Sneak Peek: Kardashian Kids Clothing Line at Babies ‘R’ Us

02/20/2014 at 10:00 AM ET

Kardashian Kids Clothing Line Babies'R'Us
Courtesy Babies’R’Us

Just when we thought children’s fashions couldn’t get any kuter, the Kardashians — Kim, Kourtney and Khloé — are set to debut a completely adorable new line for girls up to 24 months.

Exclusively available at Babies “R” Us, the collection features everything from butterfly-print pinafores and matching bloomers to snuggly newborn caps and cozy receiving blankets.

But it wouldn’t be a Kardashian production if it didn’t include a little leatherette and a super sweet take on animal print (think cheetah bibs).

“Our grandmother opened a children’s fashion store, and from an early age I adored baby fashion. Later when Penelope was born, my sisters and I had so many ideas for how we wanted to dress her, but didn’t always find what we were envisioning,” says Kim.

“Now, as a mom, I cherish the time my baby and I spend together getting her dressed. The items in this collection are exactly what I have imagined for her.”

So we guess that means we’ll see North and her cousin (and BFF!) Penelope rocking their mommas’s designs soon. Kue the kute.

Affordably priced from $15 to $30, the line will hit stores and online at starting March 15. Or you can ‘keep up’ with the new brand on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

Courtesy Babies’R’Us

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markandmayaadopt on

ok, those are really cute! if i had a daughter, i’d get that butterfly dress!

jenna on

aww! just what every mom wants! to start dressing her baby like the kardashians as soon as possible after birth!

Betty on

They don’t even wear their own adult clothing line and all the kids wear is designer stuff. More power to them for gettingg people to buy their crap.

Melissa on

That’s a lot of white for babies to mess up. Although, the outfits are pretty cute.

Lala on

Okay, I’m actually loving the outfits in these photos! I especially love the outfit the baby on the left is wearing, in the bottom picture. I need to get these for my 2 year old DD!

Lindsay on

Little boys need to wear clothes too! Maybe they should have waited until they had a Komplete Kollection for all babies…. (Ha- see what I did there? lol)

Mary on

Cute outfits,, but I wouldn’t buy them and throw more money into that family.

Anonymous on

Cute but I would never buy anything supporting the kardashians!!

JJ on

Their kids will never wear their crap, just like they don’t wear their trash clothes from Sears. Why anyone would buy anything associated with this no talent family is beyond me.

Nikki on

Kute krap! Who in their right mind would dress their kid from birth like a Katrashian. or put their hard earned money towards that freaky bunch? Kardashian anything at BabiesRus is just wrong on so many levels.

kurohana on

oh wow some of those are really cute and affordable

Di on

Very cute. I wish I had a little girl to buy for.

guest on

do they wear their Sears line??? NO!!! and their kids won’t be wearing this sh*t either. its not good enough. blaspheme as its core

Lu on

I think Kim was misquoted. She meant she loves watching the nanny bond with North. Kim’s too busy taking selfies of her behind, cramming herself into too small clothing, picking out her latestest clevage baring shirt, and pacifying crazy Kanye to do anything with the baby.

Hey on

Loving the comments. I won’t be buying any of that Krap for my twin toddlers. There’s a specific cup I buy at R Us, but I don’t shop their overpriced junk either. Amazon Rules!!

Ru on

Please, don’t buy this garbage. Time for them to go away.

Casey on

Babies’R’Us is a ripoff. You can get the same stuff at Target for a fraction of the price.

Susan on

Note to self, no more shopping at Kids R US……

Roo on

I’d check it out if I didn’t have a baby boy!! I guess even the baby girls over rule baby boys in that family. Poor Mason.

Deb green on

And I thought we hit Rovk bottom with this lack of talent family. My god…. So sad.

Mommytoane on

Cute, but not my style and thankfully not my daughter’s either! The butterfly dress is cute, but the collar has to go, its just too much for that little white dress.

Anonymous on

Dang people get a grip. It makes me more curious about what kindof people you are to speak out so badly over the Kardasian clothes line? You either want to purchase it or you dont.. do you react that way with any other designer?

Pam on

The clothes will probably be made in China. 😦

Pam on

Cute, but I have a boy. They couldn’t make boys clothes too? 😡


I am 8 months pregnant with my 3rd child and went to babies r us today excited to join the registry and make new purchases for the new baby. I purchased everything for my other 2 children from babies r us but apparently things have changed a lot in the last 5 1/2 years. I had picked some items for purchase and was walking towards the registry to register when I saw the Kardashian sign for baby clothes, i walked passed the registry area and purchased the items in my hand i got to my car and though about it a little more. I will return the items tomorrow and decided I can no longer be a customer of babies r us and will never make another purchase from babies r us. I feel so strongly that this brand should not be associated with babies or children considering the antics of the family members and how their rise to fame was created. I understand companies will do anything to make a buck in todays society, so even if those companies that I once stood behind have lost their morals, I have not and will not contribute to the future success of that company. Going forward I will make my purchases with retailers that still maintain family values and morals.

ethan on

I’m planning to create my own blog, and a question comes up to my mind..

jeeeez on

Well, one more store to boycott. No Kardashian krap in my house or on tv, everyone here knows the rules. I wouldn’t buy it just based on a moral decision not to profit these people in any way.

mchize on

Those clothes are beautiful. I particulary like the choice of colours it will ride well on their brand

NotAFashionistaPreferComfortOverGlamour on

Some of these designs are adorable…(at least there seems to be “at the present time” *said sarcastically*…NO slits up the side to show the toddler isn’t wearing a diaper, NO plunging necklines to show where the baby has drooled down into their belly button, NO extremely tight and dangerously short outfits that would make the child yank at themselves self-consciously and show every baby crease and body part while going about their activities, and the only thing “PEEK-A-BOO”, is the innocent little ‘sing-song’ – that BABY’S delight in when covering/uncovering their eyes). FOR NOW…the toddler line is DELIGHTFUL! ^scratching head in inquisitiveness^ “Are You *SURE* The KARDASHIANS created these!?!?!”

NotAFashionistaPreferComfortOverGlamour on

WHAT!?…no plunging necklines, slits up the side (to show that the baby isn’t wearing a diaper), no extra tight/excessively short designs, and no obscene fabric cut-outs to show things that are ‘supposed’ to be private!? ARE YOU SURE THE KARDASHIANS DESIGNED THESE!? ^hmmmmmmm!?!?^