Mayim Bialik: My Kids Think Every Mom Has a Doll

02/26/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

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When Mayim Bialik‘s sons Miles, 8, and Frederick, 5½, grow up, they’re going to be in for a big surprise.

During a Tuesday interview with Howard Stern, The Big Bang Theory star revealed that, in her kids’ eyes, her career is just being a mom.

“They don’t really know who momma is,” the former Blossom star tells Stern.

“My older son knows that people come up to me and say, ‘Big bang, big bang,’ and want to take pictures. But to them, they know me as the person who cleans the toilets and makes their breakfast.”

When it comes to her famous childhood role, “They’ve seen a Blossom doll, like the Barbie doll,” says the actress, 38. “My oldest son used to call it ‘the momma doll.’ He thought every momma had a Barbie doll.”

Bialik, who’s made headlines for her views on attachment parenting, finalized her divorce from Michael Stone in 2013, so when she spends time with her sons, she says they have better things to do than discuss her career.

“I don’t have a TV, I don’t show them movies. I’m sharing custody, so when I see them I don’t really want to put them in front of a TV,” she explains.

For now she prescribes to the adage, “I’ll tell you when you’re older.” Says Bialik, “When they get closer to the age I was when I started acting, then it will be interesting to say to them, ‘This is who I was when I was your age.'”

— Janine Rayford Rubenstein

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Jen on

It drives me crazy how hypocritical some tv stars are. You make your money by being on tv, but you are above owning one? She is so vocal about her opinions, it surprises me that if she has such a low opinion about the shows on television that she herself would be a participant…

Mina on

Good for her for spending time with her kids. Better than parking them in front of a TV like a lot of people do.

evarector on

How is it hypocritical? TV is what she DOES, it’s not who she IS; all the more power to her if she chooses not to expose her boys to the crap that passes for entertainment these days.

Ke on

Jen – So you are saying that it is hypocritical for a parent to actually spend time with their children simply because they act on a TV show? You must be the kind of parent that parks your kids in front of the screen so you don’t have to be bothered.

She can make her money anyway she chooses. It’s called a job, which you would understand if you had one. She can also choose to parent any way she wants.

What a judgmental little fool you are. Good for her for actually raising her children instead of using your way of having the TV babysit for you.

Lacey on

Love her.

Emma on

Jen have you ever watched Blossom? It was the Sam & Cat of the early 90’s. It is not like today’s sitcoms. Not the adult themed, sexual undertoned shows aired on prime time today.

Jerz on

She annoys the crap out of me. Period.

Lucy on

Jen, I am 110% with you. Why are we supposed to park ourselves or our children down to help Ms Bialik make money, but it is not good enough for your own children?

Also, guess attachment parenting is good for the parent, but not good for the spouse!

Tina on

I understand what Jen is saying. It annoys me too. Not so much that her kids don’t watch tv. That’s her choice. But if it weren’t for the rest of us watching it, she wouldn’t be making a living.

I dislike when you see a celeb on a talk show and they are asked what their favorite show is and they say oh I don’t own a tv. It’s insulting.

49ergirl on

I don’t think it’s hypocritical…I’m an ER nurse but I personally don’t run to the ER for every little medical issue. As a matter of fact most ER nurses characteristically don’t go to the ER unless they’re about to keel over.

So she doesn’t want her kids to watch tv. While I think attachment parenting is odd I agree on the kids & tv part.

Lori on

I work in a hospital. I don’t watch shows about hospitals nor do I want to talk about hospitals. I get what she is saying.

iloveit on

So because she works on TV she has to be into what TV promotes- more so- promote it to her kids? I work in the prison system and I certainly don’t promote or expose what it is “about” to my children.

I don’t agree with all of her views, but damm it at least seems she is raising her kids, not some nannies. Good for her!

ariel on

I work in a food processing plant that makes lunch meat. I don’t let my kids eat processed meat. It doesn’t make me a hypocrite, just a mom who took a job to take care of my kids.

BAD fan on

I love that she doesn’t own a TV!! Just because she makes her living in entertainment doesn’t mean she has to park her kids in front of one all day, when is it wrong to actually talk to your kids and spend quality time with them?

Jen, not all moms use TV as a babysitter like you do.

Hooray for all moms who love their children!!

ChayaFradle on

Anyone facing the knowledge of how short life can be (I am a survivor of breast cancer), can appreciate that Mayim wants to use her moments with her children in the most positive ways ever. For her, this means playing with them, communicating, and interacting.

Why would anyone fault her for this? Oh, I know… because they are jealous!

Tracy on

If she weren’t acting – she’s be a scientist, she is a PhD.

Alanna on

There is a big difference between plopping your kids down in front of the TV and watching TV as an adult…the audience watching her show. The kids have growing minds and should be learning through play and interaction with other humans.

Attachment Parenting isn’t for everyone, but I think all kids would benefit if their parents gave them just a little more love and attention every day.

egs on

The other point she made re: tv is that she shares custody so her time with her kids is more limited than it would be otherwise. I can appreciate that.


egs on

The other point she made re: tv is that she shares custody so her time with her kids is more limited than it would be otherwise. I can appreciate that.