Kate Middleton’s ‘Mommy’ Necklace Becomes a Bestseller

02/21/2014 at 11:00 AM ET

tk Courtesy Mercimaman; Inset: Landov

The Duchess of Cambridge continues to embrace her everyday favorites when it comes to jewelry.

Kate was recently spotted wearing a simple gold charm necklace — dubbed the “Duchess” — that is available for purchase online at Merci Maman.

Beatrice de Montille, founder of the UK-based e-boutique, said she sent the personalized necklace to Pippa Middleton, asking her if she’d pass it along to then mom-to-be Kate, who is well known for her fondness of retail brands like Topshop and Zara, where her style embrace has caused everything from dresses and shoes to sell out.

Pippa is one of our customers. She has bought many products from us in the past year,” de Montille told PEOPLE.

“We had no news after the birth. We didn’t know if (the duchess) was wearing it or not. Then we came across a blog recently showing a picture of her back in October, shopping in Zara, and she was wearing our necklace!”

The hand-crafted and hand-engraved necklace features a circular medallion with the baby’s name on it, along with heart and baby-shaped charms. It also starts at about $150 — far below the value of the royal jewels that the queen has lent Middleton, 32, for public appearances.

And once photographs of the new mom wearing the necklace appeared, within three days the demand for it skyrocketed with 25,000 visits to the company’s website and tons of orders.

“We created this for her and now we are selling the exact same necklace to everyone,” de Montille said. “I couldn’t think of a better ambassador. She is very chic.”

As for Middleton’s penchant for mixing high and low fashions, de Montille adds: “I think that’s what makes her very smart. She is a mixture of elegance and simplicity and she is a very humble person. That’s what makes her different and makes her a very accessible princess.”

Andrea Billups with reporting by Monique Jessen

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Ivixen on

I feel sorry for her. They only gave this to her with the hope she’d wear it, and then everyone would want it, and they could sell a ton. It’s kind of misleading, and it loses it’s ‘special’ factor when everyone has it.

Cheri on

This would be different if she bought it to wear. But they gave it to her just to make money off of her wearing it. They say how other stores sold out of their products that she wore and so they gave her this to wear with underlining hopes she would be seen and photographed with it so they would profit from it. They made a one of a kind piece for her and now have to make more for those who are ordering it, they didn’t have them ready to engrave on the shelves. It’s wrong to use a public figure for their own profit.

Smithy on

They should make these necklaces for parents of high school and college students.

One charm says, PLEASE….next charm, MOVE, 3rd charm, OUT!!

Sacré on

They created the necklace for her as a gift then immediately started mass producing them for the general public after she was seen wearing it? Gee, Catherine must feel so special. SMH

algwhite on

I’m confused. They gave it to Pippa when Kate was a ‘mom to be’ says the article, but then they say it was personalized and they didn’t know if she was wearing it until they spotted a picture of her with it on? How can it have been given before she had the baby, but be personalized????

Denise on

How could it have been engraved with the baby’s name when it was given to her when she was still a mom-to-be? If I were Kate, I’d stop wearing this non-special, mass produced necklace and have something special and unique designed by someone who wants to make something special instead of money.

Solo on

Obviously they sent her the necklace with the charms on and she, Pippa or someone else got it engraved afterwards. If she likes it what does it matter what anyone has? She knows the effect she has on things, its not a surprise to her!

wen lin on

I find it interesting that Kate accepted but did not say ‘thank you’ and the giver had to find out through other method that she even got it. I think she was rude. If she did not use it then there is no need to ‘thank’ but the fact is that she accepted it then I think a simple ‘thank you ‘ is needed. She sets a bad example.

michelle on


Kim on

wen lin, it merely says they did not know if she was wearing it or not after the birth of her son. She very well could have thanked them. Stop jumping to the worst conclusions. I’m pretty sure Catherine has good manners.

Solo on

They sent the item to her sister, who gave it to her, so for all you know Pippa thanked them for it. How would Catherine know to thank them? And we don’t even know this is the same necklace, Catherine could have simply ordered one for herself. It is the Royal’s policy not to accept freebies.

BRod on

Necklaces like that have been around for YEARS! I feel bad for the moms who have been wearing them, because now everyone will think they are on a fad bandwagon.

lori on

Cute! I want one! Wen lin, ease up. I’m sure they were thanked for the necklace and if not, 20,000 orders is thanks enough.

b on

To Smithy: I love the idea!!

pink ladybug on

I have a simple white gold necklace that says “mommy” …wear all the time…

AMH on

As some of you have said, something is off in this story because the baby was named days after his birth so how could it be a gift given before hand? And that is sad that they just wanted it to sell because she wears it.

WorthyStyle on

I think it is shameful people can order the exact same necklace – with her sons name and Prince William’s initial. Why not leave that as special and then just make it customizable in other ways for other mothers? Terrible as most brands do NOT do this when Catherine has purchased their items.

Alex on

Perhaps Pippa claimed it as a gift from herself to Kate 😉

telly on

@worthystyle you don’t seem to be the sharpest tool in the kit.

Rhoda on

I wondered about how it was personalized before the baby was born. The website clears it up and states…”Kate Middleton wore this Merci Maman necklace while shopping in Chelsea in October 2013. This gold plated necklace was offered to the Duchess of Cambridge after the birth of Prince George in July 2013 and we are so proud to see her wearing it.” The article is wrong.

royalwatcher on

George is adorable. I would like to see an updated photo of him with his parents.

royalwatcher on

George is adorable. I hope more photos are released and perhaps a family portrait with his parents.

michele415 on

I’d think highly of “Merci Mamon” if they had chosen NOT to sell everyone the exact same necklace as they “gave” Catherine. I understand business and marketing but I really understand loyalty, discretion and the ability to be humble, which is an ability Kate mastered long ago. It’s no wonder people in constant spotlight play their cards so close to the chest…they never know who will “out” them.