hobby for mom and kid and I’m sure they are both crafty.
I’m not sure why there is so much hate for Angie. I find comments where parents brag about their supposed genius children (when that has nothing to do with the article) to be far more annoying.

guest on

What a beautiful and talented little girl. Keep it up…we’ll one day see your creations on the runway.

Sarah on

I can’t wait to see your SPRING 2014 collection. Love it…Imagination is wonderful keep it up “MAYHEM”

Kate on

To people criticizing that a four year old can’t do this please remember Mozart picked up a violin and was playing it at 3 and he composed his first piece of music at 5. By 6 he was playing the violin and piano almost better then any adult. So it is possible she did it by herself now if this is something she does with her mother who cares she is being creative and that is all that matters.

Rachael on

Of course she got help from her mom! But who cares. Her mom said she picks out the dresses and helps her! If you child is working on a craft and you help them cut things out, like a good parent who wouldn’t let their young child use scissors should, and maybe help them with the tape do you take the credit for it? I would hope not! I’m proud of this little girl! Keep it up!

jensaintonge on

Glad to see a parent engaging her kid in a positive way. I don’t identify with fashion very much, but I see the kid appearing to be really happy to be doing what they’re doing together. As long as the kid enjoys what they are doing, I think this is an example of good parenting.

Anne on

although the delivery was harsh, i have to agree with some points made by Angie. The photos do look very staged and there is no way that this child just decided to make celebrity gowns on her own. It is, indeed, adorable and if she does grow up and decide to pursue a career in fashion, that’s great! But there is hardly a doubt in my mind that her mother thought that doing this with her daughter would gain them some extra online attention. My guess is that mom makes the dresses with a little bit of help from the daughter and not the other way around.

Jen on

Another one here to agree with Angie. There is absolutely NO WAY a four year old child made these dresses herself. I say this as both a professional seamstress and as the mother of a little girl. She may have the desire (and that is certainly something to be encouraged), but she is simply too young to be able to tape herself into couture paper ensembles without adult help. The posing and the attention the mother is taking from all of this pretty much tells you who the real ‘creator’ of these dresses are.

Melissa on

I went to their Instagram page…very very cute dresses! All little girls I know, including myself when I was young, play dress up. Mainly with mommy’s clothes. I think this is creative way to do the same but not just grabbing something out of mommy’s closet! Oh and to the naysayers: Nowhere do I see “she made them all by herself, without ANY help from me”…I see alot of “we” in her blog. It appears that the child picks the dresses she wants to make, then Mayhem and mom make them together. Get ALL your facts before you make a judgement call and criticize. keep it up, Mayhem! “Mayhem” is already a unique and fashionable clothing line name!

Mommytoane on

Tooo cute. Not many fashion designers can say they started at age 4! lol Maybe one day this little lady will rule the fashion world.

Joni on

I agree with Angie… no way, not buying it. This little girl is precious and looks adorable… but she IS NOT laying these dresses out and taping them together by her self… noop, it’s just not happening….

Kendall on

She looks adorable. But I don’t believe this 4 year old created these paper dresses. Mom is having some fun I guess!

Theresa Pust on

People didnt run the whole story, the original story the mom says it is 50/50 that they do it together

Didi on

@ Angie: Geez. It must SUCK being you!!!!!

Jade on

Read the other articles on this story – People turned the headline into something eye catching but the mother has said in multiple places that she’s the one making the dresses with her daughter. Her daughter was inspired and loves doing it so she keeps doing it with her and is encouraging her creativity.

Angie and Mayhem – keep it up! How fun and inspiring. I forwarded this to my gf with a young daughter and will definitely try with my nieces! What a fun way to fill an afternoon!

Hey on

If the 4 year old truly makes them it’s cute. If the mother does it’s Jon Benet.

msjava67 on

I know this doesn’t have anything to with dressmaking, per se, but heres a funny little story..My 2 1/2 yr old toddler (now 28) got up one morning …grabbed a kitchen chair (solid wood mind u) brought it down the stairs (loft apartment) and stood on the chair…un-chained the chain lock…brought the chair back up stairs…dressed himself (tried to lol) inside out shoes on wrong feet LOL…and went downstairs ….stole the neighbors little boys tricycle and proceeded to go for a bike ride ….all at 6 am!!….I was lucky one of my friends recognized him and brought him back to me…needless to say I took steps to remedy this episode and he never did it again!.. kids…gotta love em!!….yes I have a point for those who have read this far!!…My point is this: sometimes, there are children out there who not only have sufficient motor skills, they actually have a brain and quite a colorful one at that… sometimes children surprise and shock the hell out of us with things that they do!…whether we are protecting them or encouraging them children can and do think for THEMSELVES…I admit I find it hard to believe but then I think back to what my lil one did then..It is POSSIBLE… lol

Amber on

I feel like the article very clearly says that mom and child make the dresses TOGETHER. And, as far as Mayhem being pressured into it or exploited… I don’t recall anybody having to PRESSURE me, or my two daughters to play dress up at the age of 4!!! My girls had a huge box of discarded prom dresses and thriftstore treasures that they hand picked at that age and I had a hard time getting them OUT of. Kudos to this mom for taking a favorite kid’s playtime to the next level and being interactive with her child in a day and age when TV is the favored babysitter!

As for the commenter, Angie; You need a hug, ma’am. Being so cynical and jaded towards a “feel good” story isn’t healthy.

Maria on

My son learned how to use scissors before he was four while being watched by his grandmother who is a seamstress. His lines were straighter than some adults at the age of 4. He also was constantly building things with recycled boxes and cardboard. The design was in his head and yes we helped him tape and glue things which his hands could not do on his own but he would tell us where he wanted things attached. So I do believe that Mayhem has a natural talent that mom is helping her with.

Olufunke Olunloyo on

Children dont get ‘educated’on their own, they need adults to ‘raise’them! whatever the case, i am proud of mother and daughter for their work. Their subtle message lies in the importance of a humble material which rises up to the occasion everytime to aid critical thinking. Kudos to paper, mother and daughter!

Nicole on

Geez people…I think this is an amazing article and these people that say “well obviously mom helped. That little girl didn’t do that on her own” did not read the article, just the headline. It is clearly stated that the mom helped her daughter with the dresses. I think it is amazing though that the mom encourages and helps her daughter with her passion. Some people know from a VERY young age what they would like to do for a living. You people that are making negative comments about this are obviously jealous because you don’t have their talent. I’m absolutely in awe of the talent shown here by this mother-daughter team! Keep up the good work!

Jennifer on

What I find funny is that when a celebrity names their child North or Beau or Banana people around here go nuts and blather on for days about how horrible it is to do such a thing to a kid, but here this mother refers to her child as ‘Mayhem’ (be in nickname or not), barely anyone has a negative thing to say and yet you turn your venemous anger on Angie for daring to type out what we were all thinking. You are all so quick to defend this everyday mother who is pimping out her daughter for some quick ‘e-fame’ and does so while referring to her child by a ridiculous name.

Jen on

If the mother had any real talent with actual fabric I would think she would actually have sewn her child an Elsa costume to meet the princesses in at Disney instead of having her in a cheap Target $20 costume and a yarn braid. (Check out their instagram to see that this kid who supposedly LOVES dress up dressed up in to meet Disney Princesses.) I think the mother is a wantabe designer whose skills stop at paper, scotch tape and some tulle. Knowing she can’t get anywhere with those skills, she slaps her kid’s name on her cheap paper knock-offs of popular gowns to get some online notoriety for a whole 15 mintues. And you all lap it up like a 4 year old is the next Lady Gaga. Haha! What a joke!

jennifer on

I can’t help but laugh at these comments. Everyone is ganging up on Angie, for stating her OPINION!! And these hypocrites get on their high horse criticizing Angie for what they perceive as criticizing?! Too funny! I do agree that it’s a bit unfathomable to believe that a 4 yr old has that much dexterity but perhaps she is the exception to the rule. Questioning it DOES not make you “mean” or “nasty”, just not gullible. Bottom line, cute story & cute kid!

MommaCreative on

This story is an example of a parent investing in her child. That’s the beauty of the story. Does the mother help her daughter? Of course she does. She’s being a parent. When my son was 4, he was addicted to Star Wars. He began making what we called “big head” Star Wars characters out of paper. He taped them together himself. They weren’t perfect, but they were really cool. He also seemed to be driven to create these characters. He’s now 19 and a student at a prestigious art school. I would have preferred that he be the next Bill Gates, but when your child has a positive interest, it’s better to encourage it. The search for beauty and creativity certainly trumps mean-spirited destructiveness.

Jenifer on


Cara on

Yeah, Right !

maryhelenc on

I love it! I wish I was crafty & I would do something similar with my girls!

Anne on

This is definitely Mom’s work and not “Mayhem’s”! Looks like they’re having fun with it though. Hope Mom won’t be doing her homework for her when she becomes school aged – lol!

Alisa Ann Armes on

I would not even NICKNAME my kid Mayhem.

may·hem (mā′hĕm′, mā′əm)
1. Law The offense of willfully maiming or crippling a person.

2. Infliction of violent injury on a person or thing; wanton destruction: children committing mayhem in the flower beds.

3. A state of violent disorder or riotous confusion; havoc.

chris on

Wow..Very cute and creative. I wonder what she’ll be when she grows up? Look out Tim Gunn.

Tara on

Really people the only thing some got was that she couldn’t have done this herself? Just because your child might can’t draw a straight line doesn’t mean this child isn’t talented. I would think they did those dresses together to have fun. Stop being so mean with your words especially when talking about a child.

Anonymous on

What an awesome fashion forward little girl. I know for a fact little girls are indeed fashion conscious because of my grand daughters. She may not have made them ENTIRELY by herself, but I bet she will be able to in the next couple of years.

linda on

Yeah sure she did, and she did her own hair too!

bkable on

No matter who is doing the most work, as long as the little girl can look back and smile at all the memories she and her mom have together, who cares?!

At least she’s spending time with her little girl 🙂

jennaynay on

How about you stop being so rude to this little girl and her mother. I discovered this article yesterday and instead of insulting their work, I took the time to look at their Instagram account and blog. If you took the time to do that, you would, as did I, find the answers to all the snooty comments you are making.

Her daughters name is not “Mayhem”, and you do not have the right to insult her mother for nicknaming her that. Go to their blog and you’ll discover exactly how she got her nickname.

As for her making these dresses by herself, clearly many of you can’t read. The article never says “Mayhem” makes them all on her own. Again, go to their Instagram account and you will discover the dresses “Mayhem” makes on her own and the ones she clearly has help with. It is all spelled out for you if you would research a little bit instead of using your time to insult a beautiful mother-daughter relationship, you would figure that out fairly quickly.

Find something better to do with your time than insulting a mother and her daughter for spending time together. Her mother is encouraging creativity, something many of you should take note of and do with your own children.

Hey Angie and everyone agreeing with her, you guys especially should take the time to look at their Instagram account and blog. All your unnecessary comments can be quickly shut down. You will be embarrassed for the accusations and comments you have displayed here.

sheena on

It does state that Angie(who can’t sew a straight line) uses tape and glue to put together their masterpieces. It doesn’t pretend that the girl is doing it on her own. However it does appear that the girl has some talent for design and perhaps is able to visualize how to do it but can’t quite do it yet. I am sure you give her a few years and she will be able to. I think it is adorable.

Ashley on

Beautiful little girl, what a cutie 🙂

Didy on

Talented little girl. Adorable.

Tasha on

Geez people. If you read the Huffpost article, the mom doesn’t pretend that her daughter makes them by herself. Calm the F down already. A cute little girl makes dresses out of paper. Why are you trying to tear this story down?

heather on

its called creativity. There is nothing wrong with raising your girls to be creative.

Tri on

Does the mother Angie want a reality show or what?

Amber on

Not all 4 year olds are the same. some are even geniuses! Maybe this is her passion and her talent! None of us are their to say she didn’t do this. Maybe her mom assisted so what? At least she is being a mom and spending time with her daughter. Stop downing a 4 year old and be an adult!!!

Anonymous on

Beautiful little girl. Nice to see a mother and daughter share a passion and execute it so nicely.

Barbara on

Yeah.. Me thinks MOM is actually creating these. They are still cute, but why lie and say a 4yo did them?

Anonymous on

Agree with Angie. And I’m a friendly, social, well-adapted and reasonably happy person who has worked with kids for enough years to know that it is possible, but very unlikely, that this is the work of a four-year-old. If i’m wrong, we’re looking at the new Coco Chanel. And yes, it is possible to think critically while enjoying life. Not mutually exclusive.

Kay on

Future dress designer right there!

normades on

Thank you!! These are obviously very staged. Why and how does a 4 year old know the latest outfits worn by Lupita, JLaw, and Taylor? Maybe she made 1 or 2 of the earlier creations but the later ones are obviously 90% mom. I think Mayhem might be helping mom rather than mom helping Mayhem.

Abby on

All these awful comments, shame on you! What a little doll, who cares if her mother helps her! It’s a great little hobby and she seems to be having a great time doing it. Just for the record, I have a barely 3 year old, who functions on an entirely different level. She can make things out of play-doh that I can’t fathom how she did it. She can count to 50 and says her ABC’s front and back. Not to mention can read some sight words. So this 4 year old very well might be smarter and more talented than most adults.

momof3 on

Wow Angie, why so much hate? The mom freely admits that she helps out. Get a life.

‘Angie… uses tape and glue to hold together THEIR fanciful creations that sometimes include aluminum foil, tissue paper, wrapping paper and gift bags’.

‘Nine months after THEY started, THEY are still making the dresses, which you can see on THEIR Instagram page and blog’. (Emphasis added).

Martina on

It’s wonderful that a 4 year old and her mom do sweet creative projects together. There is no downside to that. But why try to sensationalize it and try to turn the girl into a little celebrity? My son and I make paper models of space ships. Doesn’t occur to me to try to get attention for that… I can see the headline now – ‘5 year genius makes amazing spaceship replicas’… Nah, I will just enjoy our projects and not try to make it into something it’s not.

Jen on

Abby- no one cares what your kid can do. This article isn’t about you or your offspring.

And for those of us who did read the original article AND looked at her instagram page, it’s quite obvious this is the mother’s hobby that she’s simply using her child as a Barbie doll to model her paper creations. She says things in the article like the storebought costumes didn’t meet her 4 year old’s standards and so she wanted to make her own dresses, and yet their are pics of her kid at Disney wearing a Target dress up costume. She said she wanted to make her own Elsa costume, and there are pics of her supposedly 4 year old version of Elsa’s costume made out of paper, and yet when the child met Elsa she wasn’t modeling her own gown, but one bought from a store. If this child is truly the budding fashion designer her mother (and you all) think she is, I think she might actually want to leave the house and show off ehr creations. But no, she simply done up like a doll for her mom to snap pics of and post on her instagram so the mother can cash in on some E-fame.

You’re all deluded if you actually think a four year old would know any of those designer gowns from adult award shows if her mother hadn’t had a desire to wear them herself.

Skeptical on

While I do find this adorable. I find it very hard to believe that a 4 year old happens to pick the two of the top “it” girls of fashion(jlaw and lupita) to copy their designs. I have a feeling the mama is behind the majority of this work.

Sandy on

I have personally known this family for over fifteen and have watched this little girl grow up from day one. Those of you who are critical and insulting need to read the blog. They are normal, wonderful, midwestern people and I can assure you they are not bucking for a reality show. Both Angie and her husband are creative people by profession and this artistic talent has flowed over that child from day one. “Mayhem” is her nickname, and if you’d ever met this little powerhouse in person you’d see it too. It’s a loving nickname. The outfits started as an early morning project of arts and crafts. No one has said that the child does this all by herself. Look at the blog and you’ll see Angie cutting, taping and helping her in the outfits. But the direction of each outfit IS coming from that child.

Remember, no one believed Shirley Temple could dance or sing when she was 4 but she did. This child’s parents are very protective of her and are not out to make her another “honey boo boo”. We all are a little afraid of what exposing this precious child to the ugly world will bring and if this site is any indication, we are all correct.

She is a very imaginative, precocious, loving child who is 100% authentic. I’ve seen her pose like this in person and laugh at herself five seconds later. It’s a happy child with a great mother and father. Don’t be hateful!!!

Julie on

“The ideas are pretty much a 50/50 split, but Mayhem constructs a lot more than most people would probably believe. That’s one of the best things about this project, I see her learning new skills every single day. At this point, she knows exactly how many sheets of construction paper she needs to make herself a top and a bottom. She can lay the entire thing out and tape it together all by herself. Definitely, the more complex designs have more of my time invested, but she’s literally always beside me learning something new if she’s not tearing or taping or gluing while I am.”

This is the quote from the mother in the article. I think I many of you are overlooking the fact that this is an incredible learning and bonding experience for both mother and daughter. You are so quick to blame the mother for searching for fame for her daughter and lying about her daughter’s creative ability when really it is the bad wording of this page that causes readers to think that. Do your research and instead of pissing all over this idea, take time to respect what this mother is doing for her daughter.

Ayden on

Wow, some of you are so negative and hateful. It’s a shame you can’t just smile for a little girl with a big imagination and the mother who helps fuel that imagination and creativity, one paper dress at a time. Does it matter if Mayhem makes them completely on her own? No! Does it matter that her nickname is Mayhem? No! Step out of your own pessimistic little bubble of animosity for once and chill the heck out. Yeesh.

Jayme on

1. Her mother SAID she does help her, but the little girl does chose which ones they are doing and has started doing them all on her own recently.

2. Get the fuck over yourselves. She’s 4. She’s a precious little girl. Being into fashion doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to be a superficial person. It just means she loves to create beautiful things for others to enjoy, that is a service whether you like it or not.

3. I hope none of you negative idiots have kids.

Amy on

It’s amazing how many people below didn’t bother to actually really read the story. THEY make the dresses together. It isn’t stated or even implied that Mayhem makes these all on her own. To quote her mother “as long as she wants to make them, WE’LL keep doing it.” Sheesh.