Cute! Jessica Simpson Shows Off Her Mini American Idol Fan – Son Ace

02/21/2014 at 09:00 AM ET

Looks like American Idol has a new number one fan: Jessica Simpson‘s son Ace Knute.

On Friday, the designer and Weight Watchers spokeswoman, 33, posted a cute Instagram photo of herself cuddling up to her younger child.

While Simpson smiles at the camera, her 7-month-old baby boy seems more interested in the onscreen action, watching the reality singing competition with wide-eyed awe. “American Idol captivated him,” she captioned the black-and-white photo.

Jessica Simpson Instagram Son Ace American Idol Courtesy Jessica Simpson

We can’t blame the little tyke. Thursday night’s Idol episode was a real nail-biter, with five contestants singing their hearts out for three wildcard spots in the Top 13. Besides, music is certainly in Ace’s genes: His mom is a pop/country star and aunt Ashlee is also a singer. Plus, his future uncle gives him familial ties to the legendary Diana Ross.

For now, the proud mama is focused on enjoying her post-pregnancy body, expanding her fashion empire and raising Ace and his big sis Maxwell Drew, 21 months. But who knows — she could become a musical momager one day!

— Michele Corriston

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bitsy on

surprised she knows what captivated means!

Bridget on

Yes …she’s one dumb billionaire !!! But I would be surprised if you could count that high 🙂

bitsy on

hey bridget, i don’t give a rat’s behind how much money she has. that girl is an airhead! and money doesn’t make you smart.

Robin on

Aren’t you a bit condescending? Why shouldn’t Ms. Simpson know what ‘captivated’ means? She’s at least a high school graduate. Why do you feel the need to criticize her? Is your self esteem that low?

bitsy on

How Jessica Simpson Made Her Money – Singer and Actress

Estimated Net Worth: $100 Million in 2014

Um, Bridget, clearly you need to brush up on your math :):):)

kella on

Geez what did she do to her upper lip?

amyinaoaktown on

As far as I know, her singing career was pretty short-lived…she hasn’t performed in years. She seems to now focus on weight watchers and her clothing line, in which she has become a very successful business woman.

Trixie on

i have never seen this baby smile. My granddaughter is younger than he and smiles most of the time. I wonder if he has developmental delay.

Trixie on

She gets lip fillers to detract from her buck teeth. Braces would look better than the duck lips, definitely.

Jeannie on

What an adorable little boy she has!

bitsy on

Does anyone else remember this comment she made : “Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish? I know it’s tuna, but it… it says “Chicken… by the Sea”. While eating “Chicken of the Sea” canned tuna. I don’t think anyone would intentionally portay themselves as that stupid if there weren’t some truth to that. She does not appear to be the brightest star in the sky!
And celebrities will put their name on anything and make money. That doesn’t mean that they are the brains behind it.

She does have one of the most beautiful little girls that I have ever seen. Just my opnion.

bitsy on

does anyone else remember the chicken or tuna incident? that’s all i am saying…..

Celeste on

They both look beautiful. What is wrong with you suggesting something is wrong with her son?!

janet on

really ? I can tell by looking at the picture the child is in awe about the camera that they are taking the picture with. This is a 7 mo old baby that is experiencing new things everyday. Just because YOU haven’t seen of picture if him smiling doesn’t mean that he doesn’t. I guess your child is better because it smiles all the time. Maybe your child is the not normal one. Besides, this child is more than likely heir to a billion dollar fortune and that is plenty to smile about. He doesn’t need to show you a smile to confirm he is happy.

Kass on

You need to stop. Hatred makes you look like a bitter person. Her net worth is over one hundred million. I am positive that exceeds yours by $99,999,999.99. Her fashion lines/company has done over one billion in business. She is hugely successful. Chicken vs tuna..who cares. You find one stupid thing to point out. She is pretty, seems pretty grounded , has a beautiful family and is successful. I think she wins.

nunyas on

Oh my gosh, how cute is he? And those cheeks!!!!!! He is one cute looking baby just like his big sis Maxwell. I would just love to kiss those cheeks right up lol

bitsy on

nice picture of her and her son. her daughter is an absolutely beautiful child too! horrid comment about her son too.

Bridget on

Check your facts a little better. Money doesn’t make you smart, but being able to build a billion dollar clothing empire kinda does…I’m just sayin

janet on

They make beautiful children together!!!! Jessica has some really adorable little ones.

lori on

I don’t think Jessica is dumb at all but she purposely act dumb to be cute on her show. It was annoying but I still like her. Let’s not go speculating that the baby has any developmental disorders because we’ve only seen a handful of pics of him. That’s not nice, especially to say about a 7 month old baby.

Tess on

She looks much better without all that makeup. She has a natural look. At least she is more decent than Miley Cyrus.

bitsy on

Hey Bridget, this is from Celebrity Networth website: When this billion dollar sales estimate was announced, several magazines ran headlines that called Jessica a “billion dollar celebrity”. Many of Jessica’s fans have miss-interpreted this headline to mean that Jessica is personally worth $1 billion which unfortunately is not true… But if she stays on this pace, it might be true soon enough!

You are obviously one of those who mis-interpreted this information. And if you really think she is the brains behind her business endeavors, there is a bridge for sale in Brooklyn. I’m just sayin……………

Mel on

aww, what an adorable mommy and baby picture.

dancer92136 on

Seems you don’t realize she is actually intelligent. Do you own a billion dollar fashion empire? Moving on from that her son is adorable, and she appears to be a very proud, hands-on mom. Happy for her.

bitsy on

smokin hot lady, cute kid.

dancer92136 on

Saying she runs or owns a billion dollar fashion empire doesn’t mean the Bridget or I think she has a billion dollars. It means she heads a company that is worth one billion. We realize that. You don’t need to point out that she is not worth that much. She is actually worth about 175 million personally FYI

Linda on

what a beautiful family jessica has. not surprised cause jessica is such a natural beauty! She’s also alot smarter than people give her credit for. jeolous anyone??

Linda on

Jessica is such a hands on mom which is so refreshing to see. i knew she;d be the best mom. Adore her……

Linda on


Tina on

@Robin, I don’t know if you remember it or not. But Jessica at one time didn’t know whether Chicken of the Sea was chicken or tuna. Just Sayin. High school doesn’t teach you everything.

lori on

Are you two knuckleheads seriously arguing about whether or not she’s a billionaire or just a measly hundred millionaire? Enough already! She’s a smart lady that works hard and has tons of money!

Ris on

She lost her hotness. When she was on newlyweds her face and body were gorgeous!!

Linda on

my cat Fluffy is pregnant, again!

stacey on

He looks exactly like his dad.

Jessica on

LOVE this.

Terri on

Beautiful mama & baby boy!

Theresa on

She is so beautiful and her kids are gorgeous!

Marky on

Trixie, maybe your poor little granddaughter isn’t smart enough to pay attention to what’s going on around her! After all, all she can do is smile, and Ace is actually watching how something works. See how that sounds? Pretty rude and hurtful? Some things are better left unsaid.

Jessica is not dumb, but she does have a wicked sense of humor, which has ended up with her being slammed for that “chicken–tuna” comment years ago, I remember just musing once, “If you cut the heels off these (high-heeled) shoes, will they be flats?”. I was young and gave no thought to the fact that someone might take it seriously, and never quit repeating it forever, yet it comes up within the family regularly. I am a college graduate, with success in multiple fields: I have a long. happy marriage, I’ve raised a family, and am a recognized, contributing member of our community, but someone has to mention that for no other reason than to embarrass me or try to make me feel awkward.

Seriously? You think she did actually know the difference between tun and chicken? She has an absolutely cracker-jack sense of humor, she’s full of funny off-beat wit on any show I’ve ever seen her on. People are sometimes obsessed with making someone feel badly about themselves, or to be rude and hateful. She is a bright, clever woman who used her singing to earn enough to do what she really wants…be a businesswoman, and frankly, let me say to “bitsy”; would you think you were broke if you “only” had 100 million $? Sheesh, eat some sugar…you are rude, and don’t know Jessica.

Marie on

Ace looks so much like Jessica and beautiful Maxwell looks like her daddy. Beautiful children!

Gill on

She is a multimillionaire? That’s impressive.

TT on

Such a pretty photo!!!

Anonymous on

Trixie- Some babies are more smiley than others. Ace probably just has a different temperment than your daughter. 🙂

Marky- I agree 1000 percent! Sad that most people on here don’t seem to possess a sense of humor! 😦

Anyway, Ace is adorable!

Guest on

@Bridget @Bitsy Well if your so smart, then how come your not doing as well or better off than she is? YOU MAD CAUSE YOU DON’T HAVE!

Xan on

Never been much of a fan of JS, but she does seem so happy to be a mom, and her kids are adorable!

Siggy on

All I have to say is if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. You are all just jealous of her. Maybe you need to look in the mirror at yourself. I’m sure it’s not worth even looking at.

Page on

Congratulations to Jessica!