Princess Madeleine of Sweden Welcomes a Daughter

02/21/2014 at 09:25 AM ET

Princess Madeleine of Sweden Welcomes Daughter Julian Parker/UK Press/Getty

Princess Madeleine gave birth to the newest member of the Swedish royal family on Thursday night — on American soil. The princess, 31, and her American banker husband, Christopher O’Neill, welcomed a daughter at a New York City hospital, the family confirmed. “The Office of the Marshal of the Realm is delighted to announce that H.R.H. Princess Madeleine gave birth to a daughter on Feb. 20, 2014, at 10:41 p.m. local time New York,” the family said in a statement. “Both mother and child are in good health.” The baby girl’s name was not disclosed. Madeleine, the daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, married O’Neill in June in Stockholm. They announced the pregnancy in September. Madeleine is fourth in line to the Swedish throne, after her sister, Crown Princess Victoria; her niece, Princess Estelle; and her brother, Prince Carl Philip. — Tim Nudd

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Marie on

Married in June?….so the baby must have been like someone was already a guest at the wedding…ha..ha.. Princess but congrats!

Guest on

Marie – they were married early June – even if she was pregnant, it would have been so early that she might not have known. And it’s not like that wedding was thrown together in a day.

American Mom on

I know that many Swedes were a bit disappointed that the princess didn’t give birth at home in Sweden, which is understandable, but I’m sure that doesn’t dim the excitement about the new addition. I’m sure this baby will continue their line of beautiful princesses, and I can’t wait to see her photo & find out her name! Congratulations all around! Now, it’s her brother’s!

truth on

Is she still in line for the throne if she was born in America? Excuse my ignorance, I dont know much about the rules of the Royals

truth on

oops, Madeline is 4th in line, not her daughter…carry on!

jay on

Marie, she got married the first week in June. If that were the date that she conceived, she would have had a due date of around February 23rd. So much for your lol and ha ha.

Linda on

Wow, she is stunningly gorgeous! Congrats on the new baby

Gina on

Congrats! Love this couple..

Marilyn on

The baby was due in early March. She got married June 7, so it was a honeymoon baby.

Ris on

Shotgun wedding

Jacquelyn on

I love the idea of a Royal Shotgun Wedding!

Lucky little princess!

Ivixen on

Tacky, people. It’s not a shotgun wedding. Do the math.

Solo on

Why does it matter to any of you when the baby was supposedly conceived? The US seems so caught up on “no sex before marriage” but why? If that’s you beliefs, great, but its not every ones, so bear that in mind. It doesn’t make you better or worse as a person either way. Congrats to Madeleine and Christopher. I can’t wait to hear her name.

Rob on

Yes, she is in line for the throne as long as she’s deemed so by Sweden. She will have dual citizenship, both American (American father and born in the USA) and Swedish (Swedish mother who has not renounced her Swedish citizenship)

Jenny on

You don’t figure out whether it was a shotgun wedding by comparing the birth date to the wedding date. Not if you know for certain when the engagement was. Their engagement was announced October 25, 2012.

Txmom on

Seriously do the math! My son’s birthday is today. He was conceived near Father’s Day. He was two weeks early of his March 8th due date. Babies are full- term from 37-40 weeks. It was a honeymoon baby.

Tink on

Her father himself has dual citizenship, he was born in and grew up in London, with and American Dad and an Austrian mother. Wonder what citizenship the baby will take! Additionally, its not guaranteed that the baby will be in the line, specific “rules” like she has to be brought up in Sweden, and cannot be a Catholic (which Chris is apparently) mean Sweden may not allow the baby to be in the line of succession. That’s what I’ve read on other sites anyway, not an expert on the Swedish Monarchy by any means. Can’t wait to hear her name, and if she’ll have a title (?)

Camilla on

It was not a Shotgun wedding, trust me!
They announced their engagement October 25, 2012! So their wedding date was decided 8 months before the wedding!

guest2 on

Marilyn, she got married on the 8th, not the 7th of June. When the pregnancy was announced in September, they claimed it was due in early March.

Truth, both mother and daughter are in line for the Swedish throne. In order for her daughter to maintain her succession rights, she will have to be raised at least for a few years in Sweden before she turns 18 and be raised as a member of the Church of Sweden (Lutheran faith).

guest2 on

also…Christopher is not just an “American business man”, he also has British citizenship.

DaniHMcV on

Their wedding date was announced at the end of April to take place in early June. Their engagement was announced before that, but the exact wedding date was not. Just over 5-6 weeks kotice of the weeding date is unusual, even for royals. I would bet that, given their ages, they starting trying the month before their wedding and if they got pregnant right away they could have leeway with the dates. My husband and I started trying a month before we were married because we were in our 30’s and wanted to get a head-start. It’s not a big deal anymore, is it? Thy were living together before marriage so that itself is getting away from royal tradition.