Kim Kardashian: North’s Style Is ‘Simple, Classic and Really Chic’

02/26/2014 at 01:00 PM ET

Kim Kardashian Daughter North Style
Jason Merritt/Getty

Sure, North West is only 8 months old and already has a closet full of designer duds that even the most serious fashionistas would envy.

But that doesn’t mean mom Kim Kardashian is playing dress-up with Stella McCartney and Oscar de la Renta all day long.

“North has actually not worn anything designer yet!” Kardashian, 33, confesses.

“Kids get dirty. She’ll spit up. She moves around so much. I saw this one cute dress that was $500 and I was like, ‘Absolutely not!’ I just want her in little onesies or leggings.”

Lucky for little Nori, mom is set to launch her first children’s clothing line  — Kardashian Kids — along with sisters Kourtney and Khloé, that will be available exclusively at Babies “R” Us on March 15.

“Comfort is everything,” says Kardashian, who favors neutral onesies for North, whose style she describes as “simple, classic and really chic.”

So when it came to designing their first children’s collection, Kim looked to Kourtney for her mommy expertise.

“I could tell what I thought was cute [before having North] but it’s such a different thing when you have a baby of your own,” she admits. “I want soft fabrics and easy access to change a diaper.”

Jennifer Garcia

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Really on

Why in the world would you except designer clothing if your child it not going to wear it!! Give it to charity just a waste! And by the time she does wear these things she will most likely grow out of them so what is the point!

Sara on

“Really,” it doesn’t sound like she PLANNED on her daughter not wearing them, it sounds like it just happened that way. She’s a first-time mom, cut her a break! She said right there in the interview that the things she thought were cute for her baby before she was born didn’t end up being the things she wanted to put on her, because it’s different once you actually have the baby and that she went with comfort for her.

All the exclamation points in your post make it seem like you’re really worked up about this. Let it go. Designer stuff isn’t everything. And who says she’s NOT donating the unused clothes to charity? She never said that. She can donate them, or save those nice gifts for her next baby, or whatever! What business of yours is it?

I get so tired of hearing people talk about celebrities like just because they are well-known, you own them or something. Would you want somebody all in your business judging everything you do? Golden Rule, honey.

Jen on

She takes photos and brags about the designer clothing, and anyone with a brain, or a kid, knows an infant can’t wear that kind of stuff for more than three seconds. She should have said, thanks, but no thanks. So I guess we will be getting more twitter and instagram photos of celebrity children from their parents since paparazzi photos are off limits. Both seem to be exploitive though.

Julie on

The baby doesn’t have a style yet, Kim. She’s a baby. She’ll have one when she’s older, but if you’re the one putting her in clothes, that would be your style, not hers.

Sunny on

Oh.My.God. Who cares what a baby is wearing? They’re babies!!! I can’t believe this is an article.

Lolo on

North is very cute. However, her mother needs to be in the news so she’ll do anything to get there. What a stupid article. (I admit…I only got as far as the first sentence.)

allie on

A baby has a “style.” Concentrate on spending time and enjoying her than worrying about designer clothes at her age!

Babies can be dressed adorable without designer labels!!

Anonymous on

She’s a flippin’ baby…..her style?

DE on

Her kid looks creepy

Anonymous on

North she is sos cute

Guest on

Yeah because you’re the one changing the diapers right Kim?!? You should be taking care of your child like normal parents and not using her as an accessory when it suits your image. Nice you’re trying to make it easier for the nannies though. Kudos.

Tina Hall on

North Is sooooooooooooo adorable! Give this people a break you haters!

Marcia on

Oh, shut up Kim.

junebug on

Who the hell would even consider a $500 dress for a baby! Thank god she has a little sense and said no.

heather on

Now you’re running ads for their baby clothing line? C’mon People.

Kate on

How is this news worthy? And also how does a baby have a style?! Ahh .. That’s crazy to me.. I put my daughter in anything that’s comfortable!! I’m 32 and I don’t even have a style! Oh the life of a celebrity!! 😉

Useless "article" on

Seriously? Are we talking about an 8-month-old’s “style”? 😐 I still can’t believe the world gives Kim Kardashian the time of day so I will close this post and never give her another thought again because really this post was already far more attention than she deserves.

wow on

Her kids clothes lack color and are boring

Christine on

Can we make a pact that we will never, EVER click on an article anywhere online regarding these people, ever again? Then maybe, just maybe they will go away. If we are lucky.

I’m in if you are.

K. on

Give it a rest Kim. She is only a baby. Nothing “chic” etc. about an innocent baby. She poops, she throws up, farts, burps and cries. GROW UP ALREADY.

Callie on

She changes diapers??? I call BS on that one!

Bette on

That’s her style, not the baby’s. She is such a vapid idiot.

Really on

@Sarah it’s a fact she is the one who posted designer clothes given to her for her baby! I personally wouldn’t take them if all she wanted to do was dress her in grey and black clothes with no color. And personally I was making a statement why should I be worked up over this? And if you get tired of people commenting then why post.

truth on

I cant believe I’m going to say this, but she’s right…why put your baby in a $500 outfit that she is just going to spit up and poop on???

bkable on

Sorry Kim. North is a baby. She doesn’t have a style. YOU have a style that are choosing for her.

My mom dressed me in dresses and pretty skirts until I was 3 and I could pick for myself – then I was all about my brother’s hand-me-downs lol That was MY style 😉

Ro on

It’s pretty obvious Kanye put the ka-bosh on the tv show as the baby is never shown. They will shoot she footage for several days and you never see the baby so that tells you there are nannies. I watch the show but cannot stand Kris, Kim or the two youngest as they are going to grow up to be just as self centered as the rest . I feel bad for Khloe as I believe she truly loved Lamar. Scott is pretty funny and poor Bruce.

Anonymous on

since when do babies have their own style?? I love to read the comments on article about kim hahahaha

Kelly Bocast on

Sara, if she does not want people up in her business, DO NOT PUT IT OUT THERE! You get what you give.

Apples The Mule on

It’s a freakin’ baby, it’s not supposed to have “a style!”

me on

North and P are just beauties – gorgeous. Who cares how she dresses her baby?

Guest on

I certainly didn’t “have style” at 8 months old.

Jada on

You people are so brutal and obviously jealous. Who spends $500 on a dress for a baby, people that have so much $ they dont know what to do with it. If all of you had money you would probably do the same thing. I just cant believe how quick people are to bash everything they read, but they are the first ones to click on the article!

jen on

Like she changes diapers lol….

Moi on

@Sara. The Kardashians put their business out there!!!!!! (enough exclamations for you?)
Youre either a relative or have a few screws loose.

omahma on

What baby has a “Chic” style?? She’s a BABY!

katrina on

my only question is this.. how the heck does she have a “style” at 8 months old? She is barely crawling and moving and sure as heck not able to speak and tell her mind and preferences yet.

Pam on

It’s not a kids clothing line, it’s a girl’s only clothing line. I have a boy. Not like I’d ever stick any child of mine in their crap though.

Gina on

A baby has a style? She is a bigger dim wit than I thought..

Laine on

North is a BABY. Her “style” is whatever her mom’s many nannies decide to put on her.

happy on

First off, the word chic doesn’t even belong in the Kardashian clan as NONE of them are chic! Next, they shouldn’t even comment on fashion as they have none. Two sizes too small is not fashionable and never will be!! And KIM, white makes you look huge, everyone knows white makes people look bigger….duh, so keep wearing it!

toni on

what morons I bet that baby really cares what she has on kardashians are in the past nobody cares she stated that trhe kid mwas only to stay in the spotlight that went out years ago you are OLD NEWS get lost kimmi

Amaryllis on

She’s a baby, she doesn’t have a “style” unless we’re talking about drool and poop.

happy on

Two sizes too small is not fashionable! They are cheap, tacky and don’t know crap about being chic….that’s laughable in itself. And Kim honey, white makes you look HUGE. Everyone knows white makes people look larger….duh. Keep wearing it since you know so much about fashion.

toni on

you don’t care about north why would you use her for your own gain loser ,loser, loser has been, has been grow up phony in every way

Jane on

Are you kidding me??!! North is 8 months old!!! How ridiculous that statement is!!

Nancy on

She’s a FREAKING BABY! She doesn’t HAVE any style you insipid dummy!

Guest on

North is absolutely beautiful.

sagequinn on

I just wanted to say that if this was any other celebrity commenting on their baby’s ‘style’, no one would be raising such a fuss. It’s fairly obvious that Kim K. is saying it partially in jest and is admitting that she favours simple and sensible over high end fashion. So why peck like a pack of hens?

MommyE on

It really is sad how clueless this woman is. Style? Chic? For a baby? Please stop talking, Kim.

Sandra on

If you get something you may as well stick the baby in it but it is sad that little babies are being part of a ‘launch campaign’ but celeb parents…they have a baby and a line comes out. Just put the baby in baby clothes and be quiet. At least the kid hasn`t been in anything designer….but that is likely because Kim wants the kid to be wearing the North line.

Patty on

Cute babies! Wow, Penelope looks just like Scott!!

My twins are almost 4 years old and they definitely have a style! Yes, they did have a style when they were babies!!

Anonymous on

Who knew babies were suppose to have their own “style”

Emilia on

She is a dolt.

cutinfes0407 on

Who cares? Money…designer clothes…This is a baby. She did not pick her parents. North West is one very beautiful little girl. Period.

ThinkPink on

North is the most beautiful baby a wh0re and narcissistic idiot ever produced!

Elle on

Um, she’s a baby, it’s not like she goes to the store & picks out her own clothes; she doesn’t have a “style” yet.

GP Stoll on

Babies r us??….Well, I’ll just have to turn all their sh*t around on the rack and keep walking…smdh

linda on

Her 8 month old’s style is simple, classic and chic?! Seriuosly?!!! She won’t let her wear the designer clothes because she spits up. Haha. It’s called a bib. Get familiar. Seriuosly, does she hear herself?!!

Tara on

Neutrals for babies are so boring. Maybe once in a while, but people get suckered into neutrals as adults, let kids have a personality!

Anonymous on

My 16 month old son’s style is sort of military-inspired.

stephanie on

the kardashians are trash.

Amanda K on

Lol! What an airhead

lilly on

Does she realize how Stupid she sounds?! I have a daughter and dressed her up. She needs to stfu alreaady!! Her nannies know how to change clothes because this trash doesnt know how to change herself let alone her own kids diapers! Lol

kelly196864@yahoo on

Don’t get me wrong … No one would never know you without a killer father and thats way you have no luck with men just like your mother and I and NO differ . That what me have… People need us..So you and boytoy need to stop with the BULL SHIT

*rolls eyes* on

REALITY CHECK PRINCESS K…so you know that YOU dress this baby?

Rose on

No sh**! I want comfortable clothes with easy access for diaper changing plus kids get dirty. Is she the dumbest person on earth!!? I can not stand this woman I don’t know why I torture myself and read these stories!

Lili on

Yeah right she hasn’t worn anything designer lol

Mommytoane on

I guess I didn’t realize that infants had a “style” yet, but whatever. I understand the soft fabrics that are easy to access diapers with. Perhaps Kim will consider donating the designer outfits, or saving a few to display for decoration in North’s room and donate the rest.

Amanda on

Let the girl wear some color Kim. She’s a baby, white is boring and unimaginative. Kids should be fun and cute. She doesn’t need an adult style, she needs to be a kid.

lanied on

My bro one time said that he would date Kim given the chance. Then she opened her mouth to speak and he changed his mind. LOL!!! Of course this was when she first started to be in the public eye when she was with Paris Hilton, before all the botox and plastic surgery and fat injections in her butt.

A baby does not have a style. The kid is 8 months old, she farts, burps, poops, eats, and sleeps. Kim tries to make it sound that North West is more exceptional than other babies in the world. Whatever!!!!! Go away Kimmie Cakes! Your show is tanking in ratings (only 2 Mil this past week in viewers) so it’s time to bring out the baby for ratings.

BTW, I will not buy one piece of clothing for my baby from the Kartrashian line. They don’t design the clothes, they license out their name and that is it. Other people do the designing. Bunch of con artists.

Vila on

Does she change diapers? quite surprised!!!

Betty on

Then why post pictures of all the designer clothes the baby received? Fake, fake, fake…

Guest on

The second picture is cute. Are these clothes from Kim’s new line?

Vg on

May check it out when her new clothes lines came out!