Kim Kardashian ‘Definitely’ Wants More Kids – But Not as Many as Her Mom

02/25/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

Kim Kardashian Ryan Seacrest Interview Noam Galai/Wireimage

Despite a notoriously tough pregnancy with daughter North, now 8 months, Kim Kardashian is willing to go through the struggle all over again to give her little girl a playmate.

“After being pregnant, I would definitely say I’d never do this again,” the reality star told Ryan Seacrest Tuesday on his KIIS-FM morning show.

“It was a really hard pregnancy. But I love my daughter so much and I know what it was like to grow up with siblings, so I definitely want to have more,” Kardashian, 33, says.

“I’m definitely not going the route my mom did. She is crazy. When I was giving birth, I looked at her and said, ‘I’m going to buy you a medal.'”

Kardashian, who says she will have “three [kids] tops,” went on to gush about her little one, who was born last June.

“My daughter is like the cutest thing ever,” she said. “I know every parent says that about their own kid, [but] … She is the sweetest, she’s the calmest and all she does is laugh. Like she just will laugh at anything you say. I’ll put my toe right near her and she’ll just start cracking up. She’s the sweetest, happiest baby I’ve ever seen.”

The E! personality, who is “loving being a mom,” didn’t necessarily think she’d bask in the joys this easily.

“I never thought I’d say that,” Kardashian explains. “I went into this so scared – so scared of every last thing … I’ve always wanted kids, but for some reason, when I got pregnant I was so scared. Everything everyone tells you about having a kid and how it’ll change your life and it’s the greatest experience and you’ll love it – it’s that times one hundred.”

And it doesn’t hurt matters that Kardashian has the help of her fiancé, rapper Kanye West.

“We met like 12 years ago … and maybe eight [or] nine [ago], we started to become cool and friendly,” she explains of her love of two years, who she will wed in Paris later this year.

“We’ve kept this friendship ever since. It would go in and out. We would have relationships and stuff like that, but we really had such a strong bond … All in all, he’s really just been a great support system and has really held my hand through all my mistakes.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Jennifer on

I wonder how many different “baby daddies” she’s going to have? I’m pretty sure that her and d-bag Kanye isn’t going to last.

sam on


boohoobytch on

sure; she hates the first one, why have more?

sam on

I would hate to think these two will continue to procreate.

Sherron on

I would laugh too if I had these two for parents! Take some lessons from your sister Kourtney on how to be a good mom..

Psychic One on

Maybe if she keeps telling herself over and over what a great guy Kayne is She’ll convince even herself. As for me I don’t buy it.

Sunlight on

don’t wish nothing but the worse on anyone in the limelight or not…it is none of our business on what anyone does with thier lives…worry about your own lives, jenn and sherron!

Kris on

hey, atleast the Kardashians are helping out with the horrible economy and job situation in CA. More babies=more nannies.

Penelope on

Ugh. It’s so disgusting when all people do is posted negative comments. Being “snarky” doesn’t make you clever or witty, it just makes you look cynical, bitter, and so mean you have to lash out at anyone to make yourself feel better. Comments are a buzz kill now. I wish they would do away with them completely. It would improve humanity.

rocky mountain girl on

Is it just me or does she have the vocabulary of a 4th grader?…. Like ya know, oh my gosh!

rona on


Ness on

I agree Mia, my four year old speaks better than her!

Angela on

Penelope, I could not agree with you more! I guess because she has a reality show everyone knows her like she was once their best friend…I mean, how else would they know that she is a terrible mother, “hates” her baby, and all of this other ridiculous crap they throw out there. None of us are better than her, and she is not better than any of us. We’re ALL the same..some just a little more positive and upliftings than others.

lisa on

I mean…when was the last time she saw her kid?

Teddy on

who gives a flying hoot. Why is this women or her family relevant..

Anonymous on

Who really care about this useless piece of garbage. People get a freaking life. She is useless and so is the whole fam. Riding on the trench coat tails of their dad So sad. Any one who watches this you are as sorry as them.

Sandra on

Before I had kids i just knew that I was gonna be like my mom and have four, but what I quickly realized is that two took all that I had, so four was out of the question. I get the whole being scared part, I was literally an idiot about lots of things surrounding pregnancy and kids but thank God my mom was right there to show me the ropes and calm me down.

thickset on

Actually I don’t think every parent says that. I did NOT think my kid was the cutest or the sweeties.

As for giving Kris a medal, no, someone should have given Kris Norplant three or four kids ago.

Mr G. on

The HO doesn’t take care of the one she has now and she wants more? Just because you can afford to hire nannies to take care of them doesn’t mean you should have more kids. In addition, isn’t one child enough that will have to endure a lifetime of criticism of how her mother made a porn video to become famous? Not to mention her mother is an immoral, unethical, talentless “ho” and her father is an ignorant, delirious whack job? This kid doesn’t have a chance of a normal childhood.

Lisa Cody on

This woman does not deserve to have an innocent child. She is famous for a porn tape where a man pees on her – nothing else. Now she is with a narcissistic no talent ass. She sounds like a baby when she speaks. She is a no talent, no education person who allows her piranha mother to use her for money. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

I’m Standing Right Behind You on

Oh dear GOD, please don’t let that happen!

Mandii on

Go. Away.

Laura on

Wants three kids tops… Do I hear… Wait for it… East West and South West? Come on now! You know you were thinking it… LOL

Anonymous on

I strongly suggest adoption because there are so many children out there who deserve a family and home, but I’m sure there aren’t any out there “perfect” enough for consideration by these two egomaniacs. I seriously don’t think I’ll survive another of her pregnancies and the daily reports by People magazine.

Kiwii on

Really??? Learn to take care of the one you have now. You are barely with her. #deadbeatmom

Di on

Who cares ? This is one of the reasons I don’t have cable…

Anna on

Did she seriously refer to her infant daughter as a thing?

kristin on

She can’t have more than three kids, because there’s only three directions: North West, South West, and East West. I mean, I know someone who was named Richard Richardson, but I really don’t see Kim naming a kid West West.

Megan on

She is going to have a surrogate carry the others. She said she would never do it again but she wants North to have a sibling. She has more money than she knows what to do with so she will pay someone to carry her child.

tiasd04 on

I love that she admits how nervous she was. I hope a new mom reads this and realizes that what she is going through is normal.

Mike on

We don’t care, the more of these morons the worse the country and our youth will suffer

Mike on

How many more of these morons do we need corrupting our youth. Trash just trash. From porn movie to this fame. Please girls don’t follow this example.

Mike on

I hope they hire good tutors because both parents are idiots.

kitty62862 on

Nice thought, but she’s 33. Have mercy on the body! 1 more.

Elle on

I’m not the biggest Kardashian fan, but am I the only person who found this interview kind of sweet? It was annoying to read “like” multiple times, but I thought it was nice the way she was talking about her daughter.

Melissa on

“…has really held my hand through all my mistakes.”

Like marrying Kanye West for starters….

Von on

At least she is creating nanny’s jobs.

Guest on

I think having 2 kids is the perfect number cause with 1 the child would be lonely and if you had 3 they might not all get along. Only 2 and 1 feels left out.
Idk that’s my opinion.

Kimmie on

North is really cute, but I wouldn’t have another kid. Being in a relationship with someone like Kanye feels like being single and a single mom. He is on the road a lot and can not be there as much as she needs him to help raise the kids.

kimmy on

what is wrong with you people let them beyour comments are harsh

Lolo on

She will have more babies just to stay in the news!

Tara on

I would hope it would last between her and Kanye. Kim is not one that screams commitment to me.

Crystal on

I don’t think she’s a dead beat mom. She seems like a really good mom who obviously loves her daughter very much. She, Kanye and North look like a very happy and affectionate family. I am NOT a fan of Kim or Kanye. In fact, I think she’s a fame whore and he’s an asshole. However, to judge her parenting style on paparazzi pictures or pictures she puts on social media sites is unfair. Until we are actually there and watch her mother her child (the likelihood of that being 0%) we don’t know. We aren’t privy to the less public side of their lives. I do wish the Kardashian’s would just go away and no longer continue to be popular. However, there are 6 of them. When one goes away, another is in the news. It’s just how it is. I’m hoping that with Kim and Kanye getting married they will live a more private, low key life. Of course that’s just wishful thinking. She’s too much of a limelight lover to ever disappear. Even if it’s for the best for the family she has now made all her own.

phre on

oh, come on, all these mean comments… I think she says what every new mom thinks. and she is certainly not very bright, but she also is not dumber as many others in this world. she’s just in the limelight with her dumbness and her money, but that does not make her automatically a bad mother.

alex on


MH on

I am going to guess she doesn’t take her daughter when shes crying, a nanny does that. For the few minutes a day the girl sees her, i bet shes happy. Then she goes off again and does photo shoots.

Alex Navarro on

I thought she claimed to have fertility issues and that her pregnancy was something of an unexpected miracle? She even went on the Today Show to talk about her fertility problems, and now it seems like all is peachy.

Lacey on

Please stop breeding.

Ann on

Not a hater but who truly cares about Kim and the rest of the Kardashians as they are now as boring as watching paint dry……no excitement just same old story line so isn’t their claim to fame about over????

valeskas on

Do we really need more babies from these two megalomaniac. The world has enough Karshittians.

Anonymous on

wow, there are a lot of ugly, bitter, mean spirited people out there…. is it any wonder the USA is so full of hate and prejudice. If you people can hate a reality star that much, someone you don;t know one thing about expect what the tabloids say, I can;t help but wonder what you would be like as a friend, a neighbor, as a family member, as a community member? Please look at yourself before you judge others so harshly.

Kate on

Talk is cheap. Believe it when I see it. Maybe if she hadn’t had her first child after 30 yrs old or hadn’t blimped up she wouldn’t have had such a difficult pregnancy. Course I’m sure a hang nail is traumatic and dramatic for her. Another child will never happen, North needs to be thankful she was ever born!!

Sarah on

Wondering how she an leave her cute daughter who she says she loves so much to go traipsing around the world…just a thought…

txlady on

Whatever baby daddy she chooses he will not be white..she gags at the thought. And they in return.

ann on

Haha I will be shocked if she actually carries any of the other kids herself!

Jane on

Oh please…all we need is another spoiled rotten kid who’s parents think they’re royalty, and will convince their children that they are prince/princesses. Give us a break….

claire on

OMG please keep your legs together

carol on

baby north is adorable and beautiful. Kim wishing you and Kanye all the best for the future, you are a very pretty lady

carol on

You haters and bullies are the morons repugnant nasty retard
delusional idiots. Go away and mind your own business

carol on

Calling others hateful nasty names you lot are the moron.
Most of you repugnant people life is so corrupt, evil vile nasty
disgusting filth. the things you do every day some of you should
be lock up. The Kardasians are good people not racist hating
people. Never said a bad word about any one. Making a honest
living. Nothing like you devils

Tikii on

it amazes me how judgmental people are she has the right to have kids and I doubt they will be any more screwed up than the people’s kids on here commenting.

Rachael on

Tough pregnancy? If it was that tough, she wouldn’t already be talking about having another one with a guy that she’s not married to and more than likely won’t be married to in five years… Reality check girl, kids are a lot of work – concentrate on the one you have now.